Pride Home Warranty Review

A home warranty is not insurance but a service contract covering the repair and replacement of a home’s most essential appliances and mechanical and electrical systems. These systems typically include plumbing, electricity, air and heat, garage doors and other features contained in the home. It may also extend to the pool, but coverage generally does not include anything else outside of the house.

Home warranty coverage is designed to be there when costly breakdowns occur in the daily use of your home. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors says home appliances from air conditioners to whole-house vacuums will last from five to twenty-five years. Breakdowns can and do happen, and a repair on an item that still has years left in it is usually less expensive than buying a replacement right away.

Pride Home Warranty has a 10-year track record with a solid reputation for resolving problems quickly. The company offers two home warranty plan options, along with optional coverage for things such as pool and spa, septic system, sump pumps, water softeners and more. To get a clear sense of what Pride Home Warranty covers, the company outlines its policies on its website. The website also notes the limits of coverage if you fail to provide routine maintenance or if a system includes discontinued or unavailable parts.

  • Affordable plan options
  • First month free
  • Customizable coverage
  • 24-hour claims service
  • Fast turnaround on repairs
  • No online quoting
  • Not available in Alaska or Hawaii, all other states covered

Pride Home Warranty Costs

According to some estimates, home warranty premiums average between $350 and $600 per year, with extended coverage costing an additional average cost of $100 to $500 per year. There is also typically a service fee or deductible paid when service is needed. This fee can be as much as $100 and is generally in line with the cost of an hour of service from the provider.

Pride Home Warranty bills itself as an affordable home warranty provider, with customizable options for every budget. Because prices vary depending on your home location, the company does not offer cost estimates or averages. To get a sense of the cost and features available, you must contact Pride Home Warranty directly to get a quote.

Pride Home Warranty Coverage

Pride Home Warranty offers two levels of coverage, along with add-ons and customizable options. The coverage levels, called Platinum and Platinum Plus, are relatively similar. The few distinct differences include coverage for refrigerators, washing machines and clothes dryers, all of which are covered with Platinum Plus but not with Platinum coverage.

When a repair to a covered item is needed, you contact the home warranty provider, and it connects with a local service provider in your area to handle the repair or replacement. Pride Home Warranty works with licensed, qualified, prescreened, and insured contractors.

Home Item Platinum Plan Platinum Plus Plan
AC and heating systems Covered Covered
Plumbing and electrical Covered Covered
Plumbing stoppage Covered Covered
Oven and cooktop Covered Covered
Dishwasher Covered Covered
Garbage disposal Covered Covered
Ceiling and exhaust fans Covered Covered
Ductwork Covered Covered
Garage door opener Covered Covered
Water Heater Covered Covered
Whirlpool tub Covered Covered
Refrigerator Not Covered Covered
Clothes washer and dryer Not Covered Covered

When selecting a home warranty provider, it is essential to understand what is not covered, so there are no surprises should you be in need of a repair. Experts recommend that you make sure you understand exactly what would and would not be covered under the home warranty. Many home warranties define “Major Structural Defects” differently than you’d expect.

Pride Home Warranty limits its coverage and liability when systems are without serial or model numbers, have pre-existing conditions or are inoperable due to rust or corrosion. It does not promise to match a particular color when replacing a part, and it will not pay for upgrades that may be needed but are unrelated to the repair. The company says it will attempt to locate parts, and if it can’t find them, it offers cash amounting to the average cost of parts and labor.

Pride Home Warranty Coverage Limits

System Repair/Replacement Allowance
Heating and cooling (HVAC) Up to $2,500
Appliances Up to $750
Plumbing and electrical Up to $750
Add-on coverage Up to $400
Freon $10/lb up to $200 max

What doesn’t Pride Home Warranty cover? Here’s a short list of some of the most common excluded items:

  • Doors (other than garage doors)
  • Door handles
  • Door seals
  • Hinges
  • Shelves
  • Knobs, buttons, latches
  • Refrigerant (and refrigerant leaks)
  • Clogged drains or lines
  • Solar panels
  • Cosmetic fixes

Pride Home Warranty offers optional coverage for items including pools and spas and central vacuums, water softeners, septic systems and sump pumps, stand-alone freezers and second refrigerators, and some coverage for roof leaks.

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Source: Pride Home Warranty Homepage

Pride Home Warranty Complaints

Pride Home Warranty has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and rates five out of five stars with three positive reviews from customers who generally report being “happy” with the service, and zero negative reviews. In fact, it is difficult to track down many negative online reviews of Pride Home Warranty, a minor miracle in the age of the critical consumer.

Pride Home Warranty

Screenshot: Pride Home Warranty

Pride Home Warranty Q&A

  • How does a home warranty differ from home insurance?
    Home insurance is designed to cover damages or loss to your home in the event of natural disasters, accidents or burglary. It is typically required coverage for homeowners who have a mortgage loan. A home warranty is an optional coverage that’s there to help homeowners pay for everyday breakdowns and wear and tear.

  • Is it too late to purchase a home warranty if I didn’t do it when I closed my home sale?
    While many homebuyers and sellers include a home warranty service for a year or two as an added layer of protection should surprise issues not caught or disclosed at inspection, anyone can purchase a home warranty at any time.

  • Do I need a credit check?
    No. You can sign up for a home warranty quickly and easily, with no credit check required.

  • Can I extend a warranty that came with my new home?
    If your newly purchased home came with a warranty, the company would likely give you the option to renew on a yearly service-contract basis. The terms of renewal and monthly rate may change, so pay attention to your renewal contract each year.

  • How do I pay for a home warranty?
    You pay a monthly fee or premium for a home warranty.

  • I’m selling my home. Can I transfer the Pride Home Warranty?
    Yes, if you sell your home during the term of your service contract, you can transfer the policy at no cost by simply contacting Pride Home Warranty by phone or email with the new owner’s name and contact information.

  • When does home warranty coverage begin?
    Generally, coverage begins 30 days after you enroll and pay your initial fee. However, this 30-day grace period may be waived for customers who can prove prior home warranty coverage with another provider.

  • How do I get service?
    You can make a claim with Pride Home Warranty by phone or the company’s website. The company will reach out to a local, licensed and insured service contractor who will connect with you to make a service appointment.

  • Is there an extra fee when I call for service?
    At the time of service, customers are expected to pay and out-of-pocket “trade call fee.” This fee varies depending on your region and is probably close to the cost of an hour of the trade professional’s time to call on your home.

  • Do home warranties only cover single family homes?
    No. With Pride Home Warranty you can cover vacation properties, rental properties, condos and mobile homes.

  • What if my home is older or has older appliances?
    If your appliances and systems are in working order and you keep them properly maintained, they are covered. However, there may be limits to how much the company will spend to replace an obsolete or outdated system.

  • How do I get something replaced?
    If an item is beyond repair, Pride Home Warranty will replace the unit. Read the service agreement carefully to understand the terms and limitations to learn how much will be spent to replace a system or appliance.


With customizable coverage options, a solid track record and few consumer complaints, Pride Home Warranty is a good option for homeowners looking for a home warranty. Pride Home Warranty has coverage options comparable to other top home warranty providers on the market, and customers seem to be happy with the level of service when they file a claim. Regional variations in price make it difficult to compare the cost of Pride Home Warranty to other providers, so consumers will have to do a bit of legwork to get a sense of the cost of coverage. Additionally, it’s important to carefully consider the terms, conditions and limitations of coverage before purchasing a home warranty policy.

Pride Home Warranty Reviews

Recent Reviews

July 04 2019 12:38AM

Please do NOT use this company. It is a giant scam. I paid $600 for a brand new policy. My washing machine was leaking. Spent days waiting. I had to call them for an update - was told they don't cover LG and Samsung. I tried to look back at my emails to find the contract that says that - I did NOT find it because they did not send it to me. The full contract is available to view on their website ONLY with lots of boiler plate (including administrative fee and cancellation fee and dispute fee). The contract that they send you in the email to sign is a one to two page document that summarizes what is covered - it is not the actual contract. They somehow use that signature to apply to the full contract. I am now out $600. The credit company won't pay me back this money. When I called Pride they said that somehow all the administrative fees and cancellation fees and dispute fees had made my account into negative, so I get no refund for a 13 month contract that I wanted to cancel a month into. Next step? Arbitration.

Sathya R.
Pittsburgh, PA
June 19 2019 10:44PM

I purchased a home warranty in March 2019. I called today June 19, 2019 for garage door claim repair. Claim department told me after I gave my information, he said your claim has been declined. I said, "why it’s a garage door not an AC unit that it might cost $8,000?" He said garage doors are not included only the motor. I told him, "every home warranty out there cover garage door Except you guys." I told him, "imagine if the garage door is not included. What if I call next week and say I want to file a claim for AC repair." Then you will laugh & hang up on me. Stay away from this company. They just want take your money & reject your claim. I have platinum coverage which is the top plan that they sell. So there’s no excuse.

Edmund M.
Surprise, AZ
June 13 2019 9:06PM

If you like giving away your hard earned money for nothing but a scam this is the company for you. I am still waiting on a supervisor to call me which will never happen and to be honest I am tired of calling them just to get lied to and the run around. This company is a total scam. Do not waste your money. I repeat do not waste your money. Pride home warranty would love to see your response or shall I say lie. I'm willing to bet any good reviews were lies as well. Cant wait to hear from you Mr. Issac.

William F.
Lake Cormorant, MS
June 06 2019 8:39PM

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Terrible business tactics. I bought the home warranty, Nov. 2018..I called in May made a claim, no one every came and they told me I had to find my own contractor to repair our pump. The contractor said that the pump was at the end of it's life cycle and we needed a new one. They denied our claim saying that because the pump is old. They wont cover it. What it the point of a home warranty then? (Nowhere in my contract does it say something is not covered because it is older) The pump was only a few months old but the contractor did not want to pull it out and check so just made up a year. Pride Home said that if we pull the pump out and sent them the model # and date they would resubmit the claim. We did that and called and called no one would call us back and when we final got a hold of them they said they couldn't resubmit the claim. We asked to speak with a manager and they hung up on us. It has been almost a month of them giving us the run around, not calling us back and making up excuses, and still no results. They seem to make up excuses for any repair claim you do so they don't pay for anything. At this point I just would just like to have them refund the money I spent to get the home warranty and never deal with them again.

Ashley F.
Horn Lake, MS
May 14 2019 3:30PM

Contractor (washing machine leak) was incredibly condescending, patronizing, obnoxious and outright rude. Refused to tell me what was wrong and what he did to fix the problem, saying he was not hired to 'educate or train the customer'. He lectured me on how to wash clothes, clean up spills, read the instruction manual, etc. Totally unnecessary and uncalled for. He was also a handyman, not an appliance repair person. When I called Pride customer service to report and provide feedback on this contractor, both young reps I spoke to were completely incomprehensible, slurring their words like they were either drunk or high on drugs. They assumed they knew exactly what I was calling for and asked no questions for clarification, showing incredibly low care for their job. I wanted to provide feedback on the contractor but since they couldn't tell me how, I asked to speak to a manager. The first rep just put me back in the queue and the second rep was equally inexperienced and unhelpful and refused to connect me to someone more senior and sober. Both seemed like they were working from home and I heard laughing in the background. Very unprofessional, very disappointing for my first service call.

Stephen K.
Clayton, NC
April 29 2019 5:45PM

Pride Home Warranty is a complete rip off. I purchased their Platinum Plus plan and have tried (unsuccessfully) to have them repair my hot water heater and my clothes dryer. They state on their website and in the contract that they will repair or replace, when in actuality they will do neither. They require all complaints to be sent to them, by mail, and allow them 60 days to respond. I sent the required letter to them three months ago ad haven't heard anything from them. This seems to be how they operate their business. I'm writing this as a caution to anyone looking for a home warranty. Please don't allow Pride Home Warranty to con you out of your money. Continue shopping and find a company that will actually do what you pay them to do. Allow my mistake to guide you from making the same mistake!

Laura D.
Golden, CO
April 09 2019 7:27PM

It has been over 10 days since I filed a claim. I was assigned a contractor 2-3 days after filing, but the contractor never contacted me. I reached out to the contractor and he clearly stated that 1. he had not received any info from Pride and 2. that he did not even work with pride. I called Pride back and was told that I will be assigned a different contractor that very day. That was last week. During the week no one from Pride contacted me. I have called multiple times, including twice today, but have not received a satisfactory response if and when I would be assigned a contractor. If a simple electrical service request takes more than 2 weeks to resolve; there is no initiative or follow-up whatsoever from the warranty company; how does it stand to get so many positive ratings. Are these Fake Reviews?

Sam T.
Plano, TX
November 15 2018 6:26PM

Great Service. I experienced this first hand with Pride Home Warranty when I had to use them for my fridge. They came out and replaced my Kenmore washer. They diagnosed it needed a motor and fixed it within 2 days which was great. I would recommend Pride to others.

Charlie M.
August 13 2018 3:49PM

It took them 2 weeks to send me a technician to check my dryer. I had a problem that my dryer takes more than usual to do the job. It takes 2 or 3 cycles. Tech said it can be fixed but he doesn’t recommend it and he put a note to get a replacement. I have to chase the customer service for 2 days and then I received an email said Im not qualified for replacement. I talked to Scott, the manager, who was super rude and impolite. And he didn’t even tried to help me. He was just arguing with me. I had a warranty before from a different company, they were much better. Never choose Pride home warranty. You will waste your time and money.

Mohamed A.
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