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June 11 2018 9:53AM

Three months ago, I contacted them for help with my refrigerator and clothes dryer. It is June 11, 2018 and I have yet to receive any service on either of these appliances. I was told that they were still looking for someone who provides service in my area. I do not live in the woods. Previous service industry folks have had no problem meeting timely appointments at our home. I am totally disgusted with this Sears Home Warranty Plan. In fact, even though I have been a Sears customer for 45 years, I am so disappointed in this Plan, that I will no longer purchase any appliance at Sears.

Jo-Ann P.
June 08 2018 12:33PM

I have been waiting almost three months for Sears to fix or replace my AC Unit. My AC stopped working on March 29, 2018 and I immediately reported it. A repair person came out on March 31 and he said he had to order a coil, but the coil he ordered was not the correct one, he said he reported to sears that they no longer make that particular coil. I called Sears myself to find out what was going on, Sears told me that the part was being ordered which I knew was a tale. Now they finds out that the coil is no longer available, so now Sears have to replace the whole unit and said I have a non covered charge of $2,685.00 for labor which I had never heard of this type of stuff before. Where can I get a lawyer? I am 62 years old and disabled with all kind of ailments and I have suffered tremendously. I need my AC fixed and I don't have that kind of money.

Mary C.
June 07 2018 2:28PM

This service was called more than one month ago. When the service men arrived, they said our washer would need new parts. It sounded like a jet plane taking off when in use. They ordered that parts and came back after we received a large box shipped through UPS. I called the repair service and they said there was another part not included and that it was on back order.

Over the next few weeks and many trips to the local laundry I attempted to contact for an update. During that time, I was transferred to many other telephone numbers - all had different information and on one particular day I was on the phone for one and a half hours. They all reported a pending repair order and most said the part was on back order.

Last week when checking again, I was told they were going to try and locate the drum locally. Several days ago, I received another very large part. I called the service again to reschedule an appointment. I was told then that the part was still on back order. I gave the a day or two and called back. We scheduled an appointment for June 7 between 8:00 and 5:00. I called again this morning at noon to make sure they were coming. The person on the phone said the part was not here and I told her the story and asked to speak to a supervisor.

End result, no one is coming today and I had to reschedule another appointment for next Thursday - one week from today. There are four people living in this house and we will by that time be without the washer for almost seven weeks. I sincerely hope someone in authority will check these remarks.

I am an 80 year old having to ask people for help visiting the laundries. This is the first time in my life that I have not been able to secure help from Sears. Today after speaking with three people, the last one told me to call back later, their service was out.

Eleanor L.
June 07 2018 2:05PM

Worst home warranty ever. If you are thinking of buying home warranty, Sears is not the place to go. I have claim for Wall Oven. First of all, it took more than 2 months to get a response from Sears. Finally when they sent a rep out to fix my oven, they said that they have to replace it. This took another month and today they came to deliver the oven and happened to be the wrong size. I have been trying to call Sears and it is never ending call loop they put me thru. There's not a live person who would be able to help me since they always transfer me to another and end up getting hung up.

Nilmini H.
May 24 2018 4:19PM

After four weeks waiting for someone to contact us to have preventive maintenance on our AC, no one from Sears Home Warranty called us or contacted us to tell us that they couldn't find anyone. We don't leave in the 'sticks' but in a large area, not a metro. If they can't find anyone to do this service, why should I trust them to do something in an emergency? I am asking for full reimbursement but we know what will happen. I have asked for a supervisor to call me but not holding my breath. This is a terrible company and cannot recommend it to anyone and would suggest people stay away from this warranty!! I see from the other reviews that I am not the only one who has issues with Sears Home Warranty. I give them 0 stars but that is not one of the options

Jon G.
May 22 2018 3:10PM

I would give them Zero stars if I could. I have trusted Sears for years by reputation and service. We had a dishwasher failure and the repairman talked us into a warranty program for our major appliances. We decided to upgrade to a whole house product to cover our HVAC and water heater as well. It is all reasonably priced. In theory if they spent as much time and effort on honoring the agreement as they did selling it and signing people up, it would be worth it. The problem is the service after the sale. There is none! Zero! Our AC ended up with a coil and Freon leak. It has been a dozen phone calls and multiple hours of time on hold or going through phone trees to be denied, deflected, or declined. Our AC has been down for 2 and a half weeks with no end in site. The companies that Sears farms out the warranty coverage to are absolutely worthless and the preferred repair providers in our area are also poorly run. When I asked to speak to supervisors, I was put on long holds or told they would have to call me back. Then nothing! When I left messages for the repair company, nothing! When we asked to terminate and for a full refund, we were told there was no refund department and that we would have to write to corporate in Florida. Never Again!

Jeff K.
May 22 2018 2:58PM

I was lied to by the technician that came to my home for an ice maker repair about the coverage I would get for the plan I was purchasing. I specifically asked about coverage on my pool and was told the plan I was getting covered it. Now 18 months of payments later I try to file a claim and they tell me I don't have coverage for that. I can add the coverage for "Extra Monthly Charge" but, they will not cover the item the SEARS TECH told me was included. Clear case of bait and switch.

I'll be filing a complaint with the BBB and any other group I can find. The Customer Service people refuse to make supervisors available, which is illegal if I'm not mistaken if you ask for one. They transferred me around to 3 different departments all in different areas of the country until I was finally hung up and had to call back where I spent over an hour on the phone to get the same thing, NOTHING and no real help.

Their people are woefully undertrained mindless idiots who have no idea what customer service looks like. I'm appalled to that I went with them from name recognition but, boy was I mistaken on what I thought I was getting from a company that I've had years of good service from. Shame on them for letting their service get to this.

John D.
May 22 2018 10:59AM

Buyer beware - do not spend your money on this warranty. You will be lucky to even get a brochure with the proper contact numbers to schedule a service call - only to find out that the reps you do reach know nothing and pass you along to another rep. After I made a few payments, I decided to cancel the contract because it was not customer friendly. They even charged me a fee to do that because I was given a discount at the time of signing! I never once was able to use the service - such a challenge just to schedule an appointment. Be prepared to spend a lot of time being transferred or told that you are calling the wrong numbers. When you are successfully connected with someone, it will likely be a person speaking limited English. I had considered using Sears for a flooring project, but decided to go elsewhere.

Cynthia A.
May 21 2018 9:46PM

After twenty plus years with American Home Shield I had finally had enough of 1 hour hold times and left. I thought I'd give Sears Home Warranty a try in spite of it being quite high priced because I was hopeful of better service. In a way it is, I don't have to wait an hour to speak to someone but as others mentioned don't be surprised to wait a week for an appointment only to have the provider not show up.

I've only been with SHW for about four months and I've already had two claims. I'll address them separately: A clothes drier was first, I actually signed up after the drier was broken which I thought was a great hook to get you to sign up for the warranty. I had to wait the better part of a week for the appointment but a holiday weekend probably extended the wait. On appliances, unlike A/C or heating, you may actually be dealing with Sears personnel.

I can't say that is always the case but it was for me but it took three trips to get our drier fixed. The first repair person totally blew the diagnosis and had the electric motor shipped to us and as it turned out that was not the problem. I had my doubts about this guy when heard him on the phone asking someone else what to look for. Sigh... I waited a week for the parts to arrive, notified Sears that the parts had arrived and waited three or four days longer.

A knowledgeable repair person who very quickly determined the problem was the control card not the motor. It's an old drier so he wasn't sure they could get a replacement but it turn out they did. BTW if they had not been able to obtain the replacement part they would have given us $500 towards the purchase of the drier of our choice. Another day or two later a third guy came out, replaced the part and the drier was fixed. Satisfactory end result but going a month without a drier? NOT GOOD! Now, my A/C isn't cooling like it should. I figured out how to file the claim online.

The only problem with that is the fact that if you file online, you are responsible for contacting the service provider yourself. This started last Tuesday and my appointment was scheduled for the following Monday. I called and left a message for the service provider that evening after closing time but they didn't return my call the next day so I called them again. The next morning they did call back and my appointment was confirmed for Monday between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM. They never came and they never called. I called Sears who basically indicated I should have called the service provider.

I said it sounded like they wanted me to bear all the burdens and the representative actually said, "Yes, that's right." So now I will be calling again in the morning since it's after hours again. If I don't hear from the service people in the morning by nine Sears is supposed to get someone else out to fix the problem. I asked if the appointment would be another week away and they said no it would be the within two days. Maybe so, I'm not convinced and I'm not particularly happy.

Surely someone does warranties right out there somewhere. AHS was low priced (relatively speaking) and had customer service to match but the service providers usually came in a reasonable amount of time and were usually good. Sears has been much easier to get in touch with but the service is VERY SLOW and VERY EXPENSIVE. I strongly suspect I'll be trying another provider very soon.

Bobby W.
May 21 2018 3:15PM

Our refrigerator stopped working in March. We called Sears Warranty and they set up an appointment for three weeks later to diagnose the problem. We were told that a technician would install a new circuit board after three more weeks. When the technician arrived, he discovered that the wrong circuit board was sent to us. He ordered the correct circuit board and scheduled another appointment for four weeks later. He installed the new board and the refrigerator still would not get cold. We called the company to complain and they offered to send someone out to us in 4 more weeks. Having waited a total of 4 month and still did not have a working refrigerator, we called customer service to cancel our policy. Their representative told us they would set up an appointment with a Sears technician to come out that day and declare the refrigerator unrepairable so that they could pay for a new one. She promised to call us back at 4 PM to make sure the appointment was kept. No one from Sears showed up and the rep never called us back. Since all calls to the company are routed through a call center and assigned to reps randomly, we could not contact the rep who promised us she would start the replacement process. Finally, after living out of a small refrigerator in our garage, and getting no resolution in 4months, we went out and bought a new unit. Sears Warranty gave us an $8 rebate and would not contribute anything to the cost of the new refrigerator since we did not go through the proper procedures. There are criminal enterprises with more integrity.

Stephen F.
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