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October 25 2018 11:42PM

It took over two months to get decent programming which still is lousy. I tried numerous times to return but was refused. Was told that I had 45 days to return, a lie. Tried just a week ago to return them again and Sheri said no, it was past 30 days. Do not you see any circumstances buy Miracle Ear hearing aids. No matter what they say you will be out thousands and have lousy aids. I dare someone from Miracle Ear to call me. I'm in Kingsport, Tn and you have my name. Bet you will NOT call!!!

Robert A.
October 24 2018 7:05PM

I purchased my hearing aids 3 years ago for $6000. Since my purchase one or the other device failed and required to be replaced. I would return to their office which killed my afternoon return the device and they would replace without hesitation. A “loaner” would become available and I would have to come in a day or so losing another afternoon to get it I would get a call after a week or so to retrieve the replacement taking another afternoon. This would happen every 3 to 4 months. In responding to many surveys I would request to be contacted by corporate representative instead of the local office who had done all that they could. Corporate never had the courtesy to contact me. Finally I obtained the number for customer support who assured me I would be contacted by a manager in a day or two. 3 months later I was still waiting for that call. I visited the office a couple of days ago and was told they believe what the problem was and it should be corrected by purchasing a new set of hearing aids for another $6000. I would get to try it for 45 days where I could return for a full refund. Based on the history I requested 6 months trial period not wanting to get stuck with another $6000 non working product. I received a call the next day and advised it was expedited to management would hear them. Christmas is coming in a few months and maybe I’ll get a card.

Francis M.
October 24 2018 6:25PM

It took my brother calling to finally get the manager! She set up an appointment so my dad can pick up his hearing aids that are sitting in the Miracle-Ear facility. No one called to let us know his hearing aids were in, and the person setting the appointment said the soonest is next week. When my brother called, she almost hung up on him which is totally unacceptable for a professional office. So far this is not going as expected, but will know more after our appointment. for THIS MUCH money $$$ we expected to be treated at the very least, in a respectable manner. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Barbara M.
October 13 2018 2:47AM

I purchased a pair of hearning aids to the tune of $6000.00!!! My hearing loss problems were never solved - the phony “money back guarantee” is only 30 days. It took almost 3 months to adjust the units to the point where they were usable. Guess what: “Sorry the 30 day period has expired.” I’m screwed. Now I regularly get calls to come in for “free” hearing checkups and adjustments. I guess they think I’m stupid enough to upgrade to even more expensive pieces of junk. The latest call today assured me that the “Regional Manager” would call me. She didn’t. Didn’t believe that lie anyway. The ** who sold them to me now works with a competing store to rip off other unsuspecting people. Yeah, I’m ticked.

Wayne H.
October 12 2018 3:45PM

Got a mailing couple days ago about free gifts as I got one for birthday in Aug. but in Aug. I went there for gift, Becky said she gave me no charge batteries in Feb. and said that was your B'day present, but I told her batteries she had sold me previously did not work. I thought they were replacements. She said no. That was after I told her why do they send these out as you are not going to honor it like when you said you gave me gift for B'day in Feb. (she said you have to get ear test for gifts) and we had words after that, I had said maybe I will have to go somewhere else for batteries. She got up and said, "you can get batteries at Walmart" as she walked to the door opened it so I got up and left and got the batteries at Walmart. What do I have to do go to another hearing aide co. for hearing aides after spending over $2,000 for these and when I need the little ear wax catchers replaced what am I supposed to do? Throw them away and buy new ones? I am not a happy camper right now and may go on facebook and post bad expierience with Miracle - Ear to people from area. Thank you. PS does Rebeca have an interest in Miracle_ Ear

Richard F.
September 28 2018 11:58PM

We have been waiting on a repair after spending 8K on hearing aids and it’s going to be over 10 days til we get them back! My hubby can’t hear, I’m having to yell 10 DAYS! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS OUTFIT!

Ann O.
September 28 2018 10:46PM

Went in and took the hearing test, told I needed a hearing aid in my right ear. I had been having trouble hearing my husband and needed to turn up the TV. Was sold a Dital, was not told what that was. Had to put a app on my cell phone to adjust the sound, what I get is muffled, not clear sound. The employees do not know how to use the app so I get no help. I have no problems hearing when on phone or hearing in a restaurant. I am thinking I did not need a hearing aid and was given false information. I do not recommend Mircle-ear and tell friends to have at least 3 hearing tests before buying anywhere.

Rosemarie G.
September 18 2018 8:11PM

My aunt has been a Miracle Ear client for many years. Last pair were purchased in Bklyn above 8 years ago. She moved to LI so we've been going to the location in Garden City. They service the aids and test her every 3 months no charge even though we never spent any money there. I discussed getting newer hearing aids that might improve her hearing, as she has severe loss at almost 90 years old. Richard tried the newest ones available on her and after evaluating the results was honest enough to tell us that she was better off just keeping her old ones. He sure was looking out for her and not trying to make a quick sale. Nice to know there are still some people that are nice in business.

Jerry F.
September 08 2018 6:41PM

I have had my Miracle Ear hearing aids for a little over a year and am very pleased with them. My hearing loss is severe so I have high power aids with the blue tooth connectivity and they are great. The service I receive from The Woodlands office is exceptional, and Rebecca and her team are the best. I have been using hearing aids for about 35 years and these are the best ones so far, highly recommend them.

Garry M.
September 07 2018 8:38PM

I went to Miricle ear and after the lady checked my ears she brought in a high pressure salesman. I told them from the start that I lost my glasses, that they would have to read it for me. He would talk for a while, when he backed off she would slide over in front of me and start talking. all I could hear was there are agencies that will help. I ended up signing up for $4000.00. I have tried 3 times to return these and she refused to take them back. Now she says "it's past the 30 days." PLEASE- IF YOU ARE A SENIOR BEWARE- THEY HAVE GOTTEN TRICKY.

Debra P.
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