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May 10 2018 7:52PM

It is just a pure scam. You will surely get no service or next to nothing service. You will be frustrated at the end. DON'T GET IN TO IT. Check more than 6000 1 star reviews on consumerreports.

Prshant K.
April 25 2018 7:13PM

phone information outsourced to people with limited english, long waits for repair service, and claim denied. bought sears products but will buy elsewhere in the future. dont do it!!!!!!!!!

April 24 2018 2:31PM

Sears Home Services is NOT a service provider. It is an insurance policy that makes a phone call to an authorized provider and charges you $75 as your co-pay. We paid $39.99 for 7 months before we made our first service claim. Our microwave oven repair was scheduled for an appointment in 10 days (ridiculous). They called on the 10th day to reschedule 13 days later! Then on the day of that appointment, they scheduled for 14 days later!!! A total of 37 days after my call for service and there was no guarantee they would come then. When I canceled all they would refund was 1 month of service. Dont waste your time and money.

Allen W.
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