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Transamerica Long-Term Care Insurance

4.5 Stars (55 Reviews)
Updated: January 20, 2023
By: Jonathan Trout
Jonathan Trout
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Since 1987, Transamerica Long-term Care has helped build more secure futures for more than 571,000 individuals paying in excess of $5.7 billion in claims as of December 2018.

Editorial Breakdown

Product Options 4.8 Stars
Availability 4.5 Stars
Policy Features 4.5 Stars
Customer Service 4 Stars

Overall Rating 4.3 Stars

Bottom Line

Transamerica offers multiple long-term care insurance policies to help you cover expenses like nursing home care, hospital bills, in-home care and more. It has paid nearly $2.5 billion in claims to date.

55 Transamerica Reviews

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4 Stars

October 05 2020 6:52PM

It is understandable that some individuals are upset with the customer service reps who are, at times, unable to answer questions, but I will tell you that I have also found reps who were genuinely helpful.

I did not mark 5 stars because it did take me more than one call to have a copy of my policy mailed to me. My original was in our lockbox, and I was unable to go there. I wanted another copy to review before my move to an assisted living facility due to several medical issues.

According to my policy I should receive a fixed daily amount which increases annually. The best part is that it is deposited to my bank account every month. There was one month that it did not arrive in a timely fashion (I think we had mailed in the wrong statement).

However, the next month it arrived along with interest with that month's amount. Yes, paperwork - the facility verification and itemized statements - have to be submitted monthly, but I am very satisfied with Transamerica and most likely will recommend it to our children.

Diana S.
1 Star

August 10 2020 5:35PM

PLEASE DO NOT BUY LONG TERM CARE FROM TRANSAMERICA LONG TERM CARE!!!! Once they get your money, if you make a legitimate claim, they make you do multiple things to delay the process and to make you prove you "qualify" for their LT care benefits.

We have escalated with Transamerica multiple times and appealed their decision to decline benefits. Each time they come back with my mother is living at an Assisted Living facility and not a Nursing Home so the benefit is declined.

I have asked what my mother's current assisted living facility does not provide that a Nursing home does, and Transamerica only responded with the Texas state's definition of a Nursing Home versus an Assisted Living facility.

Considering my mother is a type 1 diabetic and her current "assisted living" facility monitors and administers injections multiple times a day to manage her blood sugar levels, provides physical therapy, cleans and bathes her, feeds her, dresses her, and provides all of her medication prescribed by the primary care physician who visits the facility, not sure I understand why they decline the claim.

She is considered in Extended Care and no one from Transamerica has advised what a nursing home provides that she is not getting at her assisted living/extended care facility today.

Lastly, important to note she is wheelchair bound, has no mobility in her right shoulder and arm due to a fall in March 2020. In multiple discussions with Transamerica representatives, a couple of the reps have even stated they did not understand why our claim was denied.

Cathy M.
Plano, TX
2 Stars

July 29 2020 7:17PM

The bad reviews are true. After over 20 years of paying premiums, my father was admitted to a nursing home. He has Parkinsons and dementia, which have been clinically diagnosed.

But TA will still send someone to the nursing home to "observe" the claimant, even though either of these conditions will qualify you.

They finally started reimbursing my parents the contract amount for his nursing care, but you have to constantly call them and request the latest month's payment. Each time you call, you get a recording that puts you on hold forever, sometimes over an hour.

Then, when you finally speak to someone, it's someone you've never spoken to before and you have to tell them the whole story that you told the person the last time you called, and the person before that, etc.

Sometimes they act like they know what they're doing, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they are nice, other times they are rude. My father's policy was for one year of nursing home care, and two years of home care. I must have called Transamerica 100 times.

Do not believe them when they say they will look in to something and call you back. Not once have they called back.

Some pointers: --- READ THE CONTRACT over and over until you understand it. It is very important that you know what you're talking about with them or they can just tell you things that might not be true.

--- TAKE NOTES of every time you talk to them, including their name, the date and time, why you were calling them and what their responses were. I had to refer to my notes constantly and I think it would have been impossible without them.

--- Keep a calendar with each day that you receive service that is reimbursed. They only provide for a certain amount of time, and sometimes they count wrong.

--- If they take longer than a month to pay after they get the claim, make sure they also pay you interest. Sometimes they "forget".

Kimberly F.
Abingdon, MD
3 Stars

July 15 2020 8:40PM

After reading the one (1) Star reviews on the web site, I am questioning myself as to why I asked for information about a long term care policy??? Were these reviewers some of those people that ask for everything and even some impossible things???

I just want my wife or I to be well taken care of and funds available in order that a nursing home will not lay claim against our estate and our daughter be left with nothing and no way to afford us living in long term care. I don’t think this is a bad question, it’s just one that seems very important to answer!!!

James S.
Little Rocxk, AR
1 Star

June 30 2020 8:52AM

We have had LTC policies since 2001 and have paid every month since. My husband now has Alzheimer's and I have been trying to get Transamerica to pay for his day care. FORGET IT! Just like all the other reviews, this has been a nightmare. They will do anything they can not to pay you. I submitted a claim back in January 2020 and provided all the necessary backup paperwork they requested.

After several more submissions of the exact same paperwork, I finally got a letter dated April 6, 2020 saying the claim was approved. NOT! This is almost July and I have been on the phone with their Claims Dept. Since then trying to find out when we will receive payment. First, they said they didn't get everything they needed.

When I finally got someone there to confirm, that 'yes', we have all the documentation, I was still getting letters asking for documentation. The reason was a new issue: they tell me that there are two now (2) claims and that I have to meet the requirements of the second claim. I never submitted a second claim.

When I ask what the second claim number was and who submitted it, I get no answer. Again, a ploy not to pay. When I tried to explain why there is no second claim and ask for a supervisor, they say one will call me back. I'm still waiting. I'm thinking of hiring an attorney who deals in these situations to get me what's due. That's all I'm asking. You wouldn't mind, but I don't even want them to pay the whole invoices I'm getting from the day care facility. I'm perfectly willing to pay half myself, out of pocket. Terrible company. Don't buy their insurance of any kind.

Brenda L.
Stuart, FL
1 Star

June 10 2020 5:00PM

We opened an LTC claim for my father-in-law in January and it has been nothing but awful dealing with Transamerica. Our experience mirrors all the other negative reviews. It is unbelievable that this company can get away with withholding thousands of dollars in payments through bureaucratic delay tactics.

We have spent countless hours on the phone and sent in multiple copies of documents for every single little claim item. If you are in the market for a LTC policy, do not even consider Transamerica.

Theresa N.
Olympia, WA
1 Star

April 27 2020 4:52PM

My husband and I have had the Transamerica LTC policy for years. He recently had to go to a skilled nursing home because I could no longer care for him at home. I am having a nightmare just trying to get a claim started. REALLY! My husband has Parkinson's with dementia. He has hallucinations and is delusional. He has many other health problems as well. He has many falls because of his Parkinson's and his care has simply reached the point that he needs more help than I am able to provide.

This was a plan that was advertised with our local credit union (which we use for all our banking needs). Every time I call for a status update (which I feel they should contact me per phone call if needing more information) I speak to different people and usually 3-5 with every call. So dysfunctional and nothing more than sending me in circles to be told the same thing : which means they do not know either!

I trusted the sale representative and so did my husband when we took this plan. We are both covered and felt this was a wise investment for our possible future needs. WELL, I have one problem after another trying to get the claim started. You do not have a representative to help you with this process. I am on hold for a long time and then have multiple transfers with more hold time.

We are in lock down because of the corona virus still in our state. They would not accept information via email attachments and stated information needed to be mailed or faxed. Well we do not have a fax, so I sent the information to the nursing home and the social worker printed the attachments and faxed them to the company to get the claim started. After they denied receiving the information via fax two times, I mailed the information with a received at address notice from the USPS. They have denied receiving documents every time they have been sent.

Now I am waiting for the "eligibility dept" to review the request and decide if this meets the claims. I was told if they deny I can file an appeal. I requested a supervisor, manager or representative to speak with about this process. I was told that the eligibility department does not take any incoming calls and does not make an outgoing call. I was also told it can take 7-10 days to make determination and then they will MAIL a letter. I was also told that they do not know how long it takes to receive any payment for claims submitted. There is no source of help to maneuver this maze process.

I feel that this is a scam to get people to give up from the frustrations! We have invested lots of money in premium payments over the years, This is a stressful and difficult time for my husband and myself. I will not give up on this claim. My next step will be to figure out how to file a complaint with insurance governing bodies (if there is any for long term care insurance plans). I am making a notebook of calls and frustrations for our children. If I use my plan they will need to know the frustrations encountered. I will keep working at trying to get the payments we are entitled to for my husband. His last premium was paid on the due date; which was also the date he was admitted to the skilled nursing home.

I realize from the other reviews that will be difficult for me to receive a refund of money paid. They bill in advance so the 3 months we paid on the date he was admitted should all be refunded minus the 1 day of that cycle. I plan to contact the bank so they will not allow any more automatic payments for future billing. I read that others have had difficulty with billing continuing even when the person has died. I would not recommend this Long Term Insurance company to anyone!! I would have given a zero if that was an option.

Karen Z.
East Peoria, IL
2 Stars

April 18 2020 10:03PM

After reading the above reviews I am really worried about when it comes time to have Transamerica live up to their promises for payment. It IS a Pyramid scheme! What say you, Transamerica? I have been paying into this account for about 18 years. They have a LOT of my money!

Green Bay, WI
1 Star

April 17 2020 6:27PM

This is the most dysfunctional company I have ever dealt with The claims department takes a minimum of 3 times to send a bill each month from long term care facility plus numerous phone calls. The customer service department and claims department don't communicate to each other. I faxed my Fathers death certificate twice to claims then a month later get a notice from the company that his long term care insurance will by dropped if the premium isn't paid.

Well guess what he passed away before the next premium was even due!!! When you try to call the customer service department you are on hold for 1 hr. without the option to leave a call back number. I would NEVER buy a policy from this company!!!!

Becky M.
Marshalltown, IA
1 Star

April 16 2020 7:05PM

I would strongly advise against buying Transamerica Long Term Care insurance, and would caution anyone who has it and maybe trying to collect to take detailed written records of attempts to contact them. Run like a shady business, they will give you the runaround for literally months before coming forth with payments -if they ever do.

They must be coaching their employees to put you on hold for long periods of time so you will eventually give up. Or maybe they are waiting for customers to die and hoping no family members will catch their non-payment. Their entire method is to avoid paying. You will spend countless hours trying to get what your policy entitles you to. They are a shady operation out to take your money. If there are any other options look elsewhere.

Susan K.
Los Angeles, CA