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December 21 2018 4:07PM

I sent my daughter my old car as she needed a new car. The transport was about 1800 miles move from Florida and California and I have checked at least a dozen transport companies before I chose Sherpa. I asked them to give me a price and the things that they were responsible for and not responsible for are what concerned me. I called them and I asked why their price was significantly higher than lots of other quotes that I got, and they gave me a reasonable explanation. We had some difficulty because I live on South Beach and they can't come onto the beach and so, we had the driver off the beach. He called and told me exactly where he was. He inspected the vehicle, then he documented any scratches on the car that were there or whatever, and then he loaded it himself. After it was delivered my daughter said everything was good.

Paul G.
December 21 2018 4:06PM

Sherpa Auto Transport had reviews were very positive, and they seem to deliver what they promise. I chose them to move my BMW X3 from Colorado to Florida because of this. I talked to them numerous times and they always answer the phone on the first or second ring. They were always incredibly knowledgeable about the accounts and seemed very personable. They're definitely accountable. The quote that I got from them was higher than other companies, but I also read that other companies raise their quotes when they delivered the car. My SUV was in good condition when I got it but the delivery was 8 days late. The driver had a lot of problems with his truck but he was a nice guy. I didn’t need the car so it was fine. We just had to meet him a few miles from the house because he couldn't get into the neighborhood with his large truck. I felt positive with the lady from Sherpa who handled my transaction, their quote was very fair and 100% accurate and I recommend them.

Sabine M.
November 29 2018 1:00PM

I was heading home for the holidays when my truck broke down mid-trip in a rural area. I was in a pinch and called Sherpa and they found me a driver within 48 hours! I was planning on trading it in against a new car so it was really important to me to get it shipped with someone who would take good care of it. Sherpa was extremely professional and their communication was great. I have shipped a car previously and it wasn’t a great experience; I could never get in touch with anyone and the other company didn't really do what they said. Sherpa was completely opposite!! They kept me updated on the pick-up and delivery and made me feel secure throughout the entire process. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to ship a car.

Elliott L.
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