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June 09 2019 3:38PM

Before signing up, I thoroughly asked very specific questions about my pump house, well, and coverage for any water/well/pump related issues. I explained in detail the location of my well, pump, and water tanks. I was told “absolutely it is covered. Not outdoor irrigation issues, but anything related to water supplies to your house”. Surprise, surprise when my water pressure was very low, Sears Home Warranty tells me, “you should have read the contract”. “We don’t cover anything that is not in the foundation of your home.” They DID finally agree to pay $105 of the labor for the service, but the actual cost was significantly more. This was AFTER they initially ‘set up’ a service with a company that is located over 2 and a half hours away, who of course could not service me. They finally told me that I had to find a service provider myself, and they would reimburse me later. In addition, when I initially signed up, I was surprised when they told me I would receive a $100 visa gift card for enrolling. That has been 6 months ago. I have called 4 times, because now, darn it, after being lied to about what would be covered, I want that gift card that THEY told me I would be receiving. Still nothing. Called again yesterday, and I was told to call back on Monday morning. I will be stopping this useless “warranty” rip-off as soon as I can, and will never ever recommend this to anyone. The service providers that I contacted told me the Sears Home Warranty can’t find local providers because the company is horrible to work with, and trying to get paid is a nightmare.

Lauren R.
Yakima, WA
June 07 2019 2:17PM

This warranty is a total rip off. It’s throwing money away. I would rather have a root canal. After I finish my current disastrous relationship on the last two service calls I will be canceling. The first was for a three-year-old split air conditioner system that cost $8000 I was asking for their maintenance service. They couldn’t find anybody in my area I finally had to find somebody by myself and then when the bill came in they said they wanted to buy out the service on that unit for $ 150. Reluctantly agreed three weeks ago and still haven’t gotten the check. A pittance of the $8000 invested in it and this was the only reason I chose Sears. I was going to cancel it after I got the check but of course I still haven’t and now Now my dishwasher went on the fritz. Six days to get a repairman here. He estimates it will be over $400 in parts alone plus another service call. I can’t believe they are just going to buy it out for a 13-year-old dishwasher that may not cost as much as it’s going to repair but I can’t get an answer as to whether they’re going to repair it or just buy this one out to as it stands now we been a week without the damn thing and I can’t get an answer.

Laurent And June H.
Saco, ME
June 06 2019 4:44PM

NEVER, NEVER get talked into buying this warranty or purchasing the warranty online. It's nothing but a scam to say the least. I purchased the warranty through a Sears repairman telling me that if I buy the warranty I will get 50% off on my repair bill and in thinking that would be great to get percent off plus have my whole house under warranty so I purchased the warranty for $47.00 a month which in turn came out to $72.00 a month. I asked him if I should be aware of anything else about the warranty? He said, "no it’s a great warranty." Now here is the kicker. It takes one month to have the warranty to go into effect from the date of purchase, then Sears will send you a letter and pamphlet thanking you for joining and a list of all your coverage. In the pamphlet it states that you will receive a free HVAC maintenance check just for joining and to call the number listed... I called 8 different times getting a stupid recording and the recordings has nothing to do with maintenance checks only claims. I sent 4 different emails from “Sears Web site” asking about the free HVAC maintenance check with NO REPLY from Sears.

I Googled Sears Home Warranty numerous times and found a phone number that I hadn’t called yet and to my surprise I got a someone that identified herself as a Sears Representative, I asked about the Free HVAC check since I’m a home warranty owner and she stated, “I hadn’t signed up for the additional maintenance program” I told her it’s in my Sears pamphlet that I received in the mail that I get a free HVAC maintenance check just for signing up, she said no I would have to pay the additional maintenance cost. After several days/weeks in trying to get some kind of help I called Sears HVAC department, the guy told me they have nothing to do with the warranty program and to call another number which he gave me. I called that number and explained to a Sears’s representative that could hardly speak English what I wanted and he stated that the free HVAC check is over now ended in May. I told that guy that I have been trying to get someone to talk or email me so I could get that free HVAC check…..he was very blunt and told me I was out of luck. I asked to speak with his manager, the “Customer Service” individual which couldn’t speak very good English either told me the same thing, I tried to convince him of what I had been going through since I purchased the warranty he still wouldn’t work with me (Very poor customer service) so at that time I told him I want to cancel my Warranty RIGHT NOW! He told me “

If I canceled my warranty I will have to pay the full amount of the repair bill which was $400 some odd dollars but If I wait until February 23 the year will be up and then I can cancel my warranty. They got me! (Lesson well learned-ask questions when purchasing and by all means trust but verify what company employees tell you) From my stand point, Sears was able to hold off to where the free HVAC check time period had elapsed.

Stan M.
Gerrardstown, WV
June 05 2019 6:05PM

My replacement gas wall oven was delivered on May 28th 2019. It has been sitting in my living room for one week 20 phone calls back to Sears warranty to try and get someone to install it. I am still waiting two places they had referred my work order. National Service Alliance does not install. Sears themselves do not install. They cannot seem to get the work order correct for installation not repair. I am still waiting.

Betty D.
June 04 2019 9:08PM

Be aware. Terrible. First time I had to use it, they charged me $100 deductible and didn't fix anything. I will have to cancel the plan. They make it seems you need a new unit when you don't, but then say they won't cover it.

Joana M.
Coconut Creek, FL
June 04 2019 9:08PM

Be aware. Terrible. First time I had to use it, they charged me $100 deductible and didn't fix anything. I will have to cancel the plan. They make it seems you need a new unit when you don't, but then say they won't cover it.

Joana M.
Coconut Creek, FL
June 03 2019 6:48AM

I have been a Sears home warranty customer for about 15 years and I have never been treated as poorly as I have been in the last 5 weeks. My well cared for Maytag washing machine would not spin or agitate. I called Sears Home Service, and they told me that they would send a repairman out in 4 days. I explained the problem and told them that the same problem happened last year. Serviceman comes out discovers the transmission has stripped the agitator plate and he will have to order it in and I will have to wait a week to receive the parts. He failed to order the agitator, so I have to wait another week for it to arrive. Another serviceman arrives and installs the parts, but cannot get it to work. He has to order a new control board, and that will take another 10 days. At this point I'm extremely frustrated as it's been three weeks without a Washer. I have no other option than wait, or just buy another washer. Another washer is going to cost me $5-$600. So I wait. Control panel gets here in a week, but they won't have anyone available for another 4 days. So I wait. Serviceman comes out and installs the panel and it doesn't solve the problem. The first transmission was wrong or faulty, and I will have to wait a week for another and another 5 days for a serviceman. At this point they are in the old machine $700+. And now the new transmission is going to cost another $250. The repairman suggests that Sears invest in a new washer instead of spending more money on the old one, but they won't. Now I have to wait another 10 days for another repairman (never had the same one twice) and I still don't know if it will work.

I know I am not having to pay for any parts and only $75.00 for labor, but they are ridiculous. With the costs and labor they will be over $1500.00, and I will have waited 6 weeks (if it's not something else. Had I known that it was going to be this long, I would have purchased a new machine. I wouldn't have liked it, but the cost and inconvenience of taking our clothes to the laundromat for six weeks, not to mention the pressure from my wife to get the thing working, is overwhelming. Terrible customer service, and I can't be satisfied. No stars would be my choice.

Richard B.
Salt Lake City, UT
June 01 2019 6:37PM

It is very bad home warranty in USA. No try to have it! The customer service it very bad the service take 2 month come to repair for you something and when they cancel the appointment is not going to let you know. They leave you to wait all day at home and when you call him they told you the technician is sick.

Aziz S.
May 31 2019 4:34PM

After telling me I would receive 4 free oil changes to convince me to sign up (and said it included synthetic), I find it's only a $20 discount, not free. The rep lied to make the sale and commission. Tried to cancel and found out early cancellation would cost more than keeping it for the rest of the term! Won't renew, and hoping my appliances all need replacement.

George S.
North Palm Beach, FL
May 30 2019 6:32PM

Never buy this warranty. It is nothing but a scam. They will deny your claim. They will will give you the run around. This is a bogus warranty. The first request I made after the 30 day waiting period for my AC unit was denied. I spent over 2 and a half hours on the phone most of which was on hold. They would not let me speak to a supervisor. I was given two email addresses to file a complaint and told I would receive a phone call. This is why Sears is a failing company. I will not buy another thing at Sears. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM SEARS ESPECIALLY A WARRANTY!!!

Dorothy D.
Glen Mills, PA
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