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May 23 2019 1:51AM

Stay away from this company. I cannot say enough bad things about it. Run from this company. Everything they do is wrong. They say one thing and do another. They have young kids working there and they treat their customers like their dirt under their feet. Stay away from them. They lied to you. They don’t do it they say. Do not go near them. Do not buy their warranty. I am not kidding.

Sarah D.
Chicago, IL
May 22 2019 11:18PM

I called the Sears out here on the 6th to work on my air conditioning. It's now the 22nd of May the first man came out said my unit was dirty so he cleaned it which I paid for then he told me my unit was fixed. I had to go in the hospital. 45 minutes later when I get home the air was never fixed people my home were so hot it was not funny. Call Sears back, spent 3 hours on the phone with him them trying to set up appointments and giving me service contract numbers and all the people were too hooked up to come out so finally they find a man that did come out to look at it. He says the first man here had turn the valve on the freon and let it all leaked out which would be about $1,200 to fill it steers rejected it because they said it was the first man's responsibility to take care of it. I still don't have no air. The man did say he would come out tomorrow between 9 and 10 which will be on the 23rd of May so Sears hire these people and then if they make a mistake the contractor has to pay for it. I don't know how Sears gets away with all this I talked to the first man they're accusing of doing this and he said that didn't happen but he's still coming out or hopefully I hope he is I don't know how they haven't been sued and my son is talking about doing just that so you better stay away from these people. They I should be locked up.

Phyllis C.
Westerville, OH
May 21 2019 8:56PM

If I could do a zero I would! DO NOT get this home warranty, you will regret it. They tell you what you want to hear but then when it’s time to make a claim, they give you the round around and won’t fix the problem. I never ever write reviews but this how unsatisfied I was. I wish I would have seen the reviews before I bought it. I love buying my appliances at Sears big after this, never again. Goodbye Sears!

Rosanna M.
Los Fresnos, TX
May 15 2019 10:50PM

Stay away from these people! We've been without a refrigerator for close to a month. They came out 4 times, replaced 2 separate parts. The service provider has tried twice to recall the refrigerator as unfixable, however Sears Home Warranty has refused to replace. They are hard to get a hold of, especially once you have a claim in. They are rude and will actually argue with you on the phone trying to find a loophole to get out of repairing the item.

Philip L.
Menlo Park, CA
May 15 2019 1:47AM

I have an awd self propelled mower. I have been trying for two weeks to get it tended too this has been the worst experience I have ever had with Sears they have sent me over 200 miles to places that are closed down or no longer take their warranty plan. The second time they put me on hold while sitting in the closed Sears parking lot. A man named Rowland told me rest assured he would get it tended to either by sending them to my home to fix it or picking it up repairing it in shop our replacing it and that I would hear from dispatch within 24 hrs. I never heard from them I called back on Wednesday and it was like no one had ever spoken to me just kept saying there will be a charge to come get it. And I am thinking should I charge them for sending me to all these closed sears to get it dropped off. Now today called again had to start all over again with the story just to keep telling me I have to pay to have it picked up and being passed around to so many people I could not keep up this has been exhausting and sickening. To think they are just blowing me off. Several people were supposed to call. Not one call yet every appliance in my house has a Sears warranty and I asked them when I renewed my warranty with them if they would be honored. I just want my mower fixed. Quit lying to me and get down or send a new one. Sears you have sincerely disappointed our family and we love Sears.

Evan R.
Friendsville, TN
May 14 2019 9:13PM

I began a warranty contract in 10/18. I've been paying 8 months (69.99) without a claim. I recently required service on 4 plumbing issues. When the plumbers assessed the problems I was told they would have to call Sears to see if my issues were included under my contract. Then, they charged $100 service for nothing. I was told that I would hear from sears or their plumbing company. After 8 days of not hearing anything I called Sears to be told that I had been called on May 9 and was told all claims were denied. That never happened! I was lied to and spent $640 for absolutely nothing. Now, I must pay even more, $163.50 to cancel the contract. They are ripping off people!

May 14 2019 6:14PM

We have had our Sears Home Warranty for several years, only used it once. Recently, we have had a very bad plumbing issue that was an emergency. Sewer water was coming up in our showers and our toilets were not flushing. Sears sent out a plumbing tech 2 days after I put in the service request. This gentleman who works for Patriot Plumbing said the problem was in our "vents" on the roof and he could not take the risk of climbing on our roof and needed to put in a request for a plumber that could do that. We paid him $100 to tell me this. This was a Friday afternoon. By Monday, our sinks and toilets were completely stopped up. I called Sears back, and after calling them back all day long, they finally put in a request to a Marks Plumbing, who never returned my call. I called Sears back. They tried to reach Health's Electric w/ no answer. The Sears representative then stated my service request would need to be passed to the next department so they can try to find someone to come out for us. Knowing we can't continue living like this, I called Daves Plumbing on my own and w/n 1 hour he was at my home and 30 min later my drains were clear. And guess what? It was not my Vents!!! Can you believe that!! lol. Anyway, Sears refused to refund the $100 I paid to Patriots Plumbing. Please DO NOT use Sears Home Warranty!!

Jennifer C.
Yorktown, WV
May 08 2019 5:23PM

People don’t buy appliances in Sears, very bad customer service and technicians never show on time or they don’t want to fix your appliances, seat has scheduled me 3 times for repairs and they never showed on time and one of the technicians didn’t want fix anything because he was not the one that ordered the parts and on top of that he started talking bad about me on the phone not knowing that I did understand everything. Very disappointed with sears I will never buy anything from them. Good thing they are closing most stores.

Lina T.
Orlando, FL
May 07 2019 4:49AM

My ice dispenser shutter stop working so I called to have it repaired. Technician came a week later. He pried open the face plate leaving cosmetic damage. He got to the problem and said the control switch moved and he put it back in position. Six months later same problem. Technician came out again. This time he popped a switch and out came the face plate. Told him what the other technician did and he told me that it comes with experience. He got to the problem and said it’s going to keep happening. Asked if he could put in a new part and he replied even with a new part it’s gonna keep happening. A month passed same problem. Called warranty department and told them it’s time for a replacement. They told me it has to happen 3 times. I told them this is the 3rd time. They said their records only show 1. Apparently the first tech. Did not turn in any service records due to what he did to my fridge. I then told them I still want my fridge serviced and to not send the first tech. I gave them his Id # and told them I want the tech. That came the 2nd time and gave them his Id #. When the tech. Came it was the one that I didn’t want to come. Called to make complaint and was told it was communication error. Then called Sears corporate office and left several messages. Got no reply. Fed up and never going to purchase anything from Sears.

Judy O.
Ewa Beach, HI
May 06 2019 11:32PM

I have been waiting for a month for a follow up to my dishwasher replacement. When I realized how long it's been I called in myself. I was transferred to 3 different people and then hung up on before resolving anything. I called back and I have been on hold for 30 mins. I'm starting to feel like this warranty is a scam. Actually, I am almost certain it is.

Anna C.
Beverly Hills, CA
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