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May 06 2019 3:31PM

Sears Home Warranty is a total fraud. They do not honor their guarantee to replace the appliance if it cannot be repaired. I have been waiting for over six weeks to have my wall oven repaired or replaced. I was told the part was available. When it failed to come in, I was then told it was no longer available, and within 24-72 hours, I would receive a call informing me of my “options to replace the wall oven.” That was nearly two weeks ago, and I still have not heard from them, so it is obvious they lied to me. I have called daily, and will continue to do so until they have the common decency to call to let me know what they plan to do. They have no problem accepting my money each month for this useless service, but DO have a problem with honesty and integrity.

Linda B.
Jonesboro, AR
May 04 2019 7:34PM

A couple of points, this site indicates the the Sears Home Warranty reviews is 3.85 out of 5. I don’t see how that is even possible.. I scanned through the last year of customer reviews and over 90% of the reviewers left one star reviews. The Sears Home Warranty, appears to be a joke, their technicians provide a 4 hour window and never show up. I have had 3 appointment windows with no shows and no one from Sears or the assigned Technician nothing to call me to let me know they are running late. Each time I’ve had to call the response center the person on the phone has been polite, they even seem to know that the technician is running late. BUT WHY THEY CANNOT CALL ME TO LET ME KNOW, is absolutely beyond me. Don’t sign up for this service, don’t waste your money, the level of service is not worth the paper that the contract is written on. Retirement living, please do us all a huge favor, update the overall rating for Sears Home Warranty there is no possible way they are 3.85 stars. Just look at your reviews for the last year.

Mark K.
Auburn, CA
May 02 2019 11:49PM

Please don’t get any business with Sears. It is the worse. They promise me they will fix my washer I paid 5 months for the service, the sent diferente technicians over saying they will fix it. They made me purchase expensive parts to fix it, and they didn’t. But every month they charged me for the service that I didn’t get. After 5 months of wasting time with this company and wasting money, they said they will give me another washer if they can fix it, but obviously they didn’t. Don’t do any business with sears.

Gina P.
Greenville, SC
May 02 2019 2:07PM

I have been a SHW customer for 3-4 years. I hesitate to share my experience publicly, as I have no need or desire to do them harm, but I find no other way to communicate my extreme dissatisfaction. No email address, no forum to go upline. I spent over 3 hours on 11 phone calls to get my HVAC system scheduled for repair. Their phone systems are unwieldy, and there is little ownership in your need as you are bounced around their various departments. I would welcome a conversation with someone in authority, but that seems impossible. Expressed my frustration in their Live Chat, was promised an escalation and a callback, and it never came. Our home is for sale. As quickly as we are in a new home, I’ll shop for a different provider. I love Sears appliances and their technicians are exceptional, but when your repair need requires an outside contractor, the effort to get service scheduled just isn’t worth it. I hate what has happened to Sears and wanted to be loyal to their warranty service, but it seems the same people who drove the company into the ground are now running the Warranty service.

John D.
Hot Springs, AR
April 25 2019 5:08PM

Several months have passed since I Was forced to cancel my Sears home warranty book also serve real bad experiences in a row and the reason I am writing this review today is a result of 100% better service by a competitor home warranty service. I really wonder why or how are you were still in the business After the no hassle Service by your competitor. So your stores are closed All over America. This home warranty service you offer is absolutely no good so as they say caveat emptor. I wrote letters when I head to your telling you how terrible you were And the better taste about sugar lingers in my mind. Bye-bye for sure.

Chales G.
Fayetteville, NC
April 24 2019 4:32AM

ONE STAR IS WAY TO MANY!!! I have the same issues with this "SO CALLED WARRANTY". IVE BEEN PAYING EVERY MONTH SINCE 2015. The 1st repair I needed was for a dishwasher which Sears said they could not fix so I would have to accept the one they offered. It was the cheapest dishwasher WITHOUT the functions of my present one, totally low level brand and mine was a Kitchen Aide which cost 3 times what they replaced it with. My choice was to accept it, accept the check for the amount of the dishwasher they were offering and I could buy the one I wanted by paying the additional cost myself or cancel my warranty but STILL pay the remainder of the present year. WTH??? Horrible choices for me, GREAT for them. I chose to take the check and I added $300 to it to buy the one that still had way less functions and a CHEAP brand name. In February my oven started to not heat at correct temp so the repairman said the same thing, cannot fix it. AGAIN, they offered a $410 GE replacement for my Jenn Aire multifunction, self cleaning wall oven. The cheapest self cleaning wall oven cost over $1,000 ON SALE and for a "like kind" replacement as their warranty calls it cost over $3,000. WHAT A SCAM!!!. I'm cancelling my agreement. SEARS IS NOT THE SEARS THEY BUILT THEIR NAME ON. I have bought only Sears brand appliances for over 50 years. Never again!!!! Shame on Sears.

Kristie J.
HIxson, TN
April 19 2019 4:39PM

Worse home warranty plan ever!! Been waiting 3 weeks for a washing machine repair. Have had it scheduled, and then canceled 4 or 5 times. Always given some lame ** excuse! They don’t even care that I have lost 4 days work waiting on them, and they cancel the day of the scheduled repair. Poor, poor service!

Robert S.
Peoria, AZ
April 18 2019 8:44PM

I been without a fridge for 3 weeks already. I am going to my 5th appointment and my fridge still not working. It is a rip-off. They won’t replace the fridge like the promise in the warranty. So tired of calling and no one since to care about my situation

Elizabeth S.
Pinellas Park, FL
April 18 2019 5:03PM

This is a ripoff company. Don't ever signup for their coverage. They charged me 1200 dollars for a 100$ motherboard and had me signup for their 12 month useless contract. You will find better technicians for a cheaper rate with no contracts. THEY LIE.

Soumi K.
April 18 2019 1:00PM

Read the reviews and DONT waste your time! I’m on the phone now hoping to cancel and get my money back. I don’t even have the energy to write all the mishaps with this service. I’ve made arrangements 4 times to have the washer repaired and have had to reschedule because of parts that didn’t arrive or the company not sending enough technicians, or telling you the wrong date! Insane!!!! Don’t do it!!

Sharleen M.
East Orange, NJ
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