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Moving Help started matching consumers to laborers-for-hire in 2002. The website and mobile app provide consumers with a marketplace to find moving services in their areas. Moving Help provides reliable information using a proprietary ranking method based on unedited customer reviews and performance-based metrics.

The Moving Help network includes thousands of moving labor service companies and over 1 million reviews. You can design your move to be full-service or have someone else lift the heavy items. Options include packing, unpacking, loading, driving and cleaning services. Some providers also assemble and disassemble furniture.

Use Moving Help to find services in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and across 10 Canadian provinces. Many contractors can perform local moves, and all can get your belongings ready to move long distance.

  • Instant online quotes
  • Per-hour service rates
  • Nearly 2 million unedited customer reviews
  • Free service
  • Find movers in your area who can work in a day or two

  • You do your own provider vetting
  • Limited contractors in less populated areas

Moving Help Service Options

Use Moving Help to find people to do the heavy lifting, packing and cleaning. You can use the service to pack at your current home, then unpack or unload boxes at your new location. You’ll save time, avoid injuries and probably find a cheaper way to move. Some moving companies provide packing services, but you’ll probably pay less by hiring a Moving Help’s network contractor.

Moving Help gives you several selections to customize your moving assistance services. Start by choosing the date you need help and the time of day (morning, afternoon or evening). Select from one to five helpers and the number of hours the contractors should work. If you have trouble estimating the hours, click on “How many hours do I need?” for advice.

Click the check boxes to select the services you require:

  • Loading or unloading
  • Packing or unpacking
  • Cleaning services
  • Specialty services
  • Piano or other large-item moving
  • Safeload insurance

You can search helpers by overall rating, high to low cost or alphabetically. You’ll see the number of reviews each company received with an average rating. Click on a company to select services and design your real-time quote. Enter additional details to book the job.

Moving Help Hourly and Specialty Services
Moving Service Description
Loading and unloading Contractors load or unload your truck or moving van and ensure boxes, furniture and appliances travel safely.
Packing and unpacking Save time and ensure items are correctly packed, so they arrive undamaged and are unpacked with care.
Cleaning Have the home cleaned after you pack, or schedule cleaning services for your new location.
Heavy and specialty items Move heavy, bulky furniture like pianos, pool tables and artwork. Some service providers organize storage areas. Use this service to relocate safes.
U-Box storage containers Rent a U-Box storage container to stay organized while you pack, or have a laborer fill the container for you.

Safeload Insurance

Moving Help’s Safeload insurance covers the cost of your belongings should any damage occur to items handled by contractors. Only the most experienced and highly-rated companies in the network can include Safeload insurance in their service offerings.

The cost is very reasonable, ranging from $4 for a $500 policy to $22 for the maximum $5,000 coverage. You should keep your homeowners or renters insurance even if you take out a Safeload policy.

To find contractors offering this insurance, check the Safeload Insurance box in Moving Help’s service options. Many smaller towns have no Safeload contractors, likely due to Moving Help’s requirements. If you find a Safeload provider in your search, the company is likely extremely scrupulous.

Moving Help Costs

The prices contractors charge on Moving Help vary quite a bit by region, so we listed some sample costs below. The quotes are per hour and include two helpers. You must agree to pay a two-hour minimum even if your job is completed in less time.

The rates for packing or loading in the chart also apply to unpacking and unloading. Heavy moving refers to pianos, safes or difficult-to-move items.

* At least one moving service provider offered a discount for more than two hours of labor.

How to Use Moving Help

We advise you to read and understand Moving Help’s terms of service (also called the Customer Agreement). You’ll find a link to the terms at the bottom of the site or in the app. To see contractors in your area and order their services, use the website or mobile app to:

  • Choose your city or town in the Moving Help app or on the website. Make a few selections to define the work you need done. Then you’ll see a list of contractors who can do the job.
  • Click on a contractor to see a short company description, individual rates and reviews. Select the hours, number of helpers and type of work to place an order with the company.
  • Confirm a service appointment with a contractor on Moving Help, and you’ll receive a payment code. Do nothing with the code until after the contractor completes the work. You give the code to the contractor to pay them once the job is done.

If the contractor doesn’t show up or the work is not satisfactory, discuss a resolution with the contractor before providing the payment code. Moving Help recommends you be reasonable, but remember that you are the boss. You can cancel your order should no one show up and receive a refund.

Moving Help charges a $5.95 handling fee separate from your order. You’ll receive a refund if you provide a review for your service provider within 60 days of service or canceling a job.

Moving Help Complaints

We found several online complaints about Moving Help, but the low ratings are almost all unwarranted. Consumers who confused the Moving Help platform with their movers created most negative reviews. Moving Help customer service is available, but you are expected to work directly with the movers to work out any issues. The consumer is expected to research, vet and use sound judgment when choosing a contractor.

Work with companies or individuals who provide a contract to avoid problems and get expectations in writing. Ask potential providers about insurance or use the Safeload insurance option in the search settings. Check your homeowners policy for coverage while moving. Finding someone to pack breakables and move high-value belongings properly requires more consideration than hiring someone to rearrange your living room furniture.

Moving Help has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, but no complaints had been filed for months before we published this review. The parent company, U-Haul International, has an A- rating. SiteJabber reviewers give the company 1.52 out of 5 stars. published a favorable review but only 2.9 out of 5-stars because Moving Help does not guarantee workers are licensed or insured.

Moving Help Q&A

  • Can I use Moving Help to find same-day service?
    Most contractors need at least two days’ notice, but you may be able to find same-day service. Moving Help Now! is a loading and unloading service offered by some providers within two hours or less of booking. The service comes with a higher price with minimal availability.

  • Can I change the service date I scheduled with Moving Help
    Yes. Reschedule your moving or packing services with four simple steps on Moving Help’s website. Log on to your account, select the job number and click on “Edit and modify your existing order.” Select the new date, then click on “Confirm date change.”

  • How does Moving Help make money?
    Service providers pay no setup or monthly fees, but Moving Help charges the service providers 15% per reservation.

  • Does Moving Help work with insured, professional movers?
    Not all contractors using Moving Help to schedule jobs are full-time movers. Some offer their services as a side job or for seasonal employment. Moving Help provides a platform for moving labor and does not vet contractors. The service relies on unedited reviews from each provider’s past customers.

  • Do I get a refund from Moving Help if a service provider finishes early?
    No. You must pay the price you agreed to when you set up the appointment, even if you overestimate time requirements. This is to be fair to the contractors, who are not likely to find another job on short notice.

  • What happens if I don’t schedule enough time for a Moving Help contractor to finish the job?
    You may still be able to get the job completed the same day if the service provider has the time. Discuss the additional cost with the contractor. You can also make an appointment on a different day to finish the work.


Moving Help provides a convenient platform for getting help with moving. Contractors can pack and load moving trucks, move heavy furniture and other items, or handle cleaning up. Keep in mind your service contract is with the provider and not Moving Help. Review the terms of service and use an insurance option you’re comfortable with, and you’ll probably find the right help at a reasonable cost.

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