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August 26 2019 11:11PM

I had a very bad experience 2 weeks ago. I signed up the contract with SHW and requested very specifically to send me the contact by mail which they have not done as yet. So I had no chance to review the contract and cancel on time. My AC stopped cooling suddenly in this heat of over 100 degrees.

After 3 days the technician came and reported them. No action was taken for another 3 days by the select home warranty. I went on requesting to reply soon as it's so hot and my disabled child was getting distressed and we could not sleep for 6 nights. But no human feelings or action taken.

Then they replied saying they have declined my claim as it's a freon problem. I was not aware that freon is not covered as I had no contract to find out. And I thought everything was covered under Platinum plan which I had taken. I learnt it from there email response. I had to get it done anyway as it's so hot and could wait to fight with them. A real cheaters.

Nafisa B.
Yorba Linda, CA
August 01 2019 5:32PM

Select will promise you all coverages in your packet of your choosing. I had a simple problem with outlet reset button to patio going out in the garage and they denied the claim saying the dont cover the outside electrical but if a payment is missed they will harass you for payment. When I confronted them about the denial claim they said their policy does not cover it but is advertised in package deal. These people only wanna cover the least expensive of coverage to save their company money. Please there are too many good companies out there to fit your needs stay away from SELECT. They only select to take your money and leave you hanging when you need them.

Berry W.
July 26 2019 4:21PM

Scam Company. Be Aware. Most of the Time they will Deny Your Claim saying that its not covered. Got Policy from them for $500, Used after 2 and half months, They Denied my First Claim even without sending technician. Called for Asking them why, they hand phone on me, called back for refund, offered only $134.00. Be Aware Guys.

Sheikh U.
Cumming, GA
July 18 2019 2:09PM

This is the worst home warranty company that has ever existed. On June 9, 2019 we placed a claim to have our refrigerator repaired. It is now July 18, 2019! I have spoken with their "call center", who claim to be in New Jersey. I honestly doubt it!

I do not think they understand the English language well. Understand that I have been on the phone with these customer service reps many many times. One customer service representative told my technician that I hired my own technician. I ABSOLUTELY NEVER SAID THAT! I was waiting on the technician and called the technician. The technician told me about the phone call. He also said that he has problems with Select Home Warranty.

The part is back on order again. So my family gets to wait to have a working refrigerator. I have had to rent a refrigerator. I paid on 6/15/19 and now it is time to pay again. Still no refrigerator. They refuse to reimburse me for my rental, even though this is their mistake. Every time I call, I can never get a supervisor. At every call, they state, "Oh I see you hired your own technician." I honestly do not understand what they are doing. I just want a refrigerator that works. I will never use this company and I will tell all my real estate friends about my issue.

I will only be happy at this point with a working refrigerator, reimbursement for 2 months rental of a refrigerator, reimbursement of my service call fee, and reimbursement of the last six months of monthly fees for their lack of service. I have now wasted hours on the phone with these people. Time is money.

Chris V.
Amarillo, TX
June 05 2019 4:08PM

This "company", is the very definition of a scam. Please do not give them your hard-earned money, they are little more than thieves I filed a claim for my garage door opener on Feb. 20, 2019. I was finally told on Apr. 23 that they were trying to find a technician to come to my house. On Time Appliance Repair and Services, an authorized Select Home Warranty service technician, was assigned to the issue. The technician dutifully came out and collected his $75 service call fee, and then promptly vanished. I made the repair myself and requested my $75 back from Select Home. They flatly refuse to refund my money. This story will not come as a surprise to anyone who has done "business" with Select Home Warranty.

Greg C.
January 31 2019 6:25PM

I agree with the other reviews. When they sold me the policy they told me if my water heater were to leak and it turned out to be due to age they would cover it. That did happen and they denied the claim. The company they selected had only been in business 6 months and the phone numbers they gave me asked me not to leave a message and not to call them again. I had to find my own contractor and of course no coverage, Now they say it needs to be a component gone bad for them to even consider. I was having plumbing problems, again slow response. Turned out my sewer pipe was clogged. Had a plumber come out and snake the pipe, paid myself. Had I waited on their response I can only imagine what may have happened if sewer had backed into my house. Do not waste your money by buying a warranty from them. The customer service is terrible, they don't care about you or your problems and find worst contractors they can. I would use any other home warranty company unless you want to pay for nothing. Be sure to check with your BBB before you sign, if I would have I would have gone with a different company. They had several complaints most of them unresolved.

Ellen M.
Fairdale, KY
October 20 2018 2:33PM

We just had our first claim experience. Our dryer broke down. I contacted Select the next day, they had the repair approved within hours and the technician contacted me the next day to set up an appointment. No complaints thus far!

Valerie G.
August 30 2018 2:47PM

Bought the best package for 400/-, covering everything. They had TONS of promise. Its been 8 months and everytime we try to file a claim, they force us to buy additional service, even without sending anyone once to at least see the problem. Over the email and phone they already know the problem and the additional package which MIGHT fix it.

Helplessly we bought few thinking at least now they will fix it, but NO. They would give a name of a contracted to be contacted by us to which the contracted says that either he does not serve the area or he will not come so far, or he has no time to schedule and finish the product. Then we call back over a week, where they keep transferring. In 8 months, and after 4 claims, not a single one is taken care of and only once a technician came after almost 2 months of fighting with Select Warranty to send someone.

We had Choice Warranty before this and that was almost no hassle. SELECT HOME WARRANTY SUCKS!!! THEY WANT YOUR MONEY, AND ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SERVICE. Just pay them and keep paying them... Just don't expect any service at all... Ever!!! Going back to Choice Warranty.

Sunidhi S.
August 01 2018 8:14AM

#BeAwareOfSelectHomeWarrantyPolicy. If you do not have maintenance records, your AC repair expenses will not be reimbursed. In my case (issue date: 06/10), in hot summer (at 115F), I was out of AC for close to 10 days. After multiple calls, one representative asked me to pay for the repair out of my pocket and submit the invoice so that they could reimburse the expenses which I did. I waited for many days and then raised a request with BBB, but that was also closed as unresolved as they were not able to get response from SelectHome Warranty (BBB ticket - **).

On 07/31, I received a call from Select Home Warranty and asked me what would I do if they do not approve the claim. As a customer, I said, I would look for another warranty company who stands by its words and helps customers. Based on this, they said, they could cancel the policy and waive off $75 cancellation fee without offering and reimbursement for the claim. Person who spoke is also rude and willing to cancel the account.

As customers, we take home warranty policies for peace of mind and they help us during any break down, but that is not the case with Select Home Warranty. So customers, please raise your experiences at #BeAwareOfSelectHomeWarrantyPolicy so that other common man could take necessary steps by not falling into their trap. BTW, Service providers whom they send are 3rd party providers.

Even for simple issue, they need approval from this company to fix. This entire process would take minimum of 3 to 7 days to know if they are going to fix the issue or not.

Suman P.
June 15 2018 11:40AM

Do not use Select Home Warranty, the company is a scam. The most they will pay out for a claim is $150. They take 10 days to just look a claim, then you have to keep calling to follow-up and then they ask you for the same stuff you already sent them and say they didn't receive it, then they want you to come up with 3 years of receipts of service for your HVAC system even though I just purchased this house 6 months ago and obviously that's not possible. All their marketing is gearing towards homebuyers, realtors, and senior citzens to scam you into thinking you will be covered so you feel at ease moving into your new home, but nothing is covered.

Tracy K.
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