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February 19 2019 4:54PM

Mid December 2018 my Samsung dishwasher quit running. We have Sears Home Warranty. No problem? Think again. After 4 repair attempts in mid January the warranty folks offered me a “buyout” for $400 less than I paid for the dishwasher or a replacement dishwasher (GE no color match). I took the buyout offer since their offer was “take it or hire an attorney”. That conversation occurred on 1/21/19 a I was told I would receive a check in about ten days. It is now 2/19/19 and no check. What a cruel joke on the consumer. And I still don’t have a working dishwasher.

Michael O.
Seminole, FL
February 18 2019 1:30AM

I got depressed with this company. Poor technician and customer service attention. They just stole my money, my time and got me sick, I'm preparing to take they to court, doesnt matter of I lost more time but, this kind of companies have to be outside of market. I hotel my insurance with them and make me lost my time for 6 months living appointments that some time have been canceled without advice, then when technicians come around 6 yo 7 un 6 months they where different each time just come, Open my refrigerator, order a piece that never been used around 5 pieces, at least my insurance expired and they charge 2 more month without my permission, but they said to me can't show up no more in home because insurance expired. When they stole charging IT, just said "sorry" and nobody take any responsibility. So bad.

Bustamante A.
Reseda, CA
February 12 2019 4:25PM

Having a Sears home warranty was in the past worth the money, but now it seems to only serve to take the customers money and not fulfill even the basics of its plan. I have been trying for a month now to get my electric dryer repaired. Repairmen have come to my house 4 times with 4 different reasons why my dryer will not work. Most often when I call to find out the status of my repair they put me on hold after listening to my complaint then in 4 or 5 minutes they hang up rather than speaking to me. It is very frustrating and I am cancelling the plan and going with some other warranty plan rather than keep using Sears.

John H.
Ambler, PA
February 11 2019 11:30PM

I have had the sears plan for almost 2 years with good reports, but on Jan 30, 2019 I called for service, promptly came out ordered a part that came to our house the following Wed on Feb the 6th. Called a got a serviceman to come on Thursday the 7th. They repaired and said to wait 24 to 48 hours for fridge to start cooling. Called on Friday and started a run around. I have been hung up on, lied to and transferred so many times. Asked to talk to a supervisor and was put on hold for 35 minutes only to come back and tell me there was none available but she left a message for on to call me back. That was early this morning and it is now 630 in the evening. My husband has 4 months of insulin that needs to be in refrigerated. They keep saying we medical preference but no one has called. I am in my 15th day with no fridge. All I want at this time is a repairman. But please if you are considering a warranty plan DO NOT GO with Sears plan. The calls to them and their responses just today are so hideous and I cannot write them all down. We lost most of our food that was in the freezer and all that was in the fridge. One interesting experience on Saturday while I was on the phone with a lady, I received an email confirming an appt, 16 minutes later and email came thru cancelling it with no explanation. My husband have a heart condition as well as being a diabetic.

Erma K.
Tallmadge, OH
February 11 2019 5:47PM

I was unable to get service to my refrigerator which was a simple part that needed to be replaced. I called for services for this part for months each time I got a run around and that someone would call me. I had been trying for 4 months to get service and finally cancelled my membership. I asked them to reimburse me back to when I first called to get service and they flat out refused. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE customer service and basically stole my money.

Ronda B.
February 10 2019 8:06PM

Absolutely the WORST appliance warranty service ever. This company is a disgrace. We have a Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator that cost almost $3000 barely 2 years old. First it was a bad ice maker. That repair was done ok. Then in November of 2018 the refrigerator was not cooling properly. It is February of 2019 and we still don't have a functioning refrigerator. 2 cancelled appointments (by Sears), one missed appointment (by Sears) 5 service calls with no results, wrong parts sent. Just about every part of the machinery in this refrigerator will have been replaced. It takes two to four weeks to get a service person out. We got so frustrated we purchased a new refrigerator. Sears Warranty people say sorry, nothing we can do about it. Read your contract. Too bad for you.

Robert I.
Myrtle Beach, SC
February 10 2019 4:12PM

BUYER BEWARE!!! I purchased this warranty after a "service" was done on my dishwasher that was not draining. The first technician replaced a small plastic part and tested it, machine drained and called it day. Well a week later, it stopped working after 10-15 minutes into the cycle. Once again, had another technician come in and now he claims it's because when the other technician pushed the dishwasher back, a "line" got twisted. Fixed it, tested it and once again called it a day. Mind you everytime this happens, I had to take time off to work and the second time he was 2.5 hrs late when I was told he was about 25 mins away. So once again, the machine was not working after 2 uses. This time, nothing was available for at least 2 weeks and when I rebooked, it got booked as a new order, new year, which I promptly asked the customer service rep that it should still be under recall as it should have been under the 90 day warranty on the original service. Not my fault that they cannot send anybody earlier. Once again, I have to take time off due to the fact that when I informed the technician that my daughter will be in to let him in, he wanted to know if she can pay the $75 deductible.

I reminded him that this is not a new service but a recall on an previous one. He claims that nobody told him and that there is no record of it in the system. I rushed off after telling my boss I need to be home and there was this tech trying to tell my clueless daughter that it's because we do not have an airgap, which I promptly pointed out to him. Then he claimed, our sink was the problem and that we have a back up. I pointed out to him then if that is the case, then why are we able to wash our dishes in the sink. Then he called his office but he needed to talk to them outside because if the reception. I should have followed him to listen as when he came back it now became a drainage issue in my house. There is another sink in the kitchen, another dishwasher downstairs, 2 washing machines and all 3 bathrooms have not shown any "drainage" issue but now he refuses to continue unless I have the sink fixed. I refused to sign anything and called customer service who I asked to speak to a supervisor.

Of course she infuriated me by coming up with a delaying tactic of trying to help me. Mind you, this was after I got disconnected 4 times. I was finally promised that a supervisor will call me back the next day, Friday and she even gave me an option on time. Of course, no call. Someone tried to call on a Saturday and left a message that it is a drainage issue in my house per technician report so there nothing they can do until I fixed that. When I tried calling 5 minutes after the call, of course, their office is closed. I will pursue a refund on my money even though I know it will be a pain. IN MY OPINION, THIS IS A SCAM AS I AM DOUBTFUL OF THE 4 STAR RATING BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE AND THE FEEDBACK FROM OTHERS.

Lilian B.
February 10 2019 12:39PM

This is a scam they are running. They do not simply honor the warranty. Total wastage of money. My water heater started leaking after the 40 days of service and they said it is an existing condition. When I complained to their customer service how can a leak be existing condition as it will result in a flood in more than 40 days of leaking. They told me to get a second opinion. I got a second HVAC company and gave in writing that the leak cannot be more than 2 to 3 days. But Sears refused anyway. The two months premium and two HVAC visits cost me $300.

A R.
February 07 2019 4:59PM

It's basically a scam, not worth it at all! We were told they could fix multiple things in one visit-lie. We were told upon signing up we could cancel at any time, with only a $25 fee-lie. In the 4 months we had the warranty we only had our ice maker replaced (again because you could only do one service at a time) so we decided it was not worth it. Called to cancel & either have to pay that service in full or pay the entire year! Such a RIP off!

February 05 2019 4:04PM

I'm amazed this site show 4 stars. I have been absolutely ripped off by Sears. Shame on anyone who would promote a Sears Home Warranty. It's Been a nightmare! I bought the Warranty for all my appliances, now they say it only covers my fridge. I'm stuck in this contract for 10 more months.

James N.
Nashville, TN
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