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August 29 2019 5:59PM

Agree with the other reviews; this service might have been good in the past, but it is horrible now. I was sold this product during a repair visit from Sears and told it would cover my main appliances, fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher etc.

The first time I had an issue, I got put through the gauntlet by having to wait a month for someone to come out, and then a month for the parts to be ordered and arrive, and then was told it's not covered because they have a clause in the disclaimers that doesn't allow for non-new appliances to be covered.

After two months of back and forth with very low English speaking representatives I was left where I started with a broken appliance and 3 months of warranty payments that cover nothing. Really, the worst part is having to deal with their overseas customer service though; they often put you on hold for no reason for 15-30 minutes and I had calls get disconnected many times and had to start all over.

Dennis F.
Aurora, CO
August 28 2019 9:14PM

Don't waste your money on a Sears warranty. It used to be good but not anymore. Call 1st of July for a lawn mower repair. 1st appointment was 1st Of August. Repair man came couldn't fix it. Had to order parts. Next appointment 10th of September. Pretty much the whole summer Without Lawn tractor. The tractor is 4 years old, has had extensive rebuilding and repair by Sears. Bought extended warranty for $350 For one year. Mowing season will be over before it's fixed. I believe their Customer care service is overseas now I am put on hold for up to an hour never an English-speaking person to speak to.

Mansfield, OH
August 27 2019 1:40PM

Worst service ever. It’s been numerous visits and still not able to fix refrigerator. Every appointment is a different repair person. Appointments cancelled after I defrosted the refrigerator. Now repair person here and we see that it’s a two man job but only one person available so now we need to reschedule again! This has got to be a service warranty scam.

D C.
Northport, NY
August 26 2019 4:48PM

Be wary of contract! I’ve never dealt with a company that tries to pass the buck to other employees as much as this company (countless hours on telephone). We had a AC system fail and it took them 2 months to repair while living in south Texas with over 100 degree heat. Tried everything to not replace it. Called in for our other unit that failed and said that it wasn’t covered, they had previously covered it. I really don’t understand how Sears home warranty gets any good reviews. This company is a scam that hides behind their contracts that are a scam to the public. Save your money and don’t get a home warranty.

Thomas W.
Kerrville, TX
August 23 2019 5:39PM

Upstairs HVAC system failed. Warranty purchased in May. Phone call from Cross Country Home Services. Said no HVAC company within 100 miles of Coralville. Found a local company willing to do assessment. First trip=$100. CC Home said need a leak test. Tech returned: $150 for freon leak test. Reported to CCHS.

Phone call that repair not covered, that holes obviously occurred before warranty was purchased. Were they connecting refrigerant lines? One needs a PhD in every system of the house to understand his whole house warranty.

I phoned again to clarify the refusal. What a rip-off! Wonder how I will get my "one heating and one cooling system preventative maintenance check each year" if no one in this area works with Sears. This contract will not be renewed next year. Hoping covered appliances will break down.

Barbara S.
Coralville, IA
August 22 2019 5:03PM

Do not ever purchase a warranty from Sears. I have been trying for 6 weeks to get someone to come out and fix my air conditioner (compressor). They told me it would take 3 weeks after 3 weeks they said it was never ordered. After numerous phone calls they sent someone out and they were there to do an inspection to see what the problem was. So I called again and they promised someone would be out the next week. That week came and left. So I called again and found out no one had even ordered the compresssor and they had to order one and it would take another week.

This is ridiculous. This warranty department is so incompetent and unreliable that they should not even be in business. My warranty will soon expire and I will NOT renew it.

Kristine H.
Los Angeles, CA
August 21 2019 9:17PM

Had them for a year, I truly do not want to go into details because it ticks me off so much, just take my advice and choose a different company, if you are looking for a home warranty, for me I could not be less impressed than Sears.

Mike B.
Houston, TX
August 21 2019 5:37PM

DON’T!! I REPEAT, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! YOU’LL BE SO SORRY, IF YOU DO!!! DON’T!!! The policy covers practically NOTHING!! The repairman, after taking my $100 check , told me he had to order this TINY PART to fix my dishwasher rack. After two, non retuned, calls to the service company, I called SEARS to find out the status. They told me this TINY PART wasn’t covered. And, it appeared that they could care less, that I wasn’t happy. IN MY OPINION, IT’S A RIPOFF!!! DON’T OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!!!

Harvey W.
Chula Vista, CA
August 17 2019 7:52PM

OMG, I should've read theses Reviews before I wasted my hard-earned money on Sears Home Warranty!!! Bought the Whole House Plan, had a FREE Preventative Maintenance schedule done on my A/C, it hasn't worked properly ever since a Technician from Done Right A/C company touched it. I've gotten nothing but the run-around on the phones. This is pathetic on Sears part!

Dorothy C.
August 15 2019 9:12PM

We were going into our second year with Sears warranty program, and our AC quit. I called them on a Thursday. They said they'd send someone.

The next day I got a call, and they said they couldn't find anyone, and that I was to call a provider and have them take care of the problem. I did, and they came and found the problem. They had the part on their truck to fix it. We had to call Sears to have this ok'd.

Sears rejected the company's price to fix it, so the technician gave them the information to order one, and then they were going to have it shipped to this company to have it fixed. We waited ONE WEEK in between 100-110 degree weather! I called finally to see what was going on, and found out that the part wasn't even ordered yet.

They said that they hadn't received enough information from my provider to order the part, which was a bald faced lie. I was right next to the tech. when he talked to a Sears representative. I was SO upset, I was shaking!! I immediately cancelled my maintenance coverage with Sears and called the company to come and fix our AC, which they did within the hour.

I will NEVER deal with Sears again!!!

Mike B.
Kingman, AZ
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