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March 06 2020 5:03PM

Waste of money. Technicians couldn’t fix my dishwasher after 5 tries, 3 of which were no call no shows. Wouldn’t pay to replace the appliance because technicians would not agree that it couldn’t be fixed. Had to pay an additional 112 for the privilege of cancelling. Would not recommend under any circumstance.

David F.
Glen Mills, PA
February 27 2020 5:13PM

It tried to cancel my warranty after 10 months for financial reasons. The contract states that you may "cancel after 30 days of coverage effective date if a claim has been made or at any time thereafter at which time you may be due a refund" now after 10 months if paying 69.00 a month I'm told I can Not cancel until June which is 4 months from now, because I haven't paid the remainder of the claim.

So in June of last year I was charged $626.11 to put a rubber gasket on the door and a plastic part on the motor. I paid $313.11 for repairs and got the warranty. After paying $828.00 in monthly cost to a total of. $1141.11 to repair a washer, that I could have replaced for less and now I can't cancel immediately. I think you have gotten enough of my money. I will make sure to tell everyone this service sucks. Thanks a lot, for nothing.

Virginia M.
Richmond, SD
February 20 2020 4:55PM

Ice maker broke on a Kenmore elite after 1 year. Advised to sign up for service because they would replace fridge if it still has problems. Ice maker was replaced but still works intermittently. You will pay $75 each time they come out And pay month.

Good luck trying to get a replacement on a product. I am moving with 5 months left in my contract and they make you pay the remainder of the contract. In a nutshell I spent around a thousand dollars for a new ice maker. I am also paying on a warranty that I will not be using because I’m moving and these things are being sold with the house. Super frustrating. Will never do one of these warranties again.

Lacey B.
Puyallup, WA
February 13 2020 9:52PM

They deserve to go bankrupt! Called over two weeks ago for my washer which had the same issue for a third time. Made appointment for a week and a half later. I took off work and waited till noon, no email no call and I called and part was ordered two days ago, their mistake! No I leave for vacation and have to wait 10 days more and have to sit home on my birthday and come home from vacation to dirty laundry! They are horrible! Lied and said parts were back ordered.

I looked up the part number and they are available all over the internet. Don’t tell me it takes a week to get parts. So then they said they will have part tomorrow, Friday but no one can fix it for a week! I am so beyond pissed that they would do this to a 30 year credit card holder and warranty customer! Never again sears, hello Lowe’s Home Depot or Costco. I’m so done! So 3 1/2 weeks with kids and a broken washer! They just want me to cave and buy a new one!

Carla P.
Antelope, CA
February 10 2020 8:38PM

They suck. My father in law has one for his heat pump. 6 weeks later, still nothing. I've traveled to Florida twice now so I could help him with it. Twice lied to about the delivery. How do we get this 89yr old man's money back so I can buy a unit from a reputable company, rather than having my wife go through approximately 20-25 people at Sears, all capable of lying about the status.

Larry A.
February 07 2020 3:27PM

Had a water leak and it took 7 days to get a plumber to come out. I decided to cancel my contract 2 months later and was told it is a yearly contract. I have already paid $350.00 towards the contract. I was told that I would have to pay for the plumbers full bill of $375.00 even after paying the $100.00 deductible. I was also told there was a $250.00 cancellation fee. They would only change my whole house plan to an appliance only plan. And at the expiration of the contract will not renew it. I will be stuck paying $40.00 a month for the next 7 months.

To me this is consumer fraud as their paperwork said no cancellation fee. What they dont tell you is that is only if you have not used it. Do not waste your money, find local professionals and work with them. Sears should be ashamed to have their name associated with such a fly by night operation! While this is only my opinion I am expressing it under my 1st amendment right to free speech.

Michael R.
Cookstown, NJ
January 31 2020 5:41PM

Sears Home Warranty is the WORST! do not sign up. Total rip off... the couple of times I have called and really needed their help the issue was not covered. Really? If the door is broken and falling to the ground, and Sears says dishwashers are covered?? How can that repair be covered. I tried cancel and they are still making me pay for the worst service for the next 5 months. Don't sign up! you are wasting your money!!!

Melissa M.
Houston, TX
January 31 2020 5:29PM

First of all, we got duped into this damn warranty by a Sears rep when I called to come look at our cooktop. She said get this warranty and the damage would be covered. It was not, because the damage was considered surface damage and not anything having to do with electrical or wiring. So we basically got the warranty for nothing. Time goes by and our oven goes out so we call Sears home warranty. They come, say order this part, part gets ordered. Oven doesn't work.

Repair guy comes back. Says order another part, still doesn't work. Guy comes back. Says the part doesn't exist that we need so they say good news, you get a new oven. Sears sends over an email with the wrong oven. We need a microwave and oven unit, the email says double wall oven, meaning two ovens. We tell them over the phone, we don't think it's right. The guy on the phone says yes, it's a microwave and oven. We confirm to have the oven ordered.

As the oven is going to be delivered, my gut tells me it's wrong. Come to find out, it really was the wrong oven even though the Sears customer service guy said it was right. Now in this saga, which took over a month to figure out, I did talk to a great Supervisor named Frieda. She was amazing. Thank god for her because all the other customer service representatives, who barely speak English by the way, are horrendously awful. Just stupid people. Do not know anything about anything. So thankfully to Frieda, our saga ended well because she got us the correct microwave and oven combo. I would tell people, stay far far away from sears home warranty. They are awful and cheap and plain awful.

Jessica Z.
Poquoson, WV
January 24 2020 6:19PM

Sears Home Warranty - all appliances Freezer stopped freezing very well ...leak in Freon hose, needed Freon - NOT COVERED HAD TO PAY Oven stopped heating, broiler element does not work....NOT COVERED!!!!! dont bother coming out. I am going to CANCEL!!! ... not so fast :( They said the Freon was $488. and I paid $265 (discount from warranty) 6 months later when I found out the broiler is not covered so I wanted to cancel being I was not going to use the warranty service any longer after paying $54.30 a month.

They cover mechanical parts only, a hinge, knob etc...not operating and heating! To cancel I have to pay them the difference between what I paid for the Freon back in July 2019. in the amount due is $223 for the full amount of $488 for Freon!!!! and I'm out all the monthly payment!!!! DONT USE SEARS HOME WARRANTY - ALL APPLIANCES.

Nancy B.
Huntington, NY
January 19 2020 1:11AM

Very, very bad!!! Very bad communication problem. Total rip off!!! I requested a repair on my bathroom sink. They sent GO Green Plumbing and Rooters. The technician did not do a correct job. I complained to Sears. I requested another company. Second company wanted to charge another $100 deductible. Sears did not stick up for me!!! Very bad. I regret taking out a contract with Sears.

Leslie P.
North Holls, CA
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