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August 16 2018 6:24PM

I had a bad experience with sears for one whole year. They set up an automatic payment system so that they took money every month. There’s an early cancellation penalty. They use various contractors and most of them did not know how to fix your problems. They make sure to have a reason not to fix your problems. This is a company that has lost all reputation a long time ago. They are not honorable and it’s a shame.

Joyce B.
August 16 2018 3:54PM

This year has been one of the hottest summer that I could remember. My AC broke down and I have call for Sears Home Warranty service. However it has not been repaired and I am living without AC for last 3 weeks and counting. I spent 3-4 hours over the phone just to talk to a real person. And when I told them my frustration, they hung up on me. Please ask for their name and department before you talk to one of them so that you can file a complaint if this happens to you. But then again, this company is going out of business so you may be better off just staying away.

In S.
August 15 2018 4:04PM

Worst experience ever!!! They don’t cover what they say. They don’t call you back when they say they make you wait for five hours at a time At three different occasions just to find out they won’t cover the problem because they say it’s a manufacture defect. They say I have to pay to cancel. Beware this is the biggest scam ever

Jerry F.
August 15 2018 1:24PM

I had a Refrigerator that the ice maker and water did Not work. This is a house I rent. I went to Maryland to get the service to come. They send Chesapeake appliance. They went once to report it and 2 times to fix it. Did not fixed it and would not come back. I had to pay again the service cal.l Aimson appliance came 1 to inspect it and twice after That. Could not fix it. And left it worst. I have called everyday to see when are they going to replace it. They wanted to send another company. My tenants have been without a refrigerator for a month. I plan to get an attorney to solve the problem. And probably will have to pay me For 2 years rent if my tenant leaves... I am on hold for a supervisor for 40 minutes. So If you are thinking of getting this insurance think twice.

Gisela G.
August 14 2018 7:57PM

I purchased a home warranty with Sears in February 2018. I previously had a contract with them for my first home, dating back to approximately 2016. Initially, it appeared that they were reliable and worthy of my monthly payment. My first claim was for my washing machine. The technician came out, made an attempt to fix it and then told me that I would be given a $500 voucher towards a new washing machine because my machine could not be fixed. I thought that was great!

Went to Sears and purchased my new washing machine. All was well with the world. Fast forward to the issues with my dishwasher. This is the one appliance that Sears DO NOT specialize in repairing. At my previous home, my dishwasher wasn’t working like it should. Contacted Sears and had a technician come out. The day of the scheduled appointment, the technician arrives at my door, rings the bell, and enters into my home and did not say a word. No good morning. No good afternoon. NOTHING. He walks into the kitchen and I tell him what the problem is.

Bottom line, before the technician came to repair my dishwasher, the lights worked and I was able to run it briefly. By the time the technician left, I had NO power running to my dishwasher. He cut the wires to my dishwasher and then told me that I need to call an electrician to have them come and fix it because he does not do electrical work!! I was so upset. My husband contacted Sears three different times before we were able to have someone come out to fix the problem that their technician created. And Sears tried to make us pay another deductible.

In my new home, once again, my dishwasher is acting up (totally different dishwasher). The technician comes out, we pay a $100 deductible, only to have the technician NOT FIX IT!!! Three different technicians with three different responses all of which did not fix my dishwasher. Absolutely horrible!! So from February 2018 to August 14, 2018, I had a contract with Sears.

When I called to cancel my contract, I was informed that there is a $145 cancellation fee, which is a service fee for the claim I submitted on my dishwasher. They are out of their minds if they think I am going to pay them anymore money after they did not fix my dishwasher. Their customer service is horrible. When contacting their service center, I was placed on hold for long periods of time, had to deal with an automated service and then transferred multiple times to multiple people who were not able to help me. I DO NOT recommend Sears Home Warranty to anyone anymore. They lack professionalism, expert technicians and most of all, INTEGRITY. Stay far away from them.

A P.
August 11 2018 11:15AM

I have mixed feelings about this company and the warranty that they offer. Initially when our washing machine broke, they told us that if we sign up for their plan the cost to repair it would be cut in half, which was great... We of course signed up as we were in the process of buying a new home... So we actually were very satisfied with the service when our fridge broke and then the dishwasher.

They fixed the fridge and replaced the dishwasher... However in the last month we have been having a HUGE problem with our upstairs AC unit. They came few times to diagnose the problem but each time they just supposedly did something but it still did not work the day after they left. The last time they finally figured out that there was a leak in the coil and all the Freon was leaking out. So now we have been waiting over a week for Sears to actually approve replacing this coil... and every day we talk to the company there is always some kind of an excuse as to when this will be approved and fixed.

In the meantime, we are without AC for over a week now and its been the worst possible heatwave this summer. So I am extremely annoyed and feel like they are not doing their job... SEARS, I wish you would suffer with this heat the way that you are making us suffer. This is not okay for someone who bought your most expensive plan that you offer specifically in order to avoid having these issues... NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER HERE.

Bella Z.
August 10 2018 2:13PM

A total joke literally- How do you service a noise central A/C? Put two bricks on top of it and call me back when it completely breaks down! For that I was charged $100 deductible! The absolute rip off! I tried to get it corrected but to no avail so I am going to take a picture of it and put it on social media for the world to see! Also going to send it to the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office.

Terrence H.
August 07 2018 10:37AM

Made claim on ice maker in fridge. Same claim as Jan 18 this year. Tech came out. Could not fix yet wanted $75 fee. I refused to pay until fixed. Tech did not have part. Part has to be approved. Part has to be ordered. Called claims. They were rude, arbitrary and capricious. Stay away from Sears. Not the company they were and never will be. Cost of monthly fee and their scam "diagnostic" fee not less than just having repaired by reputable service provider.

James B.
August 07 2018 6:50AM

DO NOT PURCHASE A SEARS HOME WARRANTY!!! I called to get my washing machine repaired and was talked into purchasing a home warranty. First of all they can never fix anything the first time they come. You wait weeks (took me 3 months to get my washing machine fixed - I finally gave up on Sears and called someone else to come fix it). Then I called about my dishwasher which had a small leak at the door - Not only did the technician not fix it -- he broke the dishwasher so it would not work at all. Technicians do not appear to know what they are doing. You get no satisfaction at all when you call - it is a joke.

Catherine H.
August 06 2018 3:09PM

I don't even know where to begin, it's nearly impossible. I'll summarize by saying that if you consider purchasing Sears Home Warranty don't. It will bring you to not-seen-before levels of anger. Their unprofessionalism, insincerity and general ability to not have a clue make this the biggest purchasing mistake one could make. Please don't make the same one. I currently have an AC air handler in my front yard, the compressor in my backyard, a torn apart attic and a serviceman who just said he couldn't finish it and left. Oh, and he's the only one who works with Sears in this area. For good reason. This is the single worst customer service experience of my life. Sears can't go out of business fast enough in my book. Long past overdue.

Tyler C.
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