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January 03 2019 2:34AM

There are no words to describe the scam. The service is horrible. No one takes responsibility. I have been 2 months without a dishwasher. Still no solution in sight. Can’t understand the phone calls, don’t keep appointments, no one cares. Waste of money and time. Don’t buy into this. It’s awful. A waste.

Eugenia E.
December 27 2018 10:16PM

I tried my best not to have to come to your page and speak about an ongoing experience. My mother is 78yrs old and has been without heat for over a week now. She has spoke with people, I have spoke with people. They have sent people to her house without calling after they said they would come in a certain time frame. They sent someone a second time and the person was unprofessional (he was jumping on her attic stairs to come out of the attic instead of walking down them the proper way, he was in the restroom on the phone, he didnt give her a card or any papers stating he came, he said he would come back 3 days later after he ordered a part (he didnt show) my mother called him and he said he was off on the day he was to come back. Another man came out, he did represent himself well, he said he would send the paperwork in to see if they wanted to replace the unit or the part and someone would call back, no one ever called, so we called back and there has been a runaround every since.

My mother has paid the copay and still NOTHING! No one seems to know nothing except someone will call you back and THEY NEVER DO!!! Now the line being used is someone will call you within 24 to 48 hours!! You didnt wait 24 to 48 hours to take her money did you?? An elderly lady should NEVER have to sit in cold for as long as my mother has, using space heaters, when she is doing EVERYTHING you have asked of her! I would really appreciate it if someone would contact her and give her some concrete information. This has gone on long enough... This will not be the last of me speaking about this! This is my mother I am speaking about and it hurts my heart to know that she is giving money and not getting the service she deserves!!!

Tonia D.
December 27 2018 6:42PM

Today is December 27, 2018. I have been without my over the stove microwave and dishwasher since September. After four service calls on each appliance, they still are not working. Today I called to cancel the warranty and I am being charged $239.56 for some reason I am still not clear on. Now I have to look for a repair service for my microwave and dishwasher. After everything that has gone on, maybe I should just buy new. Do not, I repeat do not get involved with this warranty service.

Donna J.
December 22 2018 9:03PM

A placed an appointment for a fridge. An independent contractor came by and said, “fridge was too dirty to work on" didn’t do anything and I ended up buying a new one. A couple of months later I called them about a non working range. Another contractor came by and said that “the igniters had been touched by someone else" and that they couldn’t do anything about it. Lies, lies and lies, no wonder they’re going bankrupt. It looks like a scam to me.

Rudy E.
December 19 2018 6:08PM

Looking for service for my fridge I called Sears repair. They convinced me that signing up for home repair warranty would result in savings on the service call (a one time $80 charge then $50/month for the plan). The repair person spent 10 minutes thawing a drain said it would have cost $340 but only cost me $80 because I joined. Five months later I went to cancel the plan and they are charging the balance of the $340 PLUS a termination fee. None of this was made clear in their documentation (which did not arrive until weeks after I signed up). DON'T use this plan!

Jon E.
December 11 2018 2:09AM

I placed a service call in October for my combo wall oven and microwave. Today is December 10 and my oven is still broken. The Sears service tech recommended a new oven. When he called CCHS the independent contractor that Sears use to inform of his decision they wanted a second opinion before replacing my oven. The second contractor never came to complete an assessment although he had an appointment to come. I called him repeatedly and he never came. Each time I called Sears I was told that it was being investigated. When I called today I was told that they were awaiting a report from the second opinion contractor. There is no report because a second opinion contractor did not keep his appointment to come to my house. Of the several times I’ve called Sears the wait time was about 50 minutes. RIDICULOUS!! I have no resolution. I asked for a Supervisor but for some unknown reason didn’t get to speak with one.

Wanda J.
December 08 2018 8:27AM

So where do I start... let me summarize. We have been without a washer for 7 weeks. 5 service calls,4 different parts, 200.00 in laundry mat trips, inconvenience, incompetence, terrible phone service, run around, frustrating, still no washer. The nightmare continues... no governing body to make decisions.... lost in the cesspool of Sears red tape. No wonder they are going out of business!!!

Charles S.
December 06 2018 11:46AM

I have been calling Sears Home Warranty for 4 times. They first made me pay 4 more months even though I moved out from the rental house I was living and insured with them. Then they sent a letter saying they will automatically renew my agreement with them if I do not call. I called 3 times they made me wait for 45-50 minutes and never replied!!! They hung up on me every time I called and wait like a stupid at phone. And they keep charging me for a house that is empty!!! I will have to close my credit card account so they cannot charge me anymore. Can you believe this??

Dilsad M.
December 05 2018 10:11PM

I wish you could give ZERO stars... I have multiple properties and use different home warranties. I said let me give Sears a try.. worse decision ever. Plumber came out, said no issues found when tenants had indicated water leaking from shower to lower level. Next day water still pouring (made a video). Called back to ask for a recall for the plumber to return to fix the original issue which I had paid the $100 deductible for. Months and months went by with multiple calls to customer service... still nothing just a lot of we will look into it and escalate it... nothing happened. I had to call my own plumber, pay full price out of pocket because my house was being damaged. They also will not let you cancel when you want, have to wait for the contract to end... have the date saved in my calendar. Bye bye Sears... I will let everyone know how bad the service is... go with any other company but Sears.

Houman R.
November 29 2018 11:08PM

Worse warranty NEVER! It's all BS! Please look elsewhere, trust me you'll be throwing your good hard earning money down the drain. Repairs are subbed out to whoever has filled out the paperwork with the company Sears is working with. Lies, lies and more LIES... My HVAC unit went out and according to the contract they were to pay for replacement... I ended up paying for EVERYTHING.!!!! Please shop around and don't be fooled by this horrible customer service and so called home warranty!

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