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July 17 2019 10:34PM

My Kenmore elite built by LG the compressor broke. I called several times to make an appointment. They had to re-cancel over and over again. They came today the guy wanted me to pay them $450 when I was told it was only $129 and he wanted me to pay it before it was even fixed I had to call the police because your technician was getting very forceful. I was also told that the part was on the truck this morning but somebody else took it off I explain to them that I had somebody else come out here Contra Costa repair and they looked at it and told me it was the compressor. I am expecting a phone call from corporate with the next few days number **. Your customer service has a lot to be Desired it’s like nobody cares.

Randi A.
Oakley, CA
July 16 2019 9:48PM

We have been paying for this service 4 - 5 years. We haven't used it a whole lot, but until now, we have had good service from them as well as the technicians and companies they sent. We have been waiting for a replacement water heater for TWO WEEKS!!! We were told it was approved two weeks ago and still no water heater. The warranty company is saying one thing and the technician is saying another. Not sure who to believe, but we have paid in the neighborhood of $4200 to Sears Home Warranty. The last call my husband just got came from a company called Cross Country Home Services. I'm so confused. I just want my water heater replaced.

Heather N.
Eagle Mountain, UT
July 16 2019 4:55PM

The last two repair requests have been horrible. The first was in winter and my HVAC needed repair and it took 3 weeks for the repair to get completed. The repair request this time is ongoing. It is summer and the heat in Texas is unbearable and I have been without AC for 20 days so far. I have a breathing problem so was put on an expediting list. The part needed was first sent to the wrong city then they forgot to reorder. Now it has been 5 days and still no word. I asked to talk to a supervisor and have not received a callback. Customer service has been horrible. I am canceling this service after this repair has been completed because I have already paid for this deductable. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!

Susan W.
July 15 2019 5:13PM

Please avoid this company!!!! I’ve already reported them to FTC and The experience has been the worst. Short version, I got the “Home Service Warranty” over a month ago to cover a refrigerator I got from sears 4yrs ago, they sent a tech ( who ordered the wrong parts) and I have no fridge, they took my money and are now playing ping pong with me when I call. It’s a scam!!!

Elena D.
Kunkletown, PA
July 15 2019 2:39PM

Been trying to get ice maker fix since April 12. Have had 5 tech out. Today is the 15 of July have had ice maker replacement, had wires replace each time. 4 to be exact with no help in site & no replacement. Sears has lost they mind. Now I have been with them for 20+years. Now I'm back on the phone. Now waiting. Every time I call it takes 4 to 5 hours on whole then maybe you will speak to someone or maybe now you will just give up. Can anyone help us? This is too much. What the hell happened to Sears??? A house hole name.

Debra/Robert H.
Houston, TX
July 11 2019 4:44PM

First time I called the plumber Miss diagnosed the problem had had me call the town water company as an emergency. When the town came and pointed out the problem, (which had nothing to do with them) I called plumber back and they wouldn’t come back. I spent 45 minutes on hold before I could talk to someone in a different country for sears home warranty. Second time I called for AC, technician came, told me a coil needed to be replaced, I waited a week. Called sears, and they told me my claim was denied bec AC unit was not. maintained. This warranty is a scam. It’s has been nothing but aggravation.

Sheila O.
Blauvelt, NY
July 10 2019 10:19PM

I cannot stress enough how horrible the experience I have had trying to get service through this home warranty has been. I’ve paid 50.00 a month for over a year and never needed service until today when my 3 year old Kenmore fridge went out. That’s not entirely true, I needed a part for a broken shelf a couple months ago, and the warranty didn’t cover that. Additionally, they sent the wrong part and I had to reorder. There is almost no way to talk to a live person. The dates they offered to repair by automated response were over a week away. This wasn’t acceptable in 90 degree heat with no refrigerator. After 2 hours, 14 transfers (everyone said their department didn’t change dates), and two disconnects, necessitating I start over, one person finally agreed they could turn it over to a local repair shop that had an opening tomorrow. I just needed to call and arrange a time. I called the shop, and they said they hate dealing with Sears because they are such a pain, and I needed Sears to send them an authorization by email with job number on it. Sears had given me the job number, but no, that wAs not enough. After another series of transfers and super frustrating dead end automated responses, I finally got through to another person who insisted it was authorized. I asked her to call the local company while I was on hold. She suggested I stick with Sears original date and get a cooler with ice in it for the entire contents of my fridge. In the end, we were able to set up a date with the local company, exactly short of the Sears date of a week, by one day. The local company said they had no openings tomorrow, so the Sears guy just flat out lied. They don’t even come to my area except on Mondays, and their service tech is out on Monday. Their automated responses were impossible to understand, they were so badly muffled, and the live people in some call center out of the country, presumably, were worse. Over 3hours invested in the process, and I’m still almost a week away from a service call. Heaven help me if they need to order parts and I encounter a further delay. I’m going to get this service done, get the routine maintenance done, and cancel ASAP. Nothing is worth this frustration! Sears is going under, and I now see why.

Sherene J.
Mt. Pleasant, MI
July 10 2019 1:54PM

Three days now without AC and they haven't assigned a service provider. Still looking for one. Won't connect me with a manager. Says they won't pay the claim if I get my own service provider and send them the bill. Elderly people in my home and temperatures over 90. Three days. Do Not Buy This Warranty!

Shawn B.
July 08 2019 7:46PM

We purchased a home warranty for a home we were selling. We have been very dissatisfied with the level of service. There seems to be very poor communication systems within the company and each claim has resulted in multiple phone calls. We have ended up paying for covered repairs ourselves as the wait to get a repair done is extremely inconvenient for the homeowner.

Tanya H.
Coeur D\'Alene, ID
July 08 2019 7:22PM

I am hoping that Monica La Liberte is going to help all of us consumers that have been ripped off by Sears Home Warranty!! I placed my first call to them to repair our refrigerator the end of March and their first repair visit to our home was on April 4th.

The part came in and Preston came back on the 11th to change the compressor and computer board. By April 11th, the next service person, Russell, came because the refrigerator had stopped working again. He left without the fridge working because he said he did not have 20 minutes to spare and wait for the power to kick on. April 17th, Preston came back because the fridge NEVER did kick on and he resets it and leaves. April 25th, Preston comes back, fixes something and again had to call Sears on April 29th.

Russell comes on May 1st and then Preston comes on May 13th. Basically says he thinks the fridge is not worth fixing and they were going to let Cross Country (The insurance carrier) know to just replace it. Cross Country calls me to inform me that a second repair company called Appliance Services was sending Ricardo on May 20th. He comes and says the compressor is bad (which had been replaced by Preston) and the fan was not working and he was going to go ahead and also replace the computer board AGAIN.

Ricardo comes back on June 3rd bringing the parts with him. Sears Warranty sent him the replacement parts this time. He changes it all and it still not working. He said he would make the recommendation to replace the refrigerator. Cross Country decides to transfer the responsibility back to Sears Home Warranty and now comes in Brandt who checks everything to be sure it was installed properly and no air in the compressor. Finds it still won't work because the button on top electronic board showed red and needed to be changed. Promised me he would be back that week since they had that part available in the shop and here it is, July 8th, after calling all the numbers given me for help they keep telling me that once the part comes it will be fixed!

I finally sent an email to Monica at WRAL Channel 5 with my dilemma with the hopes of getting some help. I finally found this website and see that a lot of us have been suckered by Sears Home Warranty. Let us unite and fight this. Please write Monica LaLiberte at WRAL with your story so they can help all of us.

Marty Jo K.
Durham, NC
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