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Royal Transport and Storage Mover

4.5 Stars (3 Reviews)
Updated: January 23, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
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Royal Transport and Storage offers moving services for corporations and small businesses, as well as local and long-distance household moves. They break down all costs up front so you aren't hit with a surprise final bill once your move is complete. They also offer additional services like moving prep, packing and storage.

Editorial Breakdown

Easy Quotes 4.5 Stars
Ease of Purchase 4.8 Stars
Price 5 Stars
Coverage Area 3.8 Stars

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

Bottom Line

Royal Transport and Storage offers commercial and residential local and interstate moving services as well as storage options. They strive to outline all prices and fees upfront so you aren't surprised with your final bill.

Royal Transport and Storage Review

Royal Transport and Storage opened their doors for business in North Carolina in 1991, initially moving large companies and corporations. As the company grew and added more trucks to their fleet, they expanded into residential interstate moving. Using the same level of care and professionalism for residential moves that made them a favorite with businesses, they quickly became a popular mover for individuals and families.

According to their website, Royal Transport and Storage takes pride in doing business based on customer service and refuses to cut corners by partnering with companies and employees who do not have the same ethics, with no exceptions. This credo may sound purely like marketing language, but we took the time to interview a Royal Transport manager and a customer service representative, and we believe this company stands behind its mission statement. They understand that without happy customers, their business would not succeed.

The family-owned company has been in business for 27 years with over 89,000 customers. Royal has delivered 2,670,353 boxes with a less than one percent damage claim rate paired with an excellent U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) record. The company also boasts excellent ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and on consumer websites, where customers frequently use phrases like “exceptionally fast and very careful,” “very competitive rates,” and “easy and stressless” to describe Royal Transport and Storage service.


  • Less than one percent damage claim rate
  • Background checks run on every crew leader
  • Wall and floor protection and cleaning and storage options


Royal Transport Residential Long-Distance and Local Moves

Royal Transport and Storage makes your move as easy and painless as possible, from when you leave your current home until you reach your destination. Because their over 25-year company history only includes long-distance and local moves, it has fine-tuned this moving process. They understand that moving is not a “one size fits all” venture, so each customer gets a customized moving plan to fit their unique needs

Royal Transport and Storage Service Menu
  • Full pack & unpack
  • Full blanket wrap
  • Floor protection
  • Wall protection
  • Expert crating
  • Cleaning service
  • Storage: free up to a month
  • Moving insurance

Royal Transport Pricing

We called to get a quote under the scenario that we were a two-bedroom household moving from Austin, Texas to Dallas, Texas. We were quoted $3,000 to $3,500 over the phone.

Keep in mind the cost of each move varies based on things like cubic footage, number of boxes, fees, type of furniture and distance traveled. To keep expenses down, Royal Transport and Storage often combines the possessions of two customers on one truck when the loads are going in the same general direction. Royal has compartmented moving vans to keep one person’s furnishings and boxes separated from those of another. A color coding and numbering system with itemized manifests prevent any confusion as well.

Protection Against Loss or Damage

According to the FMCSA, valuation is carrier liability that is established by either the Department of Transportation (DOT) or a state agency/organization. Valuation, also known as release value, is similar to insurance in that it pays for lost or damaged items. However, it is almost always inadequate, and we recommend that you insure your belongings while they are in transport.

The weight of the customer’s household goods is the basis for valuation at a rate of 60 cents. For example, if an item is damaged or lost, the mover is required to pay you 60 cents per pound, per article. If you have a possession that you paid $1,000 for and it weighs 10 pounds, and it’s lost or damaged in your move, you would receive compensation of $6.00 (60 cents x 10 pounds).

We discussed insuring a move with a Royal Transport and Storage sales agent, and he advised that customers should check their homeowner’s insurance policy before looking into coverage for their move. If existing insurance does not cover your items, Royal Transport has a partnership with Baker International to help you get a full replacement insurance policy. We liked that the agent was happy to educate us and did not use any sales pressure.

Baker International Insurance specializes exclusively in moving insurance policies that protect household items during relocation locally, within a state, interstate, or internationally. Top-rated insurance companies back the coverage and Royal Moving and Storage offers insurance bundles. Keep in mind that the mover must pack insured belongings for the insurance to be in effect. Baker International requires an inventory of items if you want to move fine arts, collections or antiques valued at or over $5,000. If you are relocating outside of the contiguous United States, such as to Alaska or Hawaii, a complete inventory is necessary.

Royal Transport Homepage

Royal Transport Homepage Source: Royal Transport

Royal Transport and Storage Customer Service

We called to get in touch with Royal Transport and Storage’s customer service department. We found the positive reviews from satisfied customers, high marks from the Better Business Bureau and their reasonable prices to be true. We spoke with a very helpful customer service agent as if we were prospective customers and discovered that this is a company that wants to make moving across the state or the country less stressful.

The Kansas-based company says that their mission is to “provide the best moving experience at the best price possible.” After speaking with company representatives, we believe they honor that mission. Customers know what they are paying for with moving costs broken down upfront. Royal Transport will do as little or as much as you require for the long distance move of your home or office.

Royal Transport and Storage Complaints

Most online reviews are favorable with customers impressed with the care in which their furniture was treated, including wrapping it to make sure it stayed safe. Going above and beyond was mentioned several times in the online reviews we looked at. Great punctuality and communication were also mentioned numerous times in online reviews.

No negative reviews were found on review sites like Yelp or Yellow Pages. Even though no complaints were found online, Royal Transport does not have a big online review presence as of right now.

Royal Transport and Storage Product-related Q&A

  • Will I find any extra, unquoted fees on my final bill?
    Any moving company may have to add extra fees to your bill like long-carry fees or shuttle service fees. However, Royal Transport and Storage always separates all charges upfront, so your final invoice is never a surprise. See our information about how moving companies put together a quote, so you understand the process.

  • What is a long-carry fee?
    A long-carry fee is standard in the world of moving. If the distance between your front door and the moving truck is longer than usual, you may be charged an additional amount for the movers to carry your items the extra distance. The definition of normal distance varies depending on the moving company, so always ask about how it is calculated.

    Moving boxes

    Moving boxes, Source: Getty

  • What is a shuttle service fee?
    Parking a tractor-trailer in front of your home may prove to be impossible due to parked cars, narrow streets or tree branches. When this is the case, a smaller truck called a shuttle is loaded with your items and then drives between the trailer and your home entrance. There is almost always a charge for this service.

  • How long before my moving day should I start packing for an interstate move?
    You should start packing boxes no later than three weeks before the date you intend to move to give yourself plenty of time to get prepared.

  • If I store my possessions in the moving company’s warehouse, will my insurance continue to cover everything?
    If your household goods go into storage at the moving company’s warehouse, a full-coverage replacement policy with Baker International will continue to cover your shipment for 90 days, at no additional cost beyond what you paid for the moving insurance. If your items remain in storage longer than 90 days, you must contact Baker International to purchase an extension of coverage.

  • Do moving costs vary depending on the time of year?
    Yes. Peak moving season, May through September, is the most expensive time of the year to move. You’ll save the most money if you choose to move during December, January, or February.

  • Are there any actions that may hinder a damage claim if I purchase full replacement cost insurance?

    • Yes. To retain full protection, keep these tips in mind:

    • Never pack perishable, dangerous or hazardous materials in your household goods without letting your mover know. the chances are that it is illegal for the mover to transport these items.

    • Packing boxes yourself may save you money up front but could cost you in the end. If the articles you pack are damaged, it is more difficult to establish a claim.

    • Always notify your mover in writing about articles of extraordinary value, including any item valued over $100 per pound. High-end electronics, jewelry, silverware, china, furs, and antiques fall into this category.

    • Never sign a delivery receipt for your items if it contains any language about immediately releasing or discharging your mover or its agents from any liability. The immediate release is not a standard agreement since the law gives you nine months to file a written claim.

    • Report loss and damage quickly, despite the nine-month window from the date of delivery to file a written claim.


Royal Transport and Storage got to where it is today by word of mouth, positive reviews and treating customers’ possessions with the highest level of care. The fully licensed and insured company puts customers first and the employees frequently go out of their way to make sure a move is as stress-free as possible. Royal is an excellent choice to have a smooth transition between your current location and your new home at the best possible price.

3 Royal Transport and Storage Reviews

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1 Star

October 04 2018 12:39AM

I signed a moving contract with Royal Transport in June 2018 for household move from CA to NC. The pickup date was July 29, 2018 and they promised delivery date was August 18, 2018. Here is the summary of the service that I received. 1. Delivery delayed by 35 days. From about a week prior to the promised delivery, I called Royal Transport every day to inquire about the status of the shipment and the delivery date. For the first two weeks, the only information I received was that the shipment was still in a warehouse in California.

No delivery date was given until September 21, just one day before the shipment actually arrived the NC address. In summary, the delivery was five weeks later than promised. 2. Final cost 18.6% more than the binding estimate. Royal Transport gave me a binding moving estimate of $2034.38. I paid $610 deposit on June 15. I was instructed to have cashier’s checks made to Royal Transport, one for $712.45 to be paid upon pickup, and another for $712.44 upon delivery. The mover in Berkeley didn’t want to accept the cashier’s check. He wanted cash, or a personal check made to him, and only accepted the cashier’s check after a heated discussion with the agent Nikki of Royal Transport. The mover demanded an extra $200 in cash, supposedly due to “extra cubic feet.” The agent Maya, who called the day before the delivery in NC, instructed us to have cash or money order for $891, to be paid to Green Van Lines. A promise of a $100 discount due to the delay was not honored. In summary, we paid $378.56 more than the biding estimate. 3. Poor communication. The agent Paul, who drew up the original contract, never answered the phone nor returned any call I made to him after the contract was signed. Almost all of my calls to Royal Transport were answered by the customer service person Nikki, but she never had any information on the status of the shipment and its arrival in NC.

She gave me phone numbers of dispatchers, but they rarely answered and their voicemail boxes were full. On September 3, I called the Royal Transport sales department, having received no response from customer service nor dispatchers. I told an agent named Dave that I had received no information on the status of my shipment nor its arrival date in NC. In response, I received a lecture on appropriate manners in speaking to him. Nevertheless, this unpleasant call motivated some action: a few minutes afterwards, I received a call from a mover named Mike. He said that he was personally in charge of my shipment and he gave me a number of yet another mover named Suki. In the following days, I communicated with Suki, by calling him every day. My shipment arrived in NJ in mid-September, and it was stalled there for a week. I addition to phone calls, I repeatedly tried to use Royal Transport web page ( to track my shipment. The web page gave error messages “The E-mail Address Entered is Invalid'” in the Origin Zip Code and Customer Reservation Number fields. On September 6, I have mailed a certified letter to Royal Transport, outlining problems with my shipment and requesting that they contact me.

They never did. 4. Misrepresentation On their website, Royal Transport presents itself as a full service moving company with a large fleet of trucks and professional movers. In fact, the pickup in California was done by an unmarked truck, and the payment receipt was from Expedia Van Lines. The delivery in NC was made by a Penske rental truck and the payment was made to Green Van Lines. The movers were unprofessional (they dropped a box of China and damaged other items). It appears that Royal Transport outsourced my shipment to subcontractors. In summary, Royal Transport displayed far too little responsibility, concern and courtesy in the processing my shipment.

John N.
1 Star

September 12 2018 9:01PM

For those who do not want to read the detailed: GAVE ME THE RUN AROUND FOR 2 MONTHS INSTEAD OF DELIVERING MY GOODS IN 5-14 DAYS AS PROMISED. Used every falsehood in their book to mislead me every time I inquired. Their business address is false. Damaged items. Kept extorting money at pick up and drop off with loopholes. Do not use this company if you care about your items being picked up and delivered on time undamaged. Initially, I checked out their reviews on DOT and other sites.

The reviews are mixed but I remained hopeful. I contacted them and I spoke to sales person Nicky who was very helpful and professional until I paid the down payment. She assured me that they will disassemble furniture during pickup, blanket wrap, deliver within 5-14 business days, re-assemble at drop off location, going upto 1 flight up with no extra charge. Foolishly, I paid the deposit as everything sounded good and she was really professional and courteous at the time...Things went south after that, everything from Pickup, drop off, follow up call, false promises and everything in between. I hired them to move my goods from Kansas City to NYC. My items were literally held hostage forcing me to pay extra. Read below details before you even think of hiring them for any move. 1.Pickup: They called me that driver will be there at 12 noon, then 2pm, then 5pm and they finally arrived at 9pm. Upon arrival they started bargaining and wanted an extra $1000 because our standard furniture seemed bigger to them.

I didn’t budge despite their desperate attempts and empty threats of leaving. I should have cancelled the whole thing right there but I didn’t think things would get any worse. They didn’t blanket wrap anything saying everything will be wrapped in warehouse which was a LIE because nothing was wrapped when they dropped off goods after 2 months. 2.1 week after pickup: I called for status and was told a different drop off date than initially discussed. They said that I have changed the drop off date to next week. Turns out pickup guys had put the new drop off date on papers that I signed during pickup after much waiting and arguing with them and as things dragged on til midnight, I must not have noticed the new date.

So pay extra attention before signing as they are very good at finding loopholes and will use every excuse in their arsenal to their advantage. 3.2 weeks after pickup: I called again and was told my stuff will be on 1st truck leaving for NYC. 4.3 weeks after pickup: Again, I was told my stuff will be on 1st truck leaving to NYC. 5.4 weeks after pickup: I ask them firmly and finally they said, my stuff is on its way (a BIG LIE) and I can call truck driver’s cellphone to find out when it will be delivered. I called driver, Frank who said he’s in Texas. I called after 2 days and he said he’s dropping off goods on the way and is in Virginia. After 3 more days he finally said he does NOT have any of my goods on TRUCK... SAY WHAT… I immediately called and Nicky who gave me the drivers number in first place said it’s normal for drivers to change truck on the way (another LIE) and it is on its way. Finally when I asked firmly, she said my stuff is still in their warehouse in Kansas and it will leave in 1st truck heading towards NYC. We are back to square 1 and they gave me run around for 1 week for no reason. She seemed to be very well acquainted with angry customers who feel defrauded by them and knew to say just the right things to keep me waiting. 6.5 weeks after pickup: I called and they said for interstate drop off they legally have upto 21 days to deliver goods (not 5-14 business days that says on all papers). We were way above 21 days anyway. I was told truck has left but would not give me the approximate drop off date/time. They gave me the driver number to call directly. 7.During this time, a family member visited the address on all the paperwork to talk to someone in person and see what is going on. It turns out they use a false address on their paperwork because the person in-charge of the said warehouse had no idea who was using her address for their moving business. She even called the number on my paperwork asking them why they’re using her address. (I am in the process of reporting them to DOT and other relevant agencies right now). 8.6 weeks after pickup: I called driver who said he’s dropping off goods on the way in Chicago and will be in NYC in 3 days. Driver promised to call a day before drop off which he never did. 9.7 weeks after pickup: Someone rang the bell and I see an 18 wheeler outside of the door.

They never called ahead of time but luckily I was home that day. Driver said I have to pay the remaining balance in FULL and sign all the papers first before they even open the truck. I called their head office and Dispatch manager said “he doesn’t give a CRAP” (yes that’s the exact wording) and I have to pay the balance, sign the paper that everything is delivered in good condition otherwise truck will leave. I couldn’t believe the shameless extortion that was taking place. I refused to sign anything until I can confirm that my goods are in that truck. I was also asked to pay extra $170 because they had to deliver stuff on 2nd floor despite the initial promise to not charge for one flight of stairs. Disptacher said they only cover 1 story up for free if stairs are internal and mine were outside. I agree to pay the balance, and paid extra $170 to walk up stairs and called NYC COPS to be there as I don’t trust these guys what goods will be delivered and in what condition. Drop off guys also refused to reassemble furniture saying its not their job. 10.Nothing was blanket wrapped and initially we noticed some china and other kitchen items were broken along with Leather sofa which was bent from the back as something heavy hit it during transportation. 11.I called them reporting the damage and complaining about the services I received. When I told them of my intention to leave a negative review, the manager straight out threatened me saying that he will report me and I won’t be able to get a job for the rest of my life. I said go ahead because I do want to give my honest feedback so no other customer go thru this. Finally manager realized that he can’t bully me for his mistakes and agreed to pay me for my damage if I sign the waiver. I have received no payment from them as of date and I keep finding more damaged items as I unpack. The most unprofessional, rude, dishonest, shady people I have ever encountered in a business setting. My family wasted one month’s rent, stayed as paying guests elsewhere until our items arrived.

Sanjeev K.
1 Star

June 15 2018 11:34AM

***DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. READ THIS FIRST!*** First we did use a broker, that was also a mistake, Liberty Bell Moving Group ( STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS WELL). They connected us with Royal. We had a SIGNED CONTRACT that our move would be calculated by weight, .40/lb to be exact. The mover arrived (driver of the moving truck and two random guys that lived local, yes- they are random people who live in the area that move your stuff) 2 days late at 730pm.

The driver had a contract that stated our move would be calculated by CUBIC FEET. We showed him our contract was to be done by weight, he called his manager and supposedly his manager approved for the move to be done by weight. They started the move & said they would be back in the morning to finish the job. They arrived LATE. Scratched our hardwood floors and tried to tell us they didn't.

As soon as the truck door shut, guess what, he told us his manager just called &said the move was to be done by CUBIC FEET. Funny right? He said if we didn't agree we could pay him to unload our stuff. There you are folks, scam. We never signed anything with Royal stating the move would be done by cubic ft, we still had our original contract. And they still pulled this stunt. We went back and forth with Liberty Bell and Royal, for HOURS. Royal said "I'm too busy for this, pay this mover to have your stuff unloaded, I don't care". So what are we suppose to do at this point? We're already thousands in the hole, so we preceded with the move.

They said our stuff should arrived 3-5 days. At 5 days I called Royal & they said it would be another 7-10 days. At day 10 I called, they said they have 21 days to deliver our stuff. We have yet to receive our stuff, it's day 19. We'll probably never get our stuff. Don't worry, they are being reported.

Brianna G.