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June 12 2020 3:01AM

Do not waste your money on this home warranty. 8 calls in to get our refrigerator repaired and still nothing scheduled. Its been over 2 weeks - the last call, we were told that they will call us in 24 to 48 hours to schedule an appt. They have no customer service and do not appear to want to try to resolve anything.

Customer N.
June 10 2020 5:00PM

Worst company to depend on. Hours on many days on the phone only to be disconnected repeatedly. They hand you over from one department to another and disconnect you after one hour of waiting on the phone. Do not waste your time & money.

Dean D.
St. Charles, IL
June 10 2020 2:20PM

I am having issues with my AC Unit (Dallas, hot summer). I have called so many times to try and get someone to help but to no avail. All I can hear at the other end is someone either eating or placing me on hold forever.

I have been juggling between these two numbers. 888.698.1681 who send me to 877.880.1634. I have had no luck so far and I am a paying customer who has an account with Sears. It's shameful to get $70 per month and provide appalling service.

Usman S.
Dallas, TX
June 09 2020 1:38PM

Air conditioner compressor went bad after 17 years. They told us initially that they would replace the unit because the replacement compressor was as expensive as the unit. Unfortunately they decided to find a cheap off brand compressor and installed it after 2 weeks without a/c. The compressor worked, but is so noisy that neighbors hear it. They said the contract says they can replace parts with the cheapest they can find. They are good on small appliances, but not on a/c systems. They said they will do nothing about the loud compressor. DO NOT BUY THEIR WHOLE HOUSE WARRANTY.

David S.
Delray Beach, FL
June 08 2020 10:49PM

I called Sears home warranty on May 21 and 10 phone calls later it is June 8th and still no repairman to fix my air conditioner. They turned my account over to Cinch Home Services. They have no one in my area to repair my system.

They called me the first time this morning to tell me that the one company they have in this area was 2 hours away and they will not service that far, so it is up to me to find a repairman. I am to find someone to come out, I pay them the $100 deductible and the repair company is to call Cinch and get an approval on the repairs if they are covered. Ok, after 12 calls and no one willing to come out because they have all been stiffed by the warranty company. I carry a home warranty because I don't always have the extra funds. So I am back to square one in a very hot house.

Karen D.
Stella, MO
June 08 2020 8:02PM

Buyer Beware - This warranty policy will not live up to its promises. 9 months and 5 technician visits later and they still think the refrigerator is repairable. Not to mention it takes between 4-6 weeks to get a technician to come for a visit and normally 2 more weeks before they show up for the repair. Do yourself a favor and find someone else to steal your money. There is a reason why Sears is out of business. Wish I had read the reviews before I bought into this SCAM.

Mike H.
Johnston, IA
June 05 2020 1:16PM

On June 4, 2020 a pipe burst under our kitchen sink. We immediately turned the main water valve off. I immediately called Sears Whole Home Warranty. First of all you cannot speak to a real person and when I finally got through it was a woman with very bad English who I could not understand!

After asking to talk to someone I could understand another woman with a language barrier comes on. At this point I am in a panic! After going back and forth with her I finally got my point across. She said a plumber would call us in an hour. In the meantime my husband and I tried to take care of the situation ourselves. And I would add that my husband is 84 and I am in my late 70’s!

After two hours I tried to get in touch with them again only to be told that a plumber was not coming! Therefore we had to find a plumber ourselves and a remediation company to come in and help us. The water went down into our family room and office damaging the kitchen floor,the ceiling down stairs has to be replaced. There is also damage to many irreplaceable family photos. Our tv, vcr, surround sound system,stereo and speakers and many other valuables have been ruined! As of now (9:15 Friday the fifth) we are still waiting for a plumber to come in and fix the problem.

Audrey U.
Nashua, NH
June 04 2020 11:32PM

This is the ABSOLUTE WORST home warranty service I've ever dealt with. Sears Home Warranty has only been good at deducting my monthly fee to use their services. I previously used their services for two real estate properties for over a year and never had any serious issues in either home where I needed to use their service.

I used them for a plumbing and refrigerator issue at one property and a garage door issue at the other property. It was always an issue placing a claim as most of the customer service representatives do not speak English - resulting in prolonged calls to make sure the issue was notated properly.

The final straw was an AC/Heating combo unit that needed either a repair or replacement. The issue was first diagnosed by their so-called preventative maintenance service on April 24, 2020 and as of today, as I'm writing this review, it still has not been resolved.

They've sent vendor after vendor to diagnose, repair and finally gave authorization to have the unit replaced - only to find out that none of the vendors they use can work on the type of unit currently installed.

I finally cancelled both contracts because I can't seem to get them to do the work. I pay the on time every month, but can't get my AC/Heating unit serviced. My claim was escalated to a case manager, I called and several messages to speak with a supervisor and NEVER received a return call. I DO NOT recommend anyone to use this company as the level of service they provide is TERRIBLE. BEWARE - this company carries the Sears Brand, but they are not reliable in the least.

Chandra C.
Pickerington, OH
June 04 2020 6:55PM

I have had Sears Homes for over 5 years. At one time the service was great but over the past year it has been TERRIBLE !!! I have had 2 no shows and three appointments canceled and one of the there didnt even notify me another they notified me the day before they were to show up. I have take 3 days off of work and waited on them two no shows and one I didn't read the email from the evening before that the 3rd party service provided had canceled.

The reason the email had not been read was because the return address was "ROBOT". My dish washer has been Down for 2 months and I still cant get an appointment... the worst service I have ever had!!!! don't waste your time and money!!!!

Timothy H.
Buckhannon, WV
June 04 2020 6:10PM

Stay away from this company. I have been with the, since 2017. In March 2020 my refrigerator stopped cooling. The first technician came and said the compressor needed to be replaced. He ordered one and came back on 4/01,2020 to replace. It cooled less than 24 hours. I called for another claim and had to wait for a week for someone to come. The 2nd technician said there was oil in the lines and It would not hold Freon. He said it could not be fixed and someone would be in touch with me. Of course, I did not receive a call. I started calling different numbers on my warranty. I was hung up on, given other numbers to call and given the run around.

Finally I spoke to someone who told me the first technician had ruined the refrigerator when he installed the compressor. She gave me a number to call and said the liability company on the technician was responsible. I called and she told me she would research and get back with me. She has not.

I called my charge card company and told them to stop further payments. I have no intentions in paying them another month. My contract states if they cannot repair they will replace. Here it is June 4th and I have heard nothing from anyone. This is not Sears as we have known. This is a dishonest company and you need to read all of their reviews, I wish I had. Sears is bankrupt and no longer the owner of Sears Home Warranty. My refrigerator cost over $2,000.00 to replace so it was a nice one for them to destroy and then walk away. I got the feeling I was dealing with three different companies. The warranty company, the technicians and the liability.

Carolyn W.
Cumming, GA
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