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Services and Amenities for Garden Court Residents

Garden Court provides hands-on services that are designed to provide the necessary care for residents who are unable to operate independently. A team of trained caregivers provides assistance with hygiene care, medication management, and 24-hours a day cooking. If your loved one is in need of additional services not provided by the community, Garden Court is happy to work with providers to ensure your loved one receives necessary care to remain healthy and happy.

The assisted living program at Garden Court is designed to keep you independent while also providing necessary care and assistance. If you are planning to undergo a surgery you can add assisted living services while you are recovering and return to independent living once you have completed the recovery process. Many residents spend five or more years in a community, and during that time their care needs will change, Garden Court provides adaptive care to adjust with residents to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Garden Court has licensed RN’s and LPN’s on staff 6 days per week and their care team on site 24/7. The care team works directly with the resident’s doctor to create a personalized care plan. The facility is equipped with emergency and fire-safety systems.

Garden Court
Spacious Floor Plans
Sound Insulated Walls
Full Kitchen
Washer & Dryer
Emergency Response System
Free Internet
Theatre Room
Salon/Barber Shop

Where is Garden Court?

520 112th St. SW
Everett, WA, 98204

About the Location

Garden Court is located just north of Seattle in Everett, WA. Relax and enjoy access to the benefits of city living without the traffic and pace.

What else should I know about Garden Court?

Read these answers to common questions from senior housing shoppers, residents, and family members.


Can my loved one stay at Garden Court until they pass away?


Many residents stay at Garden Court for the remainder of their time. However, this is determined by the level of the resident’s medical condition. Garden Court Retirement is licensed to provide assistance with daily living but not nursing care. If necessary care is not available the resident can be transferred to a medical provider who can provide necessary care.


Can I visit my loved one at Garden Court and stay the night?


Garden Court Retirement welcomes families!  You can have guests stay with you for up to 2 weeks. Residents will only be responsible for signing them into the building to learn our fire procedures and pay for their meals.


Can my loved one move to a smaller apartment in the future if they want less space?


Yes. Many times residents first move in and want a lot of space, but later decide that their apartment could be smaller because they want to spend most of their time outside. If a resident with a large apartment has a spouse pass away, moving into a smaller apartment is a good way to save money.


Will my loved one lose independence or privacy in a community environment?


Your apartment is your private space and people can only enter with your permission, unless there is a health emergency or facility emergency.

Garden Court Reviews

Recent Reviews

December 07 2020 6:20PM

The comment about an employee may not enter your apartment without your permission is a blatant fabrication. The 2 months and 2 days of my living at Garden Court everyone seemed to have a key.

I would be in the bedroom, the kid delivering the meals if I did not answer immediately would open my locked apartment door and put the food containers on the table.

All the housekeepers had keys, maintenance people, the driver to appointments had a key and virtually everyone. If you were in the bathroom and did not hear the door knock, the employee would simply enter your apartment and not ever ask permission.

In fact, many of the wonderful attributes listed by Garden Court many can be subjective and not tell the whole story, trust me, I lived there and the two months Spouse and I were there were the most depressing time of our lives.

Tepid water, toilets never flushing properly, dark depressing rooms with very dim lighting, (except the kitchen) many times cold food delivered to apartment, at times of very poor quality, full of sodium and carbs.

The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes, Times the food was delicious, but other times it was as I described. Housekeepers at times seen texting in hallways, minimal effort when ask to vacuum floor area, two swipes and they were gone.

Intrusion by employees at meal time knocking at door to take temp, Resident Chair at meal time after three weeks knocking and disrupting meal with all the additional bi-laws of the facility in addition to Residents handbook.

Important stuff like do not save a seat in dining room, do not tap glass or raise hand to summon waitperson in dining room, do not blow nose on napkin, and many other proper protocols that a resident must comply to.

Living at Garden Court you feel as if you are being treated as an adolescent, i,e, have your picture with the goblin or Santa and being controlled at everything you do, when, and how.

It is an eerie feeling when you sense that your every moment is controlled by Garden Court. It made me feel like I lost all my ability to have privacy, self respect, and no input on my own decisions.. Earl H.

Earl H.
Everett,, WA
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