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July 03 2019 5:35PM

I purchased Sears home appliance warranty it is a disaster. They only let you speak to a human when you are buying the insurance plan. It has been over two weeks to get my appliances repaired and they outsource the repair tho AF Services in Canoga Park. This repair company sends your calls into an automated music listening device after 20 mins you get disconnected. My refrigerator was not cooling and after the repair it has been freezing all my food. I cannot get Sears to call them because Sears Home warranty keeps shoving my calls to different departments and after 3 hours spent on the phone this morning I am still at square one. The representative at Sears in the customer care hung up on me.

Nicolina C.
Chatsworth, CA
July 03 2019 4:30PM

Had an appliance warranty with Sears. Samsung Refrigerator keep freezing up and water would leak on the floor. Sears came out 4 or 5 times changing parts but could not stop the freezing and leaking problem. They said hey would not replace the fridge nor could not fix the. Problem.

Dan L.
Birmingham, AL
July 01 2019 9:16PM

The worst service I ever received. I had an appointment on 6/18 and it was coded incorrectly so while the technician showed up, he could not do any work. I re-scheduled for 6/21 and that was coded as a cash job and not warranty but I caught that on 6/20 and they changed it. The part was ordered and I had another appointment on 6/27 which was a no show. I called one last time to re-schedule an appointment for 7/1 and another no show. I received an e-mail confirmation for the 7/1 appointment too. I spent 20 hours at home waiting for these four appointments and so many hours on the phone. I cancelled my warranty and will never work with them again. I feel bad for the technicians because I am sure they just want to show up and do their work.

Carla G.
Newark, DE
June 26 2019 10:06PM

I called about my wall oven not a range. They came out. I paid the 75.00. They said they could not get the parts so they sent me a new wall oven. The problem they can not find me a company to put it in its gas. They have been they 4 company that it's for a repair and its not. I have had this oven sitting in the middle of my living room for three weeks now. I am a senior citizen who have lupus so I have to get treatment. I have change my appointment twice and I still don't have a oven installed yet I really feel like I have been taken advantage of at this point. I call they hung up on me this start June 4 and it's now June 26. What should I do?

Nellie C.
Campsprings, MD
June 26 2019 9:16PM

My issue is with the plan. I was lied to on how long the plan was for. Once you give them your credit card number they will keep charging the card. They did a bait and switch. If you get a contract which you should. Read it closely. Don’t go buy anything verbal. They will tell you anything you want to hear and not tell you after they leave that they will probably charge you a longer time on the contract. Good luck.

Ken V.
Addison, IL
June 26 2019 2:56PM

It appears to be a scam from the start. Called and requested service on a Whirlpool washing machine. First available service is a week and a half later. Time of service between 8-5pm. Tried calling and requested an am service time. The only speakable English the four different women I spoke with was “between 8-5!” Very limited ability of phone personnel to converse with customers. Still waiting to hear from technician. Apparently it’s not Sears Service but rather a sub contractor. A real embarrassment for Sears.

Michael S.
Bellaire, MI
June 26 2019 11:03AM

The Sears Home Warranty service plan has not been a good purchase for us. This may not be true for all market areas but in our metro area Sears subcontracts with small outfits that haven’t been quick responders nor super experienced repairmen for some appliances. While waiting for responses from the subcontracted company I did research and that company had a BBB rating of D- And once a claim is assigned they are not keen to reassign to another company. And after complaining you have no confidence the company they might send will be any better equipped to repair your appliance. In our case we didn’t want to risk further damage to our microwave/stove wall unit since it is old. Read the fine print, you cannot cancel the plan, and must pay for the whole year or pay the greater exorbitant parts/service fees of what repairmen attempted to accomplish. Not worth it. The reality is the days are gone of a trained/tenured repairman showing up in the company vehicle with basic parts already on the truck.

Piper M.
Matthews, NC
June 26 2019 12:04AM

FRAUD. My $1500 Miele dishwasher needs a new pump. Sears refused to repair, offered $330 junky GE “replacement” which is 1/2 inch wider — will not fit in cabinet. I have to take $330 pay $900 repair. Phoney warranty.

Paul K.
June 25 2019 10:37PM

I have been paying for 2 to 3 years 4999 price. 39 it went up to 4999 and they came out to fix my refrigerator. They didn’t have the common sense to come back to fix it. They said I’m a get them to send in the mail. They rejected it but I have a Mick. I have someone here now fixing it. He said he don’t see no water bugs so they just lost a good customer and good luck

Dora H.
Los Angeles, CA
June 24 2019 10:33PM

Had a faucet leaking, filed claim in Oct 2018, first plumber who attended had to send report to Sears for approval, went back and forth between plumbing company who claimed they sent the report and Sears kept denying receiving it, finally one good rep agreed to send another plumber. This plumber decided to open the faucet so he could repair but failed to ope. On first visit, he left to come back with get special tool. On second visit he managed to open top part but could not remove the part he intended to replace, again he suggest he would get special tool for that, on third visit also he could not open and suggested I file a new claim I guess so he could claim extra money from me and Sears. When contacted Sears today on June 24th, June 2019 after almost 9 months they claim there is calcium deposit inside faucet hence claim is denied. Imagine if I had major break down of any other appliance. I just canceled the warranty after paying them for over 2 years.

Tony K.
Closter, NJ
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