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Tragic circumstances like divorce or unemployment may leave you unable to pay your bills and in a level of debt where recovery seems impossible. National Debt Relief’s debt settlement service is an alternative to bankruptcy, putting you back on solid financial footing. The company also provides financial education, so clients learn to manage finances and don’t become repeat customers.

Having resolved over $1 billion in debt for more than 100,000 clients, National Debt Relief has a proven track record. We included the company as a top choice in our Best Debt Consolidation Companies guide.

  • Highly experienced debt settlement consultants
  • Transparent about the potential pitfalls of debt settlement
  • Free money management tools

  • Information on website is overwhelming; some seems conflicting

National Debt Relief Programs

National Debt Relief provides debt settlement services to consumers who aren’t sure how to deal with the burden on their own. Tailoring a plan for each individual, National Debt Relief can help clients get out from under unsecured debt in as little as 24 to 48 months with a reduction of up to 30% on the amount owed.

Here’s how a typical National Debt Relief program works:

  • Discuss your outstanding bills and financial situation in a confidential, free consultation with a debt relief expert.
  • Enroll your debts with National Debt Relief and stop paying creditors. Invest the money you save into an FDIC-insured savings account. The deposit amount is lower than the payment you would make on the outstanding account.
  • National Debt Relief provides financial counseling, so you learn money management skills.
  • An expert negotiates with creditors once sufficient funds build up in your savings account. The goal is to get a significant amount of the debt written off, lowering the total owed. National Debt Relief may also get penalties and fees waived or reduced.
  • You approve settlement deals before making any payments to creditors or National Debt Relief.
  • The saving and negotiation process repeats until paying off the last enrolled account, and you’re debt-free.

National Debt Relief Can Reduce Most Bills

National Debt Relief can work to reduce debt from the following sources and many more. For a complete list, speak to a debt negotiation specialist.

  • Most credit cards
  • Bank loans
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Some business debts
  • Bank Fees
  • Overdue cellphone bills
  • Veterinarian bills over $500
  • Abandoned timeshares
  • Some student loans
  • Back rent at a prior residence

National Debt Relief can’t assist with mortgage or auto loans, back rent at your current residence, gambling debts, military AAFES or STAR accounts, car repair bills, warranty contracts and other specific expenses. National Debt Relief does not negotiate with the IRS or state tax authorities. You’ll need assistance from a tax relief company for tax debt.

Qualifying for National Debt Relief Services

The top two qualifiers for a National Debt Relief program are having a high probability of completing the plan and being capable of paying a set amount into the savings account. The deposits are less than creditors are demanding.

Qualifying for National Debt Relief Programs
Debt Specifications Account Standing Financial Situation
– Minimum $10,000 in debt
– Debt must be unsecured such as credit cards, medical bills, personal loans and others listed above
– No secured debt on mortgages or car loans
– Client credit accounts must be delinquent or on the brink of delinquency
– Bank and overdraft fees must be in collections
– Client must be facing significant financial hardship from events like divorce, unemployment, death of a spouse and others

How to Enroll with National Debt Relief

Complete an online form on the National Debt Relief website or call to arrange a free consultation with a debt relief expert. During the discussion, the expert can assess your financial details to determine if a debt settlement program is a good fit for you. If National Debt Relief can assist with reducing your debt, you’ll receive a service agreement defining the responsibilities of both parties. The agreement discloses information to consider, such as program costs and negative consequences of enrolling your debt. If the program is not your best option, the expert recommends other helpful resources to manage your debt.

National Debt Relief Cost

National Debt Relief does not list costs for providing debt settlements on the website. Depending on your state of residence, expect fees of 15% to 25% of the enrolled debt. This cost for service gets added to the monthly amount deposited into your savings account. National Debt Relief charges nothing until the client approves a debt settlement agreement.

National Debt Relief Complaints

National Debt Relief is A+ rated and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Thousands of client reviews on ConsumerAffairs average a little under 5 out of 5 stars. National Debt Relief scores 9.9 on a scale of 10 from ConsumersAdvocate, with highest marks for pricing, reputation and the qualifying process. Most clients are pleased with their service, but we found a few complaints online. These issues revolve around poor communication, misunderstanding how much debt the company could reduce and fees. National Debt Relief is a member of the American Fair Credit Council, which regularly audits the company to ensure compliance with industry best practices.

National Debt Relief Q&A

  • Does National Debt Relief operate in all 50 states?

    National Debt Relief is licensed across most of the U.S. and continues to expand the service territory. Call the company to see if a National Debt Relief program is available in your state.

  • Does National Debt Relief provide a service guarantee?

    No debt settlement company can guarantee the amount they can reduce a client’s bills. However, clients pay nothing to National Debt Relief unless they approve a settlement negotiated with creditors. Those who complete the entire debt settlement program get the best results. Successful debt negotiations depend on the savings account balance and the degree to which creditors will work with National Debt Relief.

  • Can National Debt Relief’s settlement program impact my credit rating?

    Clients using the National Debt Relief settlement program typically have a low credit score due to delinquent payments on their credit report. Credit scores can go down further after clients stop paying creditors and divert funds into the savings account. The National Debt Relief program generally has a less adverse effect on a client’s credit score compared to declaring bankruptcy.

  • How does National Debt Relief’s settlement program affect my taxes?

    If National Debt Relief successfully negotiates a debt settlement, the forgiven amount could be considered taxable income if it’s over $600. We recommend discussing the matter with a tax professional.

  • What if National Debt Relief negotiates a payoff that’s higher than the balance in my dedicated savings account?

    Sometimes a creditor will insist on a settlement calling for a higher payment than the amount the client accumulated in the savings account. National Debt Relief may be able to offer you a loan if you want to take advantage of the settlement. You’ll send loan payments directly to National Debt Relief instead of paying from your savings account.


National Debt Relief is a highly regarded debt settlement firm with a decade of experience in the industry. The company is capable of helping many people pay off their bills at a lower cost through customized debt settlement services. Providing financial education as the foundation for better choices going forward is another essential service National Debt Relief offers each client.

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