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September 25 2019 5:22PM

I waited weeks for an appointment. The repairman finally came ---after two visits and a promised third (never happened) My refrigerator is not fixed and they refused to return my money after speaking to three operators that always said they would return my money and would call me. I had cancelled in plenty of time. That never happened they are definitely dishonest.

I was told by the repairman that they really have nothing to do with the Sears that we all know. I have put up a warning on my Facebook. I don't know that they will let this go through but I had to try. They owe me $69.05 according to the first person I talked too.

Kaye C.
Amarillo, TX
September 25 2019 3:08PM

My recent venture with your Warranty Department was TERRIBLE. The whole ordeal, cost me an extra $200.00 and you a loyal customer. The phone was hung up in my face by a rude young lady in the warranty billing office. That was what she said to me, however, I think it was a continued cover up by those in customer services to protect their co-worker, whom, I’m pretty sure was in the same office with them.

I was never allowed to voice my complaint to a supervisor. They would all pretend to be the supervisor, but decline the title once I directly asked them if they held the position. The possibility of a recorded line kept them honest on that part. It is easy to find out who the Sears representative that turned me away as a client. If need be, I can take my yearly unappreciated $700 plus, elsewhere.

Here is what happened in its entirety. First of all, I have enjoyed the services of your AC and Dishwater repairmen. Those were actual Sears’s mechanics that knew what they were doing and all was well on the Caldwell Ranch.

I had an issue with my WASHING MACHINE. It was not completing a full cycle, clothes, not totally clean, and making noises. The mechanic came out in February 2017 (approx.). He failed to troubleshoot the problems, told my wife that the machine was supposed to make those sounds. Though he was unsuccessful at troubleshooting, he made sure he collected the $100.00 deductible. The washing got worse as time went by. We put in for another repair, since we felt like the problem was not addressed. The same mechanic came out in Novemberish and repeated his previous routine. I repeat he did not troubleshoot the appliance. He said the noise was fine and COLLECTED ANOTHER $100.00 deductible. I had called SEARS and reported the incident.

In hind sight, I may have been too tactful in saying that “technology may have passed him, the mechanic, on this washing machine. He was not knowledgeable or tactically proficient at all. Yet in still he COLLECTED the money. In the spring of 2019, I placed another claim, for the same initial problem. The same mechanic came out and the process was completed. Loyally, was fulfilled our contract by paying another $100.00 deductible. This time I asked for a relook, by ANOTHER, company. I found out that the same mechanic was coming and scheduled for another company to take another look at the problem.

Unfortunately, the same mechanic came out, but this time, I was home. He approached the steps of the house and I told him that we had scheduled another mechanic. He said ok and went back to his van for a few minutes, then returned to try and get the $100.00 deductible. I informed him that this was a relook and that he did not make it into the house, let along near the washing machine. Finally, another, mechanic came from another company and found that a clutch and motor would be among the items that needed to be ordered. He stated that this could have been prevented. When the parts arrived, he found more items that needed to be replaced and/or repaired.

Again he stated that this could have been prevented. The problem got worse over time. As you know by now. SEARS, declined to repair the WASHING MACHINE. I had asked, during my sign up, years ago, what type of coverage was needed for this washer. I purchased the suggested coverage, only to find out that SEARS would not pay for the repairs. All the money I have paid over the years and this was my reward for my LOYALTY to SEARS. SEARS would not replace the washer with a comparable model. They wanted to give me one that was not even “HE”, a base model. Do they still sale washing powder anymore? We had no choice, but to settle for the $618.00 buyout.

Now that you know what happened, you now know the reason why I called. I was to receive a refund back from the previous deductibles, in which the incapable mechanic came out and misrepresented SEARS as a mechanic. Though I understood all that the customer service/warranty department person/billing department representative said, she would not allow me to speak with a supervisor and hung up the phone in my face.

WOW!! I, as the customer thought that I was right. I paid for services NOT received. Unless rectified, those measly deductibles I paid, will cost SEARS future thousands. The main thing you are sacrificing a LOYAL CUSTOMER. My potential final monthly payment was drafted last week. Hope to hear (the right words) from you soon. Today is 20190925. Just got off the phone with customer service. I am truly disappointed. I see the game that is being played by customer service. They will bounce you around from one “wrong department” to another. They know what you are talking about, but will, as a TRUE example, send you to the warranty department knowing that you should be with them.

They hope that you will just become frustrated and stop calling. Not knowing that you are about to terminate your contract with them. That is what is perceived, however the case may be that they (customer service ) are all in the same room, tossing a customer with a legitimate complaint, around that is, until the one of them hangs the phone up in your face (2nd Time) Like I mentioned, I understand that they deal with all kinds of people daily, however, it is not an excuse to misrepresent SEARS, in a disrespectful way. Loyalty and greed don’t mix. I have been loyal to Sears the past few years, you have done an ok job, it appears. I thought it was a stellar job, but it turns out to be ok. The mechanics that came out in years past were competent and took pride in their craft. The incompetent Sears employee that was sent out to work on my washing machine, place in the records that the washer was making noise, did this twice, collected $200.00 in “non-refundable” monies, though he never did a lick of troubleshooting, was proven incompetent by the second mechanic, that did troubleshoot the equipment and ordered the correct parts.

I estimate that I have paid you all over $2200.00 dollars in the past for this recommended by you, “whole home warranty”, that failed to cover my washing machine. I can believe that Sears actually SACRIFICED all that potential earnings from a loyal customer over $200.00. SMH. As I stated you will not get another dime from me. If I had the money to “waste” I would take you all to court waste all that money, just to get my $200.00 back. Sounds dumb for a person to do that, but,... wait for it….t hat is what Sears just did to me. As always, Have A Blessed Day! Robert

Robert C.
Asheville, NC
September 23 2019 9:54PM

My 90 year old mother had this service for 39.99 per month. It has gone up in two years to 53.30 per month. Her refrigerator stopped working and it took two weeks to get a repair man out. Now a part is ordered and this will take another week.

I called to complain about this hardship and found their automated system very difficult to deal with and their customer service awful. I found a new home warranty with much better cost and terms. I spoke to people when I called! Do not use Sears for home warranty!!!

Jody W.
Nutley, NJ
September 20 2019 8:06PM

Don’t Get involved with this warranty - it’s a BIG hassle to get anything covered. We were told upfront it covers everything on the Whole House Plan, well, come to find out it doesn’t. For a simple electrical problem, Sears told US to find the contractor as they didn’t have one in our area. Then we have to follow these very complicated instructions and they might reimburse us in two to three weeks. Next, they sent a plumber to fix a kitchen appliance and were then told they don’t cover that item.” Yet they provide coverage for items we don’t have. Not worth the hassle!!

Dianna H.
Wickenburg, AZ
September 18 2019 9:03PM

I had AHS years ago,and I thought/ they were bad, but after having Sears I change my mind, I will go back to AHS. This company is bad very bad. I put it in 3 of my properties. They are very expensive, but I thought that I was paying for good service. Wrong. They work with bad companies. They take weeks and weeks to actually fix something, if they do, in most things they want you to pay out of pack. When I want to cancel they don't let me they said I have to pay all the year contracts. I have 1 now and I have to wait until February to cancel to these thieves.

Paula B.
Fayetteville, NC
September 18 2019 4:23PM

This company seemed very good at the onset of our purchasing their warranty service. However, after having the wrong stovetop delivered, I was unable to speak to anyone at their company that could direct me to the proper department to resolve the problem.

Each time I was connected to a person, they barely spoke English and they kept connecting me to the previous department, wherein, you have to submit ALL your information from the beginning, over and over. Then, when someone answers the phone to you, you have to answer the SAME questions that you just entered on your phone to get to "the proper department"....which, NEVER HAPPENED.

No wonder the company is in bankruptcy. They should have hired people here in America that can speak and actually help you, not people from wherever their call centers are that are incredibly rude! Sure, in the beginning, you'll get an American person that sells you the warranty, but after that- good luck! You're lost in translation... or India...or Sri Lanka... or Philippines...or Mexico... BUT....all their names are John Smith or Lisa Ford, etc. Stop already with the hype. Good riddance to outsourcing!

S B.
Las Vegas, NV
September 17 2019 2:24PM

This is a terrible service. After spending 3 service trips our refrigerator ice maker still does not work. They dont even follow up to see if they have fixed a repair job and it takes weeks for them to get a repairman after wasting a 1000.00 for home warranty and 100.00 deductible no resolution. Dont buy this product. They are incompetent.

Thomas S.
Houma, LA
September 16 2019 1:31AM

DO NOT BUY THIS POLICY!!!! From service request date for my refrigerator 9/1/19 they said they would be out on the 23rd.... 22 days after I called. Who in Sears thinks this is acceptable???? Probably why they are closing their stores all over America!! DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!! My sister-in-law has a mower (brand new) they can not fix and will not come back for weeks!!!! IT IS A SCAM!!!!! Can’t wait to see if they fix my refrigerator 22 days later if they come!!!!

Johnny K.
Helena, AL
September 13 2019 5:24PM

If I could rate the Sears warranty department below (1) would. Their extended warranty is a SCAM! I purchased a refrigerator and within 35 days it not only did not function but actually COOKED THE FOOD! I came home to a refrigerator freezer full of cooked food. (strangest thing Ive ever seen)

I also purchased the Extended Warranty Coverage mistakenly thinking that it would both ensure prompt and extended coverage for my purchase. I have now been without a refrigerator for over three weeks and they have no idea when they will be able to repair or replace it.

To add insult to injury I was on the phone for an hour and four minutes while they transferred me from department to department that must have been in Pakistan because the people I spoke with either spoke very broken English (barely coherent) or the Queens English (at least that was refreshing). I would suggest steering clear of Sears appliances at all costs. Its truly a shame as their appliances and service used to be considered the best. I will never buy Sears again!

Raymond V.
Homestead, FL
September 12 2019 10:29PM

Dishonest, rude and incompetent. Over the course of 3 years we paid over 2100 dollars in warranty premiums and another 600 dollars in service call deductibles with over 18 service calls with one technician after another coming to work on our refrigerator - a Kitchenaid 48" counter depth model.

They finally decided that the unit was simply not fixable - too many things going wrong that they could not figure out, and offered us a 1000.00 replacement allowance. The refrigerator retails for 10,500.00 and they offered us less than 10% of that as a replacement allowance.

We paid over twice that amount in warranty premiums. Throughout this process attempts to talk to ANYONE in management to try and get this ridiculous situation addressed were futile. Can't tell you how many times we were hung up on, or openly lied to by their telephone support people.

To add insult to injury, the last technician who was here broke something while putting the fridge back - cracked the plastic water line to the ice maker and it slow leaked over night, all over our hardwood floor and we woke up to a flood in the kitchen, the flood damaged the hardwood floor, a 3'x10' area where all the boards are "cupping" and leaked through the floor to the ceiling below.

So now not only do I STILL have a fridge that doesn't work - now I've got thousands of dollars in floor and ceiling repairs to deal with - and Sears Home Warranty says they have no responsibility, to take it up with the "independent contractor" that they sent to our home to do the repair. Sears Home Warranty should be ashamed of themselves as should "Cross Country" who have taken over many of their accounts. In any case, these businesses should be avoided at all cost.

John K.
East Northport, NY
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