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July 17 2020 12:19AM

Made a claim to repair an existing issue with a Kenmore dishwasher and an over-the-hood microwave (GE brand that is still being sold) the first week of May 2020. First Sears guy showed up and claimed he was there for the dishwasher and left.

I called and finally got customer service to send another non-Sears repair company. The repair company scheduled an appointment and determined what part was needed. The repair company notified Sears Home Warranty (Cinch My Account) and the part was ordered.

Several weeks later, I have not heard from anyone, so I called the repair company and was told the part arrived several weeks ago, but was damaged. They notified Sears and told them to send another part.

I called Sears and was told the repair had been completed and closed the claim. I argued with the supervisor, who was adamant it had been repaired.

So, they sent the repair company back and it was then determined it was more expensive to make the repair than replace the parts. Several weeks go by and we hear nothing.

I call Sears again and was informed they needed to send a second repair company to verify it was not repairable. So, we schedule another appointment for first week of July 2020. On July 16, I called the repair company and Sears Home Warranty.

Sears advised me that on July 7, the second repair company contacted Sears and determined it would cost more to repair the microwave than replace it.

So then Sears customer service rep then tells me it will be 24-48 hours before another Sears division would contact. What??? I reminded him it had been 8 days since Sears was notified by the second repair company to make a replacement rather than repair.

I ask to speak with a supervisor and was informed one would contact me within 24hrs. 22 hours later, I call Sears Home Warranty and informed by customer service, "it has not been 24 hours since your call and a supervisor will be calling", and then disconnected the line.

I called back after the 24 hour time had elapsed and was put on hold for nearly 28mins before asking the customer service rep to have the supervisor call me when available.

Three hours later, no return call, so I called and was informed that the supervisor was unable to verify all items and the second repair company need to file missing items. He then further attempted to pass the buck by telling me that due to Covid-19....blah blah blah.

Amazing how the repairmen arrived and determined the microwave was not repairable and to make a replacement, but Sears Home Warranty are now blaming Covid-19 for their failure to relay information to me, avoid returning my calls, and now attempting to replace the microwave.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY (and I was a huge Kenmore person)!!! Find another home warranty company. I make online reports or complaints, but I am tired of paying $80 plus a month for nearly three months to get the run around.

I could have purchased a brand new microwave for the amount I have lost to Sears Home Warranty. I repeat DO NOT use this company!!!

D J.
Odenton, MD
July 16 2020 8:27PM

Got a master protection plan on my ac unit. Went out and they said no Available dates All I am hearing. They already overcharged me for the unit and now they won’t send no one out. Telling me to pay out of pocket. Not my job to do so.

Just letting you know don’t get this warranty or deal with Sears in this aspect! They are crooks and will not honor their warranty. Only way I see is to seek a counsel to try to get it resolved! Again please stay away from them about any warranty or anything!!

D R.
Blytheville, AR
July 14 2020 12:35AM

Sears Home Warranty is the biggest farce! I've been with Sears for 22 years. I got a Sears home warranty for $864. I had to pay $100 deductible to have a plumber come to my home for a clogged drain. It's been two weeks and I've never had such a run around in my life.

You cannot talk to a living person to straighten out and get an appointment with a service technician! Worst service ever! Had to pay $395 to A different plumber to fix the problem. Don't get this warranty!!

Susan H.
Sacramento, CA
July 10 2020 5:57PM

I've been with this program for approximately 3 -4 months. I have the whole home warranty service and pay $76 dollars a month plus $100 deductible.

Problem number 1 I had two items that needed to be fixed at the same time and you can only put an order in for one online so then you have to such for a number to call so someone can combine the order. Not bad that worked and at first I was happy with the service.

My refrigerator needed to be fixed twice. A provider came out the 2nd time and said nothing was wrong. A few weeks later the refrigerator broke down completely. The same service provider came out again and stated it needed parts sears sent an email with 3 options.

Replace for $899, repair with no guarantees if it breaks again or get a replacement check. I chose the replacement option. Mind you the $899 quote is not comparable to anything that you can actually order.

I place the order and then realize there was no way to choose the color that I needed. So basically Sears can replace your stainless steel appliance with whatever color they chose even though it doesn't match your other appliances.

There was no option to pay a fee for the color you want basically you have no choice, mind you the other colors are the same price. That was an argument I chose not to fight and accepted my fate.

After that, I get an email stating that my order was placed and it would take 5- 7 business days. Not a problem. I wait for the 5-7 business days and decide to call to see when it will be delivered. I got the biggest run-around and no clear answer.

It took two days to get a delivery date and was told it was going to take now 21 days for me to get a refrigerator because someone had to resubmit my order 7 days after I made my original order.

A day before this conversation was had I was told that my refrigerator was going to be delivered in a day or two but no one contacted me so were they going to just show up. I told them I did not want to wait another 21 days for their mistake and cancel and give me my check.

Now the representative had the audacity to tell me they are going to charge me a 35% restocking fee. I didn't do my research on this company as a friend told me about the program and it worked for them and since Sears has or had a great reputation I joined the plan.

It simply isn't worth the hassle. I could have called a local place and had a refrigerator delivered in less time with less hassle.

Celeste B.
July 10 2020 2:23PM

This is the second time I have had Sears Home Warranty and the last. They are consistently horrible. There is absolutely no way to call them and get any information or help to fix a situation with a claim. As of this note, my wife has been on line with them for well over an hour.

She has been transferred 7 times. You either get a person you can’t understand or a recording that is garbled. It is no wonder they are going out of business. Use someone else! Do not risk your money on them. They are garbage!

James D.
Denver, NC
July 09 2020 6:06PM

Is the worst insurance warranty I ever used. When you make a claim they find a lot of excuses to don’t fix the problem. And very bad customer service.

They never send you to the right person to talk about your problems and you don’t have the right to fight for your claim. Don’t recommend it. Go to American Shield warranty.!!! Don’t waste your money!!!

Rui D.
Manassas, WA
July 07 2020 10:15PM

Sears Home Warranty is not what it used to be. We have been sears customer for over 15 years but would never again deal with them.

We paid fully using sears card for 5 year protection plan when we bought appliances form them on 10/12/50. We have given them full proof of transactions, sears card charges and payments.

Someone messed up their records so they are saying we were not charged for the warranty after 15+ days of over 12 hrs of phone calls and over 20 emails But have failed to provide any proof to the contrary. They don't even deserve 1 star but there is no lower rating so this is it.

Pushpa A.
Carmel, NY
July 07 2020 12:58AM

If I could choose 0 stars I would. This is the worst I've seen with Sears. I paid for warranty for my hot water heater and it's been leaking now for over 1 week and keeps flooding the basement even though I have a hose connected to drain the water.

It took 5 days for a tech to come out to confirm the unit needs to be replaced but can't get an answer on replacement. If I add the hours I've been on hold all day waiting to get an answer on when the unit will be replaced it's over 7 hrs.

I'm on hold now for 2hrs 30 mins with recording saying "we appreciate your patience". Each time I get transferred to someone they transfer me to a different depts like a game or passing the ball. People have more precious things to do with time than to be waiting on hold to get answers.

Don't waste your time and money. I could have saved the money I spent over the years and gotten a replacement already. It's a very frustrating and painful experience especially during this covid season.

Emma W.
Brooklyn, NY
July 06 2020 5:44PM

We have had 5 service calls in a year on our Samsung refrigerator. We just keep trying different parts and nothing fixes it! I have pitched food three times. It completely stopped working again.

They changed their policy. Will not replace the unit like our original policy said. Now there are conditions in place to prevent this option. Do not purchase from this warranty company.

Karen K.
Independence, KY
July 02 2020 6:11PM

This is the worst service I have ever encountered. Have a Kenmore (Sears Brand) refrigerator that has broken down the same way five times. Every time it gets "fixed" we lose a substantial amount of food and are without a fridge on average over a month. I have had multiple service appointments cancelled day of or not show, causing a reschedule between 2 and 3 weeks later.

If you try to call, you will be on hold at least 30 minutes to speak with someone and if you have any problem they will forward you to someone else that can "help" you all to wait another 30 minutes per forward. The different departments also blame each other for difficulties and state the other group has the authority to make decisions, ultimately having no one capable of making one. DON'T SIGN UP!!!

Eric M.
Carlsbad, CA
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