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February 04 2019 5:04PM

Really should be a ZERO. Absolutely horrible service. So sad that I did not read the above reviews prior to signing up. Washing machine broke Jan 3. Repairman showed Jan 8 Since then we are just sitting and waiting. According to the senior supervisors we spoke with, our repair info is in research. Whatever that means. Research. Still going on for practically one month. No end in sight. We are being held captive because we cannot get an answer or results. Time to call the news and tv stations. This is almost fraud.

Terry K.
Setauket, NY
February 04 2019 4:39PM

Needed a heater repair in the evening and when I called was told there was no offices in my area within their network. So I gave them the vendor I use on a regular basis, to include a phone number within the same area code. Was told I would get a call back from dispatch... Meanwhile my house is cold and no call back from dispatch. Next morning I call and the status is the same, waiting on dispatch to find a vendor. I reminded them that I gave them vendor information. Waited another day (luckily a friend fixed my heater but what am I paying Sears for?) gave up, called Sears to speak with a supervisor, waited 4 days for a callback and never got one. Then I called and waited 20 minutes to get to membership to cancel my contract. The only professional response I got was from the guy in membership. And he is refunding me some money. Hey Sears management.... wait was I paying you for if I could not get anything done? Very poor service and I would never recommend Sears warranty to anyone.

Bradford P.
Sierra Vista, AZ
February 01 2019 10:23PM

Tried to get my furnace fixed and they sent 3 different repairmen out before they decided to just get me a new one. They replace my nice furnace with a real cheap one and they didn't install it correctly and when calling All Temperature Controls to come out and fix the furnace they put it for Sears, he told me off and said he would come and take the whole furnace out. I then told Sears I didn't want the same person since he threatened me and they didn't send anyone out so I hired the same repairman they had sent out before and paid him and then Sears would not pay me back. I would not have this warranty program again.

Catherine P.
February 01 2019 7:37PM

I have paid into this plan for 17 months and went to cancel and they charged me $95. I was told when I signed up I could cancel at any time. If you have more than one appliance that needs a repair, they will charge you for each appliance separately even though they are already there and it is a simple fix to work on the second appliance. Also, the contract reads that after 3 visits and the unit is not repaired, you may request a replacement. After 6 visits in which a fee was charged each time, we were still not allowed a replacement so we just went and bought one. For the $80 service fee and six visits, we could have just bought a new one in the first place. One time the repairman came out and looked at it and said nothing was wrong so my husband took our dishwasher apart and fixed it himself. Also, they will only give you an 8 hour window instead of a 4 hour window for a visit so I have to take the entire day off work. NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!! AND BEWARE if you want to cancel.

Cynthia P.
Champaign, IL
January 31 2019 8:04PM

Wish I had read this reviews before signing up home appliances maintenance plan. My refrigerator is not working since Sep 2018 and they fixed it but same problem again in Dec 2018. It’s last day of January 2019 and I am still waiting for a part to arrive. No communication from Sears for ETA on part.

Sue T.
Naperville, IL
January 30 2019 10:09PM

Sears has two ways of handling their warranty service. If you do not have a warranty (therefore will pay) they will put you in the front of the line. If you bought a warranty (they already have your money) you go to the back of the service line. If you don't believe me check for yourself: schedule an online appointment for a non-warrantied service. Record the date and then call the warranty line, ask for the same thing and see what date they give you. Warranty customers are totally shafted by Sears. It is a shameful practice and should be illegal.

Todd M.
Frisco, TX
January 30 2019 6:22PM

This Sears Appliance repair contract is a big rip-off! Buyer beware!!! You are promised prompt expert repair when you sign up, but that is NOT WHAT YOU GET! So for the second time this year I called to see if I could get a technician to service my refrigerator since the ice maker wasn’t putting out ice. I did pull my manual out before I called and went through the troubleshooting the best I could. Because of a medical issue I am using a cane to walk and walking/standing is horribly painful. (Earlier this year it was a different refrigerator issue which I did end up resolving myself since it was going to be over a week before someone could get here) I told them today that I needed ice for my foot because of a medical issue. I also said to please make this an emergency or ASAP appointment. “I understand” First they asked if I had pulled out the ice maker to see if it was jammed.

What? I just told you I can barely walk! “Yes, I understand”. There is no way I could wrestle the darn ice maker out!!! “Sorry, Yes, I understand”. Then the guy asked if there was someone I knew who could do this for me! Again, what? I told him no one wants to work on someone else’s major appliance for fear that something could go wrong or break. I also did not want “someone” to break something, avoid my darn Service contract. “Yes, I understand.” Well, because mine was an ‘emergency situation’ they could send someone out in a week! Aren’t they kind? A whole week! As you can see, and like someone posted earlier, I got a lot of “I understand”, “Yes, sorry, I understand”. And at the end of the phone call he tried to sign me up for a free estimate for home improvements. No way I will Renege this contract or sign up for anything from these people again.

Pattie W.
Monterey, CA
January 30 2019 3:48PM

I have a Sears “warranty”. My washer needed repairing. They agreed to the repair and have now cancelled four appointments (after I waited four hours for each appointment). Each time you have to go through a hellish process to reschedule the appointment which is two weeks from the original appointment. We have now been two months without a washing machine in our family (with three small children). It has been a nightmare and no one at the company cares. Would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation to simply go buy a new washing machine.

Jason K.
Greenville, SC
January 25 2019 3:15AM

-100!! I think these people are in the business Of ripping us off!!! I've had the same difficulties as many of the other really BAD reviews. I don't understand how they are still rated a 3??? I waited four months over the Holidays for a washing machine repair. There is a bolt on the bottom of the tub that had "frozen up, and wouldn't allow washer to spin". The repairman who came at the beginning of the 4 month wait said if he Couldn't free up the bolt, it couldn't be fixed. After 4 months worth of making 5 appointments that were all "No Shows", The repair company said that they couldn't free the bolt, so I would just have to buy a new one, as they don't cover the tub in a washing machine!!! ARE YOU KIDDING??? THEY DONT COVER THE MAIN PART OF A WASHING MACHINE??? Same problems with our heat pump.

After several weeks of waiting, they send a letter saying they can't find a service provider in our area, so we can call our own. (I learned that all service companies in four nearby counties WON'T work with them because they dont get paid!!) Long story short, we followed their many "procedures"(stalling) & they authorized the replacement, but only paid me back $2000.00 out of $8000.00 of the repair they authorized!! I can't get anywhere with them. I'm going to have to call Jesse @King 5 news, who addresses consumer issues. I too want to be included in any future Class Action Suit.

Renae B.
Toledo, WA
January 23 2019 4:01PM

I wish I would have read the reviews first. All of them are true. Our water heater went out 3 days ago. Our call was marked "emergency". The local plumber was out the next day to take the deductible, pictures and report back to the Cross County Warranty Co (which underwrites SEARS). He called us the next day to report Cross County would not pay the $58 difference for him to put in a water heater but they wanted to ship one to him... scheduled to arrive 4 days from now (being a weekend, probably won't have hot water for a week). THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE... but when you call in and even talk to a supervisor, "they understand" but can't do a thing about it or CARE to do a thing about it. WE will NEVER sign with this Home Warranty Co again. Other Home warranty companies have been exceptional to take care of our needs.

Marci C.
Show Low, AZ
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