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June 09 2019 1:56AM

Went to a Miracle-Ear company here in EL Paso Tx. The audiologist there by the name of Angelo **, is a VERY RUDE and Condescending person. He made me feel like a damn crumb. That worthless person needs to be fired.

Rebecca B.
El Paso, TX
June 07 2019 3:16AM

I have never experienced so much stress! I paid $5500. I felt at ease knowing I had a 45 day trial period and if I wasn’t happy I could get a full refund. Well no, I wasn’t happy. They whistled, buzzed, made my voice sound robotic when I heard it etc. I took them back after two adjustments and was told by refund request couldn’t be honored. I said, "WHAT? I’m within my 45 day trial." Bottom line my salesman offered me a different type to try which felt like ear plugs! I didn’t want them! I made sure to get in there on the 44th day and tell them that I didn’t want them and I want a refund. I was told it had to be approved by corporate! Again, WHAT?? WHY?? I’m within my 45 day trial period. Believe me, I wasn’t leaving there without my refund receipt! I got my full refund and my $25 See’s Candy gift card (which I asked for). I was extremely relieved to get out from under that company and their contract. I still thank my lucky stars that I didn’t succumb to their subtle, not so subtle strong arm tactics! I can breathe and relax again!

Yo L.
Lakewood, CA
May 30 2019 7:22AM

The Genius 3 Miracle Ear with blue tooth connection is great. Alena in the Westlake Village CA location is so helpful and patient! They make a huge difference watching movies, TV, Live Theater and you can have them hooked to your Bluetooth in your car so always hands free!!! Alena at this office really knows how to make you comfortable wearing them. I’m using them with batteries and it’s very easy changing batteries once a week! I LOVE my Miracle Ear hearing aids and they are worth the high price because they make a big difference in my life! Shirley ** ( thanks Alena) May 2019

Shirley P.
Calabasas, CA
May 25 2019 2:04AM

Went to Miracle Ear in The Villages Florida for hearing test. Beth was the sales person and told me yes I need hearing aids. Brought out the most expensive and fitted me. Had another follow-up appointment a week later. Another one a week later. Each time I complained about they hurt. She kept making reappointments, said they would give me a 3 day extension on the money back guarantee and then made an appointment for the next week. 3 days had already expired. Have had continuing problems since December of 2018. Still don't have ear hearing aids that fit or work. They will not give you your money back. They overcharged seniors who just want to hear. No one will even talk to you about the dishonest practices. I think they should be brought before the senior abuse program in the United States.

Sherry F.
Belleview, FL
May 24 2019 2:35PM

They gave me an ear test. Then show and put the hearing aid in my ear, It was wonderful. Then told me it would cost 2300.00. I was told they had to run my credit, which was being worked on by a company to lower and clean it up. I didnt want an inquiry on it. So I ask if I could pay monthly. I was told no they would have to finance it. I'm in need of one for my left ear facing the doctor and my right. This company is out to make fast money on the spot. It's not about the customer or a person who is willing to pay monthly while on hold and then pay it off. I am today still trying to find a hearing aid to help me in hearing. It's so Sad. I work a fulltime job and receive social security and have medical insurance. It's not right.

Laura W.
May 21 2019 11:58AM

They cannot keep their appointments. Always canceling on you. Have no stability on a person to work in Gilroy Ca. Hearing aids are overpriced and do not work. Darrell who's in charge of co. does not return phone calls at all. They make you go out of your way to different towns and no shows as well. Guess it's small claims court.

Kenneth N.
Hollister, CA
May 18 2019 12:34PM

Just received the hearing aids. A big difference already and my first visit is coming up. Luckily my health insurance paid the majority of the cost. Great customer service, friendly and did not act like used car salesman. Cant wait for the fine tuning to really see how well they improve my hearing. Definitely would recommend this location.

Don P.
Orange City, FL
May 16 2019 4:35AM

WARNING! Do not ever go to any of this place. You will regret the rest of your life. Their equipments are highly way too overpriced and not worth an investment to your health. I tried to return mine and this place will not honor my concern and forced me to believe I need it when I don’t. Help yourself by going somewhere else but this place - trust me you don’t want to be a victim of this kind of business.

Unknown I.
Vernon Hills, IL
May 14 2019 10:35PM

It’s been an excellent experience working with Miracle ear. Mike ** is a knowledgeable and pleasant representative of the care you get with miracle ear. Mike and his staff create an environment that is both pleasant and efficient. My life is better with my hearing aids. Before Miracle-Ear I only heard half of the family conversations. If I need help with my hearing aids I feel confident that Mike or Jacqueline will be there to answer my questions. I highly recommend Miracle-Ear.

Susan C.
San Antonio, TX
May 08 2019 10:51AM

Hearing aids might be good but it's a scam to lure you in. They reccommend which 1 is best then send you price incentives to make it look like your getting a deal but when you go in the price incentive is for bottom of line aid. They say get that 1 then if not right work your way up just to make more money off you. Guarantee is not as described as a 30 day money back. You have to finance it pay for them first and they offer a full refund. Scam. If their not right and you return them for a refund they deduct 150 or more per ear for services rendered that they dont tell not when they offer the warranty. So in the end you don't get a Full refund instead get screwed. Customer Service is very poor, unprofessional, incompetent, and dishonest. Think twice or more before going there. It's all about a price scam. They care about money not you!

David W.
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