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October 10 2019 8:19PM

Besides the awful customer service on the phone, the rude lying non English speaking men in customer service it took weeks to come out. We are seniors who can’t pull refrigerator out to fix things. We asked if they would pull refrigerator out so we could clean. Yes for another $50. This is NOT the Sears we used to know. Never will I buy a Sears product or anything from their store!!

Brenda O.
Driftwood, TX
October 08 2019 9:11PM

The devil is in the details, and this service is about as close to dealing with the devil as possible. I have now been without a refrigerator for over a month (with over 30 documented calls to Sears Home Warranty). Earlier this week, it was determined that my refrigerator could not be repaired. They have now offered to replace the fridge, but it isn't a 'like' replacement. We have a GE Profile side-by-side counter depth appliance. They will ONLY offer to replace with a FULL-DEPTH refrigerator (and a much cheaper one at that).

After another 18 contacts with Sears Home Warranty, where we even found a model for the same price as the one they are offering (you that would actually fit), they continually remind us that the choice of a replacement is "their" choice, and that it states that in our contract. SO we have the option to get a cash payout that will buy us about two-thirds of a fridge, or get a new fridge from Sears Home Warranty that simply doesn't fit. Stay away from these guys.

Jim S.
Boston, MA
October 07 2019 7:23PM

This is by far one of the WORST companies I have ever delt with. I have been having the same issue with my freezer for over a year. I am on my 3rd service call for them to come repair it and they have rescheduled my repair date 3 times now because the repairman will not answer the phone. They will not send an actual sears repair tech.

They are using a 3rd party repair service so they say they cant do anything about it. They tell me they will replace my refrigerator after the 4th service call for the same issue but I'm only qualified for 1 because it has to be in a 12 month timeline. Absolutely ridiculous!! On their website its says this company is in bankruptcy.. I can definitely see why!

Also their customer support team is so rude. I had one of them hang up on me and another one put me on hold while I was speaking! They are a joke. Their applanices are junk. Not only is my refrigerator broken but my washer I purchased from them in 2015 went out this year and they would not fix or replace it because of the fine print. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!

Shonna W.
Boaz, AL
October 03 2019 8:23PM

Worst possible warranty service. Tech has been out multiple times to work on a simple GE dishwasher. 1 and a half months later and 2 service call NO SHOWS- still waiting. Tech seems clueless about the appliance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST THIS WARRANTY. Warranty is useless without quality educated technicians.

S H.
Modesto, CA
September 28 2019 2:26AM

I am unhappy with the service. We called about our water heater breaking and water coming through the ceiling below on September 19. The service said they would not be able to come until September 23. They came on September 23 and got the information on the water heater and said they would call back in 48 hours they did not call until the third day and that is because my husband called them first. They told him when they called him back that they would order the heater and would not be putting in until September 30.

We will be without hot water over a week if they come on Monday, September 30. I feel this is very far from proper service. I also feel this is a very disorganized planning on the part of Sears service . If had call a private plumber my water heater would have been installed in day of two. Please explain why service is so slow. I will not plan to renew this service.

Dea B.
Arlington, TN
September 26 2019 12:40AM

Ditto what others before me have said. DO NOT BUY THIS WARRANTY PLAN!! This company will RIP you off. I had my A/C quit working 2 weeks ago. I bought my whole home coverage in May. They are saying they won't cover the unit because it had a previous condition. I had the unit maintained twice a year, every year for 21 years, and the last maintenance check was done just a couple weeks prior to me buying the warranty. The technician found nothing wrong with the unit. The A/C continued to work for 4 months without any problems.

Now, they're saying it must have had a "previous condition". What a cop-out. If it had a previous condition, other than just being old, it wouldn't have kept working for 4 months with no issues. I am canceling the service, and that will cost me too, on top of the service call from their contractor. WHAT A SCAM!!!

Angela P.
Belleville, IL
September 25 2019 10:36PM

This is a scam. It is so sad, that people pay for a service to have peace of mind when an appliance breaks and then get nothing in return. My father was denied service for his Samsung refrigerator because it was not the same brand he had repaired earlier in the year. Even though the Samsung was the only refrigerator he had, they told him they could not fix it because it was not in their system.

We asked if we could add it to their system and they said we had to wait until April to add it when it was time to renew the plan. So, they offered to send us a technician to repair the refrigerator at a 25% discount. Then they retracted their offer, citing that because we had a plan that covered a refrigerator, they could not offer this discount for another refrigerator! They did nothing to help. We cancelled the plan and they did nothing to try to keep us. So much for Customer Service!!!

Maria L.
Miami Lakes, FL
September 25 2019 5:22PM

I waited weeks for an appointment. The repairman finally came ---after two visits and a promised third (never happened) My refrigerator is not fixed and they refused to return my money after speaking to three operators that always said they would return my money and would call me. I had cancelled in plenty of time. That never happened they are definitely dishonest.

I was told by the repairman that they really have nothing to do with the Sears that we all know. I have put up a warning on my Facebook. I don't know that they will let this go through but I had to try. They owe me $69.05 according to the first person I talked too.

Kaye C.
Amarillo, TX
September 25 2019 3:08PM

My recent venture with your Warranty Department was TERRIBLE. The whole ordeal, cost me an extra $200.00 and you a loyal customer. The phone was hung up in my face by a rude young lady in the warranty billing office. That was what she said to me, however, I think it was a continued cover up by those in customer services to protect their co-worker, whom, I’m pretty sure was in the same office with them.

I was never allowed to voice my complaint to a supervisor. They would all pretend to be the supervisor, but decline the title once I directly asked them if they held the position. The possibility of a recorded line kept them honest on that part. It is easy to find out who the Sears representative that turned me away as a client. If need be, I can take my yearly unappreciated $700 plus, elsewhere.

Here is what happened in its entirety. First of all, I have enjoyed the services of your AC and Dishwater repairmen. Those were actual Sears’s mechanics that knew what they were doing and all was well on the Caldwell Ranch.

I had an issue with my WASHING MACHINE. It was not completing a full cycle, clothes, not totally clean, and making noises. The mechanic came out in February 2017 (approx.). He failed to troubleshoot the problems, told my wife that the machine was supposed to make those sounds. Though he was unsuccessful at troubleshooting, he made sure he collected the $100.00 deductible. The washing got worse as time went by. We put in for another repair, since we felt like the problem was not addressed. The same mechanic came out in Novemberish and repeated his previous routine. I repeat he did not troubleshoot the appliance. He said the noise was fine and COLLECTED ANOTHER $100.00 deductible. I had called SEARS and reported the incident.

In hind sight, I may have been too tactful in saying that “technology may have passed him, the mechanic, on this washing machine. He was not knowledgeable or tactically proficient at all. Yet in still he COLLECTED the money. In the spring of 2019, I placed another claim, for the same initial problem. The same mechanic came out and the process was completed. Loyally, was fulfilled our contract by paying another $100.00 deductible. This time I asked for a relook, by ANOTHER, company. I found out that the same mechanic was coming and scheduled for another company to take another look at the problem.

Unfortunately, the same mechanic came out, but this time, I was home. He approached the steps of the house and I told him that we had scheduled another mechanic. He said ok and went back to his van for a few minutes, then returned to try and get the $100.00 deductible. I informed him that this was a relook and that he did not make it into the house, let along near the washing machine. Finally, another, mechanic came from another company and found that a clutch and motor would be among the items that needed to be ordered. He stated that this could have been prevented. When the parts arrived, he found more items that needed to be replaced and/or repaired.

Again he stated that this could have been prevented. The problem got worse over time. As you know by now. SEARS, declined to repair the WASHING MACHINE. I had asked, during my sign up, years ago, what type of coverage was needed for this washer. I purchased the suggested coverage, only to find out that SEARS would not pay for the repairs. All the money I have paid over the years and this was my reward for my LOYALTY to SEARS. SEARS would not replace the washer with a comparable model. They wanted to give me one that was not even “HE”, a base model. Do they still sale washing powder anymore? We had no choice, but to settle for the $618.00 buyout.

Now that you know what happened, you now know the reason why I called. I was to receive a refund back from the previous deductibles, in which the incapable mechanic came out and misrepresented SEARS as a mechanic. Though I understood all that the customer service/warranty department person/billing department representative said, she would not allow me to speak with a supervisor and hung up the phone in my face.

WOW!! I, as the customer thought that I was right. I paid for services NOT received. Unless rectified, those measly deductibles I paid, will cost SEARS future thousands. The main thing you are sacrificing a LOYAL CUSTOMER. My potential final monthly payment was drafted last week. Hope to hear (the right words) from you soon. Today is 20190925. Just got off the phone with customer service. I am truly disappointed. I see the game that is being played by customer service. They will bounce you around from one “wrong department” to another. They know what you are talking about, but will, as a TRUE example, send you to the warranty department knowing that you should be with them.

They hope that you will just become frustrated and stop calling. Not knowing that you are about to terminate your contract with them. That is what is perceived, however the case may be that they (customer service ) are all in the same room, tossing a customer with a legitimate complaint, around that is, until the one of them hangs the phone up in your face (2nd Time) Like I mentioned, I understand that they deal with all kinds of people daily, however, it is not an excuse to misrepresent SEARS, in a disrespectful way. Loyalty and greed don’t mix. I have been loyal to Sears the past few years, you have done an ok job, it appears. I thought it was a stellar job, but it turns out to be ok. The mechanics that came out in years past were competent and took pride in their craft. The incompetent Sears employee that was sent out to work on my washing machine, place in the records that the washer was making noise, did this twice, collected $200.00 in “non-refundable” monies, though he never did a lick of troubleshooting, was proven incompetent by the second mechanic, that did troubleshoot the equipment and ordered the correct parts.

I estimate that I have paid you all over $2200.00 dollars in the past for this recommended by you, “whole home warranty”, that failed to cover my washing machine. I can believe that Sears actually SACRIFICED all that potential earnings from a loyal customer over $200.00. SMH. As I stated you will not get another dime from me. If I had the money to “waste” I would take you all to court waste all that money, just to get my $200.00 back. Sounds dumb for a person to do that, but,... wait for it….t hat is what Sears just did to me. As always, Have A Blessed Day! Robert

Robert C.
Asheville, NC
September 23 2019 9:54PM

My 90 year old mother had this service for 39.99 per month. It has gone up in two years to 53.30 per month. Her refrigerator stopped working and it took two weeks to get a repair man out. Now a part is ordered and this will take another week.

I called to complain about this hardship and found their automated system very difficult to deal with and their customer service awful. I found a new home warranty with much better cost and terms. I spoke to people when I called! Do not use Sears for home warranty!!!

Jody W.
Nutley, NJ
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