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June 28 2018 8:56PM

Do not spend a penny for this Sear services people, just give you more high blood, these people is liar, unprofessional, lacked of experience and dont care about their service, these people get pay by the company anyway, why the ** should they care, my washing machine broke, Sear schedule people out, collected my $75 deductible and did not fix, 2 weeks later I've called them no answer, left message on 3rd weeks I called them back again and service provider said Sear will contact us, 5th weeks passes by no one call, I contacted Sear and Sear people said they are waiting for service provider update the info in their system, I've called service provider again no answer, left message no return phone call, I called Sear on 7th weeks.

Sears said my case still open and waiting for updates, 2 months has been pass, nothing happen but they still withdraw my money from the bank. On the 10th weeks Sears called and offers me the new machine, I accepted the new machine. They schedule to come out and install the new machine following week. After another week past no one show up with machine, I called Sears they said the machine is missing and they could not located where is the machine.

I requested to speak to supervisor, the OP told me there is no supervisor available the OP told me supervisor will call me back.. waiting and waiting and waiting another 2 weeks past by no supervisor call, I have to call back Sears and they told me they don't have the time frame for this incident and the OP suggest me to wait until they find out and re-open my case. As of today 6/28/18 after 5 months of fighting, complaining, frustrated, upset... and we still dont have the washing machine, but this people still taking your money every month. I need help. Don't know what to do. If I cancel the service the Sears people might not give me the washing machine... OMG!! I dont trust Sears anymore, this is a big lesson to learned.

Stanley T.
June 28 2018 1:15AM

I have a Sears Whole House Warranty. This is my second year. Had only a minor repair the first year. This year, my central air conditioning inside unit went out. Sears promptly sent out a contracted repairman. The claim was made on June 6, 2018. It is now June 28, 2018, and still no air conditioning unit. I might add temperatures in my location easily reach 100 degrees daily. I have called numerous times and talked to Billy, Paul, Mike, and finally a supervisor named Donna. They tell me the order has been placed, and to call Motelli who provides the air conditioning equipment for them. Motelli says the order hasn't come in. What? After 22 days and counting? The contracted repairman is very understanding and tries to help as much as he can, but even he is frustrated. I was relying on the Sears name to give me good service, but obviously, my trust was misplaced. I'm beginning to think this is a scam. DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE!

Billie L.
June 27 2018 12:21PM

Terrible , never in my life have an experience like this. First I had a $3800 refrigerator, I called since the water from the ice machine was leaking. My refrigerator was only 2 years old. I called, the technician came and he tried to fix it, saying he is coming back the next day. He comes back the next day, I was not home only my mother was home 88 years old. Without permission or advice, he comes, remove a part and leave. I came home I see the refrigerator was not working. No one asked me if I was Ok with it. I waited 3 days, then I called the technician saying, "how come my refrigerator was not working and is Off?"

He said he ordered a Piece, and he will let me know when it will come. So I lost at least $600 food which went to waste. Wait. 3 weeks goes by. My family of 6 people was without a refrigerator, ordering out and throwing out so much food. Waited... Nothing. I called again, then they told me that the piece already was delivered to the technician... again nothing. Called again... then they were tracking the item... 2 more weeks went by. Still they never called me. That again I call them!! "What is going on? where is the piece?" Guess what. They told me. They could not find the piece... (Remember my refrigerator is only 2 years old. Still in sale out there). Hmmm is that strange?

So I asked what you want me to do >>???? They said "we are going to bring you a new refrigerator." They gave me only 2 options very cheap options, and asked me to approve one of them. So I go with my husband to the store, check them out. Approve one of them. Call them to let them know. Again 2 weeks later they bring me home the wrong model and was damaged from outside, I told them to take the refrigerator back, is damaged, is the wrong model. Called them again and advise them to please bring me the right model since they messed up the order. Again 2 weeks later I was not home the delivery comes and bring again the wrong model, they open it up. put in on the plug and left. Then my son called me and send me a picture since I was at work. I called them saying is the wrong one. The warranty department said "we do apologize but we can not do anything since is plugged."

This started on January and now is June. 1. I lost a $3800 refrigerator which I loved. I was not advised or asked if I was OK with the piece being removed. Which made this refrigerator trash. I called 311, they came to pick it up. 2. Lost a lot of $ since I had to throw out a lot of food. (I was never advise from the technician on what he was doing). 3. spend a lot of $ on ordering food out for 3 months, (since The warranty company did not know how long was taking to be fixed or replaced). 4. Aggravate myself on the phone, with customer service that switch me from one to another, and everyone of them was apologizing, and understanding my point of view... but each one of them was unhelpful to the situation. Again lost a lot of time without results. 5. I got stuck with an unapproved refrigerator, after I called them several times to remind them to please bring the approved model.

(Again everyone apologized and you can tell that no one cares). 6. I paid a deductible every time the technician came. I paid the deposit in the beginning of the contract, and every month a payment of 60.00. 7. I Called to cancel the contract GUESS how many times... 5. And every time they said that a manager or supervisor will contact me back. never did. 8. Did I Tell you that in all this story NO ONE called. Never.... 9 So I am stuck with this contract until January of 2019. With a company that do not care, with the company that the only goal is to get paid. And do not fulfill their part of the contract. SHAME ON YOU.

Aida Q.
June 27 2018 12:10AM

I had a gas leak identified by the gas company and I contacted by Sears Home Warranty to report the problem. The person on the phone told me that I was covered and was sending a plumber out that deals with gas. The contract company identified the problem but told me that I had to pay $450.00 which Sears told me was not covered by the contract.

After the assessment Sears representatives said that the jobs is not covered because we have had earthquakes in our area; therefore it was not covered. So i contacted the Geological Earthquake Society as well as the gas company. They both stated that we did not have an earthquake of that magnitude so your company should cover. Anyway, it was not until two weeks later.

I proceeded to repair the gas leaks myself after getting the run around. In the meantime, I contacted the Insurance Commissioner for the State of California who told me that the repairs should be covered. Anyway, Sears agreed to pay for the repairs but three weeks later still has not paid the company. They constantly give you the run around stating it in reviews but will pay after it come out of reviews. In the meantime, I have take off seven days to deal with this issue and it still is not resolved.

Zachery J.
June 26 2018 2:08PM

Sears Home Warranty Sucks. May 17th we called to have A/C checked. No service person called but problem wasn't critical. By 1st of June upstairs unit went into full failure. Call to Sears resulted in their dispatching another service provider. June 7th service tech says we have a bad evaporator coil but Sears must approve replacement. No word for several days. Call repairman he says Sears says they are researching it. June 12th call Sears and Sears says they are "researching it". Call repeatedly and on June18th Sears says they can't find one except from Trane and it will be $150 extra charge. I say we are miserable, it's been almost a month, sure but hurry. Constant contact with both Sears and repair man and we finally get word on June 22nd it's ordered but will be to repairman soon. June 26th we are told it will be ready by Friday June 29th. #SEARS #SEARSHOME #SEARSHOMEWARRANTY SUCKS

Walt S.
June 25 2018 9:38PM

Biggest waste of money. Reported a drain stopped up and after 2 weeks of waiting no one has been sent to do anything. Paid for months together nothing when I needed it to. I'll save my money I am canceling my warranty.

Robert B.
June 25 2018 7:01AM

My AC unit has been broken since 03/29/18 and have not been repaired yet. Sears have had a service provider come out he checked the ac and ordered the part but the part was too big. The service provider then stated to Sears that the part that I needed which is a coil is no longer available so the unit is going to have to be replaced. But of course sears have the provider order another coil and it did not fit. So Sears said I will have to pay 2,685.00 for non-covered charges in order for them to replace my ac, so why is I'm paying 55.58 a month for a warranty and 100.00 when the service provider comes out. I repeat what am I paying for, It should be something we can do to get the proper service we need from Sears. They most definitely don't hesitate taking my money out of my account every month.

Mary C.
June 22 2018 12:44PM

Sears Home Warranty is a joke. Their "service" is awful. I've been without a cooktop stove (range) for month. They can never give me a satisfactory answer as to why it takes them more than a month to order parts for my range. They are rude and uncaring when I call them. When I leave a message on their site, they don't respond at all. All my complaints go into their trash bin. I would give them a zero star rating or a negative star rating if that was available. They quickly collected their $100 deductible from me on day 1 and left me without a stove a month ago, and counting. I have nowhere to go.

Shahla H.
June 21 2018 10:52PM

Sears came out to clean my central air unit and the man that came out ended up damaging our unit. Had another repairman out bc it stopped working and we were told the guy that serviced the unit bent all the fins and now the compressor is bad and that it’s on its last leg.

Called Sears to tell them and see what they are going to do to make this right bc my central air worked fine before they touched it and they told me to file a claim. I filed the claim 3 days ago, still haven’t heard from anyone. I even called 3 times today and they keep giving me the run around. I pay $55/mo and $100 deductible but they don’t stand by their word. If it’s unrepairable, they’ll replace it.... NO THEY WONT! Lies! Don’t let them lie to you.

I’m cancelling this crappy warranty and going with someone else with good reviews. Also a few months back, my washer and dryer broke down. 4 weeks later and a ton of repair guys and they still weren't fixed. 1 repairman even told me Sears will not replace the units, they’ll just keep sending repairmen. I finally had to buy a new washer and dryer bc they couldn’t fix it right and I was spending a TON of money at the laundry mat. I will NEVER recommend a Sears Home Warranty to anyone bc they do not stand by their word. Sears suck, that’s why all their stores have closed!

Invest your money with another company. It will save you a lot of headache and frustration. You will only get the run around and you will keep getting transferred from person to person with no resolution.

Tracey G.
June 20 2018 1:15PM

My washer broke down that was supposedly covered by SEARS HOME WARRANTY. I set up the date they checked out and stated that the washer needed numerous parts to be replaced. Sears advised me to call once the parts arrived via UPS. Once all the bbn parts arrived the first available the date was on 06/21, one month later. Then I received a call that in the 06/21 date was cancelled and to rescedule for 06/27. Sears used to mean something. The customer service was terrible.As I was talking to the representative she just put me on hold and then hung up. Don't join Sears Home Warranty. You will be disappointed.

Jorge G.
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