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May 20 2020 1:39AM

This is a follow up to my earlier 1 star review, well after 7 weeks of talking to various people on the phone and having 3 techs visit my home, I am still no closer to getting my appliance replaced. I'm continuing to escalate the situation with no end in sight. The reps on the phone are all very nice and apologetic but still nothing happens. I'm still waiting for a manager to call back after two days of waiting.

Trust me when I say that they will give you the biggest round-around to get out of doing what they promise. The only promise that they do keep is timely billing of their monthly fee. They have zero concern when it comes to customer service. They promote their plan as peace of mind, they want you to believe that if a covered appliance can't be repaired, it will be replaced. Let me tell you, I found out the hard way, that is not the case.

Look, I would prefer to be doing other things than spending my time submitting reviews regarding the poor service from this company but if I can keep at least one person from falling into the same trap that I did, my time would have been well worth it. Please, save yourself time, money and a lot of frustration, stay away from Sears, otherwise you will regret it. I will continue to spread the message, I am not letting these people off the hook that easy.

Tomas G.
San Antonio, TX
May 16 2020 4:38PM

Fourth time our freezer went out in five years. The technicians always says it the new Freon that is the problem. We have a 1950s freezer that keeps on working with the old Freon that works. What a waste this environmental garbage is. It’s bad enough we have to deal with garbage gas that ruins lawn Mower/car engines and causes more pollution but really Freon.

These environmentalists should be sent to another planet because they are ruining this one. Sears has no customer service on weekends to report a problem and you can’t report a problem on line, The system is very poor. I have to wait till Monday to report our problem. I need to tell our refrigerator it only can break down only M-F 9 AM to 9 PM.

Jon A.
May 13 2020 4:18PM

Sears Home Warranty is one of the worst company anyone could deal with. They are very unprofessional I have been waiting patiently for them to repair my microwave since March 5 2020 and as of today it has not been resolved, I spoke to the regional manager, and several others still no result.

March 10 someone came out and said we needed parts. He order the parts. It came to our home. I call to inform them, they send another company. The guy said we need a new microwave and he call and report the issue to sears. They send another person on March 16 still can’t fix it, again I called spoke to supervisor etc they send someone on March 19 still can’t fix it.

They are trying not to replace the microwave they want to fix it. Today May 13 the guy came back still can’t fix it. No one need to pay this company for service they are a dumpster. DO NOT USE THEM. 2 months and 8 days I have been waiting.

Ellen B.
Collegeville, PA
May 06 2020 3:09PM

My father died. He had a Sears Whole Home Warranty plan, which we've been wanting to cancel. I have spent too many hour too many different times the last three months, explaining what happened. I was told to send the Death Certificate, and given an email address with a case number. Never got a response.

Called back, spent too much time talking because there was no record of the case number, and then got another email address to contact. Ten days later I have still not received a response. Don't reliable businesses notify you with a robo-email that they've received our email and response will take a few days? I am loath to waste my time again with this. It is so unhelpful in a situation that is hard enough. And of course no, upon seeing how the service works, there's no way that it is anything I want to pay $70 a month for.

Emily R.
Decatur, GA
May 05 2020 6:18PM

Should have read reviews before buying. Had tech come on April 27 for oven. Was told it would be 530.00 to fix but hey we have a warranty plan which discounts repair. Signed up. Got parts on april 30. Was told first available to install is may 15. Whattttt? How am I supposed to feed my family with no oven during a pandemic? Sears could care less.

Jill C.
May 03 2020 7:11PM

My refrigerator went out 3/10/2020. The first repairman came out and said the compressor was gone. Ordered a compressor and had to wait until 4/01 for him to return and replace. He said it was fixed and left. The refrigerator never really got cold and less than 24 hours it had a burning smell and was not even cool inside.

Called and the second serviceman came out a week later and he’d said oil was in the lines and it would not hold Freon and it could not be fixed. He said someone would call me, which they never did. I have been chasing different departments, been hung up on by several people and finally one lady told me the first repairman had ruined the refrigerator when he put the compressor in. She gave me a number to call and said it would have to be their third party liability to handle the claim.

Finally a lady called and said to give her a few days and she would call me after she got all of the facts. Well, I have given her over two weeks and have not heard from her. My contract states that they replace the item if it cannot be fixed. I did not realize you are dealing with three separate companies here. I put a hold on my contract payment through my bank. I feel they have not lived up to their contract, therefore, I am not paying another payment on my contract. I have been with this company since 10/2017. My advise is to run from this company. They are not honest!

Carolyn W.
Cumming, GA
April 30 2020 7:02PM

Sears Home Warranty is the worst. l placed two claims with them one they denied the other claim it took them 2 months to reimburse me. Both times l had to find my own service provider for simple common issues (Garage door and a Furnace). The run around l received from their customer service people as well as their supervisors were the worst. Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake. Avoid Sears Home Warranty like the plague.

Tony V.
Albany, NY
April 28 2020 6:31PM

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT sign up for Sears warranty policy. Their customer service is terrible, the sale reps lie to sell you the policy which does not cover most items on your appliances. They scheduled my repair appointment, and rescheduled my appointment week after week but the techs never showed up or called to give you updates me about the appointment.

After hours of being placed on hold and contacting multiple departments, they finally rescheduled my repair with a different service tech. He came and looked at my appliances, charged me $100 deductible and left without fixing any of my appliances??? He said he has to check with Sears to find out which items is covered before ordering parts. My appliances still have not been repaired for over a month and I am now out of an additional $100. PLEASE SEND HELP.

Kim N.
April 27 2020 8:45PM

They are very bad about providing service. They hire a third party company to do the repairs and they don't have have any records of the repairs I'd has been done previously. When you call they send you to a different company-- again a third party. And they are worst. 4 technicians came to fix the items and nobody are able to fix the issues. Very bad.

Jose L.
Dacula, GA
April 27 2020 4:29PM

Customer service is a joke. Even if they could speak English, wouldn’t be able to understand or hear them due to terrible phone quality. I’ve had this warranty for 2 years and have had problems every single time. Tech came out this morning to fix washer. Said he was getting voltage where there shouldn’t be voltage. Replaced door latch and said if this didn’t fix it, it’s the control panel. He left and washer still doesn’t work. Not the techs fault, did what he could with parts that he had.

Have been on the phone for over 2 hours trying to get make appointment, order part, anything to fix this problem. Have gotten nothing but frustrated. Transferred several times, disconnected, told they would call me right back with a clearer connection, you name it. $49 a month, $75 today, washer that still doesn’t work and impossible to get the matter resolved. Sears home warranty service is horrible! Would not recommend to anyone. Ever.

Heidi O.
Cadillac, MI
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