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July 08 2019 6:42PM

We had to call them because our water softener quit working. We called the number on the card statement. First we were told we should go to their website, then they said they would put in a claim number. They stated that someone would call us the next to set up a time to come out. My husband took the call several days later and was told that we would have to find someone to fix it. They would be emailing paperwork for the claim. I have not received anything and I check everyday. We don't understand why we have to find someone and who is going to pay the bill. I am mad a hell because they did not mind taking our payment out but when we have a claim they don't want to do anything. We will be finding a new company. We are done with Sears.

Vickie Z.
Pawnee City, NE
July 07 2019 8:43PM

Been paying for this service for a year. Went to use it for the first time and the company only had two plumbers to choose from. One didn’t answer phone and the other refused to allow us to only pay the deductible that this Sears promises is all you will owe. Very disappointed. Don’t waste your money. Thought they had Sears technicians to dispatch but that is incorrect.

Kim B.
Lakelanf, FL
July 06 2019 1:49PM

We purchased the Samsung French door bottom freezer March of 2017 13 months later we were getting water in the crisper drawers and under the drawers we called Sears service to have someone come out because Lowe's said they could not do nothing about it that it was out of warranty.

We called Sears home service and repairman came out and said there was some modules that were defective in the motherboard he said if we took out the home warranty that the price would be $500 cheaper for the repair on the spot so we did so.

One month later same problem water in the crisper drawers they sent another technician out and he replaced a different part this time. 2 months later same problem another technician came out replaced another part. Two and a half months later same problem another technician came out and replaced another part.

To get to the point they've been been here now 6 times for the same problem. It's now been 4 days since their last visit for the same problem and now I'm calling them again today to inform them that the problem is still not been repaired or fixed. Needless to say I'm very pissed off.

I would not recommend their services. When you call in you talk to a person you can't even understand over the phone nor does anybody seem to know how to handle the problem so when the repairman comes he has no clue what to do anymore. At this point when he calls in to his supervisor basically they just say put a bandaid on it. I would not use Sears service home warranty nor would I buy a Samsung refrigerator again.

Michael P.
Cincinnati, OH
July 05 2019 5:32PM

What a rip off!!! They don’t show up when they say until you call and complain and it’s been 2 months waiting. They keep saying, "oh sorry ordered wrong parts," again after 3 different service men come. Still no solution for washer and they said we have no record of last service man even being here!

Christine H.
Manassas, WV
July 03 2019 8:31PM

Crooked from the start. Ok so in 2017 I became a Sears Home Warranty member, paid the top dollar service option and 1 month later my unit went out so naturally, I called Sears. Long story short the compressor went out. It took about 3 weeks to repair my Ac, in the middle of summer, in Arizona.

Fast forward to Feb-1- 2019, I called to schedule my yearly preventative maintenance in which I was told they only schedule for that until the end of January so I was a day too late. Ok months go by and my unit goes out and summer is starting so I call sears, they send the first of 9 guys out to fix the unit. The guy an Official Sears tech says "ehh the units to old, I can get you a good deal on a new one".

He then gets in his van and drives off, no paperwork, no phone call no goodbye, nothing. So I call sears. A week goes by and the second tech comes out and says Sears won't cover the parts needed so he leaves. I'm back on the phone, it takes me 2 hours but I finally talk to a supervisor who tells me he doesn't know why its not cleared and ok's the repair or so I thought. A week later the 3rd tech is supposed to show up. No show, no call, I'm back on the phone.

Its now over 3 weeks, no Ac and I have a 1yr old and a 83yr old grandfather on oxygen in the house. So another tech comes out and says I need maintenance done first. Ok so I call Sears and they say its too late to schedule it and I was a month too late. Ok lets go back in my story, I had called in Feb to have maintenance done and they said it was over Jan 31st so that means the person I talked to gave me wrong info. I explained that to a supervisor who said "I'm very sorry for all this and since our agent gave you bad info I'll set up your maintenance and the following day the repairs will be made. Finally I thought, shame on me.

So maintenance tech (4) shows up on a Thursday and says "oh I see your unit isn't running, well I can't maintenance a unit thats not running" and leaves. The next day tech (5) comes by and says "I cant fix a unit that hasnt been maintenanced first" and leaves. I'm back on the phone again, this time a manager approves the maintenance and the repair which I learned is a bad compressor, so another few days go by and who I thought was tech (6) comes by and its a sears rep wanting to give me an estimate on a new unit at a discount price of course, so he leaves, i'm back on the phone, now now after all that I'm upset. Now I'm on the phone with a district manager saying "ok since we seem to not be able to fix the unit we will replace it". Thank you Father God Ithought but again, I was dead wrong. Tech (7) shows up and says" we need to order the parts but sears wont cover it and it was gonna be another 150$ on top of my deductible, so he leaves.

I'm back on the phone, its been a month and a half, Ac still broken and yesterday my 1yr got sick from heat exhaustion. I called and with one last ditched effort pleaded, begged then brought up BBB, local news stations and a lawsuit for my families health, I got a "dont let the door hit ya on the ** on the way out". So I cancelled my account with them and got a measly 92$ dollars back for all my troubles. Sears is one of the most corrupt heartless companies who only care about their pockets. Its July 3rd 2019 and my family has been without Ac for a month and a half. Sears here's one last chance to prove to me and all your other customers that you truly care about them and not just their bank accounts **.

Gustavo B.
July 03 2019 5:35PM

I purchased Sears home appliance warranty it is a disaster. They only let you speak to a human when you are buying the insurance plan. It has been over two weeks to get my appliances repaired and they outsource the repair tho AF Services in Canoga Park. This repair company sends your calls into an automated music listening device after 20 mins you get disconnected. My refrigerator was not cooling and after the repair it has been freezing all my food. I cannot get Sears to call them because Sears Home warranty keeps shoving my calls to different departments and after 3 hours spent on the phone this morning I am still at square one. The representative at Sears in the customer care hung up on me.

Nicolina C.
Chatsworth, CA
July 03 2019 4:30PM

Had an appliance warranty with Sears. Samsung Refrigerator keep freezing up and water would leak on the floor. Sears came out 4 or 5 times changing parts but could not stop the freezing and leaking problem. They said hey would not replace the fridge nor could not fix the. Problem.

Dan L.
Birmingham, AL
July 01 2019 9:16PM

The worst service I ever received. I had an appointment on 6/18 and it was coded incorrectly so while the technician showed up, he could not do any work. I re-scheduled for 6/21 and that was coded as a cash job and not warranty but I caught that on 6/20 and they changed it. The part was ordered and I had another appointment on 6/27 which was a no show. I called one last time to re-schedule an appointment for 7/1 and another no show. I received an e-mail confirmation for the 7/1 appointment too. I spent 20 hours at home waiting for these four appointments and so many hours on the phone. I cancelled my warranty and will never work with them again. I feel bad for the technicians because I am sure they just want to show up and do their work.

Carla G.
Newark, DE
June 26 2019 10:06PM

I called about my wall oven not a range. They came out. I paid the 75.00. They said they could not get the parts so they sent me a new wall oven. The problem they can not find me a company to put it in its gas. They have been they 4 company that it's for a repair and its not. I have had this oven sitting in the middle of my living room for three weeks now. I am a senior citizen who have lupus so I have to get treatment. I have change my appointment twice and I still don't have a oven installed yet I really feel like I have been taken advantage of at this point. I call they hung up on me this start June 4 and it's now June 26. What should I do?

Nellie C.
Campsprings, MD
June 26 2019 9:16PM

My issue is with the plan. I was lied to on how long the plan was for. Once you give them your credit card number they will keep charging the card. They did a bait and switch. If you get a contract which you should. Read it closely. Don’t go buy anything verbal. They will tell you anything you want to hear and not tell you after they leave that they will probably charge you a longer time on the contract. Good luck.

Ken V.
Addison, IL
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