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December 10 2019 9:10PM

It started out with a service call for my washer on November 4, 2019. In August my 2 year old Kenmore from Sears broke after only two years so someone came out to fix it. I was talking to the tech and he mentioned a Sears Home Warranty, so I thought okay I'll sign up for one.

My husband said not to but I said well why not it sounds like a good idea. At the end of October my washer breaks, so I called Warranty they came out and its been nothing but hell every since. Today December 10, I still have no washer, and the part that was delivered on December 6, 2019 the TUB was the wrong TUB, so the tech took a photo of the old TUB and new TUB to discover that the new TUB was not the same and would not attach to the internal components because it was made differently.

So I have loads of wash, no washer, a WARRANTY that I cannot cancel because I will be charged and after speaking with over 15 people in the last two days, from tech, customer service, case manager, supervisor, claims department....still have no answer. I sit here not able to wash, them taking my money and no call back or email as I was promised within 24 to 48 hours. Everyone says, "We are so sorry and know how you feel." ARE YOU KIDDING ME.... give me what I am entitled to...either a new part and fix my washer OR a new washer!!!

The FTC has been notified, as well as the Better Business Bureau and whoever else I have to contact. No one has even attempted to contact me back and could careless. Thank you have lost my business and you use to be one who I could rely on. How can any company get a way with this.

Jeanine S.
Orlando, FL
December 08 2019 3:42PM

Terrible third party repair personnel quality control. Three visits to my home to repair my refrigerator which was working better before they showed up. A&E is subcontracted by Sears in MMT area to do service. These guys don't know what they are doing. Fix one thing and break 2 to three others.

Sears Home warranty customer service personnel does not honor requests for service only from sears service technicians. One it's expensive two you have few if any options when I confess tip who will do repair there where b you do have an issue with repair your given the run around. That Sears will replace the item sure they will.

Forget about it you'll have high blood pressure and no hair waiting for that one. Piss poor management and no oversight! Sears this is why you're out of business.

Don't C.
Qurans, NY
December 08 2019 5:22AM

I cant begin to tell you how upset I am with this service. All is well when it's time for them to pay out. I have been waiting close to a month for a check replacing my stove. They told me 7 to 10 business days. My family holiday was totally ruin thanks to the promises of this c.o.

I called and they gave me a lot of who shot john stories. said they had to stop payment on a check that supposedly went out to me. We'll what happen to the check? How do I or any customer knows that this wont happen again if you dont provide a tracking #? TERRIBLE.

Bloomfield, CT
December 07 2019 10:41PM

This company should be investigated for taking advantage of older/disabled people. My elderly, disabled mother purchased this plan believing that she was taking care of herself and wouldn’t have to bother her children when she had problems with her appliances. When she finally had a problem they denied her claim and said that the appliance that broke was the only one that wasn’t covered by her plan.

I moved in with her earlier this year to help care for her and I will be the one dealing with this company because they have upset her enough. I will not let this go, I will make calls to everyone I can until this is made right. For any attorney looking for a class action lawsuit to defend people that were robbed blind by a company, this is the perfect company to go after. I can’t believe that a company is allowed to steal from their customers like this!!!

Trisha S.
Wilcox, PA
December 03 2019 6:08AM

I purchased washer and dryer from Sears two years ago they came out they installed it and it wasn’t correct. The washer stays off balance and to get through the line on the phone it’s just a bunch of ** here we are two years later and the washing machine is still screwed up. They want you to go through all the steps just to talk to somebody. It’s poor customer service they don’t back up their product.

I went to the store to try to talk to them and they gave me the same ** number and there’s nothing you can do to get through to these people so you can get your stuff serviced. I know of no other way to get through to these people then write a bad review. I am dissatisfied with Sears and now that the new company is taking over I’m sure it’s even worse. Here’s my email if you people care to get a hold of me. As far as I’m concerned you can take this back and give me my money terrible service.

Mike B.
LAs Vegas, NV
November 26 2019 12:51PM

Dryer has built up of some kind of plastic that is transferring to my clothes! Sears has been here numerous times but only added more problems. Plastic still present, dryer is now very loud & they didn't put it back together correctly & its very noticeable. Their repairmen don't know what they are doing. Going to try for a "buy back"...doubt if they honor it.

David C.
Simpsonville, SC
November 26 2019 1:09AM

Horrible, down right plan and simple... My family’s been without a working water heater for a month now and I keep getting the run around from Sears. Two repair companies have been out. One just spent less 5mins looking at my water heater, then took my deductible and ran. I had to raise hell to get a second opinion out here and low and behold their diagnostic was totally different.

Now I’ve been left waiting on an answer on next step to get my issue resolved but still now hot water. I call and I’m told lies just to get me off the phone. I spoke with a Supervisor on of the calls who told me the Emergency escalation ticket I was told would be submitted by another associate doesn’t even exist. The Sears we’ve all grown to love and trust doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t waste your money. Buyer beware...

Kennari H.
Plainfield, IL
November 18 2019 5:15PM

Don't get a home warranty from them! I started my claim to get my frig fixed earlier this month. When the repairman came, Sears entire computer system went down so he looked online and I ordered the part he told me. That's when the water filter started to leak, then the freezer and refrigerator went out. Sears could not come out until the day before Thanksgiving and so referred me to National Alliance. Their phone number is an automated system that sends you back to Sears automated system. I bought a new refrigerator this weekend. I am still on hold with Sears to speak to a supervisor. It's been 20 minutes.

Alma J.
Thornton, CO
November 17 2019 8:25PM

Sears Home Warranty is a very bad company. They choose the worst rated repair companies to do work on your home. Poor customer service and even worse repair companies. Don't use this warranty company....waste of time and money. Made at least 15 phone calls and problem still not solved.

Sandy M.
Santa Monica, CA
November 16 2019 7:33PM

We moved to Florida and had appliances in the home we bought. I thought getting the Sears Warranty service would be a good idea. DONT do it. Once you sign up for the 49$ a month it is impossible to cancel the service. They charge for coming out and then the appliance they are fixing. It’s all computer generated so when you are scheduling an appointment, you never talk to a real person! So the order is Always wrong.

I have been trying to cancel this service for months and the only email I can get to work is a Sears overseas? What??? But they can not cancel the service. Bottom line- this is a rip off and becomes a monthly 49$ charge for nothing! Will never do business with Sears again.

Tracie V.
Jacksonville, FL
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