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November 16 2019 3:22PM

DO NOT USE SEARS home warranty. We used their warranty for several years and not once did the service go smoothly. The techs never diagnosed the problems correctly, their customer service is horrible. The last experience was when my hot water heater went out. The local service contractor they had me call didn't even service my area! Had to call Sears again, had to wait 4 days for another contractor who then submitted the claim to Sears. Waited another 2 days, nothing.

Called Sears and they didn't even have a record of me making a claim and said they never received paper work from the local contractor! After over a week without hot water I had to replace it myself and actually ended up saving money, because the local contractor added an additional $500 of unnecessary plumbing labor. Claiming that all my plumbing and gas line needed to be moved. Sears is horrible service and their techs and local contractors are scammers. DO NOT USE them. I've since cancelled my contract with them and going with someone else.

A S.
Chicago, IL
November 15 2019 11:58PM

Our Kenmore refrigerator stopped working in June, 2019 after only 4 years of use. Supposedly Sears whole computer system was down at the time, and we had to wait to report the need for service as well as wait for a repair person to come to the house to assess the problem. Then once the repair person determined that the compressor failed, we find out they have no compressors on hand and one would have to be ordered. It was projected to take approximately as long as 1 week, possibly longer, for the part to be shipped directly to our house.

An appointment for the repair was scheduled by the repair person, but the part came after the scheduled appointment time, so we had to wait another week for another appointment. In total we waited 3 weeks in the summer without a working refrigerator. Out of desperation we found a place to rent a refrigerator and also bought one of those small ones to keep small items in. The repair person said we could save money on the repair if we signed up for a Sears Home Warranty which we decided might not be a bad idea.

Unfortunately, this has not made any difference in the service received. Our newly repaired refrigerator has worked all of only 4 months and we are experiencing similar problems again. We are making numerous calls again and getting very frustrated over the lack of service. People answering the phone are difficult to understand as well as the people coming into your home to do the repairs. Then the repair people take their good ole sweet time reporting the problem back to Sears while we have food spoiling.

After making numerous calls to Sears to try to get a determination as to what they were going to do, ie repair the refrigerator or replace it, we find out that after 31 hours there still had not been any report made to Sears by the repair person as to what's wrong with our refrigerator. After getting very irate on the phone with the customer service representative, she said she would put me on hold and call the repair person which she did; although, I still have to wait another 24 hours for someone at Sears to make a determination on what action they will take on this repair claim. Sears has really taken a nose dive in terms of customer service!

The Sears name used to stand for something, but not anymore. I feel like we've been duped. We were told with this warranty we would receive priority service, since we are paying money for this whole house warranty, but that has not proven to be the case. Buyer Beware! Sears wants your hard earned money but are not willing to work very hard for it. Poor Service.

Michael G.
Lockport, IL
November 15 2019 11:50PM

A 1 is to good for this review. They might have been good at one time they suck. Told me that they will be here between 8 AM and 5 PM did not show up and no call to say when they would be arriving. I had to call them and the call center is based overseas. They had no idea what was going on.

When I told Sears about my gas furnace not working and that my wife just got out of the hospital the best appointment that could give me was 5 days later. Finally after a 1/2 hour on the phone someone said that the tech would arrive around 6:15 PM. He finally showed up at 6:35 PM. Was told that he would not work on the furnace until he got the deductible. As far I am concerned Sears did not meet their obligation in a time that was designated and therefore in breach of contract. NO ONE SHOULD BUY A HOME WARRANTY CONTRACT FROM SEARS unless you want problems.

Steve P.
Pottstown, PA
November 15 2019 1:11AM

Paid my warranty for over a year and a half. I never needed to use my warranty until today. I live in Boston, MA and we are experiencing colder than normal temps and I lost my heat. Called Sears and was transferred 5x and on the phone for an hour. finally got an appt set up. I was told not to wait for the service company to call me. I was provided the name and number so I called. Thank God I did.

They told me that they told Sears they were booked out through Christmas!!! Today is 11/14. Did I mention I lost my heat! I called back, played the transfer game again for another hour, Finally told they had no service providers in my area. They said that my claim would be sent to some review something or other. I would hear back in 2 to 4 days.

Did I mention I had no heat in MA in November? The person I spoke to lived in SC. I asked her, how about I break your A/C in the summer and you I will let you know what we can do in for 2 to 4 days. That's when she told me nowhere in the contract do they have a time obligation. That's when I told her what to do with her warranty. I have American Home Shield in my other house. Never had a problem.

Do yourself a favor, DO NOT BUY A SEARS HOME WARRANTY!!! NEVER!!! UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!! Now I have been paying 69.99 a month for nothing and the repair to my furnace is coming out of my pocket. I cancelled on the spot and called American Home Shield to add my rental property.

Joseph P.
Winthrop, MA
November 13 2019 9:31PM

Sears has collected my money for over 2 years. I have never touched my furnace but has had Sears maintain and work on it. Last week their tech came and looked over it and the next week it is not working. The tech said sears denied claim to repair the furnace. For two years, sears has taken my money. The worse part is that you get the run and around and no one will talk with you. This is high way robbery!!!

Sophia F.
Kansas City, MO
November 12 2019 5:41PM

I have submitted a claim for my dishwasher and wall oven over a month ago. Every week they would schedule an appointment only to cancel the last minute because the parts are still under review. Today, I called Sears Warranty customer service, I was told that the wall oven is not covered. Why was not I informed about the non coverage earlier so I could have it fixed by someone else.

After threatening to call BBB, suddenly it is covered. I don’t know what kind of business this company is running, but certainly it only looks good on paper. God forbid I have an AC or plumbing issues. Would never recommend this home warranty. It’s not worth the wasted time waiting and get aggravated.

Ellen M.
Fort Myers, FL
November 12 2019 12:37AM

Sears Home Warranty and their subcontractor A&E are the worst appliance repair companies out there. They will expect you to miss work to be home for their appointment window of 4 hours, not show up, and do it over and over again. They are very undependable and extremely rude on the phone. Do not throw your money away. Save monthly for repairs in your own insurance account unless you like grief.

Mike N.
Thousand Oaks, CA
November 10 2019 4:04PM

I purchased a whole house Sears warranty on advice of a Sears repairman who emphasized Sears would repair or replace any covered item. That promise was repeated in the colorful, sleek paper brochure touting the service. When my gas furnace failed to turn on I called Sears and they contacted a service company a hundred miles from my location. The service person arrived a day later than Sears promised, spent 5 to 10 minutes looking at the furnace and said it could not be repaired, but Sears would replace it. He placed a call to Sears to arrange for a replacement and was told that they would not replace the furnace.

I called Sears for an explanation and was referred to a certain paragraph and line in the warranty booklet, a separate document from the promotional brochure which says, "if we can't repair it, we will replace it". Seems they replace only certain parts with a cost cap on the appliance repair.

Sears is engaging in deception when they promise repair or replace in their promotional material but list the true coverage in a warranty booklet they supply only after one purchases the warranty. There is more to my saga. After Sears reneged on the repair, I called a local heating/cooling company and their service man found the problem to be a faulty blower motor. He replaced the motor which restored the furnace to normal operating condition.

In sum, I paid the Sears man $100 to make a faulty diagnosis of the problem. Had his assessment been correct, Sears might have authorized the motor replacement. As it happened, I paid the service person who correctly diagnosed the problem $100 and $350 for replacing the motor. The Sears company of old would have reimbursed me for my cash outlays; however the Sears parent company did not bankrupt because they continued to provide the excellent goods and services they provided in their heyday. I am surprised that Sears resorted do deceptive practices to market their home warranty. I

Ben C.
Daniels, WV
November 08 2019 4:27PM

Customer service is so bad they give wrong information. They don't even answer the phone call. Have to hold the line for 1 hour. They don't want to help us. They just want the money. I am going to get different provider. They never follow up,

Gabavav H.
Missouri City, TX
November 08 2019 3:42AM

Do not purchase this service. It is a rip off. I have had this service for 2 years. This is the second time that I have used the service. My washer needs repair. They sent the sent the replacment parts to my house. That part works, but the repair has been rescheduled 3 days in a row by a technician. I have had someone at my home weighting for 8 years 3 days straight. The technician justs keeps rescheduling and does not call or anything. I

f you call the warranty department and have a complaint they forward you to the scheduling department, if you have a complaint they forward you back to the warranty department.. they tell you that they are going to forward you to the scheduling department and they tell you that they are going to transfer you to the warranty department. It is ridiculous. This service is a rip off.

DO NOT purchase this service. It is not Sears. If it is Sears... I guess they are going bankrupt. This is a scam, do not purchase. The service is on autopilot. There is no escalation process. This is ridiculous. The techs are just going through training. Buyer beware. Do not get this service...

W J.
Pearland, TX
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