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March 14 2019 11:02AM

I am very frustrated with my Sears Home Warranty plan. The customer service center for home repair visits is in the Philippines! When a Sears repairman fails to show-up, which has happened to me several times in the last two months, there is absolutely no way to contact to local repair dispatcher or repairman for information. This week I waited for four hours for my repair person. When they didn’t show up, I called the Sears Customer Service Center. Being in the Philippines, they had absolutely no information from my local service provider as to why my repair man was a no show. They refused to call or to allow me to call the local dispatcher for information. Instead they sent a message to the serviceman to call before arrival, I was advised to wait at home for two and a half more hours after my scheduled repair window. In order to do so I had to leave my daughter stranded in town, because I couldn’t leave home to pick her up. Two a half hours pass and still no one showed up. I called the Philippines again and was told that the repairman stated “Not home” as the reason he didn’t show up. I was home for over 6.5 hours waiting for the repairman, who never tried to contact me by phone once during the day to tell me when he was going to arrive or that he was there. If Sears thinks that good customer service for local repairs can be conducted from a service center half way around the world with no real time contact with the local repair agency, then they are sadly mistaken.

Karla L.
New Lebanon, NY
March 13 2019 6:16PM

My seller was not bad but seemed he did not have all his info in front of him such as my account validity. He wasn't aware if we had a Sears credit card and seemed to be shifting towards not caring to check if I didn't want to hold. He did check but it just seems there is an independent company handling Sear warranty's with no access So everything went fine after that... until... I asked him to email and he did. When I printed this warranty exclusions which is normal and ( Including Arbitration Clause) which then meant I have no recourse to litigation. Probably not necessary Sears has always been Solid. I pressed print and low and behold I received a SIXTEEN PAGE DOCUMENT. Now my printer is low on ink. I am not happy.

Rosa L.
Eight Mile, AL
March 10 2019 1:19AM

SEARS HOME WARRANTY We have not been successful in obtaining satisfaction with services provided by a company called SEARS HOME WARRANTY. I called them on yesterday due to problems with our furnace. It was working when they arrived but, it would only run on high. I had called them the previous week because it had shut down during a really cold period. They told me at that time that they could not come until March 5th. Due to my husband's illness and the extreme cold, I called another company who came and got it running. I called Sears Home Warranty back as the other company cited several problems. However, the furnace was working albeit only on high. I called Sears letting them know that I was having problems. They gave me an appointment for March 8. They came out, I told them the furnace would only work on high. They said they checked the system and found no problems. However, I discovered when they left, the system would not come on. I called Sears today explained what happened. The lady stated she would waive service fee for someone else to come. I called the provider to discover fee not waived. Called Sears back and asked to speak to someone who can address the issue, customer services transferred me knowing that office was closed. This story will continue but this definitely not a good look for SEARS HOME WARRANTY SERVICES. I will keep you posted as when I see something, I will say something!

Jack H.
March 09 2019 4:25PM

I have never experienced such pathetic lack of service from Sears. I called in on Thursday for a leaking hot water heater. I have spoken to at least eight people from Sears regarding this job. They sent the job to someone who doesn’t work on hot water heaters. I called back yesterday morning. They would ‘expedite ‘ the case. Saturday morning now. I called back, having hear nothing from them. Spoke to supervisor named Sharon. Nothing much to offer me except that she will have them expedite this case. It could take another FORTY EIGHT hours.

Hasmukhben A.
Winnetka, CA
March 09 2019 3:30PM

I spent over $7000 at the Burlington, MA store for appliances in the summer of 2017. (The sales rep assured me Sears would not be closing its Burlington Store--it closed less than a year later.) Sears held the appliances until Dec. 17 until Dec. when the kitchen was completed and delivered them late Dec. 2017. Each appliance was Elite--top of the line. I have had problems first with the microwave after 8 mos of use was told the warranty had run out since I purchased the appliances in July 2017 even though I had used the microwave for only 9 mos. Worse, the dishwasher failed this January, 2019. Sears Service referred a repairman to check it--$100.00 for the visit... He said the console was gone and would cost $489 to repair--meanwhile trying to sell me a Sears Warranty for all of the appliances ($800+) (for appliances which will probably be ready for the junk heap soon as well.) He never mentioned that there was a warranty on the part--even though I told him the machine had lasted only one year. I declined the repair as I wanted to check on the warranty.

I immediately called Sears to check on the warranty as the Kenmore Dishwasher Appliance book states there is a two-year warranty on parts for my Elite Kenmore dishwasher. I was referred finally to the Warranty Department whose rep told me the only way to see if the warranty was valid was to have the repairman come back for another $100.00 dollars! --Even though I had just quoted from the Kenmore dishwasher manual and had supplied all model and serial numbers for the machine. Outrageous and illogical! I tried connecting with other Sears customer service reps (all in the Philippines--none local or even in the US) who were of no help whatsoever. What kind of a company is this!

Patricia C.
Winchester, MA
March 08 2019 9:26PM

I have had every single service completed on time and all for the deductibles $100 each for 2018. Water heater replaced. Garbage disposal replaced. Kitchen faucet replaced. Stove controls replaced. Refrigerator lights replaced. Shower/tub valve faucet replaced. Never a problem. Turner Plumbing. Sears Home Appliance repair teams. All were pros. Jacksonville Florida.

March 08 2019 6:29PM

Washer repair It took a week to get an appointment. Then it took a week for the parts to come. No show on the repair person for the scheduled date to put parts in. Customer service is in the Philippines and after several calls I’m still sitting on 3 weeks of dirty laundry.

Sandi C.
Eatonton, GA
March 08 2019 4:01PM

Worst thing I ever did. Horrible time setting up service, the tech guys were always good, But the company is terrible. I was told there was no charge to cancel the service plan, then when I tried there was an unreasonable fee. Just don't do it.

Earl C.
February 28 2019 4:15PM

Ridiculous Warranty. They don't show up, don't call back and don't follow up all they do is send a bill! I don't know about any other warranty service but don't waste your time or money with Sears. They simply don't do as advertised at all.

Samuel K.
Merrill, MI
February 26 2019 1:53AM

I tried for approx 3 months to get my washer repaired properly. I finally gave up and bought my washer myself. This policy is worthless. I’ve never experienced incompetence at this level. First you deal with a cross Country who handles all claims. Forget getting anything from Sears it’s like they went Ghost. The warranty company makes appts that are not kept and then when you get a part it’s refurbished. I even took to Twitter in hopes of reaching Sears !! I did get a customer service representative who promised to help but did not. I’m demanding all moneys I’ve paid to them. The broke part should not count as a service... I am so disgusted I can’t even find words. They are not the Sears we use to know.

Cindy H.
Columbus, MS
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