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June 01 2019 6:37PM

It is very bad home warranty in USA. No try to have it! The customer service it very bad the service take 2 month come to repair for you something and when they cancel the appointment is not going to let you know. They leave you to wait all day at home and when you call him they told you the technician is sick.

Aziz S.
May 31 2019 4:34PM

After telling me I would receive 4 free oil changes to convince me to sign up (and said it included synthetic), I find it's only a $20 discount, not free. The rep lied to make the sale and commission. Tried to cancel and found out early cancellation would cost more than keeping it for the rest of the term! Won't renew, and hoping my appliances all need replacement.

George S.
North Palm Beach, FL
May 30 2019 6:32PM

Never buy this warranty. It is nothing but a scam. They will deny your claim. They will will give you the run around. This is a bogus warranty. The first request I made after the 30 day waiting period for my AC unit was denied. I spent over 2 and a half hours on the phone most of which was on hold. They would not let me speak to a supervisor. I was given two email addresses to file a complaint and told I would receive a phone call. This is why Sears is a failing company. I will not buy another thing at Sears. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM SEARS ESPECIALLY A WARRANTY!!!

Dorothy D.
Glen Mills, PA
May 30 2019 4:25PM

We had an issue with our exhaust fan, first service tech came in and looked at it and left, saying they needed to call someone else since he only serviced certain brands and not ours. A week later, a new company service tech arrived, briefly looked at it, said that it may be due to grease but never did take anything apart to look at it. He said that Sears usually settles and will most likely just pay us for a new exhaust hood. We never hear back in a week and then called them to find out that our claim was denied due to lack of maintenance. The technician took his $75 check but for what? He did not take anything apart to even try to see what the problem was. We ended up taking it apart and there was no grease at all that could be seen and it looks like it was a control board which we are getting replaced on our own. We cancelled our service. We have had several home warranty services in the past but we thought we would give Sears a chance but obviously we made a wrong decision. We asked for a refund so lets see what happens.

Michelle M.
Madeira Beach, FL
May 30 2019 2:55PM

Do not, I repeat do not use Sears Warranty plan. Tried scheduling service and the contracted companies didn’t answer phone or didn’t want to do the work. Trying to get the policy cancelled took a long time by phone with an argumentative representative. I repeat stay away from this Sears warranty. They sell you a bill of goods and don’t deliver.

Lisa W.
May 26 2019 9:24PM

Sears Home Warranty program is a scam. I agreed to a 12 month warranty to test if the program was worth investing in. My first service call, on my A/C unit, was a disaster. Their vendor rescheduled the appointment 3 times before showing up to service said A/C. I was then told that I would have to pay two deductibles ($200.00) instead of 1 because only one of my outside A/C was covered! Who just covers one outside unit instead of both? Why would any homeowner just cover one unit if they were told of such by the saleman? When I called to complain, I received three or four versions of why I had to pay two deductibles. Simply put, the salesmen tell you anything to get you to sign up and then Sears under performs from that day forward. Additionally, their is an auto renewal clause on the warranty when I was told there was absolutely no auto renewal clause from the salesman. The telephone employees for Sears are argumentative and must be trained to continue the scam. RUN FROM THIS HOME WARRANTY!

Travis F.
May 26 2019 12:03PM

Do NOT get caught in this scam. Like others, I wish I had read these reviews first. Refrigerator has just gone out for the 7th time. Each time, it takes several days to get someone out. Pause and think of the cost of spoiled food in addition to the inconvenience! After the third time we have been trying to get it replaced under the warranty but keep getting the run around or no call back. How is this even possible from a supposedly trusted name like Sears. Feels more like “Joe’s warranty and Pawn Shop". I am thoroughly disgusted and disappointed. I don’t see anything on here but one stars. How can they have an almost four star rating?

Dawn K.
Marietta, GA
May 25 2019 1:52AM

This is the third bad experience I had with this home warranty plan. Not only do the unprofessional technicians not show up, they lie and say no one answered the door when they never came. They don't call either. After waiting all day and after. 5 or more calls to a company based in a call center in the Philippines while not being able to understand the accent, you finally get a number in the US. After a couple of different stories and on hold for a half hour, someone's tells you that you have to reschedule for a week later. Who can do without a refrigerator for a week!!! I think I am going to look into another home warranty program. Sears name used to mean something but not anymore.

Janice W.
Mckeesport, PA
May 24 2019 4:47PM

It's has been a month now since my dryer was broken. The technician that was scheduled to come and look at it the first time was late. My appointment was between 1 pm and 5 pm and at 5:30 pm now one was here and no one called. A few minutes after 5:30 someone showed up stating that the technician that was schedule to come was running late and so he was just filling in for him. He looked at the dryer and stated that it needed a new motor and blower which he ordered and the following Monday another technician came and installed the blower and motor, but my dryer was still doing the same thing.

I called and reported this and the technician came back a few days later and claimed that it was my timer. He ordered a new timer and came and installed it. The dryer was still doing the same thing. I called again on the same day when the timer was installed and reported that the dryer was still doing the same thing. The representative on the phone informed me that I may have to pay another deductible. They schedule another technician to come out on Monday May 20. The technician came out and he said he needed to order a motor on a rush delivery and he made another appointment for someone to come out on Tuesday the 28th to install the motor. Today is Friday the 24th the motor that was on rush order still hasn't shown up as yet. It has been a month since I am able to use my appliance. I am paying a monthly fee for this service and I can't get the use of my appliance. I have tried calling the 855 256 2467 number several times, asking to speak with a manager. There is never a manager available and no one ever bother to call me. All I am asking for is to be provided with the service I am paying for. If I was to go for a month without paying they would cancel my account. What do I have to do to get my appliance working?

Waldorf, MD
May 24 2019 12:29AM

Don’t waste your money on this warranty. They are horrible at resolving anything. I have been without a dryer for over 3 months. Scheduled repair visits 3 times, twice no tech showed up. Finally a repair man came by. Said he would be back in 1 week with the parts to my dryer. It’s been 2 months and I have not heard from him. I called both repairman and Sears and neither have called me back. When I tried canceling my warranty for no service they tried charging me a cancelation fee. Now I have to wait another 48-72 hrs to hear from a supervisor to try and resolve the issue and find out what is going on.

Alma R.
Salinas, CA
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