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June 30 2020 4:40PM

We have had someone come out SIX times to try and repair our fridge, Friday will be the SEVENTH time. Each time it takes 1-2 weeks to get someone out here, we have waited 3 weeks before. I can never get someone higher up to talk to, nobody local to talk to. We have lost hundreds of dollars in food, every time they come out they say it's fixed then it gets warm again.

I tried to get someone out within a couple of days (you would think if I had someone coming out for the SEVENTH time they would get someone out here), they couldn't do it. I asked to speak to a manager, the person I talked to said one would call me within the hour.... Well it's been 28 hours now.... no call. So frustrated with this company.

Emily A.
Lexington, KY
June 30 2020 4:31PM

Absolute trash! Please don’t get this home warranty anyone who really needs it or does not have money to throw down the drain! I wasted my money with the monthly payment and the $129 it cost to “fix” my 70 year old mothers washer. They absolutely made fun of her and me.

They didn’t do a good job the first time they sent the repairman, they made us waste two more weeks prior to the one where the repairman actually came and finally they outright laughed it off. The second time no repair man showed up the appointment was from 10-12. We got a text at 4 saying the repair man was at our home and we missed him!?

We had been waiting all day long! No one showed up!! I called multiple time trying to see why he was not at our home between the appointment time! I called at one then at three later at four and still nothing! The terrible representative was telling me that the repair man was on his way and was just caught up with another cometer.
Over and over again.

I called five times, the last one being at five. Finally a woman who I assume got tired of the joke told me in a very rude “I’m tired of you” tone it’s five he’s not coming. When I tried to tell her my situation and what was going on she told me I would have to speak to someone else. She immediately transferred me to someone else, three minutes into the call and then they hung up.

This was done every time after I called back. No one would talk to me anymore and when again, a woman who I assume who got tired finally decided to talk to me. All she said was I would have to reschedule. To me they are thief’s and liars taking advantage of their customers just to have a nice laugh. I canceled my subscription immediately neither my mother nor I will be using this home warranty again!~ I couldn’t be happier and she gets a new washer and dryer, plus a better home warranty. My only regret is that I didn’t see all the one star reviews earlier.

Maria D.
Louisville, KY
June 29 2020 4:03PM

Got transferred 5 count em “5” times, (on hold as we speak) to check on the status of a reimbursement check that was supposed to be given to me after I had set up an appointment for a tech to come check out my washer at my house. As it goes the tech came out on the 23rd of June, told me that the washer would not be able to be fixed and still charged me $100! A complete dumpster fire! The customer service techs always seem to have POOR PHONE CONNECTION!!! Reason for the high rating is because there are no options for a negative star! Avoid these guys like COVID-19 at all costs!!!!!!!

Robert D.
San Antonio, TX
June 26 2020 6:24PM

My first claim for a broken dishwasher was 3 months ago. The first technician came out 4 times over almost two months and never fixed the dishwasher. Then I had to schedule another appointment and it opened a second claim with a new technician. He was great but it took 4 more visits to finally get the dishwasher fixed.

Every time I spoke to the warranty service on the phone, I would be transferred to multiple different individuals/departments because all said that wasn't their area. So I would be on the phone for a minimum of 1 hour each time (7 times). This is definitely the WORST service I have had!!!!

It costs almost $40 a month for this service and then a $75 deductible for each claim. I have definitely paid way more money to then than I have received and you would have thought that after the first 4 technician visits and it still not have been fixed, they would have just issued a replacement. But no! They make us go through 8 appointments over a 3 month span with hours on the phone scheduling appointments and staying home for 4 hours at a time when the technician was to be here.

So 8x4=32 hours without work to be here for the technician and 7 hours on the phone is a total of 39 hours of pay they should owe me and a new dishwasher. This company is the WORST with service, reliability, high cost, and customer service. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!

Jon P.
Cleburne, TX
June 26 2020 12:52AM

We purchased the extended warranty when we bought our microwave. Our microwave went out 3 weeks ago. The service was scheduled then canceled then re-scheduled and canceled finally got a tech out to check the microwave, but had to order the parts and now Sears is not letting the repair center know if the part are or are not available.

I called the home service back. Got someone who couldn't speak understandable English. She supposedly transferred me to customer service but I was cut off 2 more times and same thing called again and was transferred to a number that said the office was closed. I am going to file a claim with the better business.

Mae R.
June 25 2020 10:26AM

I have no words to describe the nightmare and frustration these past 10 WEEKS. I am afraid that this insurance must be a scam. The repair person came to my house and told me that he was going to order a part for my stove/oven, and there was going to take 2 weeks. I honestly do not have the mental energy to tell about the hours and hours I have spent on the phone, with over 23 agents.

My last phone call was talking to a supervisor asking for a replacement. I had been paying $49.99 for 2 YEARS and this was my FIRST claim. I was told to read my Warranty closely, because it said that only after a repair person tried to fix an appliance with no success, I would be eligible for a replacement. This is after 10 WEEKS of not having my stove fixed! I was told that they had ordered the part which had been on back order.

They told me that there was no information on when it would come in.... $14 hundred dollars, $75 dollars co pay at the time the service person came to my house, many calls later, I finally cancelled my warranty. WHAT took 10 WEEKS for me to do so???? I don't even know. However, I learned a lesson. I will never buy anything, or program until I read the reviews first. The last phone call I made before the one to cancel the warranty, I cried after I hang up the phone. Horrible experience. Not only that, but it was very wrong to do that to a person. I just want to forget about this ordeal.

Ana M.
Stoughton, MA
June 18 2020 10:04PM

We have a broken wash machine. It could not be fixed. We are waiting for a replacement over 4 weeks. We are calling sears home improvement we do not get any answers. They are witching our phone calls off. It is impossible to call. We will have to cancel our contract. This is the worst investment. Paying every month $50 is a lot of money.

Pia K.
June 18 2020 7:36PM

The worst service ever!!! Do not fall prey to this horrible home warranty!!! They fix nothing!!#! You will wait online for an hour and get no help. The people are rude and hard to understand. I have waited 4 to 6 weeks, No Service!!!!

Cynthia A.
Vega, TX
June 15 2020 4:07PM

My very old electric stove took its final plunge on May 5th. I phoned Sears Home Warranty to set up a repair. The technician took one look and told me they couldn't get parts so they would replace it. It took 3 weeks and 2 techs to give the warranty people the measurements.

I phoned again on June 13th to follow up. They said that the stove was approved and when it came in, they would contact me for delivery and set up. Today, June 15th, they showed up at my door. Delivery guy came in, took measurement then told me that the stove would not fit. It was too big. I phoned the warranty service right away and the informed me that they didn't have one that fits and I would be sent a buyout check.

When I mentioned that Sears had many stoves that would fit, she told me that the contract says that they can decide what they offer and I would have to take a check. I'm beyond pissed. Not only will I cancel this policy as soon as my check arrives but I will never buy a Sears product again.

Brian S.
San Pablo, CA
June 12 2020 4:36PM

I DO NOT recommend this at all!!! I’ve been without a washer for a month and no answers yet! They told they have to wait 3 weeks for parts to come in if after 4 weeks they don’t come in then they will replace it, I called and they said I had to wait 72 hours to replace it.

Today make the 72 hours and no has called so I called! Now they are telling me to wait another 72 hours! I am furious! Do they not understand what a month with no washer is! So disappointed! Buy your appliances somewhere else like Best Buy or Lowes! I would of never imagined their service was so trashy!

Veronica E.
Houston, TX
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