Purple Heart Moving Group Review

Purple Heart Moving Group, the company that Retirement Living Named the Best for Long Distance Moves, is a full service moving broker that can cover all the aspects of moving. The fully-integrated transport and logistics provider works with storage providers and moving companies to handle the job efficiently and with care.

Moving, whether it’s across town or the country, can be stressful no matter how many boxes it takes to pack up your life. From the packing and loading to the transport and unloading, every step of the journey must be completed with care to avoid potential heartbreak over lost or damaged items. Timelines must be followed carefully to keep extra costs at bay. Your sanity and bank account depend on choosing the right company to handle your move.

  • The cost of the move is based on weight and includes fuel, taxes and tolls
  • Full-service options include 30 days of free climate controlled storage
  • Purple Heart Moving Group services the entire US except for Hawaii and Alaska
  • The original estimate and the final cost can be very different if the customer provides inaccurate information

Moving with Purple Heart Moving Group

As a moving broker, Purple Heart Moving Group books your move and then arranges it with a moving company that can handle the job. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a moving broker is not a mover, does not assume responsibility for or transport your household goods. Brokers don’t own moving trucks or employ movers, but they act on your behalf to secure arrangements with movers registered with the FMCSA.

Purple Heart Moving Group carefully pre-screens each carrier to make sure that those companies and drivers follow the same high standards.

Family owned, Purple Heart Moving Group can arrange a move for those suffering from a time crunch in as little as one day. Whatever your calendar looks like, Purple Heart will work with your timeline.

The company offers a 24-hour customer service line. Once you have reserved a spot with them, an agent will always be there for you through each phase of the moving process.

How to get a Purple Heart Moving Quote

Purple Heart Moving Group says quite simply, “You pick the location, we will take care of the rest,” and they mean it. Getting a quote can be done online through their website or by giving them a call. To experience their customer service first hand, we called to get an estimate on a move from South Carolina to Georgia. The customer service agent was knowledgeable, helpful and very personable. There was no “hard sell” and he answered all of our questions with ease

The steps to getting an estimate start with the zip code you’re moving from and the relocation zip code. Should you be looking for a move to a town but aren’t sure of the exact zip code, the estimate is good for up to 100 miles from zip code you provide.

The second part of the estimate process boils down to the size of the household you’re moving. While Purple Heart Moving Group can efficiently move a one-bedroom apartment as easily as they move a large estate or business, the size of the property helps them estimate the total weight of the items you will move. That weight is an essential part of the basis used to calculate your estimated cost. Be sure to include all rooms, including the garage and outbuildings, to get an accurate quote.

purple heart moving

As a customer, you’ll enter a detailed inventory of each item being moved into their online system once you have locked in a reservation with Purple Heart. This step will further the accuracy of the price, so be sure your entries are complete. The truck weight determines the final cost of the move, which can be very different from the original estimate. This issue is not limited to Purple Heart Moving Group; it is industry wide due to the impossibility of a site inspection before the move that results in “guestimating” the weight after the customer lists what they will be moving.

A deposit based on the estimated cost will lock in the rate (38 cents per pound as of February 10, 2018). The customer service agent shared that the rate lock means that you can change your moving date as many times as needed for up to one year. If you do not complete your move within that year, you will receive a full refund; however, the cancellation policy published on the company website differs. The owner of Purple Heart Moving Group explained that the refund policy will be updated on the website soon, just be sure to get the policy in writing and read it before paying the deposit.

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Sample Estimate From Purple Heart Moving Group

A move from South Carolina to Georgia (approximately 250 miles) for a 1-bedroom apartment was estimated to cost $1,857.16. The estimated weight for the average 1-bedroom apartment is 3,518 pounds. The deposit, based on this estimate, was $618.57. The balance is split into two payments: $619.30 on pickup and $619.30 on delivery. A weight difference or extra fees would change the balance. We obtained our quote in February 2018; rates vary over the year.

Purple Heart Moving Details

Customers are required to have all of their boxes packed and taped before the movers arrive. While Purple Heart Moving Group does not ask customers to use their packing supplies, they offer them for sale before the move itself. It is a better option to buy moving supplies at a local hardware store or big box home improvement store, where you can return what you don’t use. Skilled movers will load the boxes and furniture with plenty of protective padding. They will also disassemble any large pieces you have for no extra charge, then reassemble the pieces upon arrival at your new home.

The truck is weighed at a DOT certified weigh station after it is loaded with all of your belongings to get the exact weight. This step can raise or lower the cost of your move. If the actual weight is lower than the estimate, the cost will drop. If the weight is higher than the estimate, the cost will increase.

Fuel prices can differ between states or even cities, but this is not an issue when you choose to move with Purple Heart Moving Group because fuel costs are not a separate charge on your bill.

Additional Charges

The final bill has the amount of the deposit deducted from the total, and the bill itself is broken into two payments: half is due the day of the pickup and half is due the day of the delivery. Additional charges include:

Name Description Cost
Access Fee The first 10 steps or stairwell
is free. After that, unless there
is elevator access, there is an
additional cost.
$50 per floor
Long-Carry Fee The first 75 feet from the door
to the truck are free. After that
there is an additional flat fee.

Purple Heart Moving Group Storage Options

Thirty days of free storage in climate-controlled units are included with every move, whether you need that service or not. If you need storage, your items are held safely in the originating city with no access due to insurance regulations and to keep the manifest from changing. This is a convenient feature for customers who have to be out of their old property before the new one is ready.

Purple Heart Moving Group Reviews and Ratings

  • Better Business Bureau- Purple Heart Moving Group has an A- rating with the BBB, including four positive reviews and one complaint.

  • My Moving Reviews- Purple Heart Moving Group has a five-star rating with nine positive reviews and one negative review.

  • YellowPages.com- You’ll find a rating of five stars with about 70 percent positive reviews for Purple Heart Moving Group on YellowPages.com

Purple Heart Moving Group Service Q&A

  • What is the difference between a moving company and a moving broker?
    A moving company, which can be national or local only, is a company that provides a moving service to you directly while a moving broker specializes in coordinating long distance moves and they are not the group that physically moves your belongings.

  • Why would I use a moving broker?
    A moving broker knows the ins and outs of the transportation business and can find the most cost-efficient way to get your belongings from door to door safely. You probably don’t need a moving broker if your new residence is across town, however, if your belongings will be shipped long distances or you require storage, Purple Heart Moving Group is a good option.

  • How are my estimate and final cost of a move calculated?
    State to state moves are billed based on weight and miles rather than man hours. Your initial estimate will be broad, based on the weight of the belongings found in an average size home (1-bedroom and up) and the miles between point A and point B. Your final bill will be calculated once the truck is weighed and any additional fees are calculated.

  • Why should I consider Purple Heart Moving Group when there are national carriers I can do business with directly?
    Purple Heart Moving Group is smaller than the large corporate groups so they have more flexibility as well as the ability to offer more personalized service.

  • How do I know what trucking or moving companies will transport my belongings if I use Purple Heart Moving Group?
    Brokers such as this company are required to provide customers with a list of the transportation companies they use. Ask for this list and a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


Finding a moving group that will work with you to make your move as stress-free as possible is the difference between a nightmare and a dream. Purple Heart Moving Group’s customer service agents are easy to work with and explain all aspects of the move thoroughly. If you’re interested in getting a quote or learning more about their services, call Purple Heart Moving Group at 844-913-7186 or visit their website for a personalized quote.

Purple Heart Moving Group Customer Reviews

Easy, Painfree - 5/5 stars

Submitted on 09/19/2018 by Lemly M.

I needed to move closer to my family in Dallas and get out of the cold weather. I was able to set up a move six months out and save a bit of money. I had to move in the summer and was told by many companies that this would result in a heftier price. Though I did not have an option to move at a different time of year, I was able to receive some discounts through Purple Heart, which made things easier. All the people I spoke to there were so kind. This made the moving transition a great deal easier. My son and his wife were the ones that were at the pick up. They said everything went flawlessly. I was at my children's house about a week and half before the delivery. I was given this information prior, so I was prepared. Smooth delivery as well.

Great Experience - 5/5 stars

Submitted on 09/17/2018 by Kondor O.

I booked with this company because I was referred by a fellow colleague. The process was very simple and easy. I was able to do it over the phone and it took less than an hour to set up. The lady I spoke to gave me a lot of information and walked me through the whole process. Since this was a business move, I needed very specific dates and times. They were able to accommodate. So many other places were not. I did have to pay additional for a specific date of pick up, but they were able to offer it and follow through. I also needed an fast delivery. The moving people showed up, did their job and delivered great service.

Phenomenal Job - 5/5 stars

Submitted on 09/14/2018 by Becka R.

I did a lot of research before stumbling upon Purple Heart Moving. I put in a list of my things online along with some other information online and started receiving a lot of phone calls. I probably got 30 within the first 12 hours. This was quite overwhelming at my age. However, I received a call from a family friend who found out I was moving and recommended this company. I got in touch with a lovely young gentleman who stayed on the phone with me and walked me through how to research some other companies, as well as Purple Heart. I was able to receive a discount since my deceased husband was in the military for over 20 years. I was very flexible on the time frame of the move, this made it easy for myself and the company to set it up. I decided to pack myself, and though this was a tough decision, I needed to save money where I could. I set the move up for two months out which gave my ample time to pack properly. What really solidified the fact that I made the correct decision was, the gentleman I was speaking to helped me order all different kinds of boxes off online before we got off the phone. They were delivered right to my door a few days later. I didn't have to stress about going to the store and making sure I was purchasing enough. It was such a blessing. When the movers arrived I had everything packed and labeled. They moved the big items, like the beds and couches for me. They also supplied blankets to protect all of my china cabinets and antique dressers. They were in and out faster than I expected. The whole three bedroom house took them less than 4 hours to wrap and pack up everything in the truck. I was completely in awe. The whole move took about two weeks, which I knew ahead of time. The customer service department was able to give me updates when I relentlessly called. I had arrangements to stay with my sister while the move was taking place. The delivery went just as smoothly as the pick up. I had no errors and I am pleased to say that I went with Purple Heart Moving Group. They did an amazing job and I am cordially writing this to recommend them to others.

Avoid - 1/5 stars

Submitted on 09/13/2018 by Gerald H.

I’ve moved across the country several times and this is by far the worst move ever! First, I would not give much weight to the five star reviews on here and consider the more detailed and emotionally riveting reviews that accurately depict consistently poor business practices by Purple Heart Moving Group. Second, all Veterans and Active Military Service members, avoid this company. They do nothing to support Veterans and Service members. In fact, I have requested Department Defense Trademark Licensing Program Office to look into this business use of “Purple Heart”, and one of Bait and Switch practices. They are a transport broker who accept the lowest bidder from third party movers. Also, I’ve submitted a letter to TRANSCOM requesting Purple Heart Moving Group be listed as off limit establishment in accordance to with Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Boards and Off Installation Liaison and Operations. Their business practices, poor service and communication combined with unconscionable contract terms adversely impacts the [financial and emotional] health and welfare of members of the Armed Forces. THE SALES PITCH: they will tell you everything you want to hear that makes you comfortable with allowing them to move your home. They will tell you that moves can be fast as 6-8 days but they have to follow DOT rules and that it can take up to 30 days. During this pitch they don’t even know who the transporter is. They are misleading people. When I asked about moving from Bay Area, California to Florida they offered assurances that they will do their best to get it moved quickly and within DOT driving time for drivers. You can almost count on your household goods arriving 30 plus days. Ask about the late fees for delivery after 30 days. AND be sure to note that the 30 day clock starts on the day you tell them you can receive delivery. Oasis moving arrived and packed our home 23 June 2018. He asked me when I would be available to receive the delivery. I told them 28 June. So, by contract the 30 days started 28 June AND the 30 days DOES NOT include weekends. What you need to tell them is the day the load out your home is the day you can accept delivery so the 30 day clock starts immediately. I will get into OASIS moving later another poor performance. CONTRACT: Find a company that can ship door to door. THEY ARE A BROKER THAT TAKES THEIR REFERRAL FEE AND LEAVE YOU HANGING. AS A PROPERLY LICENSED INTERSTATE MOVING COORDINATOR/SHIPPER AGENT/BROKER, PURPLE HEART MOVING GROUP IS NOT A MOTOR CARRIER AND WILL NOT TRANSPORT AN INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMER/SHIPPER’S HOUSEHOLD GOODS BUT WILL ORGANIZE AND ARRANGE FOR THE TRANSPORTATION OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS Once they had you off to a third party, they could care less. Your calls will be received my carefully scripted responses giving your assurances that they are working and coordinating. Every time I called they had no clue and always said let me find out and get back to you. They never got back to me. You will spend countless times calling and sending emails for a status but will fall on deaf ears. They absolve themselves for any actions of the movers they hire. CUSTOMER SHALL INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS PURPLE HEART MOVING GROUP AND ITS SHAREHOLDERS, DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS AND AFFILIATES from and against any and all actions, claims, suits, liabilities, proceedings, penalties, fines, costs, and expenses (including all reasonable attorneys’ fees) relating directly or indirectly from any breach of this agreement by customer. They will by contact bind you to filing claims only in Florida which contradicts contract law whereby the Plaintiff can file in the state where damaged are incurred which could be the state where the load out occurred. It keeps their legal fees low by keeping it local to them. IT IS AGREED BY THE PARTIES AS MANDATORY THAT THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE GOVERNED BY THE INTERNAL LAWS OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA WITHOUT REGARD TO THE PRINCIPLES OF CONFLICTS OF LAW. They bind you to negligible liquidated damages for late delivery. $30 a day! That’s it. After a 45 days of waiting they will give you $30 bucks. Tells me that they must consistently pay late fees so by contact they keep the fee low So there is no incentive to ensure prompt delivery! If at anytime purple heart moving group gives a guarantee delivery date and the company is unable to deliver to date for unforeseen reason, the customer will be reimbursed $30.00 per day until items are delivered. The customer agrees and understands that we are not a carrier and are not liable for things in transit. Once the contract is signed by the assigned carrier, all reimbursements further than the daily allowance of $30.00 from Purple Heart Moving Group will be pursued by the customer to the carrier. All lawsuits, reviews, and dot complaints must be filed against the carrier as purple heart moving group are not held responsible from the time of pick-up. PAYMENT Purple Heart will accept credit cards but by contract you can only pay by case or money order. They want to ensure the transporters are not employees of Purple Heart. The movers who show up have direction. AND they will not unload the truck until you pay. THEY WILL TRY TO RUSH DELIVERY WHERE YOU CAN’T CHECK ITEMS OFF AND LOSE TRACK OF ITEM ACCOUNTABILITY. We ended up missing items as the truck had other household goods. Upon booking, up to 60% deposit plus the binding estimate fee is required to be paid by credit card (visa, master card, discover), check by phone, ach, or wire transfer.If at anytime there is a revision made to your estimate that requires an additional payment purple heart moving group will accept only a check-by-phone or ach payment from the bank of the customers choice. Upon pickup carrier, will collect up to 50% of the remaining balance. Payment will be due in the form of cash, certified check, or cashier’s check. The remaining balance must be paid in full upon delivery by cash or post office money order. If at anytime a credit card is authorized for pick up or delivery please be aware that a 3%-10% charge may occur for processing. TIP: BEFORE even talking contract make sure you do a good estimate for cubic feet. They will screw you on cost. BULKING $200! They will try to sell you additional fees. Bulking means they won’t pack anything on top of the item. We paid bulking for the piano so that nothing is packed on top. They packed lots of boxes on top. When I explained to them I paid for bulking the piano they came up with additional cubic feet of items which would wash about the bulking fee. QUALITY ASSURANCE: FACT, there is no quality assurance. They will call you to go over number of items to give you an accurate cost but they will call you early on in your move so you may not have an accurate box count. Once you sign the contract there is no quality assurance follow up calls. They got your money and household goods. STORAGE: OASIS Moving Company from Las Vegas. AVOID! As a broker, they will not have a 55 foot trailer that loads your household items for door to door delivery. Instead, they will bring 26 footer or smaller trucks to ferry to a warehouse that is NOT climate controlled. We have many items damaged from HEAT. Two laundry baskets were basically melted together. Our items might as well have been stored in the Nevada desert. The storage time was from 30 June to 1 Sept. They IMPROPERLY STACKED ITEMS CAUSING DAMAGE TO FURNITURES, BOXES WERE CRUSHED, DINING TABLE CHAIRS WERE BROKEN. ABSOLUTELY NO OVERSIGHT BY PURPLE HEART ON QUALITY CONTROL OVER THE MOVERS THEY CONTRACT. INVENTORY SHEETS: IMPORTANT They don’t log down the item or box to the number. We also found a second set of numbers of the items REBUTTAL: They will try to respond to negative reviews and show empathy. Don’t buy into any of that. Cross reference with BBB, yelp and sites like this and your due diligence should tell you to AVOID PURPLE HEART MOVING GROUP.

less than studio apartment size move - 1/5 stars

Submitted on 08/26/2018 by Lynette B.

NO! NO! NO Do not use this company. The pick up time and drivers changed 3 times. Then, the drivers apparently have difficulty with basic math because they are trying to say that a dresser, vanity and bench and nightstand took up 350 cu ft of space "because of the way they had to load the truck." Furniture dimensions were 90 cu ft, and dropped to less than that when a large mirror was removed. They want an additional $331 because we "exceeded" the allowable basic square footage of 286 cu ft. Nobody is returning phone calls, or if I manage to get through to a real person, the person I need to talk to in order to resolve the problem is suspiciously always out of the office for the next day or two. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!

Do not believe all the positive reviews... - 1/5 stars

Submitted on 08/24/2018 by Kathy B.

It's a total scam. They give you a lowball quote over the phone, then when the movers arrive (from some company you've never heard of because they contract it out), you are told the cost is double or triple the original estimate. There's nothing you can do because the estimate from PH is nonbinding. You have no idea who these movers are, but they tell you that from now on you should deal with them and not PH. But of course, PH wants an additional amount for the deposit, since the total cost of the move has now increased. My move went from $3000 on my initial call to PH to $6000 after the detailed inventory, to $8000 on the day of the move. The reason they have such positive reviews online??? If you demand a refund, they offer you something small with the stipulation that you sign a non-disclosure agreement. I refused their $450 joke refund and will plaster the internet with my experience. STAY AWAY FROM PURPLE HEART!

Avoid at all costs! - 1/5 stars

Submitted on 08/01/2018 by Shawna H.

Retirement Living, Are you really recommending a company to retirees that has an "F" Rating and is non-accredited on BBB? Retirees, do not be fooled by this scam. They are not military affiliated! They are a broker that advertises to military families, takes a deposit and outsources the move with no further responsibilities. My mover demanded additional money at pickup and then more at delivery because Purple Heart estimates and takes your deposit at a lower than market rate. At pickup, you are already in a time crunch with few options but to pay much more than market rate. My furniture was severely damaged and only $60 was offered by the mover's insurance. Purple Heart offered an insulting partial refund in exchange for signing a nondisclosure. You all deserve to hear real experiences to avoid this nightmare! 2+ months later, Purple Heart still can't even get a response from the company they outsourced to. Here is their comment to me, "We do not compensate for any claims. It is the busiest season for all moving companies, so sometimes the carriers can be difficult to get a hold of." There are reputable companies out there. Do not use a company that is a disgrace to the award many Americans have suffered to receive.

I will keep recommending you to people - 5/5 stars

Submitted on 05/24/2018 by Luande B.

I won't stop telling people about purple heart moving group. I was doubting this mover until after the move. I was scared because of my past moving experience but luckily for me, purple heart was 100% different with an awesome performance. My items did not only arrive on time but was also delivered in a good state.

Best Customer Service/Moving Crew - 5/5 stars

Submitted on 05/24/2018 by McDonald R.

It has been years since I last move, so finding a good mover was a difficult task for me. I stumbled upon Purple Heart Moving Group on Retirement Living and decided to give it a trial. I contact the customer service which was a top notch considering how fast and effective they respond. The mover promised to deliver my belongings and they did without damaging anything. I have to rate this company with a 5 star review because they really work hard to earn it.

Just too happy using this moving group - 5/5 stars

Submitted on 05/23/2018 by Justine W.

There are no words to express how happy I am with Purple Heart movers. They adhered to my rather tight schedule and even assisted us with unpacking to speed things up even when we hadn't ordered the service for unpacking. It was a wow experience with this group. Thank you and God bless!

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