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April 16 2019 10:05PM

Do not waste your money! I have the whole home warranty through Sears. They used to be such a good company, but not anymore. Called on the 2nd for a broken air conditioner. It took a week and a half to get a technician out to look at the air conditioner. When he finally showed up, he said they had a part available, but that the company would try to source a cheaper, used part and that they had to get "approval". It took four days to get "approval" to order the part, and now they are trying to schedule a technician for the 25th. 23 days from the initial call to the "target" date for actually fixing the air conditioner. There must be better companies out there. AND I have been lied to, put on hold, hung up on, and treated like a nuisance instead of a valued customer. Save your money.

Don P.
Phoenix, AZ
April 16 2019 6:11PM

Why didn't I read the reviews???? I thought I made a good decision to purchase this warranty. I could not have been more wrong. I have been out of a clothes washer for three months after having 8 visits and it is still not working. I asked for a buyout and was laughed at. I feel totally ripped off. Don't be a fool and through your money away like I did. Sorrowful and angry in Frisco, Texas.

Dennis B.
Frisco, TX
April 16 2019 5:30PM

I have the home warranty. I called Sears to have someone come out and look at our furnace because it wasn't working 100%. Someone came out and confirmed it was only working at 30% and said they would install another furnace. 2 weeks later we call and they have no record of it. Ok. So, 3 days later our furnace completely dies. Sears then sends another guy out to our house but, he doesn't even work for Sears and he says he can install a new furnace but, it will cost $3,800.00 and he only takes CASH. Excuse me? No, thank you! So, from my experience, Sears is a fraud and I'm paying $70/month for nothing and I still don't have a working furnace

Cynthia H.
Joliet, IL
April 15 2019 5:31PM

To whom it concerns, 'This needs to remedied asap before I file a claim with Better business bureau. On Thursday, April 12th, I filed a claim with your customer service rep. The claim number is: **. The claim was to repair a broken cable that is attached from a garage door to the garage door motor. IT has nothing to do with the motor nor anything electric. On my call with your customer service rep, I could not have been any clearer on the problem. She then assigned the claim to Omega Electric, which I found extremely odd.

However, I explained again what needs to be repaired, and she said they would be able to repair it. I was then told I still needed to contact them to confirm the appt for today the 15th which I did by leaving two separate vm's with them, and yet, no callback. 20 minutes ago, they were here at our house to inform that they do not repair cables, but only electric motors. So, "based on my Sears home warranty agreement", which was their argument, they demanded their $100 deductible. Somebody owes me $100- its either Sears for not informing me that this repair service is not covered, or Omega electric for lying about what's in my sears home warranty and my obligation to pay them even though Sears is at fault. If you want right a wrong, I expect to be re-imbursed for the $100. Otherwise my counter will be to cancel my plan, and pursue other legal means. IN the meantime, we have been forced to stay home since Thursday due to the nature that the garage door cannot be locked in its' present state and therefore inconvenienced by cancelling business travel required this week. I expect a resolution asap since I have to figure out a remedy to this situation.

Gene E.
April 12 2019 9:45PM

Our washing machine broke and we call Sears around March 22 and they came straight out that day and convinced us to sign up for the Sears home warranty. They showed up April 3rd and replaced the motherboard. It didn’t fix the problem, so we call and complain and they just order more parts. Once they came you have to call and schedule an appointment for them to fix it. They aren’t even coming until two more weeks and judging from last time it’s not guaranteed it will be fixed. So we are without a washer all this time and they don’t even know if the parts they ordered this time around are right either. It’s funny how they came straight out the first time to look at it and both times they have the part take weeks to come. Don’t waste your money and get sucked into this contract. Would have just rather bought another washing machine.

Derrick R.
Oakdale, LA
April 11 2019 11:36PM

After waiting from October 2018 until the end of February 2019 to get my freezer fixed, I had the misfortune of having my Kenmore Elite refrigerator fail. I have a Master Protection Agreement but was told today, April 11, 2019 that a technician would not be available until the afternoon of April 25, 2019. According to Sears, this was not an emergency nor did my protection agreement include a rental nor an offer to have repairs done by an outside company. After speaking with four people at Sears and weighing four different opinions/options, I decided to get a repair service from a non-Sears company. Repair is scheduled for 9:00 to 11:00 tomorrow and may 700 to 900.00.

Peggy A.
Carson, CA
April 11 2019 2:22PM

I have a hold home warranty and they want to give me an appointment 2 weeks after I call because they don't have any service techs in MI. They can't honor their warranty work. SO DO NOT purchase. I am on the phone with them again right now speaking to "corporate office". Same people they have transferred me to 5 different people that all tell me they can't help me. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. They have no managers or supervisors that will come to the phone. IF anyone from sears reads this call me!!!

Kimberely B.
Muskegon, MI
April 10 2019 5:35PM

Similar experience to other reviews. Dishwasher has been broken for almost 3 months now. On the initial visit the provider recommended replacing the unit and was told that they would need to try and fix it. 3 months later and several visits, we continue to not have a dishwasher. For the cost of the plan, we would have been better off not paying for the Sears Home Warranty and buying a new dishwasher from a more reliable company.

Lindsay M.
Orange County, CA
April 09 2019 12:14AM

What a scam. I called an made an appointment for two appliances, they sent out two different repair men. Ok not a big deal. The first guy came and told me what was wrong, he told me if I signed up for home warranty that I would get 50%off and 25% off on the other Appliance today. So I signed up for the contract. Second guy Shows up, tells me, "what’s wrong?" I said ok and told him I get 25% off the bill today for signing up. He told me NO. I made him call his manager so I could speak to him. He told the repair guy that I was right. So he ask me for a Coupon code which I didn’t have one. Well after a lot of yelling and throwing him outta my house I was told I had to pay 129ish for a service call. Told them I wasn’t paying anything since everyone in sear doesn’t know how to do their job. I was told that I had to wait 24 hours for the contract to be approved and I was never told that in the first place when I signed up, and then I had to wait 30 days for a new service call. I called a local repair service. It will cost me $75 for the service call and if I have it repaired that will wave the $ 75. Oh and I have to wait 24 hours to cancel my contact with sears.. this is the reason I NEVER buy anything for Sears anymore.

Dawn F.
Howard Beach, SELECT A STATE
April 05 2019 11:13PM

Absolutely terrible do not get Sears Home Warranty!!! I have been trying to get my dryer fixed for 4 months, each time they come out they do not get it fixed. It takes two visits each time, once to look at it and order the parts, the next supposedly to fix it. However, they did not install the parts, then came out again and couldn't find the parts in his vehicle, so another time off work wasted. Still not fixed; I have taken several hours off work as they will not come in the evenings or on a Saturday. This is the WORST COMPANY EVER do not sign up with them. I have spent countless hours on the phone, and you just get transferred from person to person and then eventually disconnected. They also damaged my dryer and they have a separate company for these claims called Sedgwick, however they do not get back to you either. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Darla H.
Sioux Falls, SD
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