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Zenhaven Mattress

4.6 Stars
Updated: January 24, 2023
By: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
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Zenhaven mattresses are manufactured with airy, supportive Talalay latex so customers can “sleep the way nature intended.” Zenhaven mattresses are made to order in the U.S. and sold directly to customers. The mattresses are marketed as a luxury line with an affordable price. Zenhaven produces mattresses from high-quality, environmentally conscious materials.


Editorial Breakdown

Ease of Purchase 4.5 Stars
Availability 4.7 Stars
Price 4.4 Stars
Customer Service 4.7 Stars

Overall Rating 4.6 Stars

Bottom Line

Zenhaven by Saatva is a luxury latex mattress, layered with 100% cotton and designed with all-natural materials.

Zenhaven Mattress Review

We included Zenhaven in our buyer’s guide because the mattresses are composed of safe, all-natural Talalay latex. The company also provides a free, no-obligation in-home trial. Zenhaven mattresses come in two comfort levels in one mattress — flip the mattress to find which firmness suits you best.

Recent studies Link irregular sleep patterns to metabolic disorders. These health problems lead to obesity, high cholesterol and other medical issues. Getting consistent and restorative rest is imperative to good health and requires a supportive yet comfortable mattress like Zenhaven produces.


  • 120-day home trial
  • Free white-glove delivery
  • Multiple comfort levels
  • Handcrafted in the United States


  • Heavy and difficult to move

The Zenhaven Mattress

The Zenhaven mattress was designed to provide users with a serene and luxurious sleep experience. Zenhaven mattresses are 10 inches thick, made of the most supple Talalay latex and feature two comfort levels: Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm. Just flip the mattress over to switch from one comfort level to the other. Saatva, Zenhaven’s parent company, sends a representative to flip the mattress at no cost for customers who are unable to do the job on their own. Sleeping on a Zenhaven mattress feels weightless and cozy, assuring a restorative night’s sleep regardless of which side of the mattress you prefer.

Zenhaven Mattress Comfort Levels
Luxury Plush Gentle Firm
  • 4-5 on firmness scale
  • Conforms to the body
  • Provides luxurious support
  • Preferred by most customers
  • 18% firmer than Luxury Plush
  • 7-8 on firmness scale
  • Pressure-free support
  • Suitable for those preferring a firm mattress

What Goes Into Zenhaven Mattresses

Zenhaven starts with 100% Talalay latex support cores for long-lasting and comfortable support. A five-zone comfort layer made of the same material is layered over the cores. This comfort layer provides firmer support for the upper body, which promotes proper spinal alignment, and gentler support everywhere else. The latex layers are covered with naturally flame-retardant organic wool, which is extremely breathable to keep you cool and dry during the night. Finally, the Zenhaven mattress is capped off with a soft, organic cotton quilted cover.

As is the case with all Saatva products, the Zenhaven mattress is healthy for both customers and the environment. Zenhaven mattresses use Talalay latex for its buoyant, airy and resilient nature — plus, the material contains no harmful chemicals or volatile organic compounds. This latex is certified pure by OEKO-TEX, and Zenhaven mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dust mites. The mattress gets treated with a botanical antimicrobial before being shipping to the consumer to prevent mold.

Although Saatva offers a foundation for the Zenhaven, the mattress can be used with any solid or adjustable base.

Zenhaven Mattress Adjustable Bed

The Saatva Lineal adjustable base is designed to position users correctly for working, reading or sleeping, and it is compatible with Zenhaven mattresses. The base is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and Cal king sizes, and it operates via one-touch remote. The Lineal base features:

  • Head and foot elevation — together or separately
  • A zero-gravity setting designed to alleviate back pain and improve circulation
  • Three massage zones (head, leg and full body), each with three speed options
  • Under-bed lighting to illuminate your path and potentially dropped objects
  • Wall-hugging design so nightstands are within reach regardless of base position
  • Adjustable height to ease getting in and out of bed and provide the perfect vantage point
  • Encased motor for quiet operation

The Lineal adjustable base accommodates up to 850 pounds and comes with a 25-year warranty. However, the Lineal does not come with an in-home trial, and there are no returns or exchanges. Prices range from $1,199 to $2,498.

Zenhaven Mattress Prices

Zenhaven Mattress

Source: Zenhaven

Zenhaven manufactures and sells high-quality luxury mattresses, but its direct-to-consumer sales method lets it sell at prices lower than its competition. Prices for Zenhaven mattresses range from just under $1,300 to $2,500, and each mattress comes with a 20-year warranty.

  • Twin: $1,299
  • Twin XL: $1,349
  • Full: $1,699
  • Queen: $1,899
  • King: $2,499
  • Cal King: $2,499

Two foundations are available for the Zenhaven, measuring 4.75 inches or 8.75 inches high. The cost ranges from $159 to $318. Saatva also offers an adjustable metal frame that fits any Zenhaven mattress for $119.

How to Buy Zenhaven Mattresses

Zenhaven mattresses are not sold in stores, which keeps costs down for the company and the consumer. You can buy a Zenhaven mattress online through the company’s website. Each mattress is handmade once the order is received, so the company provides an estimated delivery date. Once a local fulfillment center receives the mattress, Zenhaven contacts you with a final delivery date.

Zenhaven Mattress Complaints

The Saatva company has an excellent reputation overall, and the public view of the Zenhaven mattress is no exception. Zenhaven is a ConsumerAffairs-accredited brand with a nearly 5-star rating. ConsumersAdvocate gives Zenhaven mattresses an “Excellent” rating, and SleepAdvisor scores Zenhaven 9.4 on a 10-point scale. Most customers rave about the comfort of the Zenhaven mattress and the resulting improved sleep quality. We found some complaints regarding inadequate edge support and difficulty moving the mattress due to its weight.

Zenhaven Mattress Q&A

  • Can I finance a Zenhaven mattress purchase?

    Financing through Klarna is available to Zenhaven customers. Terms currently allow for no interest for six months if you pay your balance during the promotional period. You can select the financing option at checkout and receive an instant credit decision after answering a few questions.

  • Tell me more about the Zenhaven mattress warranty?

    The Zenhaven mattress comes with a 20-year, non-transferable warranty. If the mattress proves to be defective during the first two years of ownership, Saatva sends a new replacement free of charge. After two years, the manufacturer repairs and recovers the mattress, and the customer pays a $99.00 transportation charge each way. We always recommend you carefully read warranty documentation and understand any exclusions.

  • Is there any way to get a Zenhaven faster than the estimated delivery?

    Saatva handmakes the Zenhaven mattress and doesn’t usually keep any mattresses in stock. However, there may be one immediately available due to a canceled order. If you need expedited delivery, contact the manufacturer to see what arrangements are possible.

  • How does the Zenhaven mattress 120-day in-home trial work?

    To give customers the chance to evaluate their Zenhaven mattress thoroughly, Saatva offers a 120-day in-home trial. If the consumer is not delighted with the bed, they can contact Saatva within the trial period to initiate a hassle-free return. A team removes the mattress, and the customer is refunded the purchase price less $99.00 to cover the cost of the pickup.

  • How does the Zenhaven white-glove delivery service work?

    Saatva provides free white-glove delivery for Zenhaven mattresses, so customers get everything set up in the room they choose. The delivery team ensures the mattress is flipped to the preferred firmness level and hauls away the old mattress.


Zenhaven mattresses are a luxurious, eco-conscious option and handmade to order with pure, all-natural and safe materials. Zenhaven mattresses are fit for the customer and environment, and the company’s prices are comparatively low. A lengthy warranty and in-home trial, free white-glove delivery and 24/7 customer support make Zenhaven popular with most consumers.

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