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June 09 2020 5:07PM

$3000...WASTED. I talked my husband into getting hearing aids after seeing bogus, misleading ad in paper). My husband agreed to real price & now I am paying for a replacement device as one was lost. Now we are told only ONE can be insured. Meanwhile he cant wear the CRAP because it makes popping and clicking noises. It always did. He was told "they take getting used to" but its NOT improving hearing. My husband is retired now. Making very little money. I was in a car accident.

Someone from their office called and threatened to keep the $500 deposit my husband made for replacement aid because no more payments were made but nobodys working due to COVID & a car accident. Why not just hold it until we can pay & pick it up. So now its $4500 for non working hearing aids. DONT USE MIRACLE EAR. The ones at pharmacy are just as good!!! Better. Because theres no clicking and popping. We are STUCK WITH THE BILL BUT you dont have to be. Buyer Beware. Just say no to Miracle Ear. Bad business people and bad product!! Stay far away from them.

April 15 2020 9:27PM

Left ear works OK. Right ear aid is worthless. I do not wear it anymore as I do not have to purchase so many batteries. Was in for a checkup on February 11, 2020 and I thought with the cleaning it would work, but it did not. It sings to me when I put it in my ear but does nothing to improve my hearing. This has been a problem over the past three years and the aid used to help a little, but certainly not worth the $2500+ I paid for the right ear. The people working at the center are very nice and have tried to adjust the right aid for me but the product is marginal at best.

Dale E.
Rushford, MN
April 13 2020 9:34PM

Bought one that stopped working right after warranty was up. Asked if they they could shut them off remotely but the denied this to force you to buy new ones. Went back to see about new ones and the price was insane. They said I needed the top of the line only at $6500. Offered no other solutions.

This place is a rip off. Research shows they inflate the cost of their hearing aids to actual cost to manufacture their products. Consumer be aware!!! They will take you broke for a product that cost no where near what they are charging.

Greg N.
Spring Hill, FL
March 12 2020 4:49AM

The first time that I meet this staff, I feel like home and family, they go out of the way to explain every little detail and please me in every way. Thank you Heidi, Lorena and Nicole, always have a great Coffe ( **) and sweets (wish I LOVE) and great conversation.

Always they ask me if it’s everything is ok before I go home and Lorena the Office Manager, I can’t said anything wrong about her, she’s so sweet , specially when she answer the phone,“ thank you for calling miracle ear , this is Lorena , how can I make your day better “, with that voice at the other side, how can they do anything wrong, there PERFECT.

She made sure to set your next appointment for next visit and she will call you to remind you of the appointment ( in case I forget). Lorena she didn’t forget my birthday, she got me a cupcake and a present, once again, how can they do anything wrong? It’s a 10 + in every way. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me from day one and they continue doing a GREAT JOB, well done. CONGRATULATIONS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

JuanCarlos ( J.C.) R.
March 12 2020 1:16AM

I have been a customer for many years. They have always taken great care of me with the most up-to-date products. My hearing is extremely bad, but the latest hearing aids I just received are wonderful, truly outstanding. I can now hear over my cellphone and every word on my TV with their new technology. The sound comes right through my cellphone and through the TV - it’s amazing.

Ralph M.
Houston, TX
March 09 2020 2:34AM

Just got my first hearing aids last November. Was talked into getting the most expensive ones they sell at Miracle Ear and thought it may be the best deal since I suppose I will have them for years.

First I was treated like an idiot. They wouldn't show me how to adjust the hearing aids. I have a Master's degree in Science, but not enough sense to adjust hearing aids. That irritated me. I finally talked them into giving me the information after the second visit and it helped, but I am still upset about being treated like some idiot.

By the second week the hearing aids were falling out of my ear and the high pitches were totally overwhelming other sounds. I had them adjust the higher pitches, against what the company says to do. I was given larger ear inserts and told there was nothing else they could do to make the hearing aids fit my ear. It was my EAR'S fault.

Excuse me, but if you make hearing aids shouldn't they be able to be modified to fit any ear? I am a woman and have normal sized ears. The new and straight model I got does not curve around the ear and so it falls off and hangs by the ear insert. Most of the time I don't notice this until I reach up to my ear to move my hair and find that I have had this black object hanging by a short piece of plastic tubing and probably looked like a clown.

I teach, so this isn't good. I'm sure my students are entertained, but I am not. Last week I stood and taught, then sat in meetings. There was no wind, I was not being active, I was not wearing a hat I took off, I was not doing anything that could dislodge a hearing aid. I realized my left hearing aid was missing around 6 pm. I have no idea where it could have fallen off and I didn't sense it when it did.

I have looked everywhere multiple times to no avail. There is no sensor on the hearing aid that tells you when it hits the floor or falls out. I am now faced with buying another hearing aid that also cannot be adjusted to fit my ear and could lose it plus my right hearing aid. BEWARE as Miracle Ear does not offer a policy to cover full replacement costs. I am sorry I went to this company.

Santa Fe, NM
February 26 2020 7:15PM

I went in for an interview on what was suppose to be a reduced price promotional value. First off the test???? I did not have the button to push when I heard the sound, I had to raise my finger so the Dr?? could type it into the computer. Well this raises questions about the accuracy of the test since even a slight delay can make the results come out different.

Then I got hit with a BIG IRS bill and asked to be released from the contract since it was cause undue financial hardship. Oh, HELL NO!! You signed it and now we are going to hold a gun to your head to make you comply. So I down grade form the $7000.00+ to the next level down $5500.00. Yep, a far cry form AARP's projection of $1000.00 to $5000.00.

They want me to try them for two weeks and then come back for readjustment. I could not wear them because they had them turned up so loud it was painful and there was no volume adjustment because they would not put it on the phone. When I asked for an external controller I was told that was EXTRA COST on top of the $5500.00.

I could not wear them. They were so painful and was going to make my hearing even worse than it already was. It was like putting brakes on a car but removing the brake peddle to see if the brakes was going to work. What is wrong with this picture.

So I went back since I was going to be stuck with the HUGE bill, and they adjusted the volume down and put the program on the phone. Now it is against the law to drive and talk on the cell phone so I use a Bluetooth device when I am driving. I find out now you CANNOT adjust the volume of the hearing aids if you are using an external Bluetooth device.

You have to turn it off to adjust the volume. I have also found out you CANNOT adjust the volume of the hearing aids if you are in a meeting and have the phone turned to silent. You have to turn the volume up on the phone just to adjust the volume on the hearing aids.

Oh and in the meetings or in a noisy restaurant forget it. Not conducive to social outings at all. Would I buy another set of these?? Not NO abut HELL NO. If I did not have this HUGE bill on these I would find someone to sell them too for 1/2 price so I could go find something that works better.

Naomi P.
Chehalis, WA
February 07 2020 5:19PM

In the past few years, I have had six hearing aids which ranged from very expensive to cheaper mail order models. The fitting never seemed t be secure as I even had one fall out never to be found.

Since there were certain sounds that I could not hear, I continued to have difficulty with my hearing until I decided to go to Miracle Ear. One huge advantage with their hearing aid is that it is rechargeable; so NO batteries. When I take the units out at night, I put then into the charger and the next morning I am good to go. Because it is a self contained unit, I can wear it in the rain. That it is designed with separated flutes to fit the unit into the ear makes it totally secure. I can even play tennis with my aids.

I was able to get a blue tooth which hangs around my neck leaving my hands free to do other tasks while talking. I am genuinely amazed at the clarity of sounds as the aids have opened a new world of listening.

The elements to be most highly praised are Sebastian and Aaron who were my ambassadors to good hearing. They were able to intelligently articulate all details of their extensive knowledge of the process of hearing as well as knowledge of their miraculous product. Their follow-up care continued until all questions were answered and total satisfaction was achieved. I know that anytime I have a concern, they are just a phone call away. I never thought that I could find such happiness in hearing as they have given me.

Sue S.
Woolwich, NJ
February 01 2020 11:30AM

Miracle-Ear is not God they are just trying to help me hear as well as he did when I was born. I am 75 and as much abuse I did to my hearing getting to this age it is a miracle I can hear at all. Ms Lauren ** (**) at the Alexandria, Louisiana office help me with patience and professionalism to find hearing aids that best suited my life style.

My hearing aids are not perfect but they have helped me hear better and communicate better than I have for years. Thank God for Miracle-Ear and Ms Lauren ** (**) for making my life a lot better.

Mike H.
Boyce, LA
January 22 2020 8:45PM

The arlington store is fantastic. They don't just sell you a hearing aid they continue to help you after your purchase. The people there are all friendly and helpful. They will answer your questions in terms you can understand.

Howard W.
Arlington, TX
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