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July 24 2019 9:54PM

My dishwasher went out before Thanksgiving 2018--finally got fixed Feb 2019. Clothes washer went out before Christmas 2019. They beat around the bush until after March 2019. We have 7 children-spouses 16 grands and 4 greats. Thanksgiving and Christmas with no Dishwasher!!! Imagine the cost of a laundromat for the 2 of us for about 5 months---and the aggravation. They sent repair men. Needed parts took a month to get parts. One was broken when it arrived. Waited and waited for the part--called --they said case was closed as fixed. Informed that the washer was not fixed and they had not installed the missing part. Waited and waited. Called. They said it was fixed and wanted to charge another service call---and I did what they wanted. I got it fixed. Of course I discontinued the warranty service. But incurred the cost of the repair myself. If I could give a minus -I would.

Gwen F.
Brookhaven, MS
July 23 2019 3:19PM

The worst service ever. I have been a paying customer for 4years or more. I have never missed a payment. I have been waiting 2 weeks for my water heater to be repaired and a month for my a/c. There is a lot of finger pointing going on between the service company and the warranty company. All the time you're being told you need a part that has to be ordered and then told that there are charges that's not covered under the warranty. Once I get my appliances fixed, I will be switching warranty companies. If you are looking for a great warranty company, keep looking, because Sears is not where it's at.

Tamika H.
Chicago, IL
July 21 2019 11:44PM

If you are thinking about getting a warranty with Sears Home Warranty DO NOT. I called on May 10 three technicians and visits later my dishwasher is still not working. It’s July 21!!!! How can they keep doing this? What can we do as paying customers? Look on Facebook for reviews. Not a single good one.

Carmen B.
Greenwood, MS
July 19 2019 11:18PM

I purchased a warranty for a LG refrigerator which lost its cooling capacity on July 18, 2019. Sears sent a technician 2 days later. The tech could not repair it and was told to wait 2 hours and call Sears. I have been on hold now for 2 hours and 28 minutes waiting to talk to a benefits advisor who will arrange for me to rent a refrigerator until 2 Aug 2019 when they can send someone who knows how to repair it and compensate me for lost food. Still on hold...

Irvin P.
Los Angeles, CA
July 17 2019 11:18PM

Dont throw your money away with Sears Home Warranty. They've stood my mom up the past 3 appointments. She called to cancel and asked for a full refund and they offered her $41 dollars. Meanwhile she hasn't received any of the services they promises or all the money she's thrown down the drain. I'm shocked they're still in business with this kind of service. We couldn't even speak to a manager. We been promised a call back in 48 business hours. We won't be holding our breath on that.

Jacob T.
Gaithersburg, MD
July 17 2019 10:34PM

My Kenmore elite built by LG the compressor broke. I called several times to make an appointment. They had to re-cancel over and over again. They came today the guy wanted me to pay them $450 when I was told it was only $129 and he wanted me to pay it before it was even fixed I had to call the police because your technician was getting very forceful. I was also told that the part was on the truck this morning but somebody else took it off I explain to them that I had somebody else come out here Contra Costa repair and they looked at it and told me it was the compressor. I am expecting a phone call from corporate with the next few days number **. Your customer service has a lot to be Desired it’s like nobody cares.

Randi A.
Oakley, CA
July 16 2019 9:48PM

We have been paying for this service 4 - 5 years. We haven't used it a whole lot, but until now, we have had good service from them as well as the technicians and companies they sent. We have been waiting for a replacement water heater for TWO WEEKS!!! We were told it was approved two weeks ago and still no water heater. The warranty company is saying one thing and the technician is saying another. Not sure who to believe, but we have paid in the neighborhood of $4200 to Sears Home Warranty. The last call my husband just got came from a company called Cross Country Home Services. I'm so confused. I just want my water heater replaced.

Heather N.
Eagle Mountain, UT
July 16 2019 4:55PM

The last two repair requests have been horrible. The first was in winter and my HVAC needed repair and it took 3 weeks for the repair to get completed. The repair request this time is ongoing. It is summer and the heat in Texas is unbearable and I have been without AC for 20 days so far. I have a breathing problem so was put on an expediting list. The part needed was first sent to the wrong city then they forgot to reorder. Now it has been 5 days and still no word. I asked to talk to a supervisor and have not received a callback. Customer service has been horrible. I am canceling this service after this repair has been completed because I have already paid for this deductable. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!

Susan W.
July 15 2019 5:13PM

Please avoid this company!!!! I’ve already reported them to FTC and The experience has been the worst. Short version, I got the “Home Service Warranty” over a month ago to cover a refrigerator I got from sears 4yrs ago, they sent a tech ( who ordered the wrong parts) and I have no fridge, they took my money and are now playing ping pong with me when I call. It’s a scam!!!

Elena D.
Kunkletown, PA
July 15 2019 2:39PM

Been trying to get ice maker fix since April 12. Have had 5 tech out. Today is the 15 of July have had ice maker replacement, had wires replace each time. 4 to be exact with no help in site & no replacement. Sears has lost they mind. Now I have been with them for 20+years. Now I'm back on the phone. Now waiting. Every time I call it takes 4 to 5 hours on whole then maybe you will speak to someone or maybe now you will just give up. Can anyone help us? This is too much. What the hell happened to Sears??? A house hole name.

Debra/Robert H.
Houston, TX
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