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January 09 2020 5:46AM

Scam! First, this is not Sears. They sell the warranty as a Sears warranty, but it is actually Cinch Home Warranty. When you file a claim they send out a technician who describes the problem to some e over the phone, who decides that your appliance wont be covered due to "manufacturers defect" or other code words like "structural issue" etc.

I'm calling the Attorney general in the morning. I know a scam when I see one. If you have been victimized, I recommend you do the same.

Denise G.
St Louis, MO
January 06 2020 4:22PM

BEWARE.... We had appliance coverage for several years and had no real complaints.... until now. We are moving and no longer need their service. I called to cancel the account. I was told there would be a cancellation fee of $105.00. WHAT!!!! They said that I was canceling before the contract expiration date. Who knew that I had a contract with them? Be sure that you know if there is a contract with Sears before cancelling. I feel it's a crappy way to treat someone who has been a customer for years.

Mel N.
Nine Mile Falls, WA
January 04 2020 10:39AM

Sears home warranty is the best company for my home. I don’t understand why such bad reviews. I have sears for sears, never a bad experience. They fix my dishwasher, my wall oven twice, at the end they replaced it, fix my stove , my microwave. I just don’t get it.

Guidel P.
North Miami Beach, SELECT A STATE
January 01 2020 9:15PM

I purchased the whole home warranty. It was suppose to cover appliances, air conditioner, hot water heaters etc, They said if the couldn’t repair it they would replace it. My hot water heater was leaking and I called Sears to get it repaired.

After a few days the man came He was from some company, dirty and unkempted. But friendly. He checked the heater. I paid him the $100.00 deductible he requested. He Said I had to pay no more. And assured me it would be taken care, of but the heater etc had to be ordered. I had to pay nothing. The next morning Sears call and informed me I had to to $945+. I had the plan canceled after much to do about nothing. So I am looking for a plumber. I wasted money paying them $69.99 a month. My lost. Beware of home warranties.

Carrie M.
January 01 2020 8:48PM

DO NOT USE SEARS!!! Worst company I have ever dealt with. I had a dryer not heating up. Call my warranty company and they set up for Sears to come out. They missed their first app THEY set up and just didn’t show up. They rescheduled for the next day (because everyone can just take everyday off work to wait on them).

Tech shows up next day says he fixed the dryer I pay him and he leaves. Go to use the dryer and it smells like burning electrical and had we not been there to pull it apart and check it our this could have easily started a fire in our home. He didn’t hook the heating element up correctly, he had left 3 screws sitting out which should be a pretty clear indication you didn’t do something right. Their customer service is awful they just keep transferring you to someone new every time you call. Complete garbage company. DO NOT use them for anything.

R G.
Fort Wayne, IN
December 24 2019 5:16PM

It 2 weeks to get a refrigerator part in on a 3 year old 4000.00 dollar refrigerator made by Sears put the part in still got the same error code as when they started. The warranty company sent a third party tech that was located 75 miles from my home and could not speak English so he could answer no questions. It takes at least 3 phone calls to get a Sears customer service representative on the phone after at least 30 minutes on hold. You decide.

Ulysses J.
Killen, AL
December 23 2019 7:48PM

Technician came out and supposedly fixed my AC unit. Charged me $100. AC went out eleven days later. Tech came out eleven days later and charged me another $100 claiming it was something else. Unit went out again. Another tech came out and put FREON in. Didn’t charge me a penny. He came out after hours also.

Deborah J.
Sherwood, AR
December 21 2019 11:21PM

The worst experience in home warranty, they never have companies to provide the services, never give a refund if you find a contractor, so regretted to have this company, buy the home warranty with them is waste your money and time, very rude customer service.

Belem M.
Midland, TX
December 21 2019 5:42AM

I had no problem getting my water heater replaced promptly. Unfortunately, Sears never paid the contractor. I called Sears three times and was told the contractor had not submitted paperwork correctly. Sears said it was not my problem. They would work it out with the contractor. I sold my house 18 months ago. Today, the contractor called and said he never received payment from Sears and is turning me over to a collection agency!!

Sandra J.
Madison, WI
December 19 2019 10:34PM

Had two home warranties with the folks. My furnace went and I have had to heat my house with electric heaters for almost a month. I continue to call them and they tell me they are still researching the options. These guys are garbage.

Julio I.
Voorhees, NJ
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