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September 09 2019 10:33PM

My fridge is on the blink. iIt freezes everything you put in it. Sears home warranty has been out twice and ordered parts twice. This has been going on two months now. And it still don't work. They **. My wife says Find someone else to get a warranty with you can trust.

Raymond R.
Gulf Breeze, GA
September 09 2019 6:40PM

I do not recommend this home warranty service to anyone. They find a reason to say your air conditioner or whatever you need fixed is not covered. Then today they said my air conditioner had been fixed too many times, and they won't cover it. It was fixed once this year!!!

In the past I had good service, but for the past year, service is horrible, DO NOT PURCHASE IT! Save your monthly amount and put it in a fix it savings. You will come out ahead.

Diane M.
Clarksville, TN
September 09 2019 2:44AM

Called on Monday Sept. 2 to report refrigerator was not working. They sent a repairman out the next day to evaluate the problem. He told my husband that there were 2 parts that needed to be ordered and that it would take about 2 week. Once the parts came in they would come back.

Well my on Friday of the same week the parts were delivered to my home. I called them that evening to let them know that the parts were in and they said that I was scheduled for repair on Sept. 18th. I said that was not acceptable. I had already lost some of my food from the freezer but that did not phase them one bit. The representative started repeating her standard message that is either written out for them and would not answer any of my questions concerning the possibility of changing the date from the 18th of Sept. to something earlier.

I got so frustrated I wanted to jump through the phone. The other problem is you can't understand the representative. The end result was the representative hung up the phone on me. Believe me I will be making a change. All they are doing is taking your money and providing you minimal or no service.

Sharon W.
Fort Washington, MD
September 08 2019 2:40AM

Air conditioner stopped working in Texas on a hot summer Friday. Called and very happy to get a service agent to come the next morning. He was here as scheduled and every impression was he fixed the problem. He told us to give it a couple of hours for the house to cool off but everything looked good. 12 hours later and our house is at 90 and we’re told that we cannot get help for at least 2 days....not acceptable... Don’t waste your money on a service that refuses to do it right after doing it wrong. Very uncomfortable in Texas.

John B.
Frisco, TX
September 07 2019 6:05PM

Worst service I have ever had. I bought all my appliances Kenmore from Sears. They sold me this service after the first washer machine got a failure. They have been 7 (seven) times to my house to change the compressor for the 1-year-old refrigerator. Now they cancel the cancel my service, just when the appliance was supposed to be replaced.

Claudia M.
SW Ranches, FL
September 06 2019 11:27PM

The service is complete **. I've gone practically the ENTIRE summer without AC. All you do is speak with foreigners who constantly transfers you. They NEVER have a supervisor. They set appointments and never show then shoot you some ** as excuse about why no one showed up. I am forwarding this to the Better Business Bureau! This company should be shut down for taking people's hard earned money!

Rosalind T.
St Matthews, SC
September 06 2019 9:43PM

Have had Sears Whole House Warranty for 3 years. As long as you play by the rules we have had minimal problems. AC went out, ( 90 + degrees ) Sears rep, George, said two weeks before anyone could come out, told him not good enough and I think by me not being a pushie **, put me on hold for 20 min and found a supplier that came out the next day. Tech found the problem, but, had to go through the process of getting repair blessed by whoever.

We bought a window unit and survived very nicely until unit fixed. Our expenses $ 100.00 deductible, $ 209.00 window unit, waited 2 weeks, AC repaired. Without warranty repair cost $ 1900.00. Now we have a window unit when power goes out ( yes. We have a generator ). Again, play by their rules.

Roger G.
Shelby, NC
August 29 2019 5:59PM

Agree with the other reviews; this service might have been good in the past, but it is horrible now. I was sold this product during a repair visit from Sears and told it would cover my main appliances, fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher etc.

The first time I had an issue, I got put through the gauntlet by having to wait a month for someone to come out, and then a month for the parts to be ordered and arrive, and then was told it's not covered because they have a clause in the disclaimers that doesn't allow for non-new appliances to be covered.

After two months of back and forth with very low English speaking representatives I was left where I started with a broken appliance and 3 months of warranty payments that cover nothing. Really, the worst part is having to deal with their overseas customer service though; they often put you on hold for no reason for 15-30 minutes and I had calls get disconnected many times and had to start all over.

Dennis F.
Aurora, CO
August 28 2019 9:14PM

Don't waste your money on a Sears warranty. It used to be good but not anymore. Call 1st of July for a lawn mower repair. 1st appointment was 1st Of August. Repair man came couldn't fix it. Had to order parts. Next appointment 10th of September. Pretty much the whole summer Without Lawn tractor. The tractor is 4 years old, has had extensive rebuilding and repair by Sears. Bought extended warranty for $350 For one year. Mowing season will be over before it's fixed. I believe their Customer care service is overseas now I am put on hold for up to an hour never an English-speaking person to speak to.

Mansfield, OH
August 27 2019 1:40PM

Worst service ever. It’s been numerous visits and still not able to fix refrigerator. Every appointment is a different repair person. Appointments cancelled after I defrosted the refrigerator. Now repair person here and we see that it’s a two man job but only one person available so now we need to reschedule again! This has got to be a service warranty scam.

D C.
Northport, NY
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