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April 28 2020 6:31PM

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT sign up for Sears warranty policy. Their customer service is terrible, the sale reps lie to sell you the policy which does not cover most items on your appliances. They scheduled my repair appointment, and rescheduled my appointment week after week but the techs never showed up or called to give you updates me about the appointment.

After hours of being placed on hold and contacting multiple departments, they finally rescheduled my repair with a different service tech. He came and looked at my appliances, charged me $100 deductible and left without fixing any of my appliances??? He said he has to check with Sears to find out which items is covered before ordering parts. My appliances still have not been repaired for over a month and I am now out of an additional $100. PLEASE SEND HELP.

Kim N.
April 27 2020 8:45PM

They are very bad about providing service. They hire a third party company to do the repairs and they don't have have any records of the repairs I'd has been done previously. When you call they send you to a different company-- again a third party. And they are worst. 4 technicians came to fix the items and nobody are able to fix the issues. Very bad.

Jose L.
Dacula, GA
April 27 2020 4:29PM

Customer service is a joke. Even if they could speak English, wouldn’t be able to understand or hear them due to terrible phone quality. I’ve had this warranty for 2 years and have had problems every single time. Tech came out this morning to fix washer. Said he was getting voltage where there shouldn’t be voltage. Replaced door latch and said if this didn’t fix it, it’s the control panel. He left and washer still doesn’t work. Not the techs fault, did what he could with parts that he had.

Have been on the phone for over 2 hours trying to get make appointment, order part, anything to fix this problem. Have gotten nothing but frustrated. Transferred several times, disconnected, told they would call me right back with a clearer connection, you name it. $49 a month, $75 today, washer that still doesn’t work and impossible to get the matter resolved. Sears home warranty service is horrible! Would not recommend to anyone. Ever.

Heidi O.
Cadillac, MI
April 17 2020 4:17PM

Plain and simple,... these people are horrible to do business with! DO NOT buy a Sears Warranty plan, you will regret it. I have had my plan for almost a year and finally had to use it for the first time. I have gotten the biggest runaround from everyone in their service center and home warranty department.

Even the mgr that I spoke to regarding my problem refused to give me her call back number. My range exhaust unit broke and the tech who came out said it couldn't be fixed and that I would need a replacement, that was almost a month ago. I spoke to a mgr who told me that they needed a second opinion, really! A second opinion!

This is not heart surgery. She asked me to call another company in town to get this second opinion and when I did, they told me that their technician who would be coming to the house would not be available until next week since he was still in quarantine for the Corona Virus.

Well, I'm sure the man is a nice guy and I certainly hope that he is not ill, but with all of the uncertainly regarding the virus would anyone at this point want someone coming into their home who's been in quarantine?

I am now waiting again to hear back from another mgr and was told I should get a call back by next Tuesday. It's amazing to me how a company can continue to do business this way and treat their customers as they do. By my experience, I'm not surprised by the many negative reviews that have been posted by other customers.

Tomas G.
San Antonio, TX
April 14 2020 4:34AM

BEWARE OF SEARS' TACTICS TO SELL SERVICES!!! I've had a service agreement for about 14 years for 6 of my appliances, during one service call, the technician said there were going to be no renewals for that kind of maintenance, the next best thing was a home warranty, for appliances was 49.99 and in addition to that plumbing, heating and some other items for 59.99 and I signed up.

After over a year of paying, I call for service to my washer to find out ALL of the appliances were not covered! the coverage was for all those other items that were "in addition to" except the appliances... Not long ago, we received a renewal form for the original service we've had.... I have gotten phone numbers, called, left messages, no one, anywhere will even talk to us, because HE TOTALLY MISREPRESENTED THE SERVICES WE REQUESTED, JUST PLAIN LIED and left us hanging when we needed the work.

Logically, there is no reason why we would get a warranty that covered none of the appliances that we had service for, for the past 15 years. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WHEN THEY SAY ANYTHING, CALL THE OFFICE AND CORROBORATE WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL AND THE REASON WHY!!!!

Ethel R.
Huntington Beach, CA
April 10 2020 10:52PM

I was a customer of Sears Home Warranty for more than 8 years. Last year, I placed a claim for an error message on a wall oven. Sears sent a technician... I paid $75, and the technician proceeded to tell me he doesn't work on this type of oven.

Called Sears again, they sent another company who looked at the oven and said they aren't an authorized on this oven and couldn't get parts. Called Sears AGAIN, this time they said they had a company who could fix it. I called the company and turned out they were located 2 hours away and didn't serve out area.

Called Sears AGAIN... issue was elevated. I got a call back a couple days later instructing me to have the oven fixed by a local repair service of my choice, get a receipt and submit it to Sears who would reimburse me for the repair. I paid $750 to a local company (the biggest electronics dealer in the Midwest, so very reputable) and got the oven fixed.

I contacted Sears and in short, I was told they had no record to me being told to get the oven fixed. Since they record all the calls, I asked if we could pull the transcripts and was told there was nothing they could do. I immediately canceled my service and I don't ever want them to scam another person. I would strongly suggest you avoid this company.

Jennifer C.
Libertyville, IL
April 07 2020 6:18PM

If I could give this company 0 stars I would! I have a family of 6 and have not had a dryer to use for almost 1.5 months! What makes it harder is that due to COVID-19 I don't feel comfortable taking out clothing to public places to get dried. Technicians have been out three times already.

Last Tuesday (3/31/20) I had an appointment scheduled and no one showed up. When I called they told me I did not have all of the parts yet. On Friday I received an email to schedule an appointment yet I had not received any additional parts. When I called they said I had all the parts the entire time. They said the earliest appointment would be for today (4/7/20) between 8-12.

As you could imagine I was extremely frustrated and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told that the supervisors were busy and they would call me back. I never received a phone call. Today I got a call to reschedule my appointment. I called to find out what is going on and they said the appointment was not confirmed. I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me that supervisors do not call back which tells me the representative lied to me.

I asked why my appointment was not confirmed today when I was told that I had an appointment scheduled and the supervisor could not tell me why. She only said that a technician was not assigned to the job. Now, the soonest they can come out is Wednesday (4/9/20). This company is a sham. Waiting over 1.5 months to get an appliance fixed is unacceptable. Also, they forward you out of the country to speak to representatives so it's difficult to understand them at times and difficult for them to understand us. This company SUCKS!

I also dealt with them with our refrigerator last year. We had to take so many days off of work to meet technicians at the house and they kept repairing the same thing. Then then started replacing other parts of the refrigerator. It took approximately nine months, four of the SEARS service technicians, another outside technician who came out three times and couldn't fix it, and then another outside company who came out twice and then he deemed that the refrigerator was not fixable. We were then able to get money to put towards a new refrigerator. This is an unacceptable time frame to properly fix appliances. Don't use Sears Home Warranty!

Stephanie G.
Upland, CA
April 07 2020 4:27PM

A nightmare. Poorest customer service ever. Leave you on hold and never return. Sales people misrepresent the benefits of this protection policy. I have never had this type of service before. Have not had a washer for over a month If appliances can’t be repaired and has to be replaced it will be replaced with a low quality type of appliance. Nowhere near your presently owned appliances. Don’t waste your time and money.

Deborah B.
Washington, LA
March 31 2020 4:58PM

Long wait for repair, 3 weeks without heat, 2 subcontract did not repair the unit, the 3rd contractor did the repair. Several call to the told free 800 number to be put on hold. sometime they would not come back to the phone.

Julia B.
Rock Hill, SC
March 25 2020 9:51PM

It's been horrible. They have been out 6 times to fix ice maker. As of right now the ice maker still doesn't work. They have replaced motherboard as well as every component and part on ice maker. Customer service is very bad. I don't know what country these people are in but it's not here. I have been trying to get repair man to tell them its unrepairable but no luck yet.

The last 2 times, one said it just needed some caulk, yes caulk on ice maker but naturally that didn't fix it. The last repairman said the plug in back of ice maker wasn't plugged in all the way. That wasn't the problem either. If I'm lucky enough to get a new refrigerator I'll be canceling this mess.

Gary F.
Amarillo, TX
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