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July 13 2018 2:38PM

First my dishwasher stop heating. Waited 2 weeks for appt. and then they has to order part, another 2 weeks and when they got here there were the wrong parts, another 2 weeks. In total 6 weeks before it was repaired. My one year old smart tv bought at Sears started with a short circuit, on/off and a funny smell. They told us they did not have anyone in the area so it would take 3 weeks before a tech could come and see it. After the tech came, he needed to order 2 parts, another 2 weeks, but then only one came, the other was back ordered and they had no idea when it would be delivered. After many phones calls including home office we are still waiting for repair. No, I will not recommend or get Sears again. Too bad I paid for the full year. Never thought Sears would do this to their loyal customers.

Harvey S.
July 13 2018 9:10AM

This started when I called to schedule a Sears service call. The call center then pitched me the warranty program - everything was covered. I was a tough sell but she convinced me. Since then, every time I make an appt for a service call, "Oh, that's not covered, that's not covered, that's covered, that's not covered". NONE of this was cited on the original sales call. The dispute is the semantics they use and the terms they selectively use to exclude service claims. I was lied to.

Andrew L.
July 12 2018 4:53PM

Sears should definitely stay out of the home warranty business. On May 30th, I called in a claim on my subzero freezer and a Sears tech was scheduled to service it on June 1. Because the Sears automated system advised that we needed the model/make info, I had that available, but the Sears Home Warranty Rep did not ask for the info. Additionally, when I offered the information, I was told it was not necessary by the Sears Rep.

On June 1, the Sears Tech advised me he was on the way and requested the model/make. When I said it was a Subzero, he informed me Sears did not service Subzeros, so I again called the Sears Home Warranty, who then attempted to schedule a third party contractor to service it. Thus began the ridiculously inadequate customer service by Sears. I had to call to make sure Sears was communicating with their own third party contractor. Because it was a third party contractor, there somehow were at least 3 different levels of people at Sears working on this claim, none of whom were affiliated with or communicated with the Sears Home Warranty.

It was a total nightmare. The compressor had gone bad on the freezer, which I understand is a fairly significant cost. Instead of trying to call the huge black hole of customer service at Sears (all of which were very nice and did absolutely nothing), I would have mostly gladly paid an absurd price to have my freezer fixed within a reasonable amount of time. (This is summer, people!!) I finally got the freezer repaired on June 18th by the third party contractor. In the interim, I spent hours on the phone trying to get a status and find out what the diagnosis was and when the part would be available.

I requested my $100 service fee back from Sears Home Warranty due to the horrible customer service at Sears Home Warranty, but it was denied. I was promised phone calls back on at least 2 different occasions, and it never happened. The lack of communication within Sears is simply appalling. Short hold times? Well, if you consider a 40-minute phone call short! My concerns about the lack of response and inaccurate information at Sears was not addressed at all. I spoke with at least 3 different managers, all of whom gave a variety of explanations of why the service at Sears Home Warranty was so horrid: the Warranty program and computers were "in transition", the "delays were to be expected" (really?? 3+ weeks??), and "it was the fault of the third party contractor". This should have been a simple diagnosis and repair. To date (July 12th!!) the automated system at Sears Home Warranty still is inaccurate, the "notes" taken by Sears Home Warranty people are totally inaccurate, and the management and the customer service communication at Sears Home Warranty is absolutely dismal.

I will be cancelling at my first opportunity, which is October 9th (otherwise, I am penalized due to the contract I signed, because of the "service" Sears provided on the Subzero freezer)!! This is literally amazing in this day and age. I would never recommend Sears Home Warranty to anyone. STAY AWAY!! IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!

Sally H.
July 12 2018 7:48AM

Customer service is worst than most. The warranty is useless and not cost effective. The service providers are not dependable and lack technical knowledge regarding the products they service. Totally unacceptable and I will never do business with this company again. The company has built-in traps that ensure that they put the customer at a financial disadvantage. Individuals are better off contacting service providers from the specific store where the product was purchased.

Chester F.
July 11 2018 4:01PM

Purchased this plan last November. Very little information is sent to you. Turns out there are at the very least 6 phone numbers to foreign countries that you will be bounced back and forth with. Accents of the operators make trying to communicate your needs almost impossible. Sears sells this product to a separate company. Our paperwork when we purchased clearly shows it covers garage door openers...but not in all areas and they do not tell you that until after you have placed a claim for service, have been given a service call date and no one shows up or calls. Impossible to reach anyone that knows anything.

After being bounced back and forth for 40 minutes (on 2 different days) on the phone with always being told another department needed to handle my request. I asked to speak to someone in the US, was told not possible, I asked to speak to a supervisor, was also told not possible.

We are short by 4 months of paying for a full year, but they have broken the contract as far as I'm concerned and will be blocking their withdrawing from my bank account. I'd be thrilled to have them take me to court for $300.

Linda G.
July 10 2018 10:28AM

I was talked into the warranty with a 50% reduction in the overpriced repair bill if I signed up now. The contract states I have 30 days from effective date to cancel with a full refund of payments. There are two dates on the contract, the Request date, and the Effective date. I canceled the contract 5 days after the effective date and was told the real effective date is the request date. They have a different meaning of the contract than the law has. IF YOU ARE SMARTER THAN I, YOU WILL STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM SEARS AND THEIR ILK AS YOU CAN.

Richard R.
July 06 2018 10:40AM

Sears did not hold up their end of the deal. I signed up because my refrigerator broke and they said the cost to repair was over $700 & would be cut in half if I joined the program. They fixed my refrigerator fine. About 2 weeks later my dishwasher broke. I had to wait 2 more weeks before I could file a claim on that then another 2 weeks before a technician could come out to diagnose the problem. 1st day of missing work. The technician said I needed a new pump, ordered the parts and I had to wait another 2 weeks.

Finally, a different technician came out (2nd day of missing work) and said he could fix it without replacing the pump. It worked for 2 loads, before it broke again. I had to then call again place a new claim and demanded that they come back to fix it. Sears wasn’t available to come out for 2 more weeks, so they outsourced it to a different company to come out (3rd day of missing work). The other company came out said the pump needed to be replaced and the Sears technicians were morons.

They ordered new parts again and I had to wait for all the parts to arrive. After another 2 weeks of waiting, I called Sears back they sent out a technician to replace my pump. Finally (day 4 of missing work). They never bothered to follow up with the other company and told them they fixed it, and dating everyone’s time and money. Now here we are about 2 days later and my dishwasher still does not work.

They won’t replace my dishwasher and when I wanted to cancel my subscription, they said they would be sending my a bill for the cancellation Fee of $149!!!! And now I have to go out and buy a new dishwasher. From Lowe’s. I will NEVER buy or use sears for anything again . Please, do not use SEARS. You will be better off in The long run.

Karen C.
July 02 2018 1:13PM

My freezer was dripping water from underneath. I called Sears repair department on March 26th and they sent a technician on the 27th of March. He replaced the ice-maker and asked for $580. Then he said if you buy a home warranty, you just pay half of this amount and from then on I will be charged $50 per month and five or six appliances will be covered and I should pay nothing after that if I needed a repairman. He somehow talked to us (me and my wife) into it.

So far I have paid the first guy 286.28 plus 49.99 each month charged on my credit card for 4 months. The freezer is still dripping water and after many many calls and spending at least 2 hours on the phone, they finally told me that since it is 93 days past your contract, you still have to pay $75 for another repairman to come to check the freezer.

I was frustrated and asked for the termination of the contract, they said that I have to pay the remainder of the original bill and I will probably get 62 dollars back out of 200 dollars that I have been charged so far. Anyhow, we decided to stay with the program for the time being and terminate it after one year.

Hamid J.
July 02 2018 12:20PM

When purchased we were told our appliances were covered. They refused to provide services and then they are charging a fee for doing nothing. This seems more like a scam. Sears Stinks Stay Away

Lloyd D.
July 02 2018 9:23AM

I called Sears for my refrigerator that had stopped working. By the time the guy came that they dispatched it had started working again. Well, he gave this wonderful sales pitch on the warranty plan and how it would benefit me. As a woman and a single parent realizing that I had been in my house 10 years with the same appliances, I figured it would be beneficial to me. I was told that I had to wait 30 days to make a claim of any sort. I had no attentions of doing so, but after 50 days both of my air conditioning units went out. In a panic I wasn’t sure of what to do, then I remembered the Sears Warranty plan I had purchased.

I called them up and got a quick appointment time. The gentleman showed up assessed the problem and explained that only one unit was covered under the policy (did not know). Well he diagnosed the issue and sent it in for review. That was in May it is now July 2nd and I still don’t have air from my upstairs unit. They denied my claim saying it was a preexisting condition. The unit in question has a bad condenser. For a preexisting qualification I would think that Sears had com out and done a diagnostic check on all of the appliances covered in the warranty and they did not. The air was working and it stopped working, end of story no preexisting problems.

After I called them for them to tell me I was denied I kept calling back. I have requested to speak with a supervisor had have yet to have that request met. I was told I could get another estimate done. I did and I paid for it. Only for them to tell me now that it well take 4 to 6 weeks for them to review the new estimate. I then asked to cancel my warranty and wanted to speak with a supervisor in that department. That was last Wednesday. I was told again that someone would contact me in 24 to 48 hours. It is the following Monday and still no one has attempted to resolve my request. This is the worst.

I have spent $80(3) plus my deposit and I am very disappointed. The customer service is awful and the management SUCKS!!!! I have a newborn baby and for the last month we have been sleeping in the den b/c I spent out of my own pocket $300 to have the downstairs unit fixed. I wouldn’t recommend this warranty to anyone.

Charlette W.
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