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May 02 2019 7:35PM

The representative this sold me the policy totally lied to me when I call to talk to customer service they was disrespectful over talking me very frustrated would not recommend this company to anybody

Albert R.
Omega Auto Care

Albert, We are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with your policy. You have a Used Stated policy, which is the level right after new car coverage. Not only is this a great coverage, that covers a ton of parts on your vehicle, but it is unusual that cars with over 124,000 miles on it qualifies. In your case, or claims department truly did their due diligence and sent out not one, but two, inspectors. Unfortunately your repair facility was unable to show a failure, and thus we are unable to approve. If the part actually fails, we are more than happy to reopen the claim. We are more than happy to go over things in greater detail with you if you wish. please reach out to our customer service at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care 877-850-0443

May 02 2019 5:39PM

What a great company and warranty we received! It was so easy to use! We received a call that our warranty was expiring soon, which was great to know as we needed to get something fixed on the car that was under the warranty plan. Normally you need to get something fixed after your warranty expires so the reminder was great! Customer service at Omega was seamless and took about 5 minutes at the most on the phone to get what we needed accomplished! Highly recommend this company! Thank you!

Carla M.
Florissant, MO
Omega Auto Care

Carla, Thank you for being a loyal customer and for sharing such a great review. We are constantly working on new ways to be more efficient, and are always very happy to hear such great feedback.

April 15 2019 6:08PM

Had some issues in the beginning with one of them wanting paperwork but once we get everything together and they okay the work on my truck everything went very quickly. It was good that they called and checked up afterwards to make sure the work was done correctly.

Jeanne T.
Elgin, OK
Omega Auto Care

Jeanne, We appreciate your patience during the claims process. Although it may seem unnecessary to some, maintenance records are quite important. We were happy to get your vehicle fixed, and you back on the road. We look forward to serving you in the future as well. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care

April 11 2019 8:20PM

All car owners face the difficult decision of what to do when their car warranty is about to expire, or has. Do nothing, and hope we're lucky in avoiding costly repairs? That's not very likely to happen. Trade it in for another vehicle? That's time and money we all want to avoid. And our last option; Do we look for a Company that extends car warranties? This is a decision I had to face a few months ago.

I love my car and wanted to keep it. I knew sooner or later I would face a costly repair and wanted to avoid the expense of a new car. I saw Ads from companies that provided the extended car warranty I needed but they all looked the same to me. I have a friend who purchased and recommended Omega Auto Care, But with no repairs needed to date, I was back to square one in which Company to choose. Who can I trust? I called a few Companies to hear their offers and I only felt comfortable with Omega. I decided to go with my gut feeling and went with Them. This ended up to be the right decision, and I couldn't have made a better one. My problem free car, has had 2 mechanical problems since purchasing my warranty. The most recent one was $2,400.00. Omega paid the $2,400.00 and even monies back for my oil change. They are so easy to deal with, and they do what they tell you they will do. They earned my trust, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone when you face the same decision as I did.. You cant beat that secure feeling of knowing your car is is protected, you just can't. Omega, Thank You.

Wayne T.
Aventura, FL
Omega Auto Care

Wayne, We truly appreciate you for not only being a part of the Omega Auto Care family, but also for sharing such a detailed review. With more and more people turning to reviews to help them make important decisions for expensive purchases, getting more details from other consumers incredibly valuable. Thank you for helping someone else with their future purchase. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care

April 11 2019 7:03PM

The experience was awesome! They made sure that we were taken care of! They called us for each process of what was needed. They showed us that their customer service was outstanding!

Paula M.
San Antonio, TX
Omega Auto Care

Thank you for choosing Omega Auto Care!

February 11 2019 10:16PM

Began with misrepresentation of contract ending with getting screwed on coverage l was not aware of till they wanted to renew contract. The customer service representative l spoke to about my concerns basically called me a liar with enough ATTITUDE, you would think money was coming out of her pocket. Very dry sorry l got involved with this company. They double talk you till you just give up with frustration. To me bumper to bumper means bumper to bumper! Am l missing something? BUYER BEWARE!!!

Donna O.
Maine, NY
Omega Auto Care

Donna, We are sorry to hear that you feel mislead, and is so upset about your maintenance benefits. After reviewing your file, I don't believe that our reps were intending to call you a liar, but since you had used the maintenance benefits that you stated you weren't aware of, and had spoken to us about them several times, they had no option but to believe you knew about them. We give our customers a FREE maintenance package for the first year of the contract, and are the first in our industry to to offer any maintenance at all. You have not had any denied claims, and have exclusionary new car coverage until 2/18/23. If you wish to get any additional clarification of your benefits, please reach out to our office. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care

February 09 2019 8:55PM

I have been paying on my warranty policy now for going on 2 years at $127.00 a month. The truck is used by my girlfriend who was just diagnosed with liver cancer. She was given 6 months to live. This truck is her only means of transportation to and from the doctors and the hospital. The truck had to go into the shop, due to a transmission problem. I bought the extended warranty when the truck already had 167,000 miles on it. The truck now how 202,000 miles on it. After taking it into an actual Ford dealership repair shop.

They found that the transmission needed repaired. Omega asked for 3 receipt showing that transmission flushes where done on a particular mileage. When I called them to tell them that my truck had a seal transmission with a life time Fluid. They then came back with, will we need to see a receipt showing a transmission flushes had been done at 150,000 miles. Well, I didn't even purchase the warranty until the truck had over 150,000 miles on it. It had 167,000 miles when purchased. They denied the claim. The Ford dealership even went as far as to do an analysis on the transmission fluid, which had determine the truck fluid was within the criteria for a truck especially with over 200,000 miles. And that there was no signs of misuse on our part. Omega would not even let the Ford dealership express their opinion. In short, just denied the claim without consideration. Omega has collected now a total of over $ 3,000.00 from me, with one last payment to go. There is no way in ** I will be sending that final payment. The cost of the transmission repair was under $2,000.00.

They would have still made a profit of over a $1000.00 if they would have made good on the claim. The truck sat in the shop for over a week. I had to pay Ford $110.00 just to do the estimate. You would think that a company like Omega would have a little compassion for my girlfriend situation and the fact that nothing was ever mention at the time of purchase or in the policy about having a list of required maintenance items ALREADY performed. We don't have the money for another vehicle or to repair it ourself considering the expense we have with her cancer treatments and medications. This type of customer service by Omega is without a dought, unfair, unethical and shameful. In my opinion it's an act of fraud on their part. Think twice before purchasing a warranty service contract from Omega auto care.

Rick H.
Round Mountain, TX
February 07 2019 2:42PM

Purchased this policy thinking that the items that are listed would be fully coverage because that's what I was told when purchasing this policy, Took car to the shop for a axle issue they only paid 86 dollars toward the item which is nothing. I had to pay the rest which was 200 dollars more. I am not happy at all and will be canceling for false advertising ASAP!!!

Nashville, TN
Omega Auto Care

Tiffany, I am sorry for the confusion during your claim. In your case, the repair facility charged more than necessary for both parts and labor, which is why there was a difference on top of your standard $100 deductible. I understand that you have since cancelled, but if you are ever interested in a more detailed explanation, you are more than welcome to give us a call. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care

January 24 2019 11:26PM

Haven’t had problems other than the transmission going out, car care is in the process of doing the reimbursement and got to the issue in a timely manner. Other than I think I will keep renewing my contract with the warranty provider.

Malcolm F.
Claremont, NC
Omega Auto Care

Thank you for being a part of the Omega Auto Care family!

December 28 2018 2:31AM

I have purchased this plan in 2016 Oct and requested a cancellation sometime in July - Aug 2018. The reason why I had to cancel is because the car engine had an issue and they said that they will not cover it until I paid for the mechanics to open it up for them to inspect. I will be responsible for the cost to open up the engine for them to inspect and to put that back together. And it is not guaranteed that they will cover the cost of repair depending on what originally fails in the engine even though it was a so called Enhanced Powertrain Coverage. They said that if the original cause was something that they do not cover and caused parts that they covered to fail, they will not cover it. I decided it was too much trouble to deal with it and decided to cancel the plan. In the period of being "insured",

I have only used 4000 miles out of the 100,000 miles of coverages and 1 year and 9 months out of the 5 year coverage. Totally I submitted claims for about 1200 dollars and paid the insurance in full. This is their exact wording of the refund policy. "The refund will be equal to the lesser amount produced using either the number of days the AGREEMENT was in force or the number of miles the VEHICLE was driven prior to cancellation, less a cancellation fee of seventy-five dollars ($75) and deducting all incurred Claims". Here is my complain. 1. At the point of purchase, when we ask the plan seller if there will be any fees to cancellation, they seller said that it will only charge you for the administrative fee (75 dollars) and the period or mileage you have used the plan for. However what he hid to explain is that in the contract, there is also a sentence that total cost of the all the claims you have filed will be subtracted from your refund as well. That is a misleading advertisement at the time of purchase. 2.

When I got the policy booklet, the first thing I looked at is the cancellation policy. The wording of the policy misdirected me into believing that they will use the less amount of day or miles to calculate my refund total. As I know that I don't use the car much so I was expecting a high refund, therefore I kept the plan when I looked at the contract. But it turned out opposite due to the word "produced" (yes if you have read it wrong like I did, go back and read the sentence again). 3. The insurance said they cover all those parts, but they don't. When it comes to repair, like alternators, engines, they will only cover some but not all parts. You will end up paying for the parts they do not cover. Unless you are a car expert and know exactly what you need to repair, there is no way for non-mechanics like us to see the trap in the contract. 4. The fact that I have purchased an INSURANCE and I have to PAY you for the PERIOD I am insured AND the CLAIMS that the company should be responsible for at the time of insured is outrageously unethical and puts it into a scam categories at least for me. If you are willing to pay the price of an insurance and at the same time of the claims, feel free to purchase this plan! 5. The lady for Omega BBB has argued vigorously with me that Omega Auto Care had done nothing wrong. She said it is the customer's responsibility to read the contract and she kept trying to confirm if I said "I read the contract wrong" (maybe there is recording I don't know).

I said yes I do understand what you mean in the contract but I did initially misunderstand the vague wording you put. But you have a sales person that did not explain the cancellation policy in full term and you are selling an "insurance policy" that is not covering the claims during the insured period. She then said "this is not an insurance policy" and it is common in the industries. Hey Dominique, I respect that you have full love towards the company you work for but you need to respect that customers have their rights to share their unpleasant opinions towards the product you sold. If it is a good warranty and cover what customers were told by sales person and have no expectation difference, no one will complain. The fact that your sales person is deceptive and your argument the 30 days refund policy is enough to wipe out the deceptive sales behavior is amusing. You can continue to to claim the company is great, but for those who had been in the trap, they will continue to share the traps. What she couldn't understand is that I do not expect the refund to go through because obviously the sales person's conversation was not recorded back then and I have no proof for false advertisement. And they didn't even categorize themselves as an insurance plan seller which invalidates my second complain about insurance policy that is not covering the claims during the insured period. And lastly the wording was vague but they can justify what they doing with the vague meaning of the word produce (which the lady insist it was by definition not vague). The lady seems to be very angry as she sees nothing was wrong with Omega Auto Care. I had to agree the word "produce" bought them that privilege. But I am not writing to expect a refund. Even though I did select a refund as a resolution, we all know that this is not going to happen. I am writing to let other people know about this trap in the policy so that no other people will stumble onto this once they read my review and will try my best to keep this issue as unresolved so people can read it. This is what I hope my thousand dollars paid to them would do for the society. :)

Bishan L.
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