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June 17 2019 5:27PM

Sears Warranty, Sears Techs, Customer Service are very dishonest. Give you the run around. The tech had no clue what was wrong with my dryer. I had to explain over and over and tell him what needed to be done. Then gets me to talk to someone about a home warranty. Very convincing. For the price of the part and labor I could buy a new one. I ended up buying a new one because the back piece on the dryer was dinged as well. That could not be replaced. Call and cancelled. Part shipped anyways. Called to return 4 times and got different ways of how to return and NOT ONE WORKED.... Now I called to cancel home warranty and I have to pay for the part before I can cancel. The other half that I saved. I have payed 2 months of service about 10 phone calls later a trip to Sear Parts. No wonder they are going out of business. I am very disappointed that Sears has acted this way. No customer satisfaction.....

Sheryl D.
Houston, TX
June 17 2019 5:02PM

I regret we went with the Sears Home Warranty. After 6 months and 8 repair visits to my home my Kenmore lemon washer is not repaired. Finally 2 weeks ago, Sears agreed to replace my washer, however they changed their mind and again ordered another part. If I had it to do over, I would go with another company - Sears is not a good one.

Elaine M.
Rancho Cordova, CA
June 16 2019 10:30PM

We have been given the run around for 4weeks now. Our air conditioning unit parts have been on the way for 3 weeks. They can't track it. We would not recommend this warranty company to anyone.

B H.
Fort Mill, SC
June 14 2019 7:38PM

They are money suckers, money vampires, hungry for your money. They never fix the problem. Instead, they collect the premium regularly. Their contractors never pick the phone. They are not available to fix your problem. They say, it will take over 4 weeks to fix the problem. They make sure you get frustrated and fix your problem on your own by calling local contractors. They never reimburse the money for fixing the problem on your own. They will not let you cancel the contract. You have to cancel your credit card to stop them charging you over and over again. All they need is your money. They will never give you service. This is what I faced, not once but multiple times. So, when I called them to cancel, they don't do it. If you want to be cheated and get looted, go with Sears Home Warranty.

Shivraj V.
San Jose, CA
June 13 2019 9:10PM

These people are dishonest and act in complete bad faith. We made minor claims over 4 years and had an A/C failure. Without A/C for 8 days awaiting a decision by SHW. Finally sent wrong part and our option was wait another 5-7 days or hire their contractor to repair it with a stock part. Under their warranty, they offered less than 1/2 of our cost as reimbursement, and it’s been 30 days and we’ve seen nothing. “Under review” is our status. You waste your time and money with these people. We spent 7-8 hours and 20+ phone calls attempting service. This company is totally corrupt.

John D.
Hot Springs, AR
June 13 2019 4:20PM

This company is a crook, literally a crook. Before signing up, they told me everything in my house, everything indoor is covered. We have 2 ac units which they fixed one of them last October but the people who they sent were not professionals so we had to call them again to fix the problem. Now after a year, the other unit needs to be fixed and they say oh just one unit of AC is covered. I need to pay 115 more to add the other unit and I need to pay something again when they fix it of course, besides they said my other unit can be added on July 25th and after. I said our upstairs unit is blowing warm air and the weather is really hot and we can’t sleep like this and I should wait till July 25th? This company is crook. I called and canceled mine.

Navideh A.
Calabasas, CA
June 11 2019 6:27PM

Horrible experience. Took out warranty as a way to decrease the cost of a new transmission for my washing machine. Order part which takes over a week to arrive. Technician then comes to install it and can't get it installed. He says they'll try to drill through the other transmission and breaks a bearing and a washer on the machine. He then tells me they can't fix it and that they would need to order a new washer tub attached to the transmission which is really expensive and said it'd be best to just buy a new machine. I'm now sitting here with a non-working washer that Sears broke. I called to tell the warranty people this and asked for the same washer. Sears no longer carries is. So I asked that the warranty be refunded. They now want $250 for labor. I told her I'm unwilling to pay it since the labor was never actually performed. This is insane! They're charging me for them breaking my machine! What a crappy service!

Robert S.
San Jose, CA
June 09 2019 4:40PM

Terrible terrible been without air 2 weeks and it’s 98 today in Calif. 4 service calls and they All say different things wrong. Great and they Now say June 20 for repair. More waiting For parts when 2 people said they were going To replace it.

Smith M.
Long Beach, CA
June 09 2019 3:38PM

Before signing up, I thoroughly asked very specific questions about my pump house, well, and coverage for any water/well/pump related issues. I explained in detail the location of my well, pump, and water tanks. I was told “absolutely it is covered. Not outdoor irrigation issues, but anything related to water supplies to your house”. Surprise, surprise when my water pressure was very low, Sears Home Warranty tells me, “you should have read the contract”. “We don’t cover anything that is not in the foundation of your home.” They DID finally agree to pay $105 of the labor for the service, but the actual cost was significantly more. This was AFTER they initially ‘set up’ a service with a company that is located over 2 and a half hours away, who of course could not service me. They finally told me that I had to find a service provider myself, and they would reimburse me later. In addition, when I initially signed up, I was surprised when they told me I would receive a $100 visa gift card for enrolling. That has been 6 months ago. I have called 4 times, because now, darn it, after being lied to about what would be covered, I want that gift card that THEY told me I would be receiving. Still nothing. Called again yesterday, and I was told to call back on Monday morning. I will be stopping this useless “warranty” rip-off as soon as I can, and will never ever recommend this to anyone. The service providers that I contacted told me the Sears Home Warranty can’t find local providers because the company is horrible to work with, and trying to get paid is a nightmare.

Lauren R.
Yakima, WA
June 07 2019 2:17PM

This warranty is a total rip off. It’s throwing money away. I would rather have a root canal. After I finish my current disastrous relationship on the last two service calls I will be canceling. The first was for a three-year-old split air conditioner system that cost $8000 I was asking for their maintenance service. They couldn’t find anybody in my area I finally had to find somebody by myself and then when the bill came in they said they wanted to buy out the service on that unit for $ 150. Reluctantly agreed three weeks ago and still haven’t gotten the check. A pittance of the $8000 invested in it and this was the only reason I chose Sears. I was going to cancel it after I got the check but of course I still haven’t and now Now my dishwasher went on the fritz. Six days to get a repairman here. He estimates it will be over $400 in parts alone plus another service call. I can’t believe they are just going to buy it out for a 13-year-old dishwasher that may not cost as much as it’s going to repair but I can’t get an answer as to whether they’re going to repair it or just buy this one out to as it stands now we been a week without the damn thing and I can’t get an answer.

Laurent And June H.
Saco, ME
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