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January 16 2019 7:35PM

Water heater broke. Patel Plumbing came out on Jan 8th. As of today, I am still waiting for the installation of this water heater. And during this time, I do not have hot water. THE WORST WARRANTY COMPANY EVER!!!

Olga C.
January 16 2019 5:05PM

I would also give no stars, I would actually give a -100. Same experience, been trying for over a year to get furnace fixed, takes 3 weeks to get appts., have to call back because not fixed, then another 3 weeks, etc. I would be interested in class action lawsuit if there were one. Been paying for this plan for over 25 years, no claims until trying to get it fixed since January 2018, could have purchased a new furnace by now. No wonder Sears is going down. I agree that it is a scam, don't purchase one!!!!!

January 12 2019 12:06AM

This company and their service reps are all joke. Signed up for the service due to the tech who came to our house, who by the way took a dump and clogged our toilet. I didn't know abt it until later... He was very pushy, so I signed up to get rid of him. Sounded like a decent plan, so why not. Tech never fixed the issue, had to have another person come the next week to fix the original issue with my washer. This tech told me the previous guy was not a good employee... pretty strange thing to say about your co-worker. We are not using the product, so I called to cancel... This is where all goes to hell. It took me 3 calls, each over an hour wait and multiple transfers to get to an actual person.... then that person can't help and need to transfer me... I'm still on hold while I write this review. All I want to do is cancel this stupid useless plan. No one seem to care after they sign you up for the monthly program to charge you automatically. Terrible service, don't get fooled people to sign up for this trap.

Yuki B.
January 11 2019 10:59PM

I HOPE THE NEXT PERSON READING REVIEWS KEEPS READING UNTIL SHE/HE GETS TO MINE: You need to know 2 things if considering buying a Sears Protection Plan, or of you now have one (so sorry!) Here they are. (1) Sears has neatly built in a huge buffer between its customers and its customer service for Warranty Protection Plan repairs by outsourcing their repair scheduling a year ago to Philippines. So since then when you call to schedule a repair appointment, they can't immediately help, like the good old Sears did, until they look up available dates online & any inquiry you have they can't answer?

They are paid to just "thank you for being the best part of Sears" ( joke, who would not call you that for paying that company tons of $ in only hopes of getting service or "I apologize for your inconvenience". Please, someone pierce both my eardrums!) So they email your request to Repair Techs Division that's back in the States, wait for their answer & let you know but more likely, they list say that information is not available to them. They are masters at the apology and poor-to-none on the follow-through. (2) The Protection Agreement (by the way it exists to protect Sears & not you the customer because you have given them money to exercise any loophole they find within terms of their agreement to keep you from receiving any satisfaction from buying your appliance from Sears instead of from an appliance store, Lowes or Home Depot) states Sears will REPAIR OR REPLACE the appliance; however, the key to this is: There must COMPLETED REPAIR VISITS on the problem for the appliance to qualify for replacement. In my case, today is 1/11/19 and I have been waiting for either repair or replacement of my Whirlpool dishwasher since 9/2/18.

After a Sears repair tech visited, diagnosed, ordered parts that arrived mid-Sep Sears rescheduled my 10/18 appt to 11/26, then cancelled on 11/25 due them noticing all of the parts not available from Whirlpool & on that date they reordered the parts so Sears rescheduled my 11/26 appt to Dec 3 & said tech will bring parts from local Sears parts source; tech arrived Dec 3 appt & did not bring any parts so no repair was made & from my kitchen, he ordered parts again & he said I should demand a full appliance replacement. (Not making this up!) Then Sears gave me the Jan.11, 2019 repair date. Now, today, Jan 11, at 10 AM while I waited for the tech to arrive, Sears has sent me a text cancelling my repair appt & when I called they gave me appt for Feb 1. That will be 6 months waiting for a simple door switch repair covered under their Protection Plan. Last Nov. I went to Sears local parts store in Richmond, Va, near me & the parking lot had at least a dozen A&E Appliance Repair Van's sitting there. Sears controls both elements essential to completing their end of the repair: parts and repair/repair techs. Sears is obliged to provide these items as they go directly to the spirit of the contract. Customers who have paid for the Protection Plan have contractual rights.

Sears is aware even at the level where the repair techs and parts are that as long as they can inject a delay in the process either by not providing parts or the repair techs to the customers- area of need, they can effectively delay their obligation to deliver under the Protection Plan contract. This was proven to me in Nov when I called Warranty Protection division & asked for an appliance replacement & was told to qualify THERE NEEDS TO BE RECORDS OF COMPLETED SERVICE CALLS ON THE APPLIANCE FOR IT TO QUALIFY SO SINCE THEY HAVE NOT COMPLETED THEIR SERVICE CALLS ON MY DISHWASHER. I pointed out that the uncompleted apts have been due TO THEIR INABILITY TO PROVIDE PARTS AND REPAIR TECHS. The customer service rep said "I apologize for your inconvenience. There's nothing I can do." 2 weeks later Sears mailed me a $50 check. But no repair & no replacement dishwasher for me. I just paid $2k+ for my major appliances coverage for 3 yrs. on 6/17/2018. They sent me authorization for renting a dishwasher, however I will have to get a plumber to change my faucet to allow it to attach to the portable one's hose. Not going to happen, just like the repair. My complaint is but one of many like it. Is there no interest in a class action suit to stop them?

Nancy A.
January 08 2019 1:38AM

Was supposed to fix my refrigerator on Thursday January 3 between 3-5. Never showed up. Call them at 5. They reschedule the appointment for January 9. Mind you l have no refrigerator. Only pressured into warranty because they stated they would be out next day. Called Thursday night, cancelled appointment and warranty. Oh they could not hear me. Transferred me to 4 different people, called Friday. Same run around. Finally got to talk to someone Monday January 7, stayed on hold for a hour, talked to someone. Said she will cancel it. Do not purchase this. It's a bunch of mess and messy people l thought Sears was a reliable. Wrong. Do not buy this. l also going on social media and spread the word. Not out of business yet but you sure need to be fraud and fraudulent. Messy. Ask for rating 0. You should add that after 1.

Phyllis M.
January 07 2019 3:29PM

I've been paying for Sears Home Warranty for over a year now. The first time I called them for a plumbing leak, they sent someone over and he wouldn't fix it as he said he didn't have access to get behind the sink. I paid $100 and they didn't do anything about it. I called an independent service person who fixed it for $70. In July, I called for a broken garbage compressor. Since then, I have called them over 9 times, 7 emails and corresponded with their service provider. They used 3 different service providers to fix it. The last person told me that his recommendation was to replace the unit, but Sears didn't want to do that. They gave me the run around again and again and 6 months later, I still don't have it fixed. I cancelled my service plan and had to decide if it's worthwhile to take them to small claims court or not. I hate to waste my time in court. I got their service for the peace of mind and it's been nothing but disaster and simply put a scam. I recommend staying away from Sears Home Warranty based on my experience.

Armin E.
January 06 2019 2:10PM

I have had 2 claims made within the past year. One was our AC unit. It stopped working. Technician came out and said it was working but the unit was too small for the house (it is a 3 year old unit). Paid for a second opinion and a diagnosis was made within 10 minutes. Rescheduled with Sears telling them what my independent technician found. They sent the same technician out who said that he couldn't do repairs based on someone else's findings and that our AC was fine (92 degrees in the house). Paid $500 to the other company to fix my AC and it worked fine for the rest of the summer. I have placed 6 claims on my refrigerator for the same problem. Each time the technicians come out and fix the problem, only to have the same issue pop up a few weeks later. I asked if they could please just compensate me by giving me a discount on a new fridge (mine is 20 years old, so I wasn't asking for a new fridge for free) and was told that as long as they can continue to fix the problem, they wont replace it. Meanwhile, I am out hundreds of dollars on a regular basis because my fridge keeps breaking.

Teresa H.
January 04 2019 8:22PM

I have been charged for a sears home warranty plan that I never ordered. I have tried to contact customer service for hours. They put a robot computer on the phone, they put you on hold and you wait for hours. I have tried to stop payments through my bank, all they tell me is that Sears has to stop the automatic payments. I have tried to contact the home warranty department, they answer right away but then as soon as they realize you are calling to cancel, they switch you to the home warranty department, where you will sit "until the next call is taken in the order it was received." It is no wonder sears is going out of business.

MaryAnn L.
January 03 2019 2:34AM

There are no words to describe the scam. The service is horrible. No one takes responsibility. I have been 2 months without a dishwasher. Still no solution in sight. Can’t understand the phone calls, don’t keep appointments, no one cares. Waste of money and time. Don’t buy into this. It’s awful. A waste.

Eugenia E.
December 27 2018 10:16PM

I tried my best not to have to come to your page and speak about an ongoing experience. My mother is 78yrs old and has been without heat for over a week now. She has spoke with people, I have spoke with people. They have sent people to her house without calling after they said they would come in a certain time frame. They sent someone a second time and the person was unprofessional (he was jumping on her attic stairs to come out of the attic instead of walking down them the proper way, he was in the restroom on the phone, he didnt give her a card or any papers stating he came, he said he would come back 3 days later after he ordered a part (he didnt show) my mother called him and he said he was off on the day he was to come back. Another man came out, he did represent himself well, he said he would send the paperwork in to see if they wanted to replace the unit or the part and someone would call back, no one ever called, so we called back and there has been a runaround every since.

My mother has paid the copay and still NOTHING! No one seems to know nothing except someone will call you back and THEY NEVER DO!!! Now the line being used is someone will call you within 24 to 48 hours!! You didnt wait 24 to 48 hours to take her money did you?? An elderly lady should NEVER have to sit in cold for as long as my mother has, using space heaters, when she is doing EVERYTHING you have asked of her! I would really appreciate it if someone would contact her and give her some concrete information. This has gone on long enough... This will not be the last of me speaking about this! This is my mother I am speaking about and it hurts my heart to know that she is giving money and not getting the service she deserves!!!

Tonia D.
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