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November 29 2018 6:25PM

I hate l got into this. Everything about The way they do business with you is Very rude & disrespectful. Nothing gets fixed but their Pockets with your Money!! I Hate It. We as Customers should be reimbursed & Paid for the frustrating experience!

Kathleen H.
November 28 2018 6:24PM

I have a Sears Home Warranty for the past 6 months. I placed a called for my AC thermostat. Paid $100 deductible. The repairman told me that we had just paid to look at his face.... because, in his opinion, nothing was wrong. He checked thermostats and, apparently, everything was OK! Next Day, neither AC is working, upstairs and downstairs. Called back to make another appointment. No one showed up for the appointment. Spend all day long- YES- ALL DAY LONG on the phone, no one knew what happen. Next Day, after three different people, finally someone, rescheduled the appointment and told me someone will call me within 24 hours! No one called. I contacted them, again, for the THIRD day! I was told, sorry, they had NO providers to fix my AC. Just needed to wait until one was found! It could take days, weeks or months! I decided to cancel my contract. I was told, that to cancel the contract I had to pay $96. So, on top of paying $100 deductible for someone to damage my AC, not having a vendor to fix the problem, now, I also had to pay what they pay the guy who mess my AC! I paid, I cancelled and now I go online to tell everyone possible: BEWARE of Sears home warranty, they are a misleading JOKE!!!

Rosa C.
November 21 2018 4:45PM

It will take over 30 days to fix a fridge. Our repairman was not sure what he was doing and kept apologizing. But here we are 4 months later and I have lost another full fridge of food to the exact same problem. I also get another 30 days before a repair for a problem they did not fix properly in the first place. Plus it will cost me again. Nice way to make money. $600.00 a year plus $75.00 a call=a rip off when things are not repaired properly.

Emily P.
November 19 2018 10:28PM

Gave me a work order # to get yearly check on furnace, and never heard from them until I called again a few weeks later. Answering system is annoying. When I called about something else they say they are working on my order even though it was done a month ago. I had to call the heating company myself who only answers during business hours. I am shopping around for a different company, although all of them seem to have hundreds of complaints. As Consumer Rep. states, one may be better off putting the money aside in the bank for any repairs. Very confusing.

Linda W.
November 19 2018 8:51PM

I had prepaid a year's premiums for a Sear's home warranty insurance that I bought in April, 2018. In October, I called Sears because of a water heater problem. Sears contacted Mike Diamond Plumbing in Murrietta Springs. They came and looked at the water heater on October 24. I paid the plumber the $100 that is paid as part of the Sears contract. Their office called on Oct. 25 to let me know that I would need to pay them $780 more for them to replace the water heater. I couldn't do that because I'm a disabled senior citizen on a fixed income and I thought that the insurance was paying it. My brother in law came a week later and all the tank needed was to be drained and I didn't need a replacement. I called Sears to cancel my insurance because I didn't feel that their service was working for me and they said that I couldn't cancel my insurance because they had paid Mike Diamond $500 to replace my water heater. That wasn't done. They said that if I did want to cancel, I'd have to call in March to stop them from automatically renewing it. If I cancelled at that time, they would charge me $25 to cancel. They refuse to cancel now or refund future premium payments. My sister cancelled her service because of what happened to me and they refunded her premium payments. Mike Diamond Plumbing didn't do the service that they billed the insurance and that is fraud. Sears won't cancel my insurance because they paid a fraudulent bill. This is fraud all the way around and I'm out $1000.

Mary K.
November 16 2018 4:53PM

Phone customer service the worst in the industry that I know of. I would be filling bankruptcy if I ran my business this poorly. Faucet needs to be replaced as valve is busted. First Plumber canceled appointment on us before coming. We called to confirm they were still coming and told they cancelled appointment for later that day and would have to reschedule several days later. Second plumber came out and charged $100 "deductible" to be told they would have to replace the faucet but had to call Sears to see what they would cover. Got a call back that they would only cover a credit towards a new faucet but no labor. After navigating their terrible phone system and having to be transferred to claims was told labor should be covered and it would be escalated to manager to return call in 24 hours. 48 hours later still no call. Just got off phone with foreign customer service rep for 40 min as he attempted to reach a manager with no success. Said he can't give me a time line just that a manager would call at some point soon not sure if 24 or 48 hours but some point. Original call was made over a week ago. There are legitimate home warranty companies. Go with them not Sears Home Warranty!!!

M W.
November 14 2018 8:31PM

Customer service in Sears Home Warranty is the worst experience. They will make you hold more than 30 minutes, transfer you to more than 5 departments in one call and still not resolve your problem. They will lie. A supervisor is never available. They will tell you supervisor will call you within 24-48 business hours and that will never happen. It is not worth your money. They will give you a nightmare when trying to get something resolved. Do not buy Sears home warranty. I do not recommend at all.

D M.
November 09 2018 6:30PM

I bought an extended warranty for my hot water heater. In the explanation it said that I could get a yearly checkup. Well that’s a lie. When I call them and ask about it,they tell me that there is not a service man in the area and will get back to me. After a year and 3 more calls, still no service man in the area. Let me get this straight, I can buy an appliance from you in the area, you can sell me an extended warranty for that same appliance in the area, but you have no one to service it in the area. Sears is bankrupt. Imagine that!

Tommy N.
November 08 2018 5:23PM

I was given a vendor who came to do the work. He did not fix the problem so I left two voice mails but he did not call me back. I called Sears home service. They referred me to a second vendor. The second vendor said he would not come and work behind a guy who didn't get the job done right. So I called Sears again who referred me to a third vendor. When I called him he said he didn't do work for Sears anymore because they didn't pay him in a timely manner. I had tied to speak to a supervisor at Sears with no success. Whenever on these and previous calls I have settled 39 minutes pet call and most of the time I couldn't understand the person I was talking to because they could barely speak English. I decided to cancel my contract with them because it was not worth the trouble and headache to try to get service. I would not recommend Sears home services to anyone!

Jerry W.
November 06 2018 12:43AM

They are eager to accept your money and IF you can get someone on the phone they will promise to get to the bottom of your issue (my cook top has been in pieces since may-it is now Nov.)-THIS IS THE WORST experience I have ever had. I am calling the better business bureau and I am filing a counter claim for the destruction of my stove top.

Lori C.
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