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October 04 2018 11:16PM

The overall experience was good. They worked with me and I was able to get my claim paid in a timely manner. The whole process took less than a week from start to finish. Having this service took a lot of stress off of me.

Kyra J.
Omega Auto Care

Kyra, We love hearing that we could make an otherwise stressful situation not so stressful. Your vehicle is usually your second largest investment, next to your home, so to have it out of commission, and then have to deal with a repair facility all on your own, can be overwhelming. We are happy we were able to be there for you, and look forward to being there in the future as well. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care

September 14 2018 1:23AM

I’m so glad and very satisfied with my choice of get an extended warranty with Omega, I drive a 2013 Mercedes Benz E350, this vehicle have too many costly repair with the emission system, fuel injectors and computer. Getting the extended warranty was the best decision I advise anyone with a luxury vehicle or not to get the extended warranty. This company process the claim very smooth. Thanks Omega team for the great service provided

Angel R.
September 12 2018 2:16PM

OMG. I am so happy Omega gave me the best experience with my car warranty. From A to Z they made the transition so easy. Often you hear nightmares about warranty companies attempting to degrade your breakdown and attempt to fight against you. Not in my case, Omega’s customer service was excellent. They were quick to respond and very attentive to my situation. Thanks again Omega.

John H.
September 12 2018 3:30AM

Service was covered as described. However it took two weeks for the company to decide if they would cover or not. I have had another large claim and it was covered also. It also took a while for decision. In the end they covered it and that's all I really care about.

Daniel H.
August 15 2018 11:12AM

I pay 207$ a month for what? When I go to the dealership and gotta pay outta pocket two times. Well they say I have the best warranty they offer but it hasn't done anything for me. I been to the dealership two times nothing was covered. Both times had to pay outta pocket. Like I don't get it what's the best warranty if you still gotta pay on the service to get done. I thought that's what the warranty is for? I cant wait until this is up a few more months

Domenico W.
Omega Auto Care

Hello, I was able to locate your account to see what happened, and you are right that you do have the highest level of coverage available. I can honestly say that I have never seen someone with your level of coverage have two things in a row break that weren't eligible. I am very sorry you had such bad luck, but I am confident that you will see how great this policy will work for you in the future. One of the great things is that you still have coverage until September of 2021 even though you are done making payments. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care 877-850-0443

August 10 2018 9:58PM

Needed transmission fixed and they went as far to say carfax said my mileage was wrong!!! I had more than 1000 miles and it happened 2 days after my warranty started. So now I'm without my jeep and they will not help me! They make it sound so good when they are getting you to sign up! Never again will I trust any outside warranty companies. In canceling and getting my money back! Think twice before about this company! I did all the stipulations and they worked hard to not help me!!

Debra K.
Omega Auto Care

Debra, Even though we would love to help everyone, we cannot pay for pre-existing problems. The 30 day and 1000 mile validation period is standard in our industry, and has to be completed. Lots of different auto industry professionals both report to, and rely on Carfax for information. In your case it did show that you gave the incorrect mileage at the time of purchase, and put your vehicle well under the required 1000 miles to complete the validation. Had you chosen to continue the policy, you would have been covered with "new car" coverage moving forward. Should you ever reconsider coverage or have any questions, please give us a call. Sincerely, Omega Auto Care

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