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September 23 2020 2:06AM

The tub experience is a (5) excellent but exterior inspection panel is loose and poorly installed. The installer should have corrected it and the final briefer should have seen it. Therefore my rating is downgraded to (5) good.

Rafael R.
Bradenton, FL
September 08 2020 3:59PM

I didn’t get the shower package (free). I didn’t want to pay the extra charge but come to find out it was free. Which my sales rep didn’t tell me. I’m in sales and word of mouth can help or hurt you. They are way overpriced!!!!

Carolyn S.
Arlington, TX
August 25 2020 9:02PM

Don't buy this tub. I've had mine one week. Wish I would send it back. It cost me $14,000. The jets are weak, micro bubbles serve no purpose, water gets cold in about 20 min. The seat is too high or the back is too low, because the water only comes up to about my elbows.

You see pictures of people laying back with head on a pillow. Haha, that's not going to happen, and I'm only 5'4". And the install looks like crap. I just can't find anything to be happy about with this tub.

Gayla B.
Granbury, TX
July 27 2020 8:18AM

The lady from Safe Step that came explained a lot of stuff that we didn't know and we liked what she said. That was the reason we went with Safe Step.

We didn't have a problem getting our tub installed. The guys came and had it in the same day. They were very respectful, they knew what they were doing and they explained everything. They covered the floor to keep it from getting dirty. So I was very pleased with them.

The tub is wonderful. We don't have to worry about falling and we can get in and sit down and take a comfortable bath and use the jets. It's really helped us. The door could be a little bit wider. If you're a little bit heavy, it's hard to get in and out. But other than that, it's okay.

Patsy G.
Greeneville, TN
July 25 2020 2:33AM

I'm 73 years old and I've had a lot of back pain and I couldn't sleep at night. I saw this advertisement on these tubs on television. I called Safe Step and asked them, and I said, "Yeah, I'd like to have one."

I thought it was a good deal. I thought it was an honest project, but I'm starting to wonder about Safe Step. It's not what they told me. They've already installed the thing and it doesn't work properly and they haven't come out to fix it.

This was supposed to be a one day deal. It's been going on a month now. When they put the tub in, they said something in the black box wouldn't work. So, they said "Well, we'll send the work order and we'll have a man out here to fix that." That had to be a month ago.

I have people calling me from the finance company this morning wanting me to sign in the paper. I told them I'm not gonna complete anything until they complete their job.

If it's possible, I would just have them bring my old tub back and take this tub and do whatever they want to with it. But it's beyond that. I'm very dissatisfied as a homeowner, as a landowner, as a consumer, and as a disabled veteran.

I'm very disgusted. I can't believe when we're dealing with this much money that I got a company that advertises on TV, and they send me these deals on my computer all day long, and yet, their product doesn't work.

Marty K.
Vinita, OK
July 24 2020 4:53AM

The sales rep from Safe Step was very knowledgeable. The installers were fast and they got the job done. It took a little waiting time to get the product but not as long as some people were. I put it in the other bathroom, which is a little narrow, but otherwise, it does a good job.

I wanted a walk-in tub for my feet and legs. I have feet inflammation, and my Safe Step helps draw out the inflammation. Plus, it helps my muscles feel better and loosens them up.

I like that my walk-in tub drains fast and the actions make it feel better and relaxing and I can tell my muscles are better. As far as how to do the button, I have instructions right on the wall next to me in case I need them, but I've learned them.

Nancy P.
Edmond, OK
July 24 2020 3:00AM

I'm 78 years old. I have arthritis on both shoulders, both hips, and both knees, and my wife does too. I'm a diabetic and I have lots of circulation problems in my lower legs, and getting in and out of bathtubs or showers is hard for my wife and I.

We called Safe Step and got a walk-in tub. The installers were great. They put it in and when they got done, they explained everything. Then, we were having problems with the drain system on it, and they came back and checked to see what it was.

They said, "Well, we're gonna have to order a new valve and put it in there." They came back, put it in, showed us how it all worked, and it's working fine now.

The one complaint that I have is on the finance company that they use. When we signed up on this, we agreed that we would pay a certain amount of money for 18 months and pay off the total amount of the bill at no interest.

When we first got a hold of the finance company, they said we were gonna have to pay like $256 a month, plus $220 worth of interest for 20 years. We argued with them and they finally agreed and they said we were right.

Otis B.
Healdton, OK
July 23 2020 9:51PM

I called to get an idea of the price and also the dimensions. The dimensions (measurements) need to be in place when I hire an design firm and architect and create the blue prints. The blue prints need to be drawn up to submitted to the County Building and Planning department.

I can't order the tub and then afterwards find out it won't fit. I talked to a supervisor 07/23/2020 4:49pm eastern and she said the same thing.

But she kept interrupting me when I was trying to explain about how I am finishing up the blue prints next week and these measurements need to be submitted to them at that time so the architect can finish the blueprints.

They won't give me a price either, or even a price range to even have a rough idea if it is $2,000 to $10,000. Need to budget while building a brand new house and they won't help.

Steve C.
Davenport, FL
July 23 2020 6:08AM

A Safe Step salesman came out here and he told me all the features that a walk-in tub could do and it sounded like a pretty decent deal for me. I did that.

I got back problems and I'm borderline diabetic. I thought the walk-in tub might help me relax a little bit and have some relief from my pain. The salesman was really good. The installers were great, too.

Kenneth S.
Shawnee, OK
July 22 2020 8:46AM

I had great experience with Safe Step. Their salesman came and showed me the difference between the tubs, the way it's made, the way it's put together, and that sold me on it.

Three guys came out for the installation and they were extremely well-groomed. They were very polite, and you'd hardly ever notice they were here until you see their working clothes.

They were really nice and they did a fantastic job. They started about 8:00 and ended up about 3:00. The workmanship couldn't get any better.

I haven't used the tub but my wife has. She got a stroke. She could get in a tub but she couldn't get out of a bathtub, that was why we went with them. Now, she loves it.

The only thing is my wife was told that she would get a gift certificate, but she never did. Other than that, we're well pleased with it and we tell other people about it. They said, "Well, I can get one cheaper." And I said, "You may not get it cheaper but you get what you pay for."

William Y.
Batesville, AR
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