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September 19 2018 4:33PM

I have been with Sears for over 20 years as a loyal member of the home master protection agreement. I have been for fifteen days without AC because the company has no idea what is happening around, no one can give answers. It took 6 days to get a technician to my house, he checked everything and said somebody else was coming to check the problem because that was a TWO MEN JOB. Three days later a man showed up in my house - without any previous information or phone call from Sears, big safety issue right there - to take pictures of the units. Didn’t received any phone call, email, text from Sears.

I called, after been transferred from department to another department no one could give me any info. Today has been almost 15 days without AC, I’m in Florida, 90 something degrees outside and no able to open the windows because of the terrible red tide affecting the area. They told me if I buy fans or portable AC I would be reimbursed up to $250 now that information was ALSO wrong and it was only IF I would have bought it in Sears or Kmart., which it’s ridiculous since all the stores around here are closed. People think this is a ridiculous joke and many of them who have gotten master protection agreement because of me, they decided not to renew their agreements. With all the money I have paid in 20 years for this master protection, I should have two new AC units in my house and even maybe three! This has been a terrible bad experience!

Erika M.
September 18 2018 1:48PM

Dealing with Sears and the repair company, M&M in San Antonio, has been a nightmare. Stay away from these guys and Sears. The repair team they send over didn't have the part to fix the problem. Then I found out that Sears wanted to provide the part because they felt they could buy it for a better price. This took a couple of weeks. During this time we have no A/C for half our house. Now I find out the part was sent to the repair guy 3 weeks ago and he fail to contact me. When I call him (if he picks up) I get promised a call back once de researches the work order. I have yet to get a call back. When I complain to Sears, I'm told they will send M&M a email. Sears cannot get them to pick up either. When I ask Sears to send over another repair team, they tell me they'll see what they can do. Every time I call Sears I get a different person, who does nothing to resolve the situation. Today is 9/18/18, initially I called Sears about this the last week of July. I still have no A/C.

Jackie K.
September 17 2018 8:44PM

After paying them for over a year, I needed a plumber and called the service number where I had to listen to two pitches to sell me something else. Then their automated service hooks me up with a plumber half way across the state who had the worst customer review ratings I have ever seen. Forget it. My next chore will be to cancel this outfit.

Jim S.
September 12 2018 11:13PM

First claim was for a dryer that did not get fixed or diagnosed well. Had to call another company to fix the dryer. Second claim was for my fridge and I am here, tired of talking with these people on the phone and getting nowhere. Worthless plan ever!!! I gave one star because they did not have an option for 0.

Monica A.
September 11 2018 8:37PM

I was given an appointment time of 10-2. At 8 am the technician called and said he couldn’t get to me until 4 pm. When I told him my hours he said well I can come to you first in about an hour, but that will make everyone else’s appointment time late. Thanks for putting that on my shoulders. I told him just come at 4. At 4:33 I was still waiting so I decided to write this review. If I could get out of this warranty without penalty I would. I’d rather pay a higher deductible for better service. I don’t blame the technicians they do their best.

Sylvia P.
September 11 2018 3:27PM

Disgusting service... Refrigerator service could not get appointment for repair without 21 day wait. Customer service center was off shores and the operator was rude and could barely speak English. In my opinion you should AVOID SEARS HOME WARRANTY PLAN COMPLETELY...They should be prosecuted for selling a service that is no service... It is a complete scam and should be avoided at all cost. You have been warned!

Harold D.
September 07 2018 6:51PM

After I bought the home warranty, I called for repair on Samsung refrigerator's ice maker. A guy came out and said it was on a recall, and that it needed to be sealed. No charge. Well, it didn't fix the problem. Called a month later, and was told it was never on recall and that I had to pay the rate for a service call. The fact that it was never fixed in the first place meant nothing. Still had to pay to have them come out again, when they didn't fix it the first time. Also beware, if you buy the service and use it and then cancel it before a year is up, you have to pay for the full cost of the service call(s) you had.

Mary B.
September 07 2018 12:36AM

We own two homes and have had home warranties for YEARS. We swapped to Sears just under two years ago and never had to file a claim. My washing machine was clunking pretty loudly so I filed a claim. I had to wait a week for a technician to come who cancelled the day of service halfway through the day and rescheduled for another week out. He finally shows up after two weeks of my initial claim, diagnoses the problem and says that since the washer is so old they need to try to hunt down one of the parts. The second part was mailed to our house and he scheduled a repair for two more weeks out. I’m now at a month with no washer and he NO SHOWS on the day he’s supposed to do the repair. I call Sears, talk to someone in a different country who can’t even contact the Sears repair company and says that our claim has been closed out as completed. I blew up and said it absolutely is NOT fixed so they file another claim for me and schedule another technician for me which I have to wait another week for. They come out to do the repair, but they don’t have the second part that the first technician never ordered. They make some calls, say that it’s not possible to get the part and that Sears home warranty will contact me about replacing my washer for me. 5 minutes after they left, a very rude customer service rep called and said that they will not replace my washer because it’s not covered under the fine print in our warranty package. I said if it’s not covered, why did you all bother even ordering parts, you’re really not going to replace my washer? His response: “NOPE” and that was the end of the call. So we had to shell out $800 for a new washer and another $800 for a dryer because they’re stacked plus we paid $79.99 a month for almost 2 years with no claims, the $100 deductible AND $250 at the laundromat to wash clothes while our washer wasn’t working. They only kind person at Sears Home Warranty is the lady I spoke to when I cancelled the warranty with them. This company is CRAP and wish I would have read these reviews before we signed up with them. They’re dishonest, terrible, lazy and have awful customer service!!! Such a waste of money. I could have saved it to buy my washer when it first broke.

Sarah G.
September 05 2018 11:35PM

My KitchenAid microwave was broken and could not be fixed. Sears chose a replacement microwave that did not fit in the built in area. So they charged me A RESTOCKING FEE. Now they are offering $200 for a $1000. Mind you pay $49.00 a month for the contract, and a $75.00 deductible! This is an insult!!!

Gaidi F.
August 31 2018 7:36PM

I bought a refrigerator from Sears and an extended warranty. Two months before the warranty ran out the Ice maker stop working. I called the Sears Warranty Dept... They send someone out immediately. They said he would come out on a Saturday between 12 pm and 8 pm. At 10* 30 pm that night he got to my home and did nothing, fixed nothing, said that all we could do was pray for the refrigerator to work. The next guy came out and said that the entire refrigerator was not cooling and he had to wait to order parts.

The next guy said that he had to order a fan a some control card, when the other guy got here today he said he had to order a condenser, compressor and dryer for the refrigerator and that I could not store food in it and I had to wait for another month. He also said that now it was over 1746 dollars in parts and he had to order them again. I asked what about all the parts that are still sitting here on the counter that the other technician ordered he said that they were not needed or necessary, meanwhile it has been three months and I am still waiting for repairs, just like all the other people.

I wished I had read the reviews prior to getting this ** up warranty. If I try to cancel they said they will charge me a cancellation penalty. THIS warranty is a SCAM. Do not buy it. I am talking to Bank of America in trying to get them to stop the automatic withdrawal since this is a scam. They send technicians that don't know anything about the appliance that they are trying to repair, Charge you a deductible of $100.00 and monthly payment of 70.00 to have the plan. They make 828.00 off the bat plus deductible of 100.00 dollars and have someone in a foreign country answer your phone call. UNFORTUNATELY YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT READ THIS REVIEW UNTIL YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN RIPPED OFF.

Minerva D.
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