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August 02 2019 6:04PM

Paying for Sears Home Warranty for several years. Response time is in excess of 4 days. No live support. All they do for the service is provide the name and number of another provider who you have to contact yourself to confirm and schedule a repair. The provider they give never answers the phone or returns phone calls. Endless cycle of vm and email text that lead to nowhere. They have sent out a repairman to fix a dishwasher 3x and it has never been repaired although on top of the monthly fee - I also had to pay a $75 service call. I could have called a repairman on my own and paid a $75 service call on my own. The $50/month fee has provided zero benefit.

Lisa W.
Dallas, TX
August 02 2019 11:59AM

(8-2-19). I have been waiting on parts in order to have my "smart" refrigerator repaired. I was never told there would be 4 of 4 boxes. Repair technicians (Gus **, T.l **, Gabriel **.) have visited my home, and still no positive results. I have been without a refrigerator for a month now, after spending over $3500.00 on the refrigerator; not to mention I have spent over $10,000.00 on Sears Home products. Service Gabriel **. was late over 2 hours, T. ** was late over 1 an hour, Gus **, came in and left within 2 minutes of arrival. I called UPS, tracking # **-delivered; tracking #**-delivered; tracking #**-IN TRANSIT. Still waiting on box 4 of 4 for the last tracking number package. In addition, telephone customer services representatives are of NO HELP.

Hector V.
Houston, TX
August 01 2019 1:36PM

Have a service contract on LG Refrigerator. Refrigerator stopped freezing in the freezer section and have lost all the frozen food. Schedule repair but it was two and 1/2 weeks out on a broken 2 year old refrigerator. Based on the fact that we were going to be without a refrigerator for so long we have purchased a new unit. Have tried to cancel the remainder of service contract and was told that $297.00 needed to be put back to the Sears credit card which was cancelled several years ago. To make a long story short they claim they can not reimburse me any other way. They rip off customers and do not properly honor their contract commitments. Since Sears is essentially Bankrupt I sure I will never see any money owed. I will continue to argue with them however.

DeWayne E.
Bryan, OH
July 31 2019 12:45PM

Very poor!! They change words in coverage to benefit them and not cover items. I have made two claims and both denied. Why have a home warranty if you dont cover anything. Look up Sears Home warranty claims on youtube. Really bad reviews but somehow they are not showing up here, weird????

Sean H.
Lakeland, FL
July 31 2019 1:01AM

Mother-in laws microwave stopped working in 2 years. She had a 2 year extended warranty. First repair failed after 4 months. Second repair failed after 1 day. Sears says that it must be repaired 4 times before replacement. Called to schedule 3rd repair and spent 4 hours being transferred from one person to another. Sears said that 2nd repairman had not closed the service call and they can not schedule a 3rd call. I called the service tech and he swore he closed it out and I need to call Sears. This whole thing is **(Google that term). Sears, by far, is the worst company in the U.S.

July 26 2019 9:46PM

Elderly family members called their refrigerator went out. It’s been 3 months and elderly couple living out of ice chests. Husband disabled vet needs meds refrigerated. Wife disabled.

After 3 months and 7 useless service calls the family pitched in and bought them a new refrigerator until sears determined unrepairable - which they just did. Service tech said we should get about $1500 for replacement - which we were going to pay family back. Now Sears Home Services is saying we need to go to SEARS and they will give $900 Credit towards a “like model”. If we replaced the bad fridge they will not reimburse anything.

I feel the contract was breached by them by taking 3 months and still not repaired. The service technicianS said from the beginning they would NEVER be able to repair. Now they have a burned kitchen floor from compressor burning up after one of their attempts to fix. Bad fridge is in garage. New fridge is being used. And SEARS WALKS AWAY WITH NO $$$ out of their pocket. NOT FAIR.

These seniors have had a Sears service contract for 20 years and have paid Sears THOUSANDS of dollars - all we were asking was what they thought was fair. The issues store refrigerator credit for $900; when we actually replaced it for $2460. Don’t have anything to do with this company.


Kathy N.
July 26 2019 7:32PM

My first problem was with my water heater. Contractor tech came out and looked at it and recommended replacement. Service company wanted additional $600. After many phone calls they finally agreed to replace it for whatever Sears pays them. Cheap replacement with 1 year warranty. Now I have an air conditioning unit that is out. Sears tech came out next day and was very courteous. Said he would call in a work order and I would probably have an option of repair or replacement. Day three in south Texas heat without AC and after numerous phone call to Sears no one has an answer when I will get a call. I have to repeat the story with each phone call because you never get the same person. Serval times I have been cut off and have to repeat the whole process. Yep I was a sucker and signed up for a one year worthless home warranty. Do yourself a favor and don’t get a Sears Home Warranty.

Joe E.
Hempstead, TX
July 25 2019 6:40PM

Yesterday, I had an appointment from 10-2pm. I chatted Sears at 12:50pm to make sure that there was a 2nd repairman coming, since when Sears delivered my Washer and Dryer they installed the dryer on top of the washer. I was told there would be 2 people. I then asked the ETA of the repairmen. I was chatted from you that the repairman was delayed and would not be there until 2-3pm.

I went out to work in my backyard. I checked my phone at 1:12 and saw that the repairman had called me at 1:06 (by the way One Minute Notice!) and had rung my Nest doorbell at 1:07. I immediately called the repairmans number 4 or 5 times in quick succession and left messages for him to come back. He had turned his PHONE OFF!

I started chatting Sears and calling to try to get him to come back. I talked to Sears on the phone and they told me he would be coming back between 2:30 and 3:30. I continued to wait. At 3:50, I started Chatting again when was the ETA. I was told then The repairman was not responding and that I would have to reschedule. I grudging said yes, but was told it was getting kicked up the ladder and the “Caring” would be reaching out to me. Didn’t happen.

Shocked? I got lied to twice and screwed once.

James W.
Burbank, CA
July 25 2019 5:23PM

Worst customer service ever... Placed a claim in 2018 of refrigerator, took over a month to repair. Placed a claim on washing machine June 25, 2019. I've missed four days of work, had to wash clothes at laundry mat over a month now. When I add up gas for trips to laundry mat, cost to wash, and loss of wages I'm out $1,129.99. I could have purchased two brand new washing machines for that amount; instead, I'm given ANOTHER appt. to miss one more day of work to be told what I already know... THE MACHINE IS NOT REPAIRABLE... Don't waste your time or money on SEARS Home Warranty Services.

Kathy T.
Panama City, FL
July 25 2019 4:38PM

My LG refrigerator stop cooling and We called Sears and made a appoint for them come out to check it. They came on time, check the refrigerator and told Us that Our parts were under warranty and also ordered the parts and they were delivered to Our house. When We got the parts We called Sears to make a appt for them to come out to do the repairs. They came on time repaired My refrigerator for $85. I am so satisfied because I was with Choice warranty and they sent a tech out and they approved for My refrigerator to be repaired but then the tech made a mistake on the order and told Choice warranty that wasn't going to repair it because I had a surge problem. So I canceled My home warranty with Choice Warranty and now have Sears home warranty. All I can say is I will give them 5 stars because of the professionalism and the promptness.

Diaungelia B.
Mesquite, TX
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