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January 22 2020 7:17PM

On Monday Jan 20 I was at Miracle Ear at 13800 jog rd, Delray Beach, FL I saw ** and again he took good care of me along with Desire there. I have a hole in my left ear required me to have my aids to be cleaned every two weeks. I have severe hand tremors not allowing me to not to clean them myself. I go out of my way to see Ross. He is the most Thorwal Hearing Specialist I have ever known. I have to give him 10 stars. I really don't know what I would do without him. He is very good at his job. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you for your time. Please let him know how much he has changed my life.

William T.
Lake Worth, FL
January 21 2020 7:23PM

Have had mine for almost a year and still unable to get them adjusted correctly. Constantly returning to office for adjustment. Adjustment only lasts about 2 days and problem returns. Giving them 1 more chance then asking for full refund if not fixed.

Mike B.
Elmwood Pk., NJ
December 28 2019 7:56PM

I had a terrible experience ditch another company. I opted out and cancelled my order due to being jerked around by some of the people who work there. I had no such problems with Miracle Ear and I’m very much enjoying being able to hear well again. The staff at the Allentown PA office are so nice and I go back in 3 months to have aids checked out and any of my questions answered. I’m quite happy with my Hearing aids.

Linda K.
Northampton,, PA
November 15 2019 4:28PM

My experience with Ross ** at Miracle Ear was an exceptional experience because he took his time and patience to take care of all my needs and totally convinced me that he was only there to help me. I walked out of his office completely satisfied. I will definitely recommend him to all the people I know.

Sherry B.
Boynton Beach, FL
November 08 2019 9:00PM

I spent $6000 for hearing aids that never fit me right..Now he telling me that he can't get the new ones, micro chip. I received a promotion in the mail and he is giving the round around about the factory lost power and they don't know when they will come. They played dumb about the advertising even though she showed it to me the week before. I want my $6000 back.

November 04 2019 5:46PM

First of all the company is hard to contact. I always get voice mail and no one ever calls me back. I have had nothing but problems since I purchased these months ago. I would like a refund so I can go back to the brand I previously used. The only reason I changed to Miracle ear is because the previous company closed their office in Fremont. I dislike losing my investment in my miracle ear hearing aids but it looks like I will have no choice. Phone- ** John **

John M.
November 04 2019 2:43PM

I have had Miracle Ear hearing aides for over 13 years with four upgrades to newer models. I have been extremely happy with them. Although it started roughly in Norwalk with no set personnel, I eventually moved to NAUGATUCK and found Adriene in Waterbury. She is the BEST. Extremely helpful and personal. Always there to help And is a permanent fixture in that office which I love for the first time in all the years I have had the product.

I would recommend to anyone with the footnote that it will take about 3-4 months of those adjustments to get it right. I kept notes each time I returned to discuss changes and concerns and all went well. THANKS Adriene for representing your company office with such personal service.

Tom K.
Naugatuck, CT
November 01 2019 1:35PM

Miracle Ear Company may be a great company, but each franchise may not be doing business correctly. After a simple request about the monthly payment amounts, my same as cash contract was changed to interest bearing without my knowledge or consent. After 10 months, with my attorney’s help, I finally was paid back the interest I shouldn’t have had to pay. The franchise owner wrote, “we are not in agreement that we owe you this.” Funny.

On a previous phone call, she said, “I don’t want to get involved.” But it was her signature on the new interest bearing contract. Also, I always have to call a day ahead for a checkup appointment because they don’t keep their posted hours. Phone calls are not returned, either, if I leave a message. Plus, after some research, I found I overpaid greatly.

Lynn N.
Batavia, NY
October 30 2019 3:59PM

They cost me over 5 thousand dollars, with free replacements if lost or broken. I left then a cabin I was staying at in Tn. When I called the cabin owner they said they didn’t see any, so I called to get my replacement and was told, "I’m sorry but we can sale you new ones." I told them, "no thank you. I believe I can get them cheaper ones elsewhere." I bought hearing aids a a fraction of the cost that worked just as good as theirs.

Steven T.
El Paso, TX
October 24 2019 7:20PM

They worked with me so that I could get my hearing aids fine tuned so that I could hear like I use to. I was very impressed with the Miracle Ear hearing aids. I CAN HEAR. For 5 years I couldn't and I was talking very loud to hear myself and people thought I was hollering at them. My family had to holler and TV was on 36 and hurting my wife's ears. The people were very professional and courteous. Thank you.

Frank P.
Hallettsville, TX
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