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August 27 2018 4:39PM

I have had a very bad experience with the first plumbing company that was sent to my home. The person was a moron did not know what he was doing. Drain Conquers arrived and in a very professional manner fixed all the bad plumbing. They well mannered and did not complain about anything. They soft spoken and total gentlemen. They not only great at what they do they are total pros. I would recommend them very highly. Thank you for sending them to my home.

Josephine C.
August 23 2018 2:26AM

Where do I start? So, my oven failed on Aug 9, I’ve paid $69,99 for 18 months and this was my first claim. A technician came out on aug. 14 and told me that the part I needed was no longer available and I needed a new oven. Ok? I later get a call from Sears stating that the part the tech ordered is in. At this point, I’m somewhat frustrated and confused but bottom line, I’m ok because I’m thinking either way the end result is I’m getting my oven repaired... wrong... the first tech that was scheduled to come fix it canceled. He claimed he was overbooked. The second tech is now scheduled to arrive between 2-6. He calls at 5, after I’ve taken 2 days off of work and he cancels... Overbooked.

I immediately call the customer service dept. and I’m on the phone for 4 hours... that’s correct 4 hours, I’m transferred to every dept available and I’m told the next tech can come on aug 28. The representatives are rude, ignorant, and could care less that you are being scammed. I’m filing a report with the better business bureau in hopes that somebody shuts this company down.

Karen F.
August 22 2018 7:59PM

I was mislead from the initial phone conversation, regarding the contract, pricing, and terms of the agreement. They are very aggressive to get your money, but very reluctant to provide you with all the "fine print"! They basically wanted to charge me over $300 to repair a 6 year-old Kenmore stove!!! I never gave them authorization to take money from my account, but they did anyways!!! I will definitely contact Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. What a freakin' nightmare!!!

Bradford B.
August 22 2018 4:27PM

Working with Sears was the worst experience ever dealing with a company. My refrigerator needed to be fixed and I had been paying dutifully for a year on the warranty. This began in March, when my refrigerator stopped being cold. It didn't take a genius to figure out that it was the compressor, but I called and at first they scheduled an appointment a month and a half out. I (as I saw it) respectfully asked if they can send someone out sooner as being without a refrigerator for a month and a half was insane.

They sent someone out in a week, who looked at it and said the compressor was busted. He went on to say that he was not going to fix it, that he would send that information to Sears and they would get back to me as to when the repair would be done. After two weeks of waiting, I called Sears and they said they were still considering what to do. A month later (yes, I know I'm too nice) I called again and they said they were still considering what to do, to which I demanded to speak to someone higher. That person stated that they would make decision within the week.

Two weeks later, I called again and was told that I had cancelled the work order (I have NO clue what I said to make them think that). After explaining that I did no such thing, they scheduled me a month out (yes, A MONTH). The day came and went with no one coming to fix my refrigerator or even calling. So I called Sears once more and threatened to cancel my warranty at which point they said they could get someone out the following week. They told me the name of the company that would be out to fix my fridge (by the way, they subcontract everything). I called them and it turned out they only did these type of work on Saturdays. I couldn't be home the first Saturday, so I scheduled them two weeks out.

Additionally, they said they needed a $100 deductible BEFORE they even came out. At this point, I was like a beaten dog who was great full for anything, so I gave them the $100 through my credit card. I had even spoken to someone from that company the Friday before they were coming out, but that Saturday came and went and no one showed up. After a week of calling them and getting no response, I finally called Sears again. Sears told me their records showed that that company stated they came out but no one was home. Not only did I not leave the house that Saturday, but the night before they called me on my cell phone, so they knew my cell number. After, again, threatening to cut my service (it is now August), they said they could get someone out the following day and my deductible was, obviously waived. They stated Carolina Services would fix the refrigerator. I then received a call from Carolina Services (who, from my perspective, was reputable).

They stated they could not come out the following day but could come out that weekend and that I would need to submit a $100 deductible. After I explained that Sears said they waived my deductible, he stated he would not come out unless I submitted the $100 deductible, which I felt I was forced to do. Carolina Services did come out and first tried to service the refrigerator, hoping that's all that was needed (they did say it may or may not work). It wasn't and when I called them back, they stated I had to buy the compressor ($200). Then, Finally, when they were going to come out to finally fix my refrigerator, I got a text from Carolina Services stating that Sears decided that fixing the refrigerator was not cost efficient and they would just replace it.

After a week waiting for a call from Sears, I finally called them and asked what was going on. They explained that Veteran's Home Warranty was in control of the replacement and they would call me soon. They also gave me a number, I could reach them. When I called them, their message asked me to choose between Georgia, Washington DC, Virginia or West Virginia. I live in South Carolina, so I figured Georgia was closest but it then asked me to choose from one of two different programs. I had no idea which was my program so I left a message on each voice mail (surprise, I couldn't get a human). After a day of waiting, I called Sears again who stated that Veterans would call me within two hours.

Five hours later, I called Sears again and, after being on hold for an hour they stated that they would transfer me to Veterans to "... see what is causing a delay on someone calling me back." At this point, I was done. I spent 5 months and $400, not to mention the $50 monthly fees that they still charged me every month and I'm nowhere closer having my refrigerator fixed.

Gerardo G.
August 22 2018 4:17PM

Sears warranty program is the worst I have ever experienced. They charge me service fees for nothing and I tried resolve the issue and all I get is transferred from one non English speaking operator to another. I spent way over 4 hrs. on the phone over a 2 day period and accomplished nothing. Sears Warranty SUCKS, be AWARE.

Gary G.
August 21 2018 10:36AM

Although we live in a large city, it took Sears a full week to find a contractor who would fix our air conditioner. Then after the initial attempt to fix, we had to call Sears again about 45 days later requesting follow up service (for the same repair). We were told by Sears that because the follow up service call was well within their 180 day guarantee, we would not be charged a 2nd deductible... however Sears ending up refusing to waive that 2nd deductible even though it was for the same initial problem.

We've been paying for this worthless warranty for well over a year, only to get really poor service and follow up. When we called to complain, Sears started giving us another run around... so we canceled our warranty. We are so happy to be done with Sears. We had to make several calls to get them to honor their warranty. We also found out that the full cost of ALL service calls and repairs paid by Sears was under $300, while we paid Sears over $1400 in fees and deductibles during that same period. In our opinion, a Sears Warranty is worthless. "Let the buyer beware".

Leslie T.
August 20 2018 9:23PM

I purchased a Sears home warranty two years ago. At the time of purchase all appliances were working properly. I had the Sears Warranty technician service our AC unit shortly after purchase and everything checked out fine. Last month I began experiencing problems with the AC unit cooling fan. It would stop periodically while the compressor continued to run. I called Sears and they sent out a technician, but when he arrived the fan was running so he could not fix the problem.

However, he checked out the unit and said everything appeared in good shape. I paid him a service call fee, and he promised to return if the problem occurred again. When the problem reoccurred last week, I videotaped the problem and called Sears again. They sent out the tech again, but after he removed the fan motor, he reported that the wrong motor had been installed in the unit. I told him and Sears that the motor was installed by a certified AC repairman 3 years ago and they had inspected it twice during my two years of warranty service.

Also, the fan had functioned perfectly for the past 3 years without a problem. I asked them what assurance I had that they won’t find similar issues with other appliances under warranty? I am not a technician and I don’t know what parts have been installed. Despite my protest, they refused my claim and left me with a $400 repair bill. I cancelled my warranty with this company and strongly suggest you think carefully before signing a contract with this company unless you are certain that no repairs have been performed on your appliances prior to signing the warranty contract.

Richard T.
August 20 2018 12:03PM

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. The employees are very rude, unprofessional and can only read from a piece of paper ~a written script. Cannot answer any questions, only repeat what’s written down for them. My 90 year old mother has been waiting for a replacement hot water heater for 6 weeks now. The warranty is about as useful as Scott Toilet Tissue. The employees are absolutely clueless and RUDE!!!

Ron C.
August 20 2018 11:44AM

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE REVIEWS BELOW. Sears USED TO BE Wonderful. Now they are terrible!!! We went through the same situation for a water heater and just as everyone stated below. DON'T CALL, DON'T WAIT, DON'T USE THEM. YOU'LL BE SORRY! I should have checked reviews.

S T.
August 17 2018 1:53PM

I wanted to give 0 star. They make an appointment with technicians and they dont show up. Its been couple of times. when I call them and ask will this repeat again they are like it may be. They are like they dont have any solution for technicians not show any number of times. This is a ** program. I want to move out of it but I'm under contract. DONT SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM.

Shivpal P.
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