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November 06 2019 2:50PM

It took almost 3 months to get my Refrigerator fixed. I get hung up on get the run around. I’m frustrated the preventive maintenance my furnace didn’t show up last year. I’m getting the run around this year. I asked to speak to manager. I was told no and hung up on or you have to wait 24 hrs. This has been the worst experience. I’m don’t recommend this company.

Jacqueline B.
Akron, OH
November 04 2019 11:08PM

I called to get a switch on downdraft fixed. The technician was very responsive and came the very day we talked. However, downdrafts are not covered under the appliance policy so the claim got rejected. When I called to cancel the plan, I was disconnected. Called again, talked they the "definitely cancel" part and disconnected. Finally got 1 person to get the work done.

I was also told I would be better off keeping the policy as canceling it would be costlier than keeping it through the contract year. A definite lie. My 1st claim after getting policy almost a year ago. Never paying them again.

Sheetal P.
Rocky Hill, CT
November 04 2019 7:30PM

I have had a claim open since September 4th for my washer and it still has not been resolved. I have had Sears Warranties for years to include putting a warranty on my Mom's freezer. But now that I have the Sears whole home warranty the service sucks.

The technician told them that my unit was inoperable and needed to be replaced. They claim that the paperwork wasn't sent to to the the right department, so basically my claim just sat there. However, they don't reimburse you for the cost that you endure to get your clothes washed elsewhere. I can't wait until this issue is resolved

Made M.
Grasonville, MD
October 29 2019 6:59AM

HORRIBLE, my build in microwave went out in August, still no solution to get it replaced. 10-29-2020 I was put on hold for over 36 minutes. I stopped timing at 36 minutes. The second is last person I talked to would not give me a solution to my problem and did not want to let me speak to her supervisor. She lied to me, told me today we don't have a supervisor. Put me on hold 2 times and tried to convince me to call back in a few days.

I insisted on speaking to her supervisor and then she got mad at me, started yelling at me. I had to tell her many times over and over to stop yelling at me. I said it's not nice what you are doing, you don't tell at your customers. Finally I spoke to her supervisor and told me it would be resolved in 2 days. It's been 3 days and no solution. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have experienced in my whole life. I will move all my properties to another company. Good luck if you use this company.

Guerreros H.
Brighton, CO
October 28 2019 9:50PM

Stay away from this company. They may use the Sears name but they are nothing like Sears, they lie, will only pay what they think a claim should cost, example my water softener would cost 3500.00 to replace they are only willing to pay 970.00. What a joke that isnt funny at all, they will pay less, replace with the lowest possible item, buy it from sears they will replace it with a Kmart item. I urge you to please stay away. I'm trying to get out of my contract and they refuse to let me ou., Learn from my mistake save your 75.00 a month go elsewhere. Sam ** dissatisfied customer.

Sam D.
Jamesville, NY
October 26 2019 6:54PM

I wasn't able to confirm the details of my purchase of a leaf/shredder vac. After using it for only one season, it wouldn't start this year. I called Sears and a very helpful associate was able to immediately locate my information and quickly schedule an in home visit to have the issue assessed and repaired. While the repair has not yet been completed, I anticipate a positive outcome. It was a pleasure working with the associate.

LoRonda H.
Lakewood, CO
October 26 2019 5:30PM

Worst experiences (not a typo) Will never buy from that store again I'm only posting this because N.Y. was not represented in the comments section. But am truly disgusted with the product, tech support, customer service and this entire organization.

David I.
October 24 2019 10:56PM

I have had 8 calls to get a technician for a year now. Out of the 8 times I called had about 18 visits and they cant fix my fridge. They keep sending technicians to my house to evaluate the fridge and try to fix it every time. They have failed 8 times now and refuse to admit that it is a loss. So, my last attempt stating that it is time to replace the unit since they have tried 8 times and failed. They keep insisting on sending someone. Here we go again with them trying trying to fix it but cant, wasting my time, their money, my money and so on. Never again using this people. Anyone that is needing service on your home stay away from Sears Home Warranty. They are waste of time, money and frustration.

Jose F.
Arlington, TX
October 24 2019 9:57PM

It took two months to resolve my problem. My refrigerator and freezer stopped working. They offered me a new one. The delivery people scheduled a delivery and never showed up. I called them they laughed it off and said oh yeh they called earlier saying it never made it on the truck. No one let me know. I had to use what little vacation time I have for nothing. They kept scheduling deliveries when I told them I couldn't be home. When it does arrive a family member is home.

I Gerry home excited for the fridge only to find the doors are hung lopsided and I can't fix it. The fridge itself didn't have the legs put down so when I opened the fridge it came forward and tipped forward on me. Luckily I caught it. No one apologises. No one cares. I have a new crappy looking fridge because they wouldn't even even ot the doors.

Becky K.
Keene, NH
October 24 2019 5:13PM

THE ABSOLUTE WORST warranty service provider I’ve ever experienced. Even the technicians who came to my house 5 TIMES!!!! Said there’s something very wrong with this company, and they work for Sears. My refrigerator broke September 9, 2019 Today is October 24th and we still do not have a refrigerator!!!!!

That’s correct, 7 WEEKS we have been jerked around with this company! They lie all the time as to what was reported by the technician, even when the tech called them right in front of me and told them it needed replaced, when I call to see what next step to getting reimbursed for new refrigerator, they say they don’t have that information in their notes and they need to send out “But Another” tech.!!!! This is a complete scam, rip off, INFURIATING experience! Also, no one speaks English clearly, it’s very hard to understand them.

Amy E.
Pittsburgh, PA
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