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October 21 2019 4:43PM

I’m a 70 year old male with terrible hearing, that is until I met Jordan ** at Miracle-Ear. I had tried a couple of hearing aid companies over the past years with very poor results. A friend recommended Miracle-Ear, I thought I might try one last time, and am so glad I did. I had no idea what I had been missing, to hear the raindrops or the wind rustling through the trees, sounds I haven’t heard since I was a young man.

I’m on my second pair in 5 years, only because there was an upgrade and I wanted the best. Miracle-Ear has a fantastic product, but what really sold me was my interactions with Jordan ** (Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist), along with his calm demeanor and assurity of knowledge, he put all my questions and fears to rest. By the time I walked out the door, I not only could hear but had a new friend.

Des Moines, IA
October 20 2019 7:44PM

I have had very good luck with the Florence Oregon Miracle Ear office. First with Terry & assistant, now with Ben & Pam. Ben listened to me made adjustments to aids didn't pressure me to buy more expensive aids. Pam was very helpful with cleaning aids, new rubber tips for better fit. Will continue to do business with M.E. in Florence.

Janet W.
Florence, OR
October 14 2019 12:37PM

Terrible service. They wouldn’t help with my insurance after saying they would file it. I called every Friday to check on my claim. They finally blocked my number. They will surely call you and bug you to death for our buisness and then leave you hanging.

James H.
Independence, MO
October 03 2019 10:42PM

After reading the reviews and receiving what seems like never ending phone calls to purchase I decided to not purchase Miracle-Ear. Found that a major competitor offers 6 month trial with loss and theft protection for 3 years and a 3 year warranty as well as a major brand for one third or less than the cost of Miracle-Ear.

Stoughton, WI
October 01 2019 10:24PM

The company is ok, but my quality of hearing is awful. I have been back several times to have something changed or whatever to rectify my problems. Nothing helps. It has been suggested that I get a quality sound bar. Duh, I bought an $8, 000 Miracle-Ear, why should I have to buy a quality or should I say a top of the line sound bar??????? The adjustments made when I go into office are to listen to him tear papers. A very disappointed, dissatisfied fixed income senior citizen. Help me, what can I do??? I have had these hearing aids for about 3yrs.

Lilly M.
Dundee, OR
September 26 2019 1:47PM

I have had amazing service and follow up with Miracle Ear!! The continued interest in me as a patient and the timely appointments & adjustments are far superior to anything I’ve experienced from other companies. Naples has a nationally certified/licensed audiologist, Tamara, who is amazing! And the receptionist, Stephanie, is like a beautiful best friend!! Perfect experiences every time!!

Becky J.
Naples, FL
September 18 2019 9:47PM

I took my mom, Norma up to the Robinson/ Campbell's Run Road location. I am a trained nurse. (RN), & I couldn't be happier with the service we received. Darren ** & Ottilia at the front desk- took such good care of my mom. They were patient, so very helpful. She'll be turning 90 next month, & they assessed her perfectly & put an excellent plan of care into action.

Rhonda P.
Pittsburgh, PA
September 11 2019 3:02PM

My 93-year old mother worked with Duane ** for fitting and adjustment of hearing aids and we could not have been more satisfied with his service. Multiple visits were required due to my mother’s age and condition. Duane’s guidance, instruction and patience were exemplary, and I am very appreciative of my experience with him. I would highly recommend Duane from start to finish.

James H.
Marlboro, NJ
September 07 2019 2:23PM

Coinciding with hearing loss that I had suffered with for several years and deciding to take action; I received a mailer from Miracle-Ear, offering and encouraging me to take advantage of a free hearing test in my area. I accepted their offer and made an appointment at the Miracle-Ear office in Ellis Cty Texas.

I arrived for my hearing test at the scheduled time; the care and attention I received was outstanding! Having been in the "service business" for decades, I have come to easily recognize and appreciate good service. The Miracle-Ear people who greeted me made me feel like I was their only customer; they were kind, courteous and professional.

The testing process they had developed was comprehensive and thorough and I learned some very interesting facts I had not been aware of. At the conclusion of my hearing test we discussed my status. Besides confirming that I was virtually deaf; in simple "lay man" terms they explained to me the nature of my deficiencies and assured me that they were had the necessary technology to change all that and they did!!

The next step was to make my purchase; it then became readily evident that I was as financially challenged as I was hearing challenged. I left that day without hearing aids but feeling good about my options. The following day I got a phone call informing me that Miracle-Ear had a financial assistance program they thought I might qualify for and to please return to their office to fill out and file the necessary paperwork for this program.

I have had my hearing aids for three weeks now and I love them! It truly is a whole new world for me; I can hear!! The hearing aids I have don't just amplify sound; they are designed for and have easy adjustments (that I can make no appointment necessary) for various environments, that are normal in every day life.

Miracle-Ear came through for me and way above and beyond standard business practice. I cannot praise nor recommend Miracle-Ear highly enough for what they have done for me! Many people are comparison shoppers which is simply smart but please include Miracle-Ear in your process. I could not be more pleased nor feel so well served, I am confident you will enjoy the same experience. David ** TX

David H.
Ennis, TX
September 05 2019 9:38PM

I went in get a hearing test. They said I need hearing aids. They offered to let me try some telling me they offered a 100 satisfaction guarantee, if not completely happy could return them at any time. So, agreed but I had to sign an agreement which said that guarantee was for only 30 days but they assured me they stood behind their products and would return them at anytime.

They had me return each week for adjusting, for the first 3 weeks and at that point I told them I wasn’t pleased with them. They told me it might take months to get it right. I ask about the 30 day money back guarantee? They assure me they wanted happy customers and returning then wouldn’t be an issue. Then scheduled my next appointment for after the 30 period.

When I returned, still not pleased and asked to return them they said they would schedule one of their ear doctors for further evaluation, again assuring they only wanted what as best for me. Well, after the doctors evaluation. He told me my hearing condition was such that I had a good chance of correcting my hearing with surgery. So, I told them I wanted to try the surgery and would like to return the hearing aids. They said get the surgery and if it works then return them. I had the surgery and it was a success. So, contacted them and they set up an appointment.

When I went, a “corporate “ guy was there to meet with me. He pulled out all my paperwork and informed me I signed a legal binding contract. And they had no intentions of letting me out of it. And part of the contract said I couldn’t sue if unhappy for any reason. Realizing he was probably right and how I had been scammed, I said I had no use for the hearing aids would they at least buy them back for half the cost or something. He gave me a bunch of BS why he personally couldn’t make any promises but would check with Corporate.

After numerous requests they ultimately just said no. So, I was out over $7000.

Steve B.
La Grande, OR
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