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August 15 2019 4:24PM

I don’t know how when you look up this warranty company that it gets such a good rating. If you read the reviews that come after its horrible. I’ve had the same problem with repairs that are supposed to be covered but if you read the terms and conditions you will stay away from these companies!

Customer service (if you can understand them) is horrible. I had to spend hours on the phone with them and that was if they didn’t cut me off. I was so dissatisfied with the way they handled both of my claims (furnace when it was minus 4 degrees wanted me to wait 4 days, and AC that was down for 3 weeks during 90 degree heat), that I called to cancel my service with them and they informed me(yes, its in terms and conditions that I didn’t read completely) that since I’d had a claim I would have to pay over $300 or continue paying my monthly fee for 7 more months. They get you coming and going.

I ended up still having to pay $700 on top of the $100 deductible fee for “uncovered” items. How do you plan for that. It’s just ridiculous how they represent themselves to get you to sign up with them then send you the Terms and Conditions in the mail that pretty much says the opposite!

I am contacting the BBB to report this company and will warn everyone I can to get more facts before signing anything with this company!!

Mary R.
Plain City, OH
August 13 2019 9:40PM

One of the worst company to deal with. Had no hot water. The plumber assigned to the job was obnoxious, rude and didn't know what to do. He was cursing profanity in front of my family just because he couldn't deal with the stress. He walked into the house without any tool and every time he needed something, he ran to his truck. Took a week and a half to get one part (thermostat). ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS. WISH I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS.

Dan S.
August 13 2019 7:52PM

Canceling your warranty agreement is a nightmare. They shame and belittle you on the phone. Never received the renewal letter they said I’d receive. They continued to bill me monthly after I had canceled my plan twice, a month in advance. Calling customer service for the warranty was a terrible experience. They tried to say I’d missed a payment three months prior. Not true, and my monthly statements confirm that. They won’t give out a direct line to billing, nor let you speak to a supervisor. Deplorable!

Susan M.
Conroe, TX
August 10 2019 1:34PM

My 80-year-old in-laws have a Kenmore refrigerator and a Sears home appliance warranty that they have faithfully paid every month for a year and a half. The paperwork clearly states that if you have a problem and a Sears technician comes to your house four times for the same problem and cannot fix it, IT WILL BE REPLACED. We have followed all of the rules and now that it’s time for Sears to do their part, we have gotten the runaround for over two months! There is a leak that has been determined it cannot be fixed and every time we have called customer service we are transferred and come back to the same person. We have been put on hold for countless hours. We have been to the local Sears store and they say it’s a different department. Then we are given a number for an outside technician to call and it is only to find out about getting a job. This is crazy, we are very upset and have done everything we are supposed to do and Sears has dropped the ball! PLEASE HELP!

Aleene M.
Georgetown, SC
August 08 2019 5:26PM

I had my first repair service on July 3, 2019 and they had to order the parts. The following week another repair tech came out to my home but notice that there was still one part missing so he ordered the part and the cycled began.

The following week another tech came out but I still had not received the part. A tech was out at my house ever week in the month of July and on Aug 2 another tech came out still no part. I finally received the part on Aug 5, 2019. The tech that was there on Aug 1, 2019 stated he will schedule and appointment for Aug 5, 2019.

I received a call from customer service stating that they are call to schedule and appoint I informed them that I was informed that a tech would be back on Aug 9, 2019.. Gina from a call center in the Philippines stated that she do not see and appoint and there is nothing that she can do ever though this have been going on for over a month. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she refuse to transfer me.

If I was not under a contract I would cancel the warranty and would inform anyone who is thinking about purchasing a warranty to beware!!!!

Suhaylah M.
Newark, NJ
August 08 2019 4:30AM

Let's get started by letting everyone know this is not my first rodeo with Sears. Two years my refrigerator broke down more times than I can remember. We were without a refrigerator for a 45 days in one year. We were given (a new refrigerator) in 2016 at least I thought it was new. Now it 2019 and that new refrigerator is broken and has been sitting unplugged in my kitchen for 17 days. I'm beginning to wonder was it a new refrigerator or a refurbished refrigerator. I've spent 2 to 3 hours a day on hold listening to a recording ( due to high volume of calls please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order it has been received) I have not gotten through to anyone. Its been 5 days (the communication between Sears customers and their customer service seems to be inevitable. Will not renew my plan again. Well deserved 0 rating.

Judy T.
San Diego, CA
August 05 2019 8:09PM

This service is horrible. I got transferred around for a complaint. Then disconnected. The customer service person was rude when I asked for a manager. Im done with this crappy service!!!! Do not use Sears. They are awful.

Maria R.
Modesto, CA
August 03 2019 1:23AM

My dishwasher broke. Called Sears. They scheduled for 2 weeks out. Came and ordered part and rescheduled to come back. Then called and cancelled. Then rescheduled again for 2 weeks. The repairman came and the first one had ordered the wrong part. Rescheduled again. Cancelled and said there were no servicemen to reschedule with and they would call us. Finally rescheduled after dishwasher had been broken for 2 months. Called the day they were suppose to come and the wrong address was on the account. How? They had been here 2 times and mailed parts twice. Since address was wrong they cancelled the appointment. Said I would have to call and get it changed, that they couldn’t change it. I was on the phone with 5 different people, who all had the correct address. I finally cancelled my account and asked for my money back. I got half of it back. Not the original $100 I paid when I signed up. Then they charged me $109 for the part. If you want to be on the phone for hours and still not have you appliances repaired then this is the company for you!

Karla M.
Corsicana, TX
August 02 2019 6:04PM

Paying for Sears Home Warranty for several years. Response time is in excess of 4 days. No live support. All they do for the service is provide the name and number of another provider who you have to contact yourself to confirm and schedule a repair. The provider they give never answers the phone or returns phone calls. Endless cycle of vm and email text that lead to nowhere. They have sent out a repairman to fix a dishwasher 3x and it has never been repaired although on top of the monthly fee - I also had to pay a $75 service call. I could have called a repairman on my own and paid a $75 service call on my own. The $50/month fee has provided zero benefit.

Lisa W.
Dallas, TX
August 02 2019 11:59AM

(8-2-19). I have been waiting on parts in order to have my "smart" refrigerator repaired. I was never told there would be 4 of 4 boxes. Repair technicians (Gus **, T.l **, Gabriel **.) have visited my home, and still no positive results. I have been without a refrigerator for a month now, after spending over $3500.00 on the refrigerator; not to mention I have spent over $10,000.00 on Sears Home products. Service Gabriel **. was late over 2 hours, T. ** was late over 1 an hour, Gus **, came in and left within 2 minutes of arrival. I called UPS, tracking # **-delivered; tracking #**-delivered; tracking #**-IN TRANSIT. Still waiting on box 4 of 4 for the last tracking number package. In addition, telephone customer services representatives are of NO HELP.

Hector V.
Houston, TX
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