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October 24 2019 9:57PM

It took two months to resolve my problem. My refrigerator and freezer stopped working. They offered me a new one. The delivery people scheduled a delivery and never showed up. I called them they laughed it off and said oh yeh they called earlier saying it never made it on the truck. No one let me know. I had to use what little vacation time I have for nothing. They kept scheduling deliveries when I told them I couldn't be home. When it does arrive a family member is home.

I Gerry home excited for the fridge only to find the doors are hung lopsided and I can't fix it. The fridge itself didn't have the legs put down so when I opened the fridge it came forward and tipped forward on me. Luckily I caught it. No one apologises. No one cares. I have a new crappy looking fridge because they wouldn't even even ot the doors.

Becky K.
Keene, NH
October 24 2019 5:13PM

THE ABSOLUTE WORST warranty service provider I’ve ever experienced. Even the technicians who came to my house 5 TIMES!!!! Said there’s something very wrong with this company, and they work for Sears. My refrigerator broke September 9, 2019 Today is October 24th and we still do not have a refrigerator!!!!!

That’s correct, 7 WEEKS we have been jerked around with this company! They lie all the time as to what was reported by the technician, even when the tech called them right in front of me and told them it needed replaced, when I call to see what next step to getting reimbursed for new refrigerator, they say they don’t have that information in their notes and they need to send out “But Another” tech.!!!! This is a complete scam, rip off, INFURIATING experience! Also, no one speaks English clearly, it’s very hard to understand them.

Amy E.
Pittsburgh, PA
October 19 2019 5:43PM

I purchased the Sears appliance warranty and so far it's been five, FIVE times that technicians have been to my home to repair my refrigerator. Each time NOTHING was done but time number 4 I was actually hopeful.

The tech actually seemed to understand the problem. Of course he didn't have the part on stock and said he had to order it. Time number five was a few minutes ago and seemed to be a reset cause now I'm right back where I started, with a frig that's not working cause the first thing I was asked was, "What's wrong with your refrigerator?" and he had no part. And did I mention that tech number 5 had the nerve to ask for more money.

I just got off the phone with Sears to reschedule and ask about the part situation. Guess what, after talking with a rep I was place on hold for about 5 minutes then disconnected. I'm so frustrated. I've been at this since Sept 20th.

Linda H.
Chicago, IL
October 17 2019 11:05PM

This is the biggest rip off I have ever seen. When you have a legitimate claim they have every reason or excuse why it's not covered or that you didn't follow the rules and get it approved first ( even though we made NUMEROUS phone calls and emails and faxes).

Somehow it always was never received. Spent hours on the phone and when you got frustrated and asked for a manager - all the sudden the call was lost and they hung up on you. Or they would just flat out tell you you can't talk to a manager!!!!

Cindy B.
Spokane, WA
October 11 2019 5:12PM

Without Air Conditioning for a week and still not fixed. Once you sign the contract you have no control over how long it takes to get your repair done. Sears Home Warranty referred us to A&E who made an appointment for Friday @ 4:30-5:30. They never showed up. Came on Saturday therefore they could not order the part until Monday.

It is noon on the following Friday and they will not return my call. We had an appointment for 10:30 today. I got a text asking if they could call me later. I texted back are you coming today and got no response. When we asked Sears Home Warranty earlier in the week to assign a more reliable service company they said to do so would void the warranty.

Today the Sears Home Warranty customer service said it was out of their hands I would have to contact A&E. Who will not answer the phone. We have been paying $70 per month for over a year. When we need them they are not there for us. Customer Service refuses to get involved and help. You are better off putting the monthly home warranty fee in a savings account to hire your own repair company.

Andrea O.
Hoover, AL
October 10 2019 8:19PM

Besides the awful customer service on the phone, the rude lying non English speaking men in customer service it took weeks to come out. We are seniors who can’t pull refrigerator out to fix things. We asked if they would pull refrigerator out so we could clean. Yes for another $50. This is NOT the Sears we used to know. Never will I buy a Sears product or anything from their store!!

Brenda O.
Driftwood, TX
October 08 2019 9:11PM

The devil is in the details, and this service is about as close to dealing with the devil as possible. I have now been without a refrigerator for over a month (with over 30 documented calls to Sears Home Warranty). Earlier this week, it was determined that my refrigerator could not be repaired. They have now offered to replace the fridge, but it isn't a 'like' replacement. We have a GE Profile side-by-side counter depth appliance. They will ONLY offer to replace with a FULL-DEPTH refrigerator (and a much cheaper one at that).

After another 18 contacts with Sears Home Warranty, where we even found a model for the same price as the one they are offering (you that would actually fit), they continually remind us that the choice of a replacement is "their" choice, and that it states that in our contract. SO we have the option to get a cash payout that will buy us about two-thirds of a fridge, or get a new fridge from Sears Home Warranty that simply doesn't fit. Stay away from these guys.

Jim S.
Boston, MA
October 07 2019 7:23PM

This is by far one of the WORST companies I have ever delt with. I have been having the same issue with my freezer for over a year. I am on my 3rd service call for them to come repair it and they have rescheduled my repair date 3 times now because the repairman will not answer the phone. They will not send an actual sears repair tech.

They are using a 3rd party repair service so they say they cant do anything about it. They tell me they will replace my refrigerator after the 4th service call for the same issue but I'm only qualified for 1 because it has to be in a 12 month timeline. Absolutely ridiculous!! On their website its says this company is in bankruptcy.. I can definitely see why!

Also their customer support team is so rude. I had one of them hang up on me and another one put me on hold while I was speaking! They are a joke. Their applanices are junk. Not only is my refrigerator broken but my washer I purchased from them in 2015 went out this year and they would not fix or replace it because of the fine print. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!

Shonna W.
Boaz, AL
October 03 2019 8:23PM

Worst possible warranty service. Tech has been out multiple times to work on a simple GE dishwasher. 1 and a half months later and 2 service call NO SHOWS- still waiting. Tech seems clueless about the appliance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST THIS WARRANTY. Warranty is useless without quality educated technicians.

S H.
Modesto, CA
September 28 2019 2:26AM

I am unhappy with the service. We called about our water heater breaking and water coming through the ceiling below on September 19. The service said they would not be able to come until September 23. They came on September 23 and got the information on the water heater and said they would call back in 48 hours they did not call until the third day and that is because my husband called them first. They told him when they called him back that they would order the heater and would not be putting in until September 30.

We will be without hot water over a week if they come on Monday, September 30. I feel this is very far from proper service. I also feel this is a very disorganized planning on the part of Sears service . If had call a private plumber my water heater would have been installed in day of two. Please explain why service is so slow. I will not plan to renew this service.

Dea B.
Arlington, TN
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