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Monster Moving

4.4 Stars
Updated: January 27, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
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Monster Moving LLC is a full-service, family-owned moving company backed by high consumer ratings. The moving experts at Monster Moving LLC offer more than a decade of experience with long-distance and local moves. The company provides relocation services for homes and offices from the northern Midwest to any destination across the country.

Monster Moving

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quotes 4.4 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.4 Stars
Price 4.4 Stars
Coverage Area 4.1 Stars

Overall Rating 4.4 Stars

Bottom Line

Monster Moving LLC is a full-service, family-owned moving company backed by positive consumer ratings.

Monster Moving Review

The Monster Moving LLC staff works with customers through the entire moving process to make relocating as smooth as possible. Monster Moving LLC provides business and residential crosstown moves in the Chicago area. The company also provides service from the Chicago or Minneapolis metro areas to anywhere across the country.

Monster Moving LLC provides a dedicated shipping container for customers who don’t want their belongings combined with other items. You pay an additional fee for this service, but it’s not available from all moving companies. Monster Moving LLC employees have experience with taking special care of antique, fragile and oversized items.


  • Company-owned storage facilities
  • Employees known for handling delicate items with care
  • Consistently high customer ratings


  • Online quote tool doesn’t provide a real-time estimate
  • Does not pick up beyond the Chicago and Minneapolis metro areas

Monster Moving LLC Customized Services

Monster Moving LLC customizes moving packages for residential consumers and businesses. The company typically handles long-distance moves, but it also completes local relocations in the Chicago area. Monster Moving’s agents craft a unique moving package for each customer. The company can move any size business or home and coordinate safe transport for passenger vehicles.

Long-distance moves have many wheels in motion that must stay synchronized for a successful relocation. Monster Moving LLC coordinators work with customers throughout the moving process. You will know the costs, delivery time and how your boxes will be placed on the truck to prevent breakage. Monster Moving LLC works with homeowners and businesses moving from the Chicago or Minneapolis areas to any town or city across the contiguous U.S.

Monster Moving LLC also moves customers across town in the Chicago metro area. These local moves require less coordination, but agents provide the same communication level given to long-distance customers. Monster Moving LLC’s secure storage services are available if you can’t unpack everything upon arrival at your new location.

Monster Moving LLC offers professional packing. The movers shrink-wrap large items and provide adequate padding around delicate belongings. If you decide to do the packing yourself, Monster Moving LLC provides a materials list on its website.

Monster Moving LLC Relocation Services
Service Relocation Details
  • Delivery to anywhere across the mainland United States.
  • Choose from a variety of services to create a custom long-distance moving package.
  • Coordinators assist customers throughout planning and completing the relocation.
  • Coordinates and completes moves across the Chicago metro area.
  • Transports orders from a few items to an entire house or office.
  • Reasonable prices and a trusted local moving team.
  • Extra time is dedicated to organizing business moving plans.
  • Flexible relocation packages.
  • Attention to specific operational requirements to reduce downtime.
  • Residential and commercial.
  • Short-term and long-term storage.
  • Climate controlled with 24/7 security.

Monster Moving LLC Storage Services

Monster Moving LLC’s storage facilities are located in Chicago and Minneapolis. The warehouses are clean and climate-controlled, with 24/7 security. Customers with free storage included in their moving quote have items held in one of these two facilities.

Monster Moving LLC Costs

We found that the average cost for moving cross-country with Monster Moving LLC was around $4,400. However, long-distance moves can mean relocating across two states or from coast to coast. Moving service expenses vary widely depending on the time of year, miles traveled, load weight and more.

Monster Moving provides a binding quote after a representative visits your home or business to estimate your belongings’ weight. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires this service. Avoid any moving company offering a firm quote over the phone without visiting your house or business.

How to Get a Quote from Monster Moving LLC

You can call the company or use the form on the website to get started on a moving quote. If you opt for the online tool, you’ll provide your destination, move date, name and phone number. Monster Moving LLC will get in touch with you quickly with a quote.

Monster Moving Complaints

If you research customer reviews for Monster Moving LLC, be sure you view information about the Elk Grove Village, Illinois, company. Many search results we found were for Monster Movers, Monster Moving and Storage, and other similarly named companies.

There’s a great deal of feedback from Monster Moving LLC customers across a few moving review sites. The company ranks 5 out of 5 stars on MyMovingReviews, Google reviews and TopMovingReviews. Praise for Monster Moving LLC includes fair prices, helpful office staff, and quick, careful and friendly movers. We found no complaints.

Monster Moving LLC Q&A

  • Can Monster Moving LLC move all residential and commercial items?

    The Department of Transportation prohibits certain chemicals and flammable items from being loaded on a moving van. Monster Moving LLC provides a list of those items on its website. The company also recommends you take cash, checks, medication, all keys, family photos and jewelry with you when you move. It’s best to keep medical, insurance and other essential papers in your possession.

  • How long after delivery can I file a damage claim with Monster Moving LLC?

    Monster Moving LLC understands you may be unpacking for weeks at your new home or office. You can file a claim up to nine months after your items are delivered. The company recommends taking your time unpacking because you can’t add items to an existing claim. The claims and customer service representatives can resolve any disputes.

  • Does Monster Moving LLC provide insurance?

    Monster Moving LLC provides the level of insurance all movers are required to offer. This insurance only values items at 60 cents per pound up to $10,000, and there is no deductible. You can also buy full value protection insurance through Monster Moving LLC or another vendor.

    Before you insure your move, check with your homeowner’s insurance to see if your policy covers belongings in transit. If you buy insurance, you need to send a copy to Monster Moving LLC at least 72 hours before moving.

  • How much does Monster Moving LLC charge for in-home estimates?

    Monster Moving LLC provides free in-home estimates. The procedure provides you with accurate costs while you get to know how the company operates. Monster Moving LLC wants customers to completely understand what to expect with their relocation, pricing, timetables and related issues.

  • What is Monster Moving LLC’s cancellation policy?

    Monster Moving LLC usually follows the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Consumer Rights and Responsibilities for canceled moves. You may be charged a fee for canceling the shipment more than three days after signing the service contract. We recommend reading the moving agreement terms entirely and asking questions about anything you don’t understand.


Monster Moving LLC has a stellar reputation among its customers. The company currently manages relocations from the Chicago and Minneapolis metropolitan areas to anywhere in the contiguous United States. Monster Moving LLC is also available to move homes and businesses within the Chicago metro area. Monster Moving LLC customizes moving packages for each customer while providing intentional communication and fair prices.

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