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October 10 2018 4:36PM

This was by far the worst experience I’ve had in my life, The Sears worker broke my dishwasher and made fixing it and extra $1000 more expensive.My washer was worth $3800, they replaced it with a $500 Discontinued brand washer. They lie to you, they dragged my claim for months. When I wanted to cancel my membership they wanted to fully charge me for all the repairs. Just simply find someone else.

Ahmad O.
October 09 2018 6:18PM

This has been the worse customer service experience I have ever been through, if I could rate it a negative 10 I would have. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SERVICE. After filing many claims to fix my washer - technician went to fix it 2 maybe even 3 times and supposedly my washer was fixed only to have the same issue within a couple of weeks again, twice they did not show up when I did have an appointment and missed work to be there. On top of all the hours I spend on the phone with them and more time on hold to get to the next level of supervisors when I finally did speak to a Customer Service "SUPERVISOR" she was rude, yelled at me and would talk over me in a very loud voice. When I asked her if the calls really were being recorded and asked her for her name... SHE HUNG UP ON ME. A true CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPERVISOR... if the call had gotten lost by mistake would have called me back... SHE DID NOT. I hope that someone from Sears Home Warranty with TRUE Customer Service skills would have the decency to call me. I also hope that the calls I have made ARE being recorded because I want to request a copy.

Anna M.
October 08 2018 11:15PM

I switched to their plan. Their once a year maintenance is NOT a maintenance check. They don't even clean the flame sensor (which is a safety feature on your unit). They basically are looking for a reason to charge you the call out fee if they can find anything wrong... if they notice the sensor is dirty during the maintenance check they will tell you that you need to make an appt and get it checked... and then they will come and clean it for the $100 call out fee. I got screwed by this company. They are NOT really Sears... They contract with Sears and are called Cross Country. They went up to over $1200 a year for my contract this year. I am now looking at AFC or Americas Preferred HW. Do not buy the whole house warranty with Sears. Their warranties that come separate for appliances are excellent... Sears does all of the maintenance. Those separate appliance warranties cover everything. I had that and they talked me into getting the whole house and dropping those other warranties. BIG MISTAKE. Don't do it!

S M.
October 04 2018 11:21PM

I'm very upset with Sears Home warranty. I made the first appointment to have the "maintenance" to my heater but is just a revision, the technical cancel my appointment because I didn't pick up the call at certain moment, even if I call him back and let him a message because my wife was at home and she doesn't speak English. The appointment they give to the customers is from 8 AM to 5 PM. Can you believe this? You had to lose the whole day at work just for a basic revision. That was last Saturday. I call them yesterday to setup a appointment and they give me the appointment for today from 8 to 5. Nobody shows up and somebody cancel the appointment and it wasn't me. Now I want to cancel so horrible service and I have more that one hour waiting to somebody pick the call up. I'm so sorry to trust in Sears Home warranty. Was a terrible mistake.

Kelvn L.
October 03 2018 9:24PM

Do not get talked into their warranty. I called Sears to get my LG refrigerator fixed. I said I think it is the water line because it is leaking. That’s all I wanted. I did not have a warranty and did not call to get a warranty. The customer service rep told me if I signed up for the warranty the only out of pocket expense would be the $80 service fee and this would be better because the repairs could be costly otherwise. In addition I could get my other appliances fixed throughout the year as often as necessary.

I believe they said a total of 5 or 6 appliances. The price quoted was about $600 but I could pay $50 a month. No mention of what would or would not be covered, just said this is a better deal for you because it could be something big that needs fixed. Sounds good right? Wrong. They sent the tech out. He arrived on time, great. Then I was hit with “ The water line isn’t covered under the warranty, so we can’t fix it but you still owe me $80 because I came out”. Say what?! I called customer service line (which I think is outsourced out of the country) and was told, "sorry it’s not covered," uh but my refrigerator isn’t fixed and you said the warranty would be a better deal and I’m out $130 ($80 service fee and $50 contract installment). Who was it a better deal for when I still have a broken refrigerator and sears made $80?! Needless to say I canceled the service agreement and will never buy anything from Sears, ever. Do not get scammed.

Vera H.
September 27 2018 7:30PM

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! They dont cover anything! We had a horrible experience with them, we had "Whole house plan" and have been told that this plan will cover everything but when we filed a claim for leaking faucets in our 4 bathrooms plus shower, they said that shower not covered (though its same problem as with faucets worn out valve), apparently in the contract there is description of specific items (in small font) that covered and not covered, ( even "Whole house plan") and list of items that not covered 3-4 bigger than list of covered items. Hours with customer service on the phone didnt help, just wasted my time and nerves. We cancelled everything and never will buy anything from Sears again!!!

Dawne G.
September 22 2018 5:19PM

DO NOT TRUST THIS HOME WARRANTY COMPANY!! Home air conditioning system repair was refused because freon had been added to the unit during the summer prev maintenance check. Claimed that the problem was a preexisting condition even though the unit was working fine when the warranty was purchased which was six months before the problem manifested itself. The technician told us he had to order the parts for the needed repair and would call within 24 hours to schedule the return visit. Immediately after departing he submitted his report stating that the warranty should not cover the repairs because freon had been added during preventive maintenance. When we cancelled the insurance we inquired about getting a refund for the visit charge and were told that this was not possible because the fee was paid to a subcontractor when in fact the recipient was Sears.

Ricardo S.
September 19 2018 8:28PM

I have had multiple terrible experiences with this service. Their customer service and appeals claim is a joke. I have had 4 phone representatives tell me a supervisor would call me back (as they always claim none is available) and waited weeks with no one calling me back. The technicians they have sent me the last two times have been unprofessional and ineffective and actually broke more than they fixed. I ended up paying out of pocket to have issues resolved. Recently, I called to schedule their advertised "bi-yearly maintenance" and no one on the phone even knew what I was talking about even though it is advertised on their website and in my contract. Find a different warranty.

Tabitha J.
September 19 2018 6:09PM

I have the 10 appliance protection agreement. My a/c broke 2 months ago. The made appts to repair but do not show up. A/c still not fix. I am a military vet over 80 years old. Been without a/c in 98 degree weather. I think that they are like robots trained to say, "I'm sorry I'll transfer you to some who will help." They hope I believe. that you will eventually stop trying. Save your money- approx. $630 per year and sanity. Not worth it. They claim that my A/C. is out of warranty. I sent pictures that it is in warranty. I have 14 Sears employees (names documented) that I have spent over 16 hours on the phone with. They sent emails to me saying that I am covered. I have much damage caused a leaking a/c in my attic. They sent me $300 claiming responsibility. Verrrry weird.

Stanley K.
September 19 2018 5:34PM

Sears does not deserve 1 star. They canceled 5 appts. the same day for 2 months. They say that I am correct and I have been on the phone for over 15 hours. for the 10 appliance plan. Save your money and sanity.

Sanley K.
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